Learndash vs LifterLMS 2023: Which One Is The Best? (Pros And Cons)

In this post, we have shared the detailed Learndash vs LifterLMS comparison.


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Pricing $159 to $180 $99 to $699
Best for

Educational Website using WordPress for creating any type of course

Quick Creation of WordPress Membership sites

  • Quizzing Options
  • Admin Features
  • Ability To Sell Courses
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Dedicated Dashboard
  • Easy To Use Course Builder
  • Video Progression Feature
  • Drip-Feed Course Lessons
  • Free Core Plugin
  • Beaver Builder & Divi Integration
  • Free Plan
  • Slower / Methodical Development
  • Extensions Get Very Expensive
Ease of Use

Most Easy To use WordPress LMS.

Easy To Add Courses but some hassle is required.

Value For Money

Considerably Cheaper Option in comparison to others

Free Plan is great but selling the courses gets expensive.

Customer Support

Amazing Customer Support and Active Facebook Community

Good Support but lacks personal touch.

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LearnDash vs LifterLMS!! If you are a professor or a course instructor or a person who is running a coaching centre or a college these are the questions you will get every time you try to do a course online!!

In which platform do I run my online course LearnDash or LifterLMS!!”, “How do I decide between these two” and Don’t worry!! You are not the only one who is in this confusion because both of these platforms are the leading pioneers in learning management platforms and deciding between these two is not an easy task.

Bottom Line Upfront:

LearnDash is one of the best WordPress learning management system (LMS) trusted by many companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs from all over the world for creating and selling their online courses.

LearnDash is better LMS in every manner than LifterLMS.

 Get started with LearnDash today and Get Upto $40 off.

In this article, I have tried to help you by comparing these two platforms in all the ways possible so you can decide easily which one to choose. 

Overview of the platforms: LearnDash Vs LifterLMS

For the viewers who are new to this online teaching and don’t have a clue about these companies, I gave a short introduction about both of these platforms in the following topic

LearnDash: Overview

LearnDash is one of the frontrunners in the Learning management platform which is being used by most of the Fortune 500 companies and it is the go-to platform for all the education-related courses and to sell all the professional-related courses to the users. 


Along with their amazing features they also provide various add-ons to their customers to make it a one-stop solution for all online learning-related activities. LearnDash integrates with top companies like woocommerce, Stripe, Samcart, etc…to add more functionalities to their website.

LifterLMS: Overview

LifterLMS is a learning management platform designed entirely using WordPress to give a familiar interface feeling to its customers. Like LearnDash, LifterLMS also helps its users in selling courses in addition to hosting the courses online. 


LifterLMS also provides various add-ons to its users by integrating with top companies like PayPal, Woocommerce, Launchpad, etc.. and they provide various interactive features to impress their users from schools and companies.

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Unique features of these platforms: LearnDash Vs LifterLMS

In the Introduction, I described both these platforms have amazing features and interactive add-ons, etc… If you don’t believe me then here’s the proof of some of the unique features provided by both of these platforms.

Unique features of LearnDash:

  • LearnDash focus mode:

This feature of LearnDash will give the students or employees who are learning from the platform a dedicated portal with no distractions from other websites. This feature is an optional setting so that you can turn it off whenever you want.

  • Advanced Quizzing mode:

This is one of the cool features of LearnDash and I say that in confidence because I personally tried this feature. This feature gives you the format to create all eight kinds of Quizzes like

  • Sorting type
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Survey questions and much more


And not only that, you can create custom messages to display it every time during the result and this feature is compatible with all kinds of media for all of their quiz types.

Similar to this image, timer features are also available for all of the quiz types and other assignments.

  • Gradebook:

This is a dashboard feature with advanced tracking skills to monitor the performance of each and every one of the users who is doing your course.


This is a fully automated dashboard with automatic sync in features of all the users and it will generate a report card for each of their users based on their performance in your course.

  • Subscriptions:

This feature will help you in deciding all the payment-related decisions and their customizing ability will give you exactly what you need. This will be extremely helpful if you have numerous users and have multiple payment schedules and methods.


As you can see, you can decide the interval and the length of your payments for each user, and the interface will monitor and notify you of the required data at the required time based on your decisions.

  • Tech support:

LearnDash tries to offer the best tech support possible by offering these features to its users.

  • Use any theme:

LearnDash is compatible with any WordPress themes and you can add the LearnDash interface to any of your themes with ease.

  • Solutions from Industry experts:

LearnDash’s integrations with Fortune companies will give you the best support and service for running your courses and you can even get solutions from top businessmen in the world.


These are just samples of their amazing menus of features and you can try more of their features in the demo mode offered by LearnDash.

Till now we have seen the unique features of LearnDash and now it’s time to see the epic features of their competitor’s LifterLMS!!!

Unique features of LifterLMS:

  • Multi Instructor:

This feature of LifterLMS will allow you to assign multiple instructors to your course if you have a large number of students or employees attending the course. This feature will be helpful if you are planning on teaching your students in teams.

  • Discussion Areas:

This feature will give you the instructors and the students a private space to discuss the lessons and to clear the doubts and all kinds of communication activities can be performed in this area in an interactive manner.

LifterLMS-Discussion Area

Compared to other learning management platforms, LifterLMS discussion panels are much interactive and I have personally tried this feature during the 30 days free demo period.

  • Imports and Exports:

Lifterdash’s courses can be easily imported in another site using their migratory features and similarly, it is very easy to export LifterLMS to another site for backups and more and in addition to that, they give you the option to make your lesson offline so that students can download their instructor’s material and videos.

  • Enhanced Add-ons:

LifterLMS provides a variety of Add-ons to make their platform versatile and as cheap as possible with creating add-ons with other top companies. These are some of the Add-ons LearnDash has to offer:

  1. University Bundle: This add-on will save you a lot of money when you purchase full access to the tools and features of LearnDash.
  2. LifterLMS social learning: This add-on will give the tools for the students to learn and study together so that they don’t feel lost during the classes and revisions.

LifterLMS-Social Learning

Similar to these there are several features and add-ons that are offered by LifterLMS and you can try them all in the 30 day demo period before investing in it.

LearnDash vs LifterLMS: Basic Features 

I think we all agree at this point, that both of these companies have some pretty unique features and tools. But having unique tools does not mean it is a good platform, how these tools and features are making their customers engaging and time-saving really makes the difference.

So, Let’s compare these two platforms in terms of basic features required for a successful learning management platform.

1. Easiness to use:

For a content management platform whose expected users are students and new online users, it is important that the interface should be easy to use for the desired users and it also should be easy to create a course for you because you will have a lot of work to manage. So, Let’s see how these two platforms are making their interface user-friendly


LearnDash designed their tools in such a way that it will make most of the content creators’ work easier and it also helps them to manage their content easily. These are the tools that LearnDash offers to reduce the content creators work

  • Drip feed content

This feature will help the content creators to schedule their content ahead of time and this feature will organize your content based on your schedule and it automatically broadcast the content at the specified time without any manual work.

  • Gradebooks and forums

These features will help to maintain the record of all the students who are doing the course with an interactive dashboard and LearnDash also offers tools to create interactive assignments like Media quizzing, Essay quiz, etc…

  • Subscriptions and shopping carts

LearnDash-Shopping Cart

These features will help you to maintain all the payment-related activities for all the courses you are selling on the platform and the shopping cart feature makes it easier for the shoppers to purchase your course.


Like LearnDash, LifterLMS also makes their tools user-friendly to the creators and as well as the students to make them easier to navigate through the interface and to get the best out of the features. These are some of the examples of their features that make their interface user-friendly

  • Course Builder

This feature helps the course creators to build their course using drag and drop editor which is known for its user-friendliness and it will save a lot of time for the creators during the designing of the course.

  • Drip content

This feature helps the students who are studying the course to schedule the content and it helps them to plan their progress and the learning rate.

  • Student’s dashboard

This dashboard will help the content creator to track their student’s progress and to maintain a record of their performance throughout the course.


Even though the user-friendly features offered by both the platforms look the same, based on my experience, LearnDash’s interface is easier to navigate compared to LifterLMS and the tools of LearnDash are much more user-friendly than LifterLMS.

2. Interactiveness of the Interface:

This is the platform that is going to be used by students and new online users for their education and skill development, so the interface needs to be interactive in order to make the content more engaging and live. So, Let’s see the interactive level of these platforms.


For the people who are studying the course, these are the features LearnDash offers to make it easier for them

  • Email Notifications

This feature is an automated email management system that personalizes the email for each student based on the course and the chapters they have completed in the course. This will increase the student’s engagement in the course.

  • Course points and badges

This feature awards additional points and certificates to the students who are performing well in the course to encourage them and it will also give engaging suggestions for those who are struggling to keep up with the content. 

LearnDsah-Course Point

It also helps the content creators to create customized badges so that they can motivate the students with personalized badges and certificates.

In addition to these, the Focus mode which we have discussed in the Unique tools topic also increases the engagement of the students by reducing the distractions of other websites and making them concentrate on the course.


LifterLMS also offers interactive tools to keep the students engaged. Here are some of the examples of their features.

  • Discussion forums

This feature provides an open discussion panel to all the students who are studying the course to discuss the course and the relevant topics. This will surely increase the student’s interest in the course and give them confidence.

  • Graphics pack

This feature gives the course instructor to create custom backgrounds for their courses and to create customized certificates and badges so that they can impress and motivate the students with these things.


Both platforms gave their best in creating an interactive interface for their customers but LifterLMS’s discussion panels and drag and drop editor make it more interactive than LearnDash’s features.

LearnDash Vs LifterLMS: Pricing Plans

If you want to host multiple online courses in a month, then the price of the platform will play a huge difference in the amount of your investment. So, Let’s see the price of the plans offered by both of these platforms.

LearnDash: Pricing plans

LearnDash offers a demo version of their platform in which you can try their tools for free and you can get familiar with the interface. But if you want full access these are the plans LearnDash has to offer


For pro package

It costs around $329 and it contains

  • Access to unlimited courses
  • Access to customized certificates and badges
  • Email notifications feature
  • Quizzing and content creation features and much more

For the plus package

LearnDash charges $189 and it comes with 

  • Up to 10 licenses of the sites.
  • Course forums
  • Content creation and Quizzing tools.
  • Engaging tools and features etc…

For the Basic package

It will cost around $159 and it contains

  • License for 1 site.
  • Content creation tools
  • Free demo tools.

LifterLMS: Pricing Plans

LifterLMS offers a 30 day demo period for all of its tools in which you can get to know about their tools and features of the platforms. If you want to use their platform these are the plans LifterLMS has to offer


For Individual Addon feature

It will be $99 and it comes with 

  • One active site
  • One tech support account for one user.
  • Basic Add-ons are available for individuals.

For Universe bundle

LifterLMS charges $299 a year for the following features

  • Active sites up to 5.
  • Marketing and shopping Addons.
  • 2 Tech support accounts 

For Infinity Bundle

It will cost around $999 a year for these features

  • All universe bundle features for unlimited sites and unlimited tech support accounts.

LearnDash Vs LifterLMS: Pros and Cons

LearnDash: Pros

  • The free trial gives you a preview of their interface.
  • A user-friendly interface makes you and the content creator work a lot easier.
  • LearnDash’s integrations make selling and shopping the courses easier.

LifterLMS: Pros

  • Drag and drop editor makes the customization much easier.
  • A 30 day demo period will be sufficient time to analyze all the features and tools in the interface.
  • Engaging tools like discussion panels give the students more encouragement towards the course.

LearnDash: Cons

  • LearnDash’s interface still needs some development in Engaging the students towards the course.
  • Their premium plans are not affordable by new coaching centers.

LifterLMS: Cons

  • LifterLMS’s tools are not user-friendly compared to their competitors.
  • LifterLMS’s price range is not at the affordable level for small course instructors.

LearnDash vs LifterLMS: Support

LearnDash Support

All merchants, as well as course designers, get access to the website’s community forums, documentation, and start-up tutorials, as well as the FAQ area. They can also get a free trial from the LearnDash website.

The LearnDash blog includes a lot of fascinating topics and is visually appealing. From Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Time, you can contact LearnDash’s help desk for assistance.

However, keep in mind that video conferencing does not provide access to online chat, phone support, or in-person assistance or support.

LifterLMS Support

LifterLMS’s assistance looks to be far superior to Learndash’s. It has a blog, a user community, and a Lifter podcast, as well as free training classes, technical assistance, live office hours, video tutorials, webinar training, a blog, and a Lifter podcast.

They also provide a 30-day trial period. You can also obtain expert advice on code, design, or marketing, but this is a premium service.

It also features the Lifter Academy, which provides lessons on how to get the most out of Lifter living. For new customers, this is a good alternative.

LearnDash vs LifterLMS: Testimonials

LearnDash Reviews & Testimonials

LearnDash Vs LifterLMS - LearnDash - Testimonials

LearnDash User Reviews

LearnDash User Review

LifterLMS Reviews & Testimonials

LearnDash Vs LifterLMS - LifterLMS - Testimonials

FAQ’s: LearnDash Vs LifterLMS 2023

👉 Is it easier to host a course online?

Yes, of course, the above-mentioned platforms guide you every step through the content creation and managing the students with their cool features.

👉 Are LearnDash vs LifterLMS tools available for free?

No, but these platforms offer a free trial of their tools so you can see the tools and the interface before you are investing in it.

👉 Will hosting an online course on LearnDash vs lifterLMS be effective for students?

Yes, of course, these platforms are offering a variety of tools to make the students more engaged towards the course and these tools ensures that they get the same level of learning as they were in classrooms.

👉 Is it worth it to buy LifterLMS and LearnDash?

As you can see, the price of learnDash is really reasonable, and you can easily afford it and develop your courses with it. You may quickly design your own validated courses and effortlessly integrate your subscription and membership programs. Many large institutions and organisations make use of this technology. However, the price of the lifterLMS plugin might be substantially greater than that of the LearnDash solution. So, if you want to make a free online course, this is the tool for you. And, most crucially, how much you can pay relies entirely on your budget.

🤞 Why would these tools be useful for us?

As I previously stated, these products are extremely valuable, cost-effective, and simple to use. So you don't have to write 1000 lines of code; all you have to do is log into your WP Dashboard and select the plugin you want to purchase from the plugin area. There is no harm in purchasing these plugins, and they will assist you much in constructing or building your courses, allowing you to quickly build your subscriptions and membership plans, allowing people to easily choose your courses with a variety of perks.

✅ Can my LearnDash plan be changed later?

Yes! You can try out the simple plan for a few months and then upgrade to any plan of your choice. When you do this, the annual renewal date gets updated as per the upgrading date.

👌 LifterLMS and LearnDash, Which one is better to choose?

When comparing LearnDash and LifterLMS side by side, it's clear that LearnDash is much ahead of the curve. Despite the fact that both interfaces are user-friendly in terms of functionality, LearnDash outperforms LifterLMS. LearnDash is the best option for creating a premium online course website, while LifterLMS might be the best option for giving free courses. There are a few important differences between LifterLMS and LearnPress that may persuade you to use LearnDash as your WordPress LMS plugin for your eLearning strategy.

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Conclusion: LearnDash Vs LifterLMS 2023

As I have mentioned in the Introduction, both of these tools are pioneers in the market and they offer uniqueness to the market in different ways.

Precisely, LearnDash will be suitable for those who need more never before seen tools and a user-friendly interface to run an online course and it will be suitable for those who need to shop and sell the courses in one place.

LifterLMS will be suitable for those who are ready to pay some high-end amounts to make the course interface more engaging to the students and it will also be perfect for those who are willing to do a lot of customization to the platforms.

Learndash will be suitable for those who need more never before seen tools and a user-friendly interface to run an online course and it will be suitable for those who need to shop and sell the courses in one place.

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  1. LifterLMS is one of the best products because you can use it for free. It does not cost anything right now. It is the cheapest product in its category.

  2. Some of the Settings in LifterLMS were in different places. It was a little confusing at first and people had to find them in order to change anything.

  3. I tried a lot of different products out there, but LifterLMS is one of the best hands down. I don’t know why they designed it to look so similar to WordPress or what-have-you, but right off the bat it felt really comfortable and natural. The whole experience from purchasing courses from my dashboard, hosting them with LifterLMS, making changes with their easy text editor, loading content with Drag & Drop Builder was just a breeze.

  4. LifterLMS is a great WordPress-based learning management platform because it allows for easy course creation and user navigation. All the courses I created were very successful and made me look like an expert designer! It was so much easier than using Web Platform Designer, not to mention cheaper.

  5. It’s a newer learning management software, so don’t expect all the bells and whistles of higher priced LMS’s if that’s what you’re looking for. But it does have a lot of potential, has been constantly updated since its release, and is reasonably priced.

  6. I think that Lifter LMS is the best choice for me. I had some doubts before, but I have seen that it is really active on Facebook so I am confident.

  7. LearnDash is very confusing. There are not good support people that help you do it. I had to go back and forth with them for months before they solved my problem. The program is not very good because there are many problems.

  8. This is the best wordpress course plugin I have ever used. It is easy to install and understand, and it has great support.

  9. Learndash is the go-to platform for all types of learners. With over 10 million users, Learndash understands that education can be intimidating and often times leads to feelings low self worth. As not only a site where anyone can learn just about anything, they have one goal in mind: to help you have an easier time navigating your path through life.

  10. It is hard to make a website with LearnDash. It has a very long URL and it is difficult to do SEO with it. There is no option for short URLs which makes it hard to find with search engines.

  11. I have been using LearnDash for 10+ years and I like it very much. There are many things that I love about LearnDash, including the customer support, the Facebook group, and the product itself. It is very durable and has been tested for a long time. It would be nice to see more design features in it but there are plugins that offer this for a low price.

  12. LearnDash is a plugin that fits into the WordPress framework. It is easy to install, and has a lot of add-ons. Plus, many developers have created plugins just for LearnDash. It provides more than just the plugin – it also has blog posts with valuable information and tips about making content engaging which will help you make better content.

  13. I am so glad I found LearnDash. I love all the different courses they have for me to take, and if any of them are too challenging for me, their chat button is always there to help me figure everything out.”

  14. LearnDash is a way to make a learning system on your WordPress. It’s easy and you can scale it. There are lots of people who help with LearnDash, if you have questions about how to do things or use LearnDash, they will answer your questions. They answer quickly and the answers are helpful!

  15. LearnDash is a plugin for courses. It is easy to install and understand, and really excellent and fast with support. I would say that LearnDash is the best plugin for wordpress courses!

  16. I wanted to use professional software but I wanted it to be under my control and not have any technical problems. LifterLMS is great because they provide a good user experience and they minimize the need for plugins that might cause problems for me.

  17. Lifter lms is a great WordPress plugin. It features like you can create and populate entire courses in minutes as long as you have the lessons organised is very beneficial. Another is you can create and populate entire courses in minutes as long as you have the lessons organised.

  18. LifterLMS is a good app. It does not work well when you want to build the course. There are two different UIs when you build the course and the content of it. This is not terrible, but it could be better.

  19. LearnDash is really a good and useful tool for making your own courses. It lets you design the courses and helps in managing the courses efficiently.

    It is a powerful tool and has the flexibility to manage your course all by Yourself. with ease. LearnDash is integrated with so many apps so that you can start and complete your work with ease!!

  20. LearnDash is a fully-featured LMS plugin that includes everything you need to create online courses and host them on your website. The core plugin includes everything you need to get started, including a PayPal payment gateway addon.

  21. LearnDash is one of the best out there!

    Because it’s based on WordPress, LearnDash not only comes with a lot of customization settings out of the box but plugs into a huge community of themes and plugins that can take your design and functionality practically any conceivable direction!

  22. Learndash is a great platform for those looking for interactive self-paced learning, with instant feedback. You can also watch lectures from some of the top universities in the world, ranging from Harvard to Yale.
    It’s a platform that matches you with the best online courses from the world’s top universities.

  23. You don’t want to miss out on the features of Learndash, but you also want to make sure you’re not being limited to a single product.

    Learndash is a great tool with many features, but they’re not as limitless as people might believe. You’ll lose features outside of their limited sales pathway, and there are other limitations as well.

  24. Having LearnDash has made things quite easy for me. Mainly the user-friendly drag and drop builder helped me a lot.
    When you have a lot of lessons, topics, and quizzes, it can be hard to visualize how everything fits together and the progression that your students will follow as they move through the course.
    Having the course builder interface not only makes it easy to see how everything fits, but it also lets you easily make changes using drag-and-drop.
    It also just generally speeds up your course building because you can easily open the editors for all the course’s content from one spot.

  25. I like this app because I can get credit for the courses that I missed. And it’s really convenient to schedule everything in one place. Loads faster than other platforms, too!


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