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Pricing $45/mo $9.99/month
Best for

HubSpot is best for marketing, sales CRM, customer service, CMS, and operations software on one platform.

It is best for email correspondence with customers, affiliates, and other stakeholders.

  • Campaign Tool
  • The Content Strategy Tool
  • The Workflow Tool
  • Email Designer
  • Social Sharing
  • Custom Forms
  • Easy to Use.
  • Excellent Customer Support.
  • All-in-One CRM, Marketing, & Sales.
  • An individual can import your own email templates.
  • Multiple integration options.
  • Can access to comparative metrics.
  • Lots of Configuration Required
  • Basic templates.
Ease of Use

Sometimes become tricky to understand.

Very user-friendly and quick to access.

Value For Money

It get a bit costly with passage of time.

Cheap . affordable and best for everyone.

Customer Support

Very helpful and solve the issue as soon as they can.

Good customer support as they are available 24*7.

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This article is all about HubSpot vs Mailchimp and if you are interested in this then stay tuned with us till the end.

Technology has developed to the point that firms can afford to automate various components of their entire Marketing Strategy.

Marketing Automation solutions like HubSpot and Mailchimp are top-rated, partly because they deliver analytical data to Marketers regarding the efficacy of their campaigns.

Marketers often have to periodically mark off several various things from their list to advertise their products and services.

But, with technologies like HubSpot and Mailchimp, many of them may be automated.

If you are not employing a software solution to automate various processes and improve your Marketing Strategy, you are operating at a significant disadvantage from your competition.

Many startups and organizations worldwide utilize Automation systems like Mailchimp or HubSpot.

Both HubSpot and Mailchimp provide very comparable services, but there’s a critical distinction between the two. Which one should you use in 2021 for advertising your business?

In this essay, you will study the major features of both Mailchimp and HubSpot and obtain a detailed knowledge of HubSpot versus Mailchimp.

HubSpot vs Mailchimp: How are They Different from Each other?

When confronted with a choice, you may be unsure how to distinguish the two. Which one is genuinely better at email marketing if they both do it? This section will compare Mailchimp vs HubSpot in the following areas.

1. Integrating Social Media:

Extend your strategy beyond email marketing to include social media. Influential companies mix the two.

Both Mailchimp and HubSpot provide integration capabilities for email and social media campaigns.

However, as has been the case, HubSpot delivers far more value than its rates represent.

Hubspot Social Media Integration - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Proponents of HubSpot assert that it is sufficiently strong as a social media management and customer relationship management tool to eliminate the need to subscribe to another.

If you choose Mailchimp because of its lower pricing, you may find that you need other platforms and services.

2. Website Landing Pages:

Almost all marketing emails link back to a landing page.  If your landing page is ineffective, your marketing emails will also be useless.

Make the most of your marketing efforts by designing a landing page that is consistent with your identity and website.

Depending on the email marketing platform you use, you may get a two-in-one solution.  Mailchimp does not have a landing page builder in its service.

Mailchimp Landing Pages - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

You may, however, incorporate other technologies that enable you to create a landing page.

HubSpot provides an easy-to-use landing page builder; all you have to do is choose from their configurable templates.

While this functionality is not included in HubSpot’s free plan, many organizations find the premium to be worthwhile.

3. Analytics:

It’s one thing to send emails to promote your business. It’s another thing entirely to keep track of your marketing activities.

How do Mailchimp and HubSpot stack up in terms of analytics? The good news is that when you subscribe to either platform’s premium plans, you’ll have access to analytics.

The bad news is that HubSpot is just better at it (in terms of quality and quantity). What you need to know is as follows. MailChimp reports on Campaigns, Comparisons, Automation, and Landing Pages.

Mailchimps Analytics - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

However, with these reports, customers get data, which means that (unless you’re already very knowledgeable in this field), you’ll likely spend a lot of time attempting to decipher what the data means.

Mailchimp does not provide suggestions or analytics. Simply data. In comparison to Mailchimp, HubSpot is much better in terms of analytics.

Here are a few instances of how HubSpot improves its analytics delivery.

4. Automation Instruments:

According to HubSpot, “marketing automation is the process of automating marketing tasks via the use of the software.” Email marketing, social media posting, and even commercial campaigns are examples of this.

This will assist you in increasing your marketing efficiency and personalization to target your consumers. When it comes to marketing automation, both systems provide similar technologies, but their services and pricing differ.

Mailchimp’s automation capabilities are limited (primarily autoresponders). This is included in their no-strings-attached plan.

Mailchimp Automation - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

However, if you want to use other automation tools, you must upgrade your subscription, which is not free. HubSpot’s platform includes a slew of other automation features.

Regrettably, the most helpful features are included in their Pro and Enterprise subscriptions (see below). To use capabilities such as event-based automation, you must upgrade to the Enterprise subscription.

In the long run, HubSpot includes a CRM (along with an easy-to-use workflow template) implies that it offers a broader range of automation tools.

This is by far the best email marketing tool if you’re searching for automation. Keep in mind that those additional features will cost you more money.

5. Design and Templates:

Visually attractive marketing efforts might help you differentiate yourself from competitors.

The first step in creating a visually stunning campaign is to choose the right email marketing platform.

Which platform, Mailchimp vs HubSpot, gives the most design options? Fortunately, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Mailchimp Design and Templates - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Both programs are equipped with drag-and-drop editors. It’s simple to reposition design components or alter their colors with a single click.

The templates make tweaking simple, and you don’t need to be an expert designer to create a polished email.

While Mailchimp has a more extensive selection of templates, HubSpot’s are more customizable.

Mailchimp will expedite the design process, while HubSpot’s versatility will be more distinctive branding.

HubSpot vs Mailchimp: Features & Tools Comparison

Mailchimp and HubSpot both have necessary marketing functionalities.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll get a good overview of HubSpot vs Mailchimp features.

1. Performance of Advertisements with Social Media Platforms:

HubSpot enables you to publish to social media organically.

Additionally, HubSpot provides detailed analytics on the efficacy of your campaigns, allowing you to readily see how your audience interacts and engages with your content.

You can manage your presence on various networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and respond directly from HubSpot.

Hubspot Social Media - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Naturally, all of this is tightly coupled with the HubSpot CRM, which significantly enhances contact management and enables you to attribute income to the effectiveness of various ad campaigns more accurately.

Mailchimp, like HubSpot, enables you to publish straight to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Additionally, you may set up advertising across Google and other media platforms such as Facebook, enabling you to reach new audiences effortlessly.

Mailchimp provides all users with basic ad management choices, and you can upgrade your subscription to get access to more complex services such as ad monitoring and post scheduling.

2. Creating Forms and Landing Pages:

Developing understandable landing pages is critical for increased sales.

Landing pages increase conversions and emphasize the primary advantages and features of various goods or services.

When choosing a marketing automation platform, you must ensure a robust landing page builder for promoting offers.

HubSpot offers a relatively extensive landing page builder for creating landing pages. It has a standard drag-and-drop builder, which eliminates the need for any coding.

However, if you’re looking for a complete view of your landing page’s success, HubSpot offers one distinct edge over Mailchimp: the tracking code.

Hubspot Landing Page Builder - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

By including the HubSpot tracking code on your website, data from your landing pages will be immediately imported into the HubSpot CRM.

Options for progressive profiling are provided to assist you in optimizing content for users. Additional capabilities, such as custom form fields, are available.

Mailchimp, like HubSpot, provides an excellent landing page builder with multiple customizable themes.

No technical skills are required to construct the pages, and you can easily tweak the form fields to collect more data from your visitors.

However, progressive profiling is not supported, and dependent fields cannot be added.

Mailchimp allows you to publish your website and generate as many landing pages as you want for free, but HubSpot costs $ 40 per month to eliminate limitations.

3. Automated Marketing:

When comparing HubSpot vs Mailchimp, one of the most critical aspects to check for is marketing automation. Utilizing a complete Marketing Automation Platform is vital for any developing firm.

You’ll want to automate nurturing emails depending on triggers and audience behavior, giving your customers a more tailored experience.

HubSpot now boasts one of the most excellent automation platforms in the industry, and it is not limited to email.

Hubspot Automated Marketing - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Apart from sending emails in response to interactions, HubSpot’s CRM enables you to transfer leads across sales personnel, analyze detailed statistics about their engagement and interactions, and even include conditional logic to improve and automate operations.

With HubSpot, you can fully automate lead management and segmentation inside the CRM and internal activities and alerts, which is likely the most significant benefit HubSpot offers over Mailchimp.

Mailchimp provides email-based marketing automation. Emails may be triggered in response to user activities, such as abandoned cart emails or birthday announcements.

While adding their Customer Journey builder bridges the gap between Mailchimp and HubSpot, it continues to concentrate exclusively on email targeting. For example, contact management automation is still not well defined.

The Customer Journey builder enables you to chart your customer’s entire journey and use customized emails to move them through the sales funnel. However, it does not have capabilities for monitoring or recording sales calls.

4. Management of Contacts:

As your firm expands, so will your contact list. This element is critical while deciding between HubSpot and Mailchimp.

Marketers are well aware of the value of engaging their contacts to increase conversions.

HubSpot puts all of its marketing capabilities on top of its CRM, giving you unprecedented power.

Hubspot Contact Management - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

You may get detailed information on how contacts engage with your website, how many emails they open, the outcome of a sales call, and the number of support requests they open.

You may add as many custom attributes as you want in the HubSpot CRM to segment your contact list.

Mailchimp’s Marketing CRM uses tags and segments to assist you in managing your contacts more effectively. You may categorize or organize contacts using tags.

Additionally, Mailchimp has a Client Journey builder, enabling you to automate and design customer journeys.

This enables you to exert complete control over how clients interact with your brand. If you upgrade to a premium subscription, you receive infinite segmentation features.

When creating an audience segment, free users may apply up to five criteria.

5. Marketing Through Email:

When comparing HubSpot with Mailchimp, the first thing that comes to mind is email marketing.

HubSpot features a very straightforward Email Marketing tool that includes a variety of customizable themes.

Hubspot Email Marketing - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

You may pay a little more to access sophisticated features such as A/B testing, intelligent send timings, and others.

HubSpot’s Email Marketing tool is most effective when used with their CRM since this enables you to develop nurturing programs based on customer data acquired in the CRM.

Mailchimp also has a robust template library. Additionally, you may choose from Themes, a selection of groupings including distinctive styles and components.

Mailchimp Email Marketing - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Both have a drag-and-drop email editor and the ability to create bespoke email templates. Emails may be customized, and you can also quickly and effectively compose transactional emails.

Additionally, you’ll have access to analytical data like open rates, clickthrough rates, heatmaps, and more.

Additionally, you can conduct split tests to determine which templates perform the best.

HubSpot vs Mailchimp: Pricing Comparison

When comparing Mailchimp vs HubSpot, it’s critical to consider cost, ease of use, and customer service. These are Mailchimp’s strengths.

Mailchimp is an intuitive software that enables even those with minimal experience in email marketing to get started.

You’ll be able to produce aesthetically beautiful emails for your readers to read. Mailchimp’s templates make it simple to create emails that look beautiful on all devices.

Mailchimp Pricing - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Additionally, you’ll have reasonable control over your list, and it’s reasonably priced. Mailchimp has several difficulties integrating with pre-existing websites.

It offers a basic system initially, but in some instances, paying for an improved service may make sense. However, once you begin paying for a subscription plan, the cost gradually escalates.

It’s far more realistic when contemplating the possibility of publishing a minor newsletter. HubSpot has not always been available for free.

However, in the past few years (undoubtedly in response to competition from services like Mailchimp), they’ve begun giving a free tier to help firms get started.

Hubspot Pricing - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

While it may soon become pricey, HubSpot offers a “one-stop-shop” concept. You’ll pay extra, but you won’t be required to purchase any other platforms or add-ons.

You will never need to leave this website if you want to go beyond email. Ensure that you’re prepared to take advantage of all they have to offer.

How is Mailchimp the Best Choice for Small Business Marketing?

Mailchimp now has around 12 million customers, ranging from one-person freelancers to enterprise-level corporations.

Mailchimp was named one of TrustRadius’s top-rated firms for 2020 in the Email Marketing Software category, earning excellent marks in social media marketing, campaign management, and performance, among other types.

Mailchimp is superior to HubSpot in three critical ways for marketing for small businesses: ease of use, value, and pricing.

Ease of use:

Their configurable templates make it simple to rapidly design and distribute stunning, branded campaigns and automation.

Their drag-and-drop builder enables you to create professional-looking campaigns without the assistance of a developer, and their predesigned templates eliminate much of the guesswork associated with building a marketing email.

Mailchimp - HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp enables you to get started at your speed without the need for costly consultants or extensive training.

The platform is simple and allows anybody to begin reaching their marketing objectives.


Mailchimp offers a great deal for the price.

Even if you exceed the 2,000 contacts allowed on the Free plan, the next tier up—the Essentials plan—starts at only $9.99/month, compared to $40+/month on the lowest HubSpot tier.

The Essentials package includes A/B testing, bespoke branding, and round-the-clock support features.

Alternatively, you may choose our Standard plan, which starts at $14.99/month and provides custom templates, multi-step automation, and advanced data analytics.

Mailchimp enables you to schedule emails based on their open rates, send messages in response to a particular trigger, and manage ad retargeting across social media and Google.

Additionally, Mailchimp integrates with over 250 different applications and online services to ensure that you get the most out of the program.

Most small company owners, particularly those just starting, do not have a sizable marketing budget.

Mailchimp’s price levels were created with small companies in mind, lowering the barrier to entry for high-quality small company marketing solutions.


Mailchimp is often less costly than HubSpot while sharing a similar multi-tier price structure. Mailchimp charges according to the number of contacts in your list and the capabilities you want to access.

While small company owners may not need all of the bells and whistles, they can still benefit from professional marketing software to compete in the industry with Mailchimp.

For example, their Free plan supports up to 2,000 contacts and includes numerous marketing channels, one-click automation, and a CRM system—all for free.

Each Mailchimp price plan contains a robust set of functions and capabilities, in addition to all the features available in the levels below.

If you’re unsure if Mailchimp is the right match for your company, you can create a free account in minutes and test it out before upgrading to a premium tier.

HubSpot vs Mailchimp: Quick Statistics

HubSpot :

  • In 120 nations
  • HubSpot has a user base of 86,000.
  • HubSpot integrates with 200 third-party applications.
  • HubSpot users generated 2.5 times as many leads each month within a year.
  • Within a year, HubSpot customers received 2.1 times the number of monthly visits.
  • 70% of HubSpot users observed an improvement in the lead-to-customer conversion rate.

MailChimp :

  • Mailchimp has a user base of 12 million members across 200 countries.
  • You may use your domain name for an additional $100/year.
  • Your account has access to over 800 integrations.
  • Deliverability is about 84 percent. However, their emails often land up in Gmail’s ‘Promotions’ tab, where they are not viewed as frequently.
  • Mailchimp promises to send around 1 billion emails every day.

FAQs on HubSpot vs Mailchimp

Does Hubspot replace MailChimp?

MailChimp is better than HubSpot. It may work, but MailChimp would be the preferred option.

Does HubSpot use MailChimp?

You may integrate your HubSpot account with MailChimp to automatically add contacts who complete pop-up forms and non-HubSpot forms to your Mailchimp lists. Additionally, you will be able to observe Mailchimp email actions in contact records provided the Mailchimp campaign satisfies specific criteria.

Why is MailChimp not good?

Mailchimp lags in terms of segmentation and tagging. Mailchimp is still heavily reliant on lists. Tags are supported, but only inside lists, and lists are compartmentalized. This implies that, without a significant workaround, your efforts will not be as targeted as you want.

Which email marketing software is the best?

Mailchimp is the finest email marketing software since it has the capabilities that most companies want without being unduly tricky or confusing. Businesses may plan campaigns, do A/B testing on material, and get results on open rates, clickthrough rates, and unsubscribe rates, among other metrics.

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Conclusion: HubSpot vs Mailchimp 2024

You’ve learned the essential features of Mailchimp and HubSpot and gained a thorough grasp of the HubSpot vs Mailchimp comparison.

If your business is still in its infancy, Mailchimp may be a better fit.

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform for small businesses, including digital agencies and e-commerce shop owners.

Additionally, it is pretty reasonably priced. We would say, MailChimp is a better option.


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