Hootsuite vs HubSpot 2024: Which Tool is Best for Running Social Media? Which Social Media Tool Is With Your Money?

Are you confused between Hootsuite and HubSpot? Struggling to know that which one is better and why? Do you have bunch of questions regarding the same?

If yes then stay tuned with us till the end to find your idol one quickly.

Let’s start with the basic comparison !!


Check out


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Pricing $49 per month $45 per month
Best for

People who wish to schedule posts, create content, view social media statistics, and manage their team should use Hootsuite.

Best for people that are just getting their firms off the ground and looking for marketing solutions select HubSpot. Many marketers have made it their top goal as well.

  • It offers Setting up Hootsuite Filtered Streams
  • It has the feature of Hootlet for sharing.
  • You can Monitor Social Conversations Using Hootsuite Apps
  • Hootsuite offers Geosearch (Targeting Based on Location).
  • It offers CRM with In-Depth Insights into Contacts
  • It has the feature of Built-In Service Requests
  • It gives Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Marketing Platform
  • It has the feature of Marketing Reporting and Metrics.
  • You can manage all social communications from one dashboard.
  • It's calendar is simple to plan out sophisticated campaign.
  • Hootsuite has separate tabs for each social site.
  • Hubspot hubs work in unison to produce business solution.
  • Your social media marketing approach may integrated.
  • Hubspot has convenient capabilities for scheduling and so on
  • Hootsuite does not provide any phone support.
  • Hootsuite's social media management platform isn't the most
  • Hubspot are not as straightforward to evaluate
  • Hubspot is rather expensive.
Ease of Use

Hootsuite is somehow tricky to access for beginners. In contrast to HubSpot, the service allows you to focus solely on one Social Media Channel which itself looks tragic.

HubSpot is more quick to learn. Rather than focusing solely on social media, HubSpot allows you to see how it fits into the bigger picture of your marketing strategy. It is more user friendly.

Value For Money

Hootsuite isn't worth spending over HubSpot, but it does allow you to schedule posts. Paid customers also get access to social reporting, social media analytics, and live client chat.

It has more functionality than Hootsuite, so it's well worth the money. Email Marketing, Live Chat, Email Scheduling, and Form Creators are just a few of the features available in HubSpot. HubSpot's ambitions include social reporting and blog development, among other things.

Customer Support

Hootsuite offers support via its own social media channels, Facebook and Twitter, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will receive priority help if you subscribe to the Business plan. Additionally they have libraries and webinars as well.

Hubspot offers customer support via a variety of ways. You can join Hubspot groups for extensive use. Self-help materials, books, workbooks, suggestions, and templates are all available. The company's customer blog, developer documentation, and solution partners are all available to you. You can reach there 24/7.

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In this post, we are going to give you complete details of Hootsuite vs HubSpot, stay tuned.

More firms are relocating their brands on the internet as a result of the growth of online marketing. This implies that a large number of businesses must compete for customers’ attention online.

To increase your business’s online exposure, you’ll need a good marketing plan and relevant data on how buyers purchase things online. Tools such as Hootsuite vs HubSpot may assist you in developing an effective strategy for achieving your marketing objectives.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform that automates your customer relationship management (CRM) operations. On the other side, Hootsuite concentrates only on social media marketing and management.

Nonetheless, HubSpot offers materials for social media marketing. This is why many organizations are torn between Hootsuite vs HubSpot. Certain firms employ Hootsuite for their social marketing duties and leave the rest of their marketing efforts to HubSpot.

Others handle all aspects of their marketing using HubSpot, while a few organizations manage their social media with both Hootsuite vs HubSpot.

This post will provide you with an overview of Hootsuite vs HubSpot. Additionally, it will assist you in resolving the Hootsuite vs HubSpot debate.

Following this post, you’ll be able to choose the tool that will assist you in achieving your marketing objectives.

Hootsuite vs HubSpot 2024: Overview

If you’re looking for information on Hootsuite vs HubSpot, we’ve included all you need to know in this post to help you make an informed decision.

What is Hootsuite?

Social media managers are responsible for a variety of tasks, including developing social media content, responding to consumer inquiries, monitoring social media trends, and generating new leads. At times, juggling all of these responsibilities becomes exhausting.


Hootsuite is an internet program that automates the tasks of social media managers, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Depending on the Hootsuite plan to which you subscribe, you will have access to some or all of Hootsuite’s Social Media Management capabilities.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing solution that assists organizations in attracting Leads to their Online Channels (Website and Social media) and converting them to high-paying customers.

Numerous solutions exist to assist businesses in effectively achieving their Sales, Marketing, and CRM objectives. CRM software, live chat, and a marketing plan generator are just a few of these tools.

HubSpot is well-suited for small and big organizations alike. Small company owners can handle all of their Sales and Marketing tasks from the HubSpot platform, even without the assistance of professionals, thanks to the tools offered.

Large firms’ marketing and sales teams may also utilize Inbound Marketing technologies to communicate progress on cross-departmental initiatives.

Social media marketing is another marketing activity that HubSpot provides. The Social Inbox tool accessible on HubSpot is an example of such Social Media Management services.

Hootsuite vs HubSpot: Features Comparison

We have some major features of both Hootsuite vs Hubspot, lets’s have a look at each of them.

Major Features & Benefits of HubSpot

Through automation, teams can conquer marketing with HubSpot. However, unlike HootSuite, HubSpot is not simply a social marketing tool.HubSpot is a cloud-based, all-in-one marketing platform. Many organizations first invest in HubSpot for its marketing and sales skills.

When matching their plans with those characteristics, companies additionally use the platform’s social capabilities to maximize their effectiveness.

Teams may analyze how social media contributes to or detracts from different areas of the entire customer experience using HubSpot’s social management tool.

Businesses that utilize HubSpot for social media management may benefit from the following:

1. Comprehensive Reports:

Get a holistic perspective of your digital marketing activities and determine which areas of social performance had the most influence.

This data goes deeper than HootSuite’s and simplifies the process of updating buyer personas, etc. Analyze the performance of particular social postings, such as how many people clicked a URL or visited a landing page.

2. RSS Feeds:

Additionally, HubSpot allows you to create an RSS feed. The “Follow Me” feature may assist you in attracting new visitors from your numerous social networking sites.

3. Inbox Streams:

HubSpot offers streams as well, but they are somewhat different. Inbox streams consolidate all of your activity across your channels. Additionally, there is a separate Twitter feed that enables advertisers to monitor activity on that channel independently.

4. Post From All Accounts:

Schedule and publish blog entries automatically, which is particularly beneficial if your blog was designed using HubSpot. Similar to HootSuite, you can measure interaction across all connected social profiles.

HubSpot also has the same Chrome plug-in feature for scheduling articles and other material found outside of the platform.

5. Social Media Management:

Similar to HootSuite, HubSpot allows you to plan posts and obtain insight into where your clients are engaged. HubSpot enables you to follow a leader’s complete lifespan, beginning with their first social involvement.

It is the pinnacle of customer relationship management software. With better monitoring and tracking capabilities, social media skills enable organizations to draw the dots across all of their marketing operations.

Major Features & Benefits of Hootsuite

HootSuite is one of the most sophisticated social media marketing systems available. It is undoubtedly the most well-known brand in social media management, particularly among bigger companies. 

Here are the features that keep people coming back.

1. Affordable Monthly Subscription:

HootSuite is free to use for the first 30 days and allows you to publish as many articles as you like. After that, you must pay a monthly charge. You may buy a variety of add-on options, such as a personalized vanity URL or extra user accounts.

2. Social Reports:

HootSuite has enhanced its social reporting capabilities, making it simpler to monitor posts, followers, interaction, and traffic generated from HS- or Ow.ly-published content. Additionally, they provide an update for reporting, dubbed “boards.”

This is basically a dashboard and report-creation tool that provides you with more detailed information on your followers.

3. RSS Feeds:

Create an RSS feed to aid in the distribution of your content. As a consequence, you may rapidly promote material from people you follow and vice versa. For the victory, brand awareness.

4. Advanced Keyword Tracking:

HootSuite enables you to do social listening in order to monitor keywords. This kind of intellect transcends simple measures. The feature monitors your most competitive terms, eliciting conversations amongst ideal consumers about their difficulties, pain areas, and so forth.

5. Channel Streams:

Users may customize their dashboards by adding tabs for social media platforms. Each tab displays a chronological list of previously published posts, postings from your subscribers or followers, messages you’ve received, and content you’ve shared.

Create a tab for each social media profile. This is an excellent way to gauge involvement.

6. Schedule Posts From All Accounts:

Maintain a consistent social media presence across all platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Google+ pages and profiles, LinkedIn profiles and businesses, and YouTube channels.

Free users may immediately begin publishing to up to five accounts, which is excellent for the majority of newcomers. Have you come upon an article online that you can’t wait to share? There’s also a Chrome extension that enables you to automatically schedule posts from outside the site.

6. Social Media Project Management:

Within HootSuite, you can assign the task of monitoring for mentions or replies to other members of your team, allowing marketing teams to share the burden more easily.

HootSuite enables social marketers to maintain total focus, control, and visibility across all of their social media accounts. Recent capabilities such as content curation assist teams in queueing and organizing materials for subsequent scheduling.

Hootsuite Social Media Management

HootSuite was used by approximately 20% of prominent businesses for social media management in 2012. It now has a user base of over 15 million.

In comparison to HootSuite, HubSpot excels in the following areas:

  • Acquire more complete knowledge of your consumer. With the ability to create and filter buyer personas, as well as see every interaction a tracked lead has had, you can learn more about your consumers more quickly.
  • HubSpot enables you to understand how social media fits into the larger picture of your marketing plan, rather than focusing just on social media. The majority of interactions you monitor will be automatically integrated into your analytics and contact database. It’s a significant benefit to be able to readily monitor the effectiveness of your social media efforts across all website interactions and nurturing activities.

Hootsuite beats HubSpot by a factor of :

  • A social emphasis. Certain companies depend heavily on social media marketing. With a stronger emphasis on social media marketing, HootSuite is a better fit for firms that generate the majority of their brand awareness through social media.
  • Dashboards that are unique. While both HubSpot and HootSuite provide streams, HootSuite enables customers to concentrate on certain social networks through their own dashboards.

Hootsuite vs HubSpot: Social Media Management

Hootsuite seems to be the superior social media management tool. Unlike HubSpot, the service allows you to concentrate only on one Social Media Channel.

By contrast, HubSpot consolidates all of your Social Media accounts into a single tab. When you cannot investigate each channel independently, it becomes more difficult to comprehend the engagement on each channel.

Hubspot Social Media Management

Even if you operate a big organization, it is preferable to consolidate all your Social Media operations on a single platform and assign a Social Media Manager to oversee them rather than attempting to integrate all your CRM activities into one location.

Nonetheless, small company owners that want to manage all aspects of their organization from a single platform may utilize HubSpot to manage their social media accounts.

Hootsuite vs HubSpot: Keyword Tracking & RSS Feeds

Hootsuite can monitor how your customers and rivals use business-related keywords. You may use keyword monitoring to locate high-ranking keywords and learn about the issues your consumers are encountering with industry-related items.

HubSpot does not support keyword tracking. HubSpot is limited to tracking advertising campaigns on social media and other internet channels.

Hubspot SEO

When an influencer writes a post on your items, Hootsuite’s RSS feeds enable you to market your products to the influencer’s followers. When RSS feeds are configured in HubSpot, the platform’s ‘Follow Me’ module is activated.

When your influencer creates fresh material about your product, the ‘Follow Me’ module appears on their posts. Their followers will be brought to your Social Media account when they click the link.

Hootsuite vs HubSpot: Channel Streams & Scheduling Posts

Once you’ve subscribed to a Hootsuite plan, you may add tabs to your Dashboard for each of your social media accounts. These tabs will assist you in tracking interaction on your posts, client inquiries, and subscriber-generated material.

Having said that, Hootsuite users are limited to creating a single tab per Social Media Channel. However, HubSpot requires you to monitor all of your Social Media accounts on a single page.

Hootsuite enables you to schedule posts on social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Users on the free plan can schedule posts across five Social Media profiles, while premium members can schedule posts across all of their Social Media profiles.

Hootsuite Scheduling Posts

Additionally, Hootsuite has a Chrome extension that enables you to publish information across several Social Media Channels. As with Hootsuite, HubSpot allows you to plan articles for future publication on Social Media Channels.

HubSpot, on the other hand, is not limited to social media. Unlike Hootsuite, you may also schedule blog posts on other platforms. Additionally, you’ll find a Chrome extension that enables you to transfer material discovered on one platform to your account on another channel.

Hootsuite vs HubSpot: Customer Support

Hootsuite provides help 24 hours a day, seven days a week through its own social media platforms — Facebook and Twitter. If you subscribe to the Business plan, you will get priority assistance.

Additionally, there is a resource library filled with materials on how to succeed on social media. Additionally, there are webinars presented by industry professionals and a connection to the Hootsuite school.

The school is bursting at the seams with free online courses. Additionally, it provides premium certification courses in social media management. Hubspot provides customer assistance through a variety of channels, depending on your selected price plan.

Hootsuite Help Center

With the free software, your sole source of assistance is the Hubspot community. There are even local Hubspot groups you can join, demonstrating the tool’s widespread use. Without a doubt, you’ll find assistance among your peers.

Additionally, you may use Hubspot’s self-help tools, which include the company’s large online knowledge base and Academy. As with Hootsuite, you may earn certificates by enrolling in premium Hubspot Academy courses.

Additionally, you may access Hubspot’s library of complementary business and marketing tools, which includes ebooks, workbooks, tips, and templates. Additionally, you have access to the company’s customer blog, developer documentation, and solution partners.

HubSpot Help Center

The latter category refers to qualified specialists that you may employ if you want assistance with a Hubspot-related project. Users of the starter package have access to email and live chat assistance.

Additionally, the Professional and Enterprise subscriptions include phone assistance. From 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, a complete crew of US representatives is accessible. Outside of these hours, you may call 24/7, but you may suffer lengthier wait times.

Hubspot’s more priced services include phone assistance, while Hootsuite does not. Hootsuite also conducts the majority of its assistance over social networks, which may not be everyone’s preferred form of communication.

While both platforms provide a robust collection of self-help materials, Hubspot takes each one a step further.

Hootsuite vs HubSpot: Pricing Comparison

Hootsuite’s free plan allows users to schedule up to five posts per week across two Social Media accounts. Additionally, the Social Media Marketing tool offers premium monthly subscriptions ranging in price from $49 to $599.

Hootsuite Pricing Plans

Along with scheduling postings, paying subscribers receive additional advantages such as social reporting, social media analytics, and live chat with clients.

The free version of HubSpot includes capabilities such as Email Marketing, Live Chat, Email Scheduling, and Form Creators. HubSpot offers premium subscriptions ranging from $200 to $2400.

HubSpot’s premium plans include features such as social reporting and blog development.

HubSpot Pricing

While HubSpot provides more services beyond social media management, it is more costly than Hootsuite. For $599, Hootsuite gives more social media management functionality than HubSpot.

Hootsuite vs HubSpot: Pros & Cons

Below we will have a look at the pros and cons of both Hootsuite vs HubSpot.

HubSpot Pros

  • The numerous Hubspot hubs work in unison to produce a comprehensive business solution that is appropriate for big firms and corporations. It’s a miracle worker when it comes to mass marketing.
  • Your social media marketing approach may be integrated with email marketing automation, landing sites, and other advertising initiatives.
  • Hubspot has convenient capabilities for scheduling, publishing, and social media management.

HubSpot Cons

  • The social streams in Hubspot are not as straightforward to evaluate as the standalone social tabs in Hootsuite.
  • Hubspot is rather expensive, which makes it more ideal for bigger businesses. If you’re only interested in managing your social media accounts, you’re likely to find up paying for things you don’t need.
  • With so many functions crammed into one platform, Hubspot has a considerably steeper learning curve and necessitates a higher understanding of your whole company procedures.

Hootsuite Pros

  • From the Team plan, you may collaborate with team members, allowing Hootsuite to function more like a support desk. You can manage all social communications from a single dashboard and allocate them to the appropriate team member.
  • Hootsuite is a social media management tool that isn’t overbearing. Its calendar planner makes it simple to plan out sophisticated social campaigns.
  • Hootsuite has separate tabs for each social site, which makes it simple to keep an eye on a variety of information on each channel.

Hootsuite Cons

  • Support is accessible only via self-service and social media. Hootsuite does not provide any phone support.
  • To have access to premium application integrations (such as Basecamp, Zendesk, and Slack), you must subscribe to the Business Plan ($599 per month).
  • Hootsuite is not the most customizable free social media management platform on the market.

FAQs on Hootsuite vs HubSpot

What's the difference between Hootsuite and HubSpot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform that automates your customer relationship management (CRM) operations. On the other side, Hootsuite concentrates only on social media marketing and management. Nonetheless, HubSpot offers materials for social media marketing. This is why many organizations are torn between Hootsuite and HubSpot.

Does Hootsuite work with HubSpot?

Through the HootSuite dashboard's interface with HubSpot, customers can instantly extract Contact and Keyword data into HootSuite streams for monitoring and interaction.

What is Hootsuite best for?

Hootsuite is a fantastic tool for managing social media network channels. Frequently referred to as a social media management system or tool, it allows you to monitor numerous streams simultaneously and respond to client feedback.

Does HubSpot track social media posts?

HubSpot can monitor clicks on social posts only if they are published using HubSpot since these posts employ shortened link URLs to track clicks.

Is Hootsuite good for small businesses?

Hootsuite offers capabilities for organizations of all sizes, but the subscription packages give the greatest value for small and medium-sized firms. Hootsuite interacts with a large number of social media platforms and offers a centralized dashboard for managing all of your social media activities.

Is Hootsuite good for Instagram?

While Hootsuite is an excellent tool, you must also have a solid social media plan in place to remain on top of your marketing game. Hootsuite is an excellent choice whether you're searching for a Facebook scheduler, Instagram scheduler, or Pinterest scheduler.

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Final Verdict: Hootsuite vs HubSpot 2024

As with every tool, there are advantages and disadvantages, and a great deal of it comes down to personal choice and corporate objectives. Both Hootsuite vs HubSpot are excellent platforms that have the ability to transform your social media operations.

However, for the sake of determining a winner, Hubspot wins.

However, it is critical to remember the overarching objective of these two platforms. Hootsuite is a social media management software, while HubSpot is a platform for linking all of your inbound marketing initiatives.

As a result, HubSpot is great for marketing teams and growing firms looking for a social media solution that integrates smoothly with the rest of their marketing operations.

On the other hand, Hootsuite is best suited for smaller firms that only want a convenient tool to manage their social media activities. For certain organizations, having both may be necessary to support a holistic marketing plan.

Regardless of the platform, you use, or if you utilize both, it’s critical to establish a social media plan to support your efforts.

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