HubSpot vs Act-On 2024: Which Marketing Software Wins? Which one is right for your business? A Head-to-Head Comparison

Are you confused between HubSpot vs Act-On? Struggling to know that which one is better and why? Do you have bunch of questions regarding the same?

If yes then stay tuned with us till the end to find your idol one quickly.

Let’s start with the basic comparison !!


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Pricing $45 $900
Best for

HubSpot is the best choice for folks who are just getting their businesses off the ground and are looking for marketing solutions. It's also a major priority for many marketers.

It's an excellent option for companies who want to use marketing analytics to drive social media and CRM.

  • It provides CRM with In-Depth Contact Insights.
  • It contains a built-in function called Service Requests.
  • It provides an intuitive and simple marketing platform.
  • It has a Marketing Reporting and Metrics feature.
  • It offers good Email & Online Marketing.
  • It has WYSIWYG email editor.
  • Act-On has feature of Dynamic content.
  • It offers good Mobile optimization.
  • Hubspot hubs collaborate to create business solutions.
  • Your social media marketing approach may integrated.
  • Hubspot provides a lot of useful features, like scheduling.
  • A straightforward but decisive approach to marketing.
  • Includes advertising network monitoring and acc. management.
  • All ideas and doubts are taken into consideration by support
  • Hubspot is a bit more difficult to assess
  • The designer tools, especially for emails are difficult.
  • There are no "trash can".
Ease of Use

HubSpot is easier to pick up. Instead than focusing simply on social media, HubSpot helps you to see how it fits into your whole marketing strategy. It has a more user-friendly interface.

The majority of tasks in Act-On are really simple, and the application is easy to navigate, yet it falls short of HubSpot. It is not user-friendly to everyone.

Value For Money

It has more features than Act-On and is therefore well worth the money. HubSpot's services include email marketing, live chat, email scheduling, and form creators, to name a few. HubSpot's goals include, among other things, social reporting and blog development.

Although Act-On isn't a better option than HubSpot, it does allow you to schedule posts. It includes all of the solutions related to basic marketing and sales features.

Customer Support

Hubspot provides customer service in a number of ways. For more extensive use, you can join Hubspot groups. There are self-help books, workbooks, recommendations, and templates accessible. You can access the company's customer blog, developer documentation, and solution partners. You can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Act-On provides help 24 hours a day, seven days a week through its own social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. If you choose the Business plan, you will receive priority assistance. There are also libraries and webinars available.

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We made this whole article on HubSpot vs Act-on for the people who are confused between these two and want to choose only one which is best for them. 

Selecting the appropriate digital marketing and automation software is critical. It establishes the direction of your digital operations – which campaigns you run, which channels you prioritize, and how you scale your marketing efforts are all influenced by your decision.

HubSpot vs Act-On is two of the most widely used digital marketing software solutions currently available.

They share a similar footprint and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing which software to use to power your marketing operations entails digging a little deeper than simply reading the home page.

To compare and contrast the two sites, we’ll use a mix of our own experiences with both platforms and public evaluations.

This article is intended to provide a high-level overview of the differences between HubSpot vs Act-On the two platforms and to assist you in making the best possible decision for your company.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Major Features

While both platforms try to provide complete solutions, Act-On seems to be a service that would be more beneficial to inexperienced marketers than to seasoned pros.

While Act-feature One’s set is likely enough for most marketers’ needs, those seeking “increased” or “advanced” capability, personalization, and customization may outgrow Act-On as their requirements get more complicated.

Several areas where Act-On falls short of HubSpot in terms of features include the following:

1. Lack of Social Media Features:

Act-On includes the ability to post to Twitter and other social media networks but provides nothing more.

One noticeable function that is absent is social listening, which enables users to watch social media activity and reply to questions about their organization.

2. Lead Scoring is Limited:

Act-lead On’s scoring is limited to native Act-On fields. That is acceptable for certain businesses. However, if you are migrating from another solution that has customizable fields, Act-On will not be able to import them.

This is a significant issue for businesses that depend on custom fields since it forces them to rethink their whole lead scoring strategy and associated procedures in order to adopt Act-lead On’s scoring system.

3. Less Precise Lead Attribution and Conversion Data:

While Act-On provides a wealth of basic conversion and use metrics for landing pages, it does not go into detail about lead attribution or the channels via which those conversions occurred.

This implies that in order to do genuinely deep conversion monitoring with Act-On, you must integrate with a third-party conversion tracking system.

4. No Real-Time Salesforce Integration:

While Act-On integrates with Salesforce, it retrieves and changes data only once every four hours.

While this may be sufficient for small and medium-sized enterprises, bigger and more agile organizations need a real-time solution to boost conversions and eliminate lost chances.

5. A Lack of Detailed Funnel Analytics:

While Act-On does give some basic information regarding leads produced and their progression through your funnel, it falls short in terms of funnel reporting. Without connectivity with a third-party CRM platform, the product lacks closed-loop analytics.

As you can see, Act-On does fall short in a few areas. These are just a few of the reasons we choose HubSpot over Act-On. That is not to imply, however, that Act-On is not a sound answer; it is.

However, the majority of firms eventually outgrow the system when more functionality is required to expand the company. This is why we believe Act-On may be a better fit for new marketers and businesses that are just getting started.

Keep in mind that they may need system upgrades sooner rather than later. Act-cost On’s begins at $900 per month, which is close to HubSpot’s comprehensive marketing suite’s monthly price of $800.

However, HubSpot just launched a $50 per month option with a severely restricted feature set, which might be an excellent opportunity to test the platform without committing much.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Integrations

Integrations are a critical component of selecting the right software for your organization. If one provides direct connectivity with a critical piece of software, you’re likely to select that one.

Additionally, it’s always beneficial to keep your integration choices open, since you never know what you’ll be utilizing in five to ten years.

Act-On interfaces seamlessly with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoom, and SugarCRM. Additionally, Act-On interfaces with Zapier, which enables them to interact with hundreds of other apps smoothly.

Act-On Integration - HubSpot Vs Act-On

Additionally, they provide Business Intelligence Solutions, which enable you to export your Act-On data to Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, and Power BI, among other places.

Hubspot’s integration marketplace is one of the biggest in the industry, with over 500 integrations and several new partners joining each month.

However, if you’re unable to locate what you’re looking for, they also provide a connection with Zapier. Additionally, if you do not like to work with a third party, they welcome new software integration recommendations.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Customer Support

Support and documentation are critical for businesses that have never invested in a full marketing and sales platform. As you begin to utilize the program, you’re sure to run into various difficulties and misunderstandings.

When you encounter difficulties, you want to ensure that you have the assistance necessary to resolve the issue and move on. This is one of the reasons we endorse HubSpot so highly; their customer service is unparalleled.

HubSpot Help Center

HubSpot provides unrestricted help by phone, online, and Twitter. There is no distinction in priority between higher-paying clients and lower-paying ones.

This multi-channel strategy streamlines communication with their staff and ensures that you get the assistance you need to keep things running smoothly.

Their technical support crew is exceptional and would even get their hands dirty by assisting businesses in resolving technological challenges.

Additionally, OpGen Media provides a troubleshooting and maintenance retainer package in which we will collaborate with you to identify, rectify, and prevent any system problems.

Many of our customers like this because it provides an extra layer of protection from the subject matter experts who created and optimized their system. Act-On is also well-known for its superior customer service.

Act-On has excellent customer service ratings on both TrustRadius and G2 Crowd. They provide 24/7 phone and email assistance and, according to internet evaluations, are quite fast and quick to respond to inquiries.

Act-On Customer Support

Additionally, they offer a technical support staff on hand to assist with platform adoption. If your organization needs a more complete support solution, Act-On offers support upgrades.

For $6,000 per year, you have unlimited access to their institution and community, as well as 24×7 phone, online, and email assistance, rather than merely during business hours.

Additionally, this update separates your queries into a different queue, resulting in even quicker response times.

Users receive access to their customer success team as well, which may assist you in making the most of the platform, but the pricing may be too expensive for certain businesses.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Training & Documentation

Both HubSpot and Act-On excel in training and documentation. Indeed, many would argue that they are the market’s two leaders.

HubSpot’s Knowledge Base has over 1,500 articles and more than 20 user manuals. These comprehensive instructions take you step-by-step through many of the platform’s most popular features and capabilities.

Additionally, customers have access to the strategy-focused Academy, which has a diverse collection of courses and guidelines on marketing, sales, and customer service themes.

HubSpot keeps track of your progress and lets you obtain certifications in a broad range of areas, making it an excellent tool for staff training as well.

Hubspot Training - HubSpot Vs Act-On

Additionally, Act-“University” On’s website has a plethora of instructions and how-to articles. The “University” page categorizes this information according to the platform’s most popular features, making it simple to discover the tutorials you need.

Their “Resource Library” has over 400 articles and podcasts on strategy. Additionally, they provide a “Video Learning” website with webinars and short educational films that demonstrate how to utilize their program.

When it comes to training and documentation, no one platform really stands out. Both are fantastic and provide a plethora of training information that may assist you in learning how to utilize their platform effectively and efficiently using contemporary tactics.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Pricing

HubSpot and Act-On provide similar prices. The Marketing Hub plan from HubSpot costs $800 per month and provides access to the majority of their major marketing features.

Additionally, HubSpot offers its CRM software for free for life.

The Enterprise package costs $3,200 per month. This enables users to make use of sophisticated capabilities such as predictive lead scoring, content splitting, and YouTube integration.

HubSpot Pricing

However, access to HubSpot’s SalesHub begins at $50 per month for a restricted version, $400 per month for the full version, and sales functionalities are included in the standard Act-On membership.

Act-entry-level On’s plan costs $900 and covers all of the solution’s fundamental marketing and sales capabilities.

Additionally, for $2,000 per month, they offer an Enterprise package that adds additional marketing and sales users to the system.

Act-On Pricing Plans

While HubSpot does offer a $50 plan (for each of its Marketing, Sales, and Support Hubs), those plans are extremely restricted.

They are, in fact, more like to a trial. The entire feature set is where the value is, and we do not suggest that our customers begin with the $50 plan, other than to sign up for a free trial and have a better grasp of the solution.

We believe that the Professional plan generally meets all of our customers’ feature set requirements.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Analytics & Reporting

One area where HubSpot outperforms Act-On is in its detailed analytics and reporting capabilities.

HubSpot’s mission is to consolidate and simplify access to all of your essential marketing (and sales) data. Their analytics and reporting capabilities are extensive.

Their standard reports include all of the KPIs and indicators that the majority of organizations use, but HubSpot also provides extensive custom reporting capabilities that enable firms to conduct an in-depth analysis of their marketing operations and discover areas for improvement.

Additionally, Act-basic On’s reports are fantastic. They are rather comprehensive and give access to a greater amount of data than the majority of third-party systems, such as Google Analytics.

Act-On Marketing Analytics - HubSpot Vs Act-On

For the majority of organizations, Act-analytics On’s and reporting capabilities will suffice. However, more seasoned marketers may find their technique a little too basic.

For example, Act-On does not allow users to monitor the performance of individual channels within a multi-channel campaign in real-time.

It is critical for high-spending, fast-moving campaigns that decisions are made based on current information.

Additionally, their solution forces customers to utilize manual tracking URLs. To match HubSpot’s capability, Act-On customers would need to use several third-party connectors.

While both products provide good baseline reporting, more experienced marketers will rapidly outgrow Act-On’s functionality.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Lead Nurturing & Management

HubSpot is excellent contact management can lead management software that centralizes information about clients and prospects.

You can see each contact’s details and all previous contacts with them, and then utilize that knowledge to design targeted campaigns and complete more business.

Hubspot Lead Management - HubSpot Vs Act-On

The list of upkeep programs offered by Act-On is exceptional. They assist you in cleaning, scoring, sorting, and distributing leads in accordance with their quality and behavior.

Additionally, you may create email nurturing programs that provide your leads with relevant material and offers.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Interface

While both HubSpot and Act-On marketing automation tools are simple to use, HubSpot is more straightforward and user-friendly. It provides detailed instructions for utilizing the tool.

HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing automation platform that includes powerful content marketing solutions.

Hubspot - HubSpot Vs Act-On

HubSpot takes care of everything for you, from website development to lead generation and conversion. The advantage of HubSpot is that it does not need web designers, developers, or IT expertise to run.

Act-On focuses on bespoke solutions for businesses, which is fantastic, but it needs someone with previous IT experience to create your website, landing pages, and forms, among other things.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Usability

Usability is another critical consideration when selecting the correct software for your company. If a piece of software is difficult to understand and operate, no one on your team will be thrilled to utilize it.

Additionally, the onboarding process must be frictionless so that your team’s questions may be addressed prior to diving deep into the product. Act-On is a dependable and simple-to-use tool.

According to reviewers, the majority of activities are really straightforward, and the application is simple to browse. They note that the interface is straightforward, and the metrics are presented in an easily understandable format for users of various ability levels.

Act-On Usability - HubSpot Vs Act-On

Act-On provides an excellent onboarding experience and is prepared to demonstrate how to get the most out of their services to your whole workforce.

Hubspot has a clean interface that makes it easy to explore. According to reviewers, the dropdown menu near the top is really useful for organizing their teams.

Numerous evaluations emphasize how simple the Hubspot UI is to understand for new users and how they are always improving it to maintain it that way.

Hubspot’s onboarding is also exceptional; their crew is enthusiastic about spreading the word about the platform.

HubSpot Vs Act-On: Automation

Numerous firms are not maximizing the value of their marketing automation technology.

Whether your team’s goal is to increase conversions, nurture leads, or increase brand recognition, marketing automation is critical for producing consistent content and offering an omnichannel experience.

Every marketer can use Act-On marketing automation to interact with prospects, convert leads, nurture, and close transactions, as well as enhance customer experiences to boost recurring business.

They use four primary tools to do this. The first is Lead Automation, which allows your team to monitor website traffic and then design processes, landing pages, and forms.

The next section discusses Automated Marketing Journeys. This application generates a visual map on which your team may organize their multi-channel outreach efforts (see image below).

Thirdly, their Lifecycle Marketing Automation solution is advantageous if your team wants to continue the client connection beyond the time of sale, hence encouraging repeat purchases.

Act-On - HubSpot Vs Act-On

Finally, Act-Database On’s Automation tool enables your team to monitor and improve the success of your campaign using real-time data. You’ll have access to SEO, social media, and analytics via their four primary tools.

Hubspot offers a robust suite of marketing automation technologies. However, not all of them are accessible at every membership level. Partitioning, SEO, and Ads are a few of my favorite Hubspot automation tools to employ.

Partitioning is advantageous when you have specialized individuals or teams within your marketing department that focus exclusively on various issues. It enables you to segment your marketing materials by the team, ensuring that each user has access to the appropriate information.

Additionally, Hubspot’s SEO tools are an excellent resource for organizations of any size. Using Hubspot to manage your SEO may help you increase your authority in search engines, and the data are simple to interpret.

Finally, Hubspot’s advertising automation is incredible. What could be better than having all of your social media and Google Ads in one place?

FAQs on HubSpot Vs Act-On

What is better HubSpot or Salesforce?

If you're looking for free or low-cost CRM software that's relatively simple to use, HubSpot may be the best option. Meanwhile, if you're interested in investing time and money in highly customized and sophisticated CRM software.

Is HubSpot popular?

Hubspot is a widely used, yet somewhat overpriced, marketing automation platform geared towards small enterprises.

Why HubSpot is the best?

HubSpot is our #1 CRM option for two reasons: it offers a very robust free version that outperforms the majority of premium CRMs on the market, and it can be used across marketing, sales, and customer care teams. It's an excellent solution for almost any kind of business.

Why do businesses use HubSpot?

HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship management system (CRM) meant to assist in aligning sales and marketing teams, fostering sales enablement, increasing ROI, and optimizing your inbound marketing approach to create more quality leads. HubSpot is a cloud-based software platform that enables your business to promote and sell more efficiently.

What does Act-on do?

Act-On is a marketing automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription-based application. Email marketing, landing pages, social media prospecting, CRM integration, lead management, webinar management, and analytics are among the software tools offered by the company.

Is HubSpot free worth it?

HubSpot is our #1 CRM option for two reasons: it offers a very robust free version that outperforms the majority of premium CRMs on the market, and it can be used across marketing, sales, and customer care teams. It's an excellent solution for almost any kind of business.

What is Act-On?

Act-On is a personalized and meaningful multichannel marketing tool. Its primary areas of focus are inbound and outbound marketing, which enable closer synchronization with sales and the transformation of data into actionable insights.

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Conclusion: HubSpot Vs Act-On 2024

It is vital to choose between HubSpot vs Act-On the appropriate marketing automation software. Your internal procedures, tactics, and staff training programs will be shaped by this choice.

While there is no “wrong” option between HubSpot and Act-On, we normally suggest HubSpot to our customers.

Simply said, it is the more scalable platform, owing to its extensive feature set and simple UI.


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