Strikingly vs Squarespace 2024: What Are The Differences? | Expert Head-to-Head Comparison

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So, we are here to help you. Here , in this article you are going to know all about Strikingly  and Squarespace which will surely help you in deciding between the two.

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Pricing $8 a month $12 a month
Best for

It is perfect for creating personal, small business or small e-commerce websites.

It is best for those looking for a highly attractive website, with its editor easy to use and quick to pick up.

  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO and Marketing
  • Help and Support
  • Sales features
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Shopify support
  • Process of Registration is Simple
  • A large number of template designs
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Many templates offered
  • The backend design is easy to use
  • It’s an all-in-one platform
  • Limited design
  • Limited technical features
  • There is no phone support
  • Pricing is more expensive
Ease of Use

Strikingly is easy to use as compared to Squarespace.

Squarespace seems a little tricky in beginning because of it's advanced features.

Value For Money

It is cheaper than Squarespace and best for the beginners in this pricing.

Squarespace is costly because of the high level features in it. So, it is worth every penny.

Customer Support

Try their best to solve the issue ASAP.

They have multiple platforms to take the query and available 24*7.

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Choosing the correct website builder is critical for every organization.

Strikingly and Squarespace are two popular alternatives, but which one should you choose? We’ll compare Strikingly vs Squarespace to assist you in making your choice!

When comparing Strikingly vs Squarespace, the first thing to consider is the pricing of each choice. Strikingly is completely free, while Squarespace provides basic and advanced plans.

As a result, Strikingly may be more cost-effective for certain firms. However, it’s worth noting that Strikingly’s basic plan does not provide as many features as Squarespace.

Squarespace is my overall favorite. In recent years, I utilized Squarespace to develop a blog with over 10,000 monthly visits to evaluate the strength of their SEO. It’s sturdy and simple to use.

I tried Strikingly but found it lacking in comparison.

Let’s compare Strikingly vs Squarespace in this website builder war.

Strikingly vs Squarespace 2024: Overview

If you’re comparing Strikingly vs Squarespace, we’ve covered all you need to know in this piece to help you make an educated selection.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is currently on its seventh version, far more intuitive than previous versions. Nonetheless, it has a tiny learning curve, implying that effort and time must be invested in system research.

Squarespace is a somewhat difficult platform, particularly for individuals who have no prior knowledge of web design.

However, the system has a logically ordered and rather straightforward interface, whose minimalist design simplifies system research and usage for newcomers.

Inline editing is supported by the website builder, which reduces the need to transition between the site management and preview mode.

Squarespace - Strikingly vs Squarespace

Whatever changes you make will inevitably be presented on the screen to see the outcome and correct any problems immediately.

When designing a website, there is no need to worry about making a backup copy since all changes are stored automatically.

However, there is one disadvantage to this function — the inability to see the final form of the website before publishing.

In other words, you’ll need to return to the design editing mode and make the necessary changes before republishing the project.

Additionally, the website builder’s sophisticated Style Editor is user-friendly and handy for everyone.

The Editor lets you personalize your website’s pages, experimenting with the objects, features, and sections available.

As a consequence, you’ll be able to develop a variety of different sorts of web pages, such as Product Pages, Cover Pages, Blogs, Galleries, Events, and Index Pages.

Consequently, you’ll get a multi-functional website that meets the whole of our web development requirements.

What is Strikingly?

Strikingly is a comprehensive cloud website builder with international acclaim for its simplicity without sacrificing capability or versatility.

The system is an excellent choice for all users, regardless of their degree of web design ability and talent. The platform enables you to create simple one-page projects and big business/personal websites.

The website builder is renowned for its amazing simplicity, which does not sacrifice functionality or ease.

Due to the system’s straightforward and code-free interface, anybody can grasp it in the shortest amount of time feasible and without requiring any specific abilities. Simultaneously, it can input the necessary HTML/CSS code.

Strikingly - Strikingly vs Squarespace

The website builder has an easy-to-use sign-up procedure and is pretty straightforward for individuals who have never done so before.

The platform includes inline content editing, ensuring the best WYSIWYG web design experience possible. That is another feature that distinguishes the website builder.

Strikingly was built with newcomers in mind, which explains its straightforward approach to design modification.

Developing a website takes no more than a few hours, but the total time required depends on the kind and complexity of the project.

Strikingly vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easy to Use?

Strikingly is a feature-rich platform that has developed into a robust service since its inception.

Currently, the system is used to develop and maintain contemporary personal and company websites, online shops, landing pages, and other projects that assist users in efficiently presenting their services/products in a compact and aesthetically appealing manner.

It includes powerful eCommerce and blogging engines, which enable the creation and management of fully-featured online businesses and blogs.

These functionalities are enabled by integrating Simple Store and Simple Blog widgets.

While developing your online shop, you’ll be able to upload and manage items, configure payment and shipping settings, customize the website’s layout, and accept and handle orders using the Order Dashboard area.

This is also the location for inventory tracking tools, exporting order data to CSV files to improve accounting, processing orders, and other tasks.

Suppose you decide to include a blog on your website.

Strikingly Ease Of Use - Strikingly vs Squarespace

In that case, you will have access to the following features: adding, editing, and publishing entries, connecting to social media and other blog posts, enabling the commenting tool, and embedding media assets.

Among the media features that you may include are CTA buttons, photos, videos, and social bookmarking elements, to name a few.

While the website builder is fairly simple for anybody to understand, it includes an outstanding Knowledge Base for all system users.

This is particularly beneficial for newcomers interacting with the platform for the first time. A handy Pre-Publish checklist will assist you in maintaining control of all phases of the website design process before going live.

Additionally, the platform has a robust Community Section, email assistance, and live chat. Additionally, this section contains text/video lessons, hints, and prompts for creating high-quality projects using Strikingly.

Squarespace is aimed at both experienced site developers and first-time consumers. It has a DIY editing interface and a sophisticated Developer mode that enables users to customize their multi-page websites completely.

Squarespace distinguishes itself from the competition with its Logo Creator Tool and Acuity Scheduling. The system enables you to create and submit your business logo to increase your visibility.

You may make a one-of-a-kind logo by selecting any logo style and adjusting the primary design variables.

Regarding the Online Calendar, the website builder enables you to incorporate one into your website to keep people informed of the latest news, events, updates, special offers, and other business-related information.


Strikingly Ease of Use - Strikingly vs Squarespace

Additional features that distinguish Squarespace as one of the most outstanding systems in the site design specialty are Google Maps integration, SEO tools, email marketing, and collaboration in teams.

Additionally, the system interfaces with Unfold, a sophisticated storytelling toolset that enables creating and publishing compelling tales for Snapchat other social media platforms.

The system provides convenient customer assistance choices to assist users in becoming acquainted with the website builder and getting started.

You may contact the support staff through the 24/7 live chat, make email requests, or explore other resources such as Tutorial Resources or the Community Forum, which include many videos, articles, and FAQs that ease the process of using the system.

Additionally, the website builder provides an around-the-clock ticketing system, webinar participation, and access to the Help Center, which contains several instructions and courses.

The primary difference between Strikingly and Squarespace is that the former is a feature-rich website builder with an accessible UI ideal for novices.

On the other hand, Squarespace is a sophisticated content management system that allows for extensive customization and expansion, but it requires far more skill to create a website appropriately.

It is still up to you to choose the most appropriate system for your unique web design demands and specifications.

Strikingly vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

Strikingly is a selection of 29 contemporary product-focused templates. These are interchangeable: after your website is launched, you may return to the library and choose another theme.

The good news is that updating the template will keep all of your page’s data intact. Each Strikingly design has a ‘block’ content structure that makes it simple to move material across layouts.

All of the Strikingly themes are fully responsive and fully customizable. To see how your site appears on smaller displays, use the mobile/tablet preview option.

They are organized into categories depending on the themes to which they pertain for search convenience. Personal, company, blog, retail, portfolio, and startup templates are the most popular.

If you subscribe to the Pro Plan, the system allows you to add Mobile-only functionality such as click-to-text and click-to-call. Additionally, Squarespace designs are compatible with all screen sizes.

Squarespace - Strikingly vs Squarespace

Their collection is larger than Strikingly’s – it has over forty themes, some of which were developed in partnership with a handful of the world’s most famous individuals’.

You may change your browser settings at any moment without deleting your content.

Squarespace themes offer a contemporary aesthetic and are responsive by design.

The majority of them include distinctive mobile designs that adapt automatically to various screen resolutions and sizes.

This is referred to as “mobile style” design, and it is enabled by default when you begin customizing your template.

However, if you do not need this function, you may deactivate it at any moment. To see how your project appears on mobile devices, you may enable the Device View function in your website’s control panel.

Another system feature that relates to design is its integrated Cover Page Builder. It enables you to create visually appealing cover pages for each project you work on.

To create an eye-catching Cover Page, you’ll need to fill it with content blocks of your choosing, add business-related material, import media assets, and adjust website settings, among other things.

Additionally, a business membership enables you to alter web pages using CSS/HTML code editing to create a unique website design.

Squarespace is the obvious winner when it comes to design customization and versatility.

The website builder is brimming with options and components that enable you to create unique website designs.

Additionally, it includes additional themes with a professional appearance and is responsive by default. In comparison to Squarespace, Strikingly’s customization choices are limited.

Strikingly vs Squarespace: Pricing Comparison

Strikingly offers three premium options, each of which includes a 14-day free trial.

The first is $8 a month and offers a free domain name if paid in advance, as well as the ability to sell up to five things with restricted features.

The second option is $16 per month and includes:

  • Selling up to 300 products.
  • Creating several sites.
  • Other capabilities such as attaching third-party apps such as booking forms.

Strikingly Pricing Plans - Strikingly vs Squarespace

Finally, the VIP plan is $49 per month and includes selling up to 500 products or services.

Personal is Squarespace’s entry-level plan, which costs $12 per month. This would be an excellent choice for a simple or hobby website. You’ll be able to create up to 12 pages with this plan.

The business plan is $18 per month if you want more pages.

*These plans provide comprehensive eCommerce features; however, depending on the plan you choose, you will be charged a fee of three percent or two percent on each transaction.

Squarespace provides two unique eCommerce options that come with a slew of add-ons and no sales transaction fees if you’re looking to get started quickly.

Squarespace Pricing - Strikingly vs Squarespace

Plans for eCommerce web businesses begin at $26 per month and up to $40 per month with unlimited bandwidth and the option to use a custom domain.

Strikingly is the less-priced option at $8/month for a basic, one-page website, but you’ll need to pay if you want additional pages or a custom domain.

Squarespace offers plans ranging from $12 per month for 20 pages to $40 per month for an eCommerce shop.

Strikingly vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Better for SEO?

Surprisingly, it provides extensive SEO possibilities. The website builder lets you populate the website’s SEP parameters to improve the project’s search engine ranking.

Among the options available, it makes sense to include meta tags for all of your website’s pages as well as the overall project.

Additionally, you may choose and configure the right website category, favicon, and social sharing picture for your website, as well as other essential parameters for your website’s search engine optimization.

Newcomers will undoubtedly welcome the ability to review the SEO checklist, which allows you to verify that you have correctly filled out all of the criteria before publishing your project.

Squarespace’s SEO skills are also commendable. The system offers access to the system’s fundamental settings for product pages (if you operate an online shop) and blog sections.

Squarespace for SEO - Strikingly vs Squarespace

Unlike Strikingly and many other popular website builders, Squarespace automatically selects and utilizes the title of a product or a post header as the SEO title for a website page.

By the way, you cannot manually alter it if you desire to create a new title. The same is true for your website’s title, which will appear on all website pages.

A major feature of the website builder is that it enables you to exclude your website from search engine indexation for any reason. Add the “noindex” tag to the web page you want to prevent from being indexed. That is all.

Squarespace is also the market leader when it comes to SEO solutions.

Not only does the website builder enable you to complete all essential criteria for effective search engine optimization of your project, but it also enables you to authorize or restrict the indexing of certain website pages. This is critical for ongoing building projects.

Strikingly vs Squarespace: Which Is Better for Small Business?

Surprisingly, it works rather well for developing websites for small businesses. The website builder enables you to change and manage various business projects by your web design specifications and unique requirements.

All users may initiate business projects, upload/manage/update material, add/modify new sections, connect domain names, and change the design due to the platform’s broad, integrated capability.

Contact forms, media blocks, data boxes, social networking features, and other material may be included, which helps your small company website perform and grow.

Additionally, social media profiles may be linked here. This may be accomplished by including a social feed area into the project to customize it to your website development demands further.

Strikingly - Strikingly vs Squarespace

The website builder enables you to monitor and analyze website data to fine-tune the settings that impact your project’s performance.

These statistics cover the number of website visitors, the key traffic sources, the countries from which Users originate, the most frequently viewed web pages, and the most popular services and goods.

Additionally, customers may attach SSL Certificates to their websites to ensure that they are completely secure for surfing purposes, which is additional marketing.

Squarespace is an excellent solution for developing professional small business websites.

The website builder provides a comprehensive set of tools and features that enable entrepreneurs to launch and efficiently advertise their ventures (see real examples).

The system includes a variety of widgets and add-ons, the integration of which may significantly improve the operation of your company website.

Squarespace for Business - Strikingly vs Squarespace

Email marketing tools, social media connections, and statistics monitoring choices are available. Squarespace lets you build a logo for your website, including Google Maps, an online calendar, and other essential business features.

The website builder’s true strength is its Acuity Scheduling platform. Entrepreneurs may utilize this online appointment scheduling system to advertise their projects effectively.

The platform enables sales to be completed while maintaining contact with consumers as needed.

When deciding between Strikingly and Squarespace to build your company website, it makes perfect sense to choose Squarespace.

The website builder has a comprehensive set of tools and features for designing and administering business projects, including several embeddable widgets, the Acuity Scheduling platform, Google Maps, a commenting system embedding option, and an online calendar.

Strikingly vs Squarespace: Which One is The Best for eCommerce?

Although strikingly lacks a robust eCommerce engine, it enables the creation and management of modest web storefronts.

To use the function, you must first activate the eCommerce parts of your website’s dashboard and then upload the items you want to sell.

To personalize and change the product catalog and the general online shop structure and style, you are welcome to alter and edit the display window.

Strikingly eCommerce - Strikingly vs Squarespace

Additionally, shipping/payment settings may be configured here. When creating an online shop with Strikingly, bear in mind that the website builder does not impose transaction fees on purchases processed via the system.

It’s also worth noting that the number of items and services to which you’ll have access may vary depending on the membership level you choose.

Squarespace is an excellent choice for developing eCommerce websites. The system is designed to establish small/medium-sized online shops.

It includes a comprehensive set of tools/features necessary for starting and managing a successful and fully-featured eCommerce website.

The functionality that you’ll need while utilizing Squarespace is also determined by the sort of membership you choose.


Squarespace eCommerce - Strikingly vs Squarespace

The website builder has a distinct category of plans designed specifically for eCommerce applications. All of them, however, enables you to connect your web store to a free SSL Certificate.

Integrate a shopping cart into any page of your choosing, create/modify product lists, add images, assign product categories, adjust SKUs and payment options, implement customer loyalty programs, integrate social media accounts, embed Google Maps and commenting functionality, and so on.

Additionally, webshop owners may include online calendars into their projects and link SSL Certificates for increased web store/payment security.

If you want to collaborate on your online shop with a group of coworkers, you can also add many contributors to the same account.

If you are ready to launch an online shop and cannot decide between Strikingly and Squarespace, it makes sense to select Squarespace.

The website builder includes a robust set of eCommerce-related features, tools, connectors, product administration, and statistics tracking capabilities. This is more than sufficient for developing and managing a feature-rich online shop.

FAQs on Strikingly vs Squarespace

Is there something better than Squarespace?

Weebly is an excellent alternative to Squarespace for small business owners on a budget. Its free subscription includes unlimited bandwidth and fundamental eCommerce capabilities such as a shopping cart, inventory management, discounts, and an automated tax calculation.

Is Strikingly a good website builder?

Strikingly is one of the greatest platforms accessible if you seek a one-page website builder. It's simple to use, creates mobile- and tablet-friendly websites, and includes creating a basic blog or online shop. Naturally, no one website-building platform is ideal.

Is Strikingly better than Wix?

Yes, in most parts, Strikingly is better than Wix.

Is Strikingly good for SEO?

Contrary to popular belief, strikingly is not the greatest solution for SEO. Typically, each page must be optimized for a distinct keyword. Because you've consolidated all of your information on one page, Google will have a more difficult time ranking you for certain phrases. Only by upgrading to a more sophisticated Pro plan will you be able to improve your SEO results.

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Conclusion: Strikingly vs Squarespace 2024

Strikingly was created with new users in mind, which explains how easily the interface may be customized.

While creating a website should take no more than a few hours, the ultimate result is still dictated by the nature and complexity of the project at hand.

Additionally, Strikingly vs Squarespace, Strikingly is a one-page website builder, but Squarespace offers affordable monthly subscriptions that allow for the creation of comprehensive multi-page websites.

Squarespace has been upgraded to version 7, which is a significant improvement in terms of ease of use over prior versions.

It does, however, have a slight learning curve, indicating the need for work and time in completely comprehending the system.

Squarespace is a well-known website builder and sophisticated platform, particularly for new website creation.

The system features a logically ordered and appealing user interface that simplifies system research and operation for beginners; even though it is complicated AT FIRST.

It delivers more in the long term and is worth the little time investment required compared to solutions like WordPress or Wix. Squarespace enables you to create stunning websites.

Squarespace is a robust platform for building and maintaining feature-rich web stores and blogs. The ability to link the Simple Store and Simple Blog widgets facilitate these activities.

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