HubSpot CRM Review 2024: Is It the Best All-in-One CRM & Marketing Platform?

HubSpot Review


HubSpot CRM allows you to create sales funnels and track where your lead profiles are in the process by moving them through each phase. HubSpot includes capabilities that can assist you manage your marketing if you undertake any type of inbound marketing (producing content that attracts users).

Out of 10


  • You can easily connect to marketing , sales and service hubs.
  • It allows you to see entire pipelines.
  • Can easily track your interactions with prospects.
  • Provide all the functionality for free.
  • Customer engagement platform.


  • Limited depth.
  • Lacks flexibility.


Price: $ 45

This article is all about HubSpot CRM Review. A strong CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is critical for eCommerce.

If you’ve ever used a platform like Pipedrive or Salesforce, you know how beneficial they can be for streamlining and boosting the sales process.

After all, a CRM system enables you to do much more than manage client contact details. Additionally, you may automate tasks like lead rating, follow-up, and deal storage monitoring. The only issue?

We often discover that certain cookie-cutter CRMs lack the necessary customization options for a huge range of eCommerce firms.

However, there are occasions when all your business need is a simple contact management dashboard and a method for tracking and sending out interactions with consumers and clients.

You’ll discover in our HubSpot CRM review that you can get all of that for free.

HubSpot CRM Review: What is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is a vital component of the HubSpot ecosystem. It’s an inbound marketing SaaS platform designed to assist companies of all kinds in attracting visitors, converting them to paying customers, generating more leads, and closing more transactions.

The emphasis is on inbound, which is key to how and why the business functions. It’s the idea that individuals don’t want to be constantly disturbed and harassed by marketers’ various emails and phone calls. Rather than that, they want to be understood and assisted.

A shift occurs: a shift from disrupting consumers to assisting them. That is precisely what the HubSpot CRM software accomplishes: it shifts the attention back to the client.

HubSpot - HubSpot CRM Review

As startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and single entrepreneurs all want to improve the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of their businesses, HubSpot CRM may be a top selection for all of those target groups.

In a word, HubSpot CRM integrates marketing tasks with sales and other company processes, such as email. It centralizes all of the sales tools and information necessary to create more successful marketing campaigns.

Repeated duties will be removed, allowing you to concentrate on the human side of your organization.


Whether you’re looking to construct a high-converting website, generate high-conversion landing pages, send targeted emails, accelerate sales, or simplify customer care, HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM system that includes all of these features and more.

This CRM system includes a slew of robust marketing features, from opened/unopened mail statuses and click-through rates to A/B testing and meeting schedule.

What’s the best part? The CRMS’s main functions are offered for free, and the program can be upgraded with a variety of paid add-ons, making it an affordable and tempting alternative for small to medium organizations.

How Can HubSpot CRM Help Your eCommerce Business?

CRM systems, like this one from HubSpot, are all about integrating customer service with a comprehensive marketing plan and sales tools.

If you’ve ever attempted to develop a successful online company, you know how much simpler it can be when you have a system in place to manage lead generation, deal stages, and sales funnels.

Apart from providing a database for each new contact and social media follower, HubSpot’s CRM tools also provide you with everything you need to nurture your prospects.

HubSpot is one of the top free customer relationship management systems for monitoring and communicating with your customers.

HubSpot for Ecommerce - HubSpot CRM Review

I like the HubSpot CRM since it was designed to benefit companies of all sizes, particularly startups in need of a free but effective tool to engage with and manage client interactions.

When it comes to eCommerce, you’re likely to deal with hundreds, if not millions, of consumers and business partners. That is why a CRM is critical for organizing, monitoring, and nurturing company leads and connections.

HubSpot CRM integrates seamlessly with popular email providers such as Gmail and Outlook, allowing you to quickly set up your sales team.

You may then manage your sales funnel, which will undoubtedly speed up the process of acquiring those leads. The CRM eliminates the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and other organizing tools.

The greatest thing is that HubSpot CRM offers an infinite number of contacts and users. As a result, 1,000-person eCommerce sales teams should have no difficulty integrating with the HubSpot CRM. The same is true for businesses with a single salesman.

HubSpot CRM Review: Major Benefits of Using Hubspot

HubSpot is our top pick for most firms trying to improve their customer relationship management.

1. Numerous Free Tools:

Anyone, regardless of whether they use HubSpot for their CRM, may utilize the free features. Nonetheless, we believe it’s incredible that HubSpot offers so many free tools to budding company owners.

There includes a blog idea generator, an invoice template generator, a free business template generator, and an email signature generator. With HubSpot, you’ll never start your company in the dark.

2. Customer Service:

HubSpot is well-known for its superior customer service. You may contact the support service by chat, email, or phone, depending on your plan.

Additionally, you may communicate with Support through Twitter! While these assistance methods are exclusive to paying plans, users of the free version will still have access to the comprehensive online knowledge base and community, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark.

3. Simple to Create:

Not only is HubSpot simple to access and utilize daily, but it is also tremendously simple to produce using. For instance, all sections of content production, such as landing pages, forms, and emails, are drag-and-drop.

Additionally, you may generate and plan social media material in bulk. This is a significant benefit for many firms who just do not have the time to create this kind of material.

4. Simple to Use:

Despite the platform’s sophisticated price structure and adaptability, HubSpot is straightforward to use. The creators do an excellent job of organizing everything, even though there are hundreds of functions available.

Even on the free plan, navigation will be effortless. Numerous CRMs strive to strike the right combination of power, automation, and usability. The good news is that HubSpot does not tradeoff intuitiveness for power.

Ease of use is critical for anybody utilizing the free plan since it lacks human customer assistance. In our experience, it’s so simple that you won’t need assistance.

Regardless, if you ever want assistance, you can access HubSpot’s enormous knowledge base and a broad collection of third-party training in combination.

5. A Scalable, Modular Solution:

The slogan of HubSpot is ‘there is no better way to grow.’ Naturally, this refers to the whole suite of scalable tools it provides for operations, content, customer support, sales, and marketing.

All of HubSpot’s solutions are modular, which means the platform can extend with your organization as it develops and requires more complex CRM functions across several departments.

You may mix and match solutions and payment plans for each module, resulting in a personalized and scalable CRM system that is intended to accelerate development and move your organization ahead.

Whether you’re a new or small company on the free plan or on your way to upgrading every module to the highest tier, HubSpot’s CRM pays close attention to detail while providing precisely what you need regardless of your firm’s size.

6. Pricing Flexibility:

While HubSpot’s premium plans might be pricey, there are several ways to combine services to get the functionality you want at a fair price. Individual hubs may be purchased or many hubs can be upgraded at a reduced cost.

If none of the out-of-the-box packages is a good match for your team, another alternative is to create a bespoke CRM system with just the features you want.

Marketing, sales, customer support, and operational hubs from HubSpot start at $45 per month. The CMS hub is available for a monthly fee of $23.

However, you may save a fortune by grouping them all. The Starter Bundle, which contains all hubs, is also available for $45 per month.

6. Comprehensive Complimentary Plan:

HubSpot’s free plan is the most comprehensive we’ve seen among the hundreds of CRMs we’ve tried and verified. Most free programs seem attractive on paper but lack the features necessary to strengthen client relationships.

However, HubSpot takes a different approach—it over-delivers on its free plan. Whether you need customer service, marketing, sales, content management, or operational CRM, you receive hundreds of sophisticated features and the capacity to manage up to a million (1,000,000) contacts for free.

HubSpot CRM Major Features

It’s high time to know about the features of HubSpot CRM review so that the thought of choosing this will get more clarity.

1. Mobile:

Some days are chaotic, especially if you’re always on the move, but HubSpot has considered this as well. You may access your CRM through the mobile app while riding the train, strolling the dog, or eating lunch at your favorite restaurant.

Hubspot Mobile App - HubSpot CRM Review

You can update contacts, create reminders, send emails, dictate notes using your microphone, and get real-time alerts, among other features. The mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

2. App Marketplace Integrations:

Operating a contemporary company needs the use of a variety of different software applications. By allowing you to link your CRM to other technologies you already use, HubSpot unifies your software stack.

Hubspot App Marketplace - HubSpot CRM Review

The App Marketplace now has over 200 robust integrations, with new partners joining every month.

3. Live Chat:

When meeting a new individual, the courteous thing to do is strike up a conversation. The same holds for when a new visitor arrives on your site.

Hubspot Live Chat - HubSpot CRM Review

Especially in today’s world, when shoppers want quick information, being able to contact them as soon as they come on your site might be the difference between them leaving and staying.

Fortunately, HubSpot enables you to initiate a live chat with website visitors to begin communicating with them and building stronger connections.

4. Ad Management:

Another nice feature on the list is ad management. HubSpot’s CRM technology enables you to target and monitor your online advertising efforts.

HubSpot Ad Management - HubSpot CRM Review

Simply link your HubSpot account to supported ad networks like Facebook and Google and discover which advertisements are driving customers.

You can track the return on investment for each advertisement and use the data to enhance your lead scoring and email marketing strategies.

5. Meeting Scheduling:

With its meeting scheduling function, HubSpot has developed a solution that removes the need to send those tiresome what time works best for you emails.

If you want to reduce the back and forth associated with meeting scheduling, you may accomplish it by integrating the tool into your CRM.

Meetings automatically sync with your Google or Office 365 calendar, allowing prospects to see your most current availability and book a call. Perhaps even better?

You can simply integrate the calendar onto your website without any technical knowledge.

6. Forms:

Forms are one of the most effective lead-generating tactics. You can quickly develop forms in HubSpot to integrate with your HubSpot pages or an external website.

If you’re short on time or ideas, the CRM allows you to pick a blank form or a prepared template. You may design a variety of different sorts of forms, including standalone, pop-up, and embedded.

Each prospect that completes your form will be uploaded to the HubSpot CRM automatically. Following that, you may take extra actions such as establishing reminder tasks, phoning new prospects, or sending targeted emails to them.

7. Email Integration:

You may link HubSpot’s CRM to your Gmail or Microsoft Outlook email. Once your network is connected, you’ll be able to send an email directly from the CRM and create a shared team email account.

Hubspot Email Integration

Any emails you send will be stored in the appropriate contact record automatically.

HubSpot CRM Customer Support Review

HubSpot’s customer support is decent. While the website’s chat feature is superior to others, inquiring about anything other than sales information becomes risky.

HubSpot wants to encourage customers to study its online resources rather than contacting customer support, which may be OK for tech-savvy users with lots of time but maybe inconvenient for others who prefer a more direct channel of connection.

HubSpot Help Center

When signed into your account, you may access support at any moment by using the help button. Additionally, you may interact with HubSpot support and provide your preferred method of communication (phone, email, or live chat).

As is the case with any helpdesk ticketing system, precision is critical, and efficiency is often contingent upon your description of the problem.

While HubSpot makes it simple to upload screenshots to support tickets, customers who have difficulties expressing technical issues or inquiries in writing may experience delayed response times.

Customer service is available by phone, email, or live chat, although response times vary.

Why do We Recommend HubSpot CRM?

The HubSpot CRM has all of the basic functionality that you’d expect from rivals that charge for their software. What’s fantastic is that the HubSpot CRM includes many free versions of the Sales and Marketing Hub features.

As a result, you’re receiving more than you would anticipate from other options, and you’re not paying a dollar.

Why do We recommend HubSpot CRM?

Yes, HubSpot is attempting to get you to purchase other items, but this is a good thing since you are not being rushed and will likely consider those things at some time.

To begin, you’re receiving your CRM software for free. That is not a trivial matter when considering the client relationship management tools you get.

However, if you determine that you need more than a free CRM can supply, you always have the option of upgrading.

Lead Information Contained in a Single Location:

Each time you get a lead, HubSpot CRM records it in a central place. This module works in conjunction with the automatic interaction recording but allows you to see a specific lead and all of their conversations.

For instance, it’s unquestionably advantageous to recall names and job titles. All of them are preserved here. However, you will also be able to see a variety of other interactions, including emails, phone conversations, meetings, and notes.

Hubspot Lead Management - HubSpot CRM Review

This appeals to me for a variety of reasons. The first advantage is that a single salesman may record information on a prospective customer and share it with other members of your firm.

Therefore, if a customer is a problem and there is no need to engage with them anymore, the rest of your sales staff is not spending time attempting to contact them.

Additionally, this interface eliminates the need for your sales staff to dig through email threads to determine where the discussion left off.

Everything is neatly arranged into a single list, which enables them to jump straight in and contact the lead without hesitation. Finally, HubSpot CRM integrates with HubSpot Marketing. As a result, you may see all of the stuff provided to the lead.

Following that, you have the option to tailor your next message and avoid seeming foolish by restarting the discussion.

Automated Tracking of Sales Activity:

Without a CRM, consumer conversations often go missing or are saved deep inside your email storage. HubSpot CRM has a different method, since it captures all client contacts automatically, whether they are phone calls, emails, or meetings.

Hubspot Sales Tracking - HubSpot CRM Review

Additionally, you’ll see that the CRM tracks all social media interactions, which is an amazing method to cut down on time spent on real social networks.

As mentioned many times in this essay, HubSpot CRM integrates with your Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook accounts. Thus, if one salesperson speaks with a client, the subsequent salesperson may enter and see the conversation.

A Stunning Pipeline Dashboard in One Place:

A significant portion of the purpose of a CRM is to facilitate the creation of a sales funnel. This means you’re searching for a simple, efficient dashboard that will link all of your salespeople and make it easy to track the progress of each prospective customer along the funnel.

HubSpot CRM offers an excellent dashboard design, with separate sections for sales you’ve won or lost, as well as contracts you’ve sent out along the process.

Hubspot Pipeline Management - HubSpot CRM Review

The interface allows you to monitor performance and determine which salespeople are doing the best. I particularly appreciate the notion of appointment scheduling being integrated into the CRM, since this is often the case when working with business partners in the eCommerce industry.

While some of this may not apply to customer-facing eCommerce businesses, a CRM of this kind is still required to manage all of those people.

On the dashboard, you may sort transactions by name, quantity, owner, and funnel stage.

Additionally, the dashboard has some excellent filters for easily locating information about a consumer.

HubSpot CRM Pricing Plans: How Much Does HubSpot CRM Cost? 

HubSpot CRM is completely free for an unlimited number of users and up to 1 million contacts. While it is possible to remain a free user forever, there are a variety of add-on services available if you choose to pay for more capability.

The free HubSpot CRM software has a variety of marketing functions and includes live chat and conversational bots to assist you in navigating the product.

While this tool is free, it has built-in marketing, sales, and service hubs that enhance the CRM’s capabilities.

HubSpot Pricing - HubSpot CRM Review

This is particularly advantageous since all of your contact, business, deal, and task information will be accessible in all three locations. Fortunately, all of these features are entirely free.

If you’re interested in one of HubSpot’s premium services, you may pick from four tiers. This covers the Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hubs, for which you will be billed every month.

The premium versions will cost between $40 to $3,200 a month.

The free HubSpot CRM application features live chat, marketing, and sales capabilities and enables you to add up to 1 million contacts.

FAQs on HubSpot CRM Review :

Is HubSpot free CRM worth it?

Yes, it is worth the expense, since you can begin utilizing HubSpot CRM and many marketing tools immediately without opening your checkbook. If you go beyond HubSpot's free capabilities, you may still get a lot of value for your money.

Why is HubSpot a good CRM?

HubSpot is our #1 CRM option for two reasons: it offers a very robust free version that outperforms the majority of premium CRMs on the market, and it can be used across marketing, sales, and customer care teams. It's an excellent solution for almost any kind of business.

Can HubSpot be trusted?

HubSpot's CRM platform was created with front office employees in mind; the foundation of our products' success is offering a secure and trusted location for your data.

What is HubSpot good for?

In a nutshell, HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that assists businesses in attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing transactions. This comprises content production and distribution through social media, workflow automation, lead collection, customer relationship management, sales funnel mapping, and performance monitoring.

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Conclusion: HubSpot CRM Review 2024

When it comes to investing in marketing tools for contemporary company development, few elements in the digital marketplace are more important than CRM capabilities.

If you’re looking to integrate add-ons such as Google analytics and reporting with HubSpot sales techniques and marketing automation, the HubSpot CRM may be for you.

HubSpot CRM, one of the most popular SaaS packages for real-time prospecting and sales, combines the simplicity of use with a slew of useful features.

Even if you want to utilize simply the free version, you will still have an amazing experience.

Another advantage of HubSpot’s marketing services is that they can scale with your firm. You may opt to expand your CRM capacity over time as your company grows and you need to share your tools with your sales agents. While HubSpot CRM is not for everyone, it is worth a try. 

If you have any questions concerning this HubSpot CRM evaluation, please leave a comment below.


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