Learnpress vs LearnDash 2023: Which One Is The Best?

In today’s article, we are going to do a LEARNPRESS vs LEARNDASH comparison. 

If you are stuck on which one to use among the both then you have definitely come to the right place.

LearnPress and LearnDash are two really great plugins that’ll make your life so much easier when it comes to web page building and adding on additional material to your web pages.


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Pricing Free to $249 $159 to $189
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Someone looking for a cheap LMS plugin.

Selling and managing online courses on a self-hosted platform that you own & control.

  • Drag / Drop Course Builder
  • Looks Great Out Of The Box
  • Free Core Plugin
  • Drip-Feed Course Lessons
  • Sell One-off Courses And Subscriptions
  • *Exclusive* Video Progression Feature
  • No Coding
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Various Freebies
  • Easy To Use Course Builder
  • Lessons Can Be Reused In Other Courses
  • Modern Learner Experience With Focus Mode
  • No Proper Support
  • Lags at times
  • Some Design Features Lack Options
  • No Free Trial
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Are you confused whether LearnPress or LearnDash which one of these is the better Learning Management System (LMS) plugin? There’s no need to be concerned; this post will assist you in selecting the best LMS plugin for your website’s needs.

LMS WordPress plugins are fantastic tools that allow you to turn your WordPress site into a powerful eLearning platform without having to know how to code. From your dashboard, you can easily create, manage, and sell your online courses.

Using Learnpress or Learndash will allow you to create stunning WordPress websites that look both beautiful and professional at the very same time.

 The best thing about both of them is that you can create appealing websites without a single line of code. These plugins have been widely recognized as two of the finest WordPress web page builders out there.

Although they are similar in a lot of aspects, there are some subtle differences as well. Depending on your needs, Learnpress could be more suited for you than Learndash or vice-versa.

LearnDash is the leading learning management system for WordPress. It allows you to facilitate selling and managing online courses on a self-hosted platform that you own & control.

LearnPress is a comprehensive LMS Plugin for WordPress. The core plugin is free and there are many free extensions and paid extensions available.

We have already given of review of LearnDash. To know more about LearnDash Review click here.

In the world of WordPress LMS plugins, both LearnPress and LearnDash are well-known brands. As a result, deciding between these two alternatives may be rather difficult.

As a result, we’ve compared both plugins from many perspectives to assist you in making an informed selection.

So, Let’s get this LearnDash vs LearnPress battle started!

Bottom Line Upfront:

LearnDash is a WordPress learning management system (LMS) which is mostly  used by companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses much like LearnPress. Both of these platforms contain similar features but LearnDash has the edge over LearnPress. But it’s your choice to choose LearnPress or LearnDash.

LearnDash customer reviews

LearnDash is the best pick amongst these two if you want a reliable learning management system. I have major worries and concerns about LearnPress, the quality of their code, and the assistance you’d get if you ran into problems.

While I don’t believe LearnDash’s assistance is all that fantastic, you would get better help there in the end. There’s a reason why colleges trust LearnDash: they can’t afford to have an issue. LearnPress has cheaper price, but it’s almost too good to be true.

Overview: Learnpress Vs LearnDash 

Learnpress: Overview

The Learnpress plugin can help you add courses and other additional services and features to your existing services. It is a learning management system that helps enable easy learning for students.


This has come into the limelight more when online learning is becoming so much popular and each and every institution and website is looking for new ways to educate online.

Learnpress is free to use core plugin which can be extended by using both free and paid extensions. Learnpress is really popular as it provides the feature to sell courses easily and the payment can be made by paypal. It also has various themes enabled in it. 

LearnDash: Overview

Learndash is also a WordPress plugin that is mainly linked to learning management software and it helps provide easy learning and delivery of courses for students.


It has been trusted by various schools, institutions, online learning websites, companies, and others in order to deliver their teaching services to the public. The software has a variety of tools and features and it allows you to add in functionality using both the paid and unpaid versions as well.

What Is WordPress Plugin? 

Plugins can play a really important role when it comes to the WordPress domain and is really important if we want to build any of the WordPress websites.

The main work that plugins do is that they help us to add additional things like courses, additional features, and functionality as well to our existing website. This can be looked at the same way as we look at apps on our smartphones. Installing more apps help to add more features and usage to our smartphone.

If we look at the current WordPress plugin market, we can find more than 50000 plugins available to us. Choosing the right one for us from among them can be a really time-consuming and difficult task. We can look for all these plugins in the plugin directory of WordPress.Org.


Other than that many third-party websites sell their own plugin to their consumers, some also send premium plugins. All these are sold either by individual developers or by companies as well. 

These WordPress plugins are small apps. These apps work and run in coordination on top of the regular WordPress software.

Using these things you can create any and every kind of website that you want, and not just mere blogs. As a result, both WordPress and WordPress plugin is in huge demand right now as they really help in making the work easier. Some of the things that we can do using WordPress are :

– You can start your very own online store 

– You can create a board for job searching and recruitment. 

– You can start a website for coupons 

– You can build your website to showcase and sell your photography skills. 

– You can share your knowledge by creating a knowledge-based website like wiki. 

– You can create a website to make your podcasts public 

And a lot more. All these are just a few to name. There are a number of additional things that you can do with the help of WordPress. Now with plugins, we can do everything on a WordPress website.

Even if any features are not available on the regular WordPress domain, all we have to do to fulfill it is to download a plugin suiting our needs. These plugins can help us improve our search engine optimization, increase our performance and speed,  add in various contact forms creating some social media buttons, adding in galleries, and much more.

Plugins can be available both in small size for adding just a single feature and in large size as well with a variety of features. 

How do these plugins actually work? 

WordPress is designed in such a way that other users don’t find it difficult to add in their codes. Some WordPress plugins like WPI offer various filters with help of which the users can modify and edit existing functionality and even add in new functionalities. Cool isn’t it? 

You can store the data of your WordPress on your WordPress database. And this data is not just restricted to posts and contents but many more things can be added to it. 

Whatever WordPress plugin you have is safely secured at the WordPress database, these plugins can be activated and deactivated according to your needs or requirements. 

Now that we know what WordPress plugin actually is, let’s start with our comparison of LearnPress vs LearnDash. 

Features: Learnpress Vs LearnDash

Learnpress: Features 

1. Adaptable themes: 


The themes that Learnpress offers to its users are very adaptable and customizable. The LMS plugin that they offer can be used with any of the WordPress themes available to us.

2. Supports multi-sites:

The Learnpress LMS can be used for a single page website and multiple page websites as well. This can easily be used with sites having multiple pages. 

3. Course creation:

The user interface offered by the Learnpress LMS plugin is so easy to use that it can be used by everyone.

Learnpress-Course Creation

Also, it offers a vast variety of excellent options and tools to choose from. Its curriculum is really easy to make,  edit, and maintain as well. The courses that you make can be exported and imported to other websites. 

4. Manage course: 

You can manage the course that you have created using these wonderful features. It helps you go through the numbers and statistics of a particular course telling you how many students are involved, their usage timing, their progress in the course, trends, etc. 

5. Sell course: 

Learnpress allows its users to sell their course even though it is free. It supports various methods for the comfort of its users like woocommerce, Paypal, Stripe, and many more. 

6. Communicate with your students:

Learnpress is supported by BuddyPress and with this support of BuddyPress, one can easily communicate, ask and give problems or solutions via word forum.

Learnpress-Communication with Students

This feature is really beneficial for both teachers and students. It’s not just about learning rather you can make friends and discuss various topics as well here. 

7. Add on features:

Add on features are various additional features provided on WordPress. These features can either be free or paid as well. Learnpress provides various add on features to its consumers. Like, LearnPress wishlists for students to add on courses that they desire to their wish list, Import and export for importing and exporting courses from various websites, prerequisites for some courses, Learnpress’s integration with bbpress and BuddyPress, and the option for offline payment as well. 

Learnpress-Add Ons

Premium add ons include assigning assignments and homework, drag and drop certificates which can be specifically designed, multiple instructor option, double checkout payment getaway, grade books for students to view their results and progress, and many other features. 

LearnDash: Features

1. Create unlimited courses:

Learndash supports the main aim of delivering education fully. You can add in as many courses as you want to, with as many quizzes and questions you want to upload for the students. There are no such limits of lessons and quizzes that you can upload for a single course. 

LearnDash-Course Creation

Also, the new drag and drop interface of Learndash has made making courses and structuring them a lot simpler and easier. It is really easy to understand functioning as well. You have a clear view of all your courses and you can easily move the lessons and quizzes of any course to a new location.

2. Great settings and control:

It is really easy to create the structure of your course using the default settings themselves. But if you guys want something additional to that and want to customize anything then there are a plethora of options available under each and every domain.

LearnDash-Setting and Control

A wide variety of options are available under each and every feature. You can get controls like selecting who can access your course, telling the people about the prerequisite of your course and whether the course content is available or no. There are many more to name other than this 

3. Charging For Course:

You can make your course available either for free or you have the option of providing a paid course as well. In order to make the payment easy, Learndash has paypal as well.

LearnDash-Charging for course

Earlier the payment had to be made at a single time but now they also provide the option of paying in parts. The plugin also has connections with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms like woo commerce and easy digital. 

4. Reporting and Administration Tools: 

Interacting with the users and managing them is a really important part of a platform. Reporting and administration tools help to do the work easily. Tools of Learndash help to empower our users and also reduce our work.


The users through a single portal can know about their ongoing courses, their previous courses, their progress and performance, and much more. Also, the administrators can keep a check on the time spent by an individual user on the platform, their performance, their individual progress, and more.

It also has email options, the email can be sent based on the trigger they get. 

All this helps to make the work a lot easier

5. Other Features:

Some other powerful features of Learndash include Multi-tier courses, Add custom colors & logos, Drip-feed content, Advanced quizzing Lesson timers, Course prerequisites, Learner Focus Mode, Forums, Course points, Certificates & badges, E-commerce support (one-time purchase, subscriptions, bundles, and more) Learner profiles, Automatic notifications, Group management, Detailed reporting, Assignments and much more.


Both the learning service providers provide some exceptionally well and unique courses for their consumers. Some are the same while some are different. At times these features can be difficult to understand for beginners but they help one to a great extent. 

Looking at the features, the feature of Learnpress are comparatively easier to understand and provide a wide variety as well. Consumers can choose from various options available.

Also, the user’s viewpoint is also kept in mind while making the features. But Learndash is not lacking behind as it is equally the same. It is really easy to use for freshers. This understanding and easy approach makes Learnpress and Learndash both  the winner in the battle of features and tools.

Course Creation: Learnpress Vs LearnDash 

Course creation is the main feature of both these platforms as the main aim of setting up these platforms was giving people a website platform where they can easily buy, sell and create various online teaching courses

Learnpress: Course Creation

In Learnpress in order to build up a new course, all you need to do is add in some details and you will then be taken to the curriculum builder. Also, you can add different sections and under each section, you can add different videos of different subjects and more. All this helps to make the works a lot easier.

Learnpress-Course Creation

You can add various files, links, texts, quizzes, sections, and other various types of questions to analyze the knowledge and grasp of the students.

This helps to make learning fun for the students as everyone gets bored with monotony. You can also set up an option where you can send email notifications and reminders to the students to update them on new courses.

You also get the drip content feature in learning press for your content just like Learndash. This drip content feature can really be of great benefit. Other than this there are many more innovative and creative features available other than this. 

LearnDash: Course Creation

Other than the features that Learndash provides we can see various other features in Learndash. Just like Learnpress, Learndash also has a drip content feature.

LearnDash-Course Creation

 You can drip the sections of various different courses so that you can make sure that students don’t binge-watch everything at once. Other than the features that Learnpress have to offer like quizzes, videos, sections, add code features; Learndash has many other features to opt as well like offers course compliance, certificate mechanism where the user gets an inbuilt certification of the course to see the progress of the course, and many more. 

Verdict – Both Learnpress and Learndash offer some features that can make course creation a lot easier. These features are to die for as they can really change the look of our platform. The features that we get for course creation are somewhat the same in both.

Selecting one out of them is a really difficult task as both of them are great at their work. But if we have to select one we will select Learndash as it offers a lot more options to choose from and is also comparatively easy to understand and use. 

Customization: Learnpress Vs LearnDash

Customization features are really important for a website as this is what helps make our platform stand out from others. The more we can customize the better it is. 

Learnpress: Customization

Learnpress has a great editor for its users that helps you to customize the different aspects of your site. Customization is a really important aspect and feature as this is what makes your content different from what others have.

Learnpress lets you customize the design of your storefront, sales page, upsell page. There are a variety of options for you to choose from and each option is equally well. You also get various kinds of these to play and experiment with. All this will help in making your platform unique and exceptional. 

LearnDash: Customization

In Learndash, you get a default theme that is enough for beginners. But if you want further customization other than that there are several other options that you can play with like font, colours, logos, buttons and, moreover you get a really powerful editor to edit pages like the sales page, thank you page, and checkout page as well.

Learndash also offers you the power editor feature which makes it possible for you to edit the files directly giving the designers and developers much more freedom to play and experiment with their designs. 

Verdict: Both of them have a great editor and designing systems, however the power editor feature of Learndash gives it a lot more bonus points. Learndash also has customization and design options that are way more ahead and superior to Learnpress. Other than that the options and features given by Learndash are much more easy and simple to use than podia. Thus Learndash wins the battle of customization. 

SEO Friendliness: Learnpress Vs LearnDash

Search engine optimization or SEO determines the visibility of your website to viewers. Experts say that low page speed and the use of shortcodes in WordPress plugins can negatively impact SEO. Shortcodes are simplified codes that allow non-designers to unlock the functionalities of a web builder. 

Learnpress: SEO Friendliness

Learnpress is the most SEO friendly page builder in WordPress. Its strict code standards and fast page loading make it more useful in that regard. External plugins like the Yoast SEO plugin can be used to further enhance SEO. 

LearnDash: SEO Friendliness

It is also an SEO friendly page builder that has one of the fastest load times. However, Learndash does contain a fair amount of shortcodes and could negatively impact SEO.

But it has lots of built-in features like schema markup, adding meta descriptions, etc. This allows Learndash to be free from external plugins like Yoast SEO to make the web structure more SEO friendly.  


These shortcodes can also create an additional problem. If you ever want to uninstall Divi, there is a good chance that these shortcodes won’t be removed. This is troubling on the SEO front as an unclean removal could cause complications and slow down the webpage considerably. 

Verdict: This is a close round that Learnpress wins for being more SEO friendly owing to the lack of shortcodes.

User Satisfaction: Learnpress Vs LearnDash

Learnpress: User Satisfaction

 To review and examine an affiliating software in addition to examining the reviews given by the experts, we should also try to find out the reviews of common people using it and other companies as well.

Each and every branch of Learnpress has some employees who work towards answering the queries and providing the best possible tips and solutions to the consumers. The users can contact them by email, phone, and live chat as well.

There are many video tutorials and articles posted to help solve the queries of consumers and make their learning experience the best. This information can help you make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret later. The engagement of people in this plugin platform is comparatively less.

LearnDash: User Satisfaction

In order to review and examine affiliating reviews given by the experts, we should also try to find out the reviews of common people using it and other companies as well. The review that we get is always mixed.

Learndash provides its user’s support via email and chats. But at times the response time is a bit late. The users can also access the community forum in order to know more about the platform and solve their queries. 


When we look at the customer service support of both Learnpress and Learndash provide brilliant customer service and that too on all possible services like call, live training, messages, tickets, and more. But when it comes to response timing, Learnpress is a bit faster than Learndash.

It also provides information in all possible forms be it videos, articles, or whatnot. Thus, looking at this the winner of customer service and support is Learnpress. 

Pricing Plan: Learnpress Vs LearnDash

Learnpress: Pricing

Pricing is something that Learnpress can easily boast about. The core plugin that Learnpress offers is free of cost and it will provide you with a variety of options to make your course. Even in the free version, you can make your courses paid and can get the payment through paypal as well. You get various add-ons as well in the free version. 


You can avail of the premium add-ons too if you pay for them.

The payment will vary from 19.99$ to 39. 99$.This payment will vary according to the features or add-ons we want. If we choose the old add-ons then it will be comparatively less. But if we ask for new add-ons which are stronger and powerful then they will cost somewhat more. 

You also get some bundles in the Learnpress premium add-on bundle and Learnpress pro add-on the bundle. In the first one, you get a bundle of add-ons with a theme, and the second one has all the types of add-ons available. The price for it is around 249.99$ and you have to pay it at once. 

There are other add-ons bundle also which cost 49$ to 69$. They come with a theme and some of the add-ons and these add-ons are chosen according to your theme. Thus making it affordable and easy to use as well. 

LearnDash: Pricing

Learndash provides its consumers with three different pricing options. 


  • The first one is a Basic plan which costs 159$ per year.

In this plan you will be getting A license for a single site, an Unlimited number of courses and users along with unlimited  lessons, quizzes, and content, a feature Content protection, an option for Advanced quizzing, a feature for Course forum  notifications options on Email, Access to free Plugins, 1 of support and updates and a free of the cost website template.

  • The second plan is called Learn dash Plus and it costs 189$ annually.

This plan provides you 10 sites licenses, an unlimited number of courses and users along with unlimited lessons, quizzes, and content, a feature Content protection, an option for Advanced quizzing, a feature for Course forum notifications options on Email, Access to free Plugins, 1 of support and updates and a free of the cost website template and a professional panel template. 

  • The third one is called the Pro plan which costs 329$ annually.

You get licenses for 25 sites, an Unlimited number of courses and users along with unlimited lessons, quizzes, and content, a feature Content protection, an option for Advanced quizzing, a feature for Course forum notifications options on Email, Access to free Plugins, 1 of support and updates and a free of cost website template and a professional panel template. 


Both these plans are great for its users. If you are a fresher and are looking for an affordable plan for yourself then you should definitely go with LearnPress but if you want to experiment with various options and are regular at platforms like these then you should go with Learndash. 

Pros and Cons: Learnpress Vs LearnDash

Learnpress: Pros

Offers free services 

– Uses a WordPress dashboard that is familiar to many. 

-No coding experience is required. 

– Easy to use and understand 

LearnDash: Pros

– Focus mode is a huge advantage 

– Themes easy to use and configurable 

– Many plugins are included in it 

– Offers a variety of options 

Learnpress: Cons

Need to pay for certification

– Difficult to do documentation

–  Lags at times 

LearnDash: Cons

– Nothing can be done without registration

– No free trial is available

– Confusing at times

Learndash Customer Review

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Learnpress Vs LearnDash: Frequently Asked Questions


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Final Verdict: Learnpress Vs LearnDash 2023

LearnDash and LearnPress are the best WordPress LMS plugins for creating beautiful eLearning sites. Regardless of which LMS plugin you use, you’ll be able to easily create, administer, and sell your courses and lessons.

That’s pretty much all for our LearnPress vs LearnDash comparison article. We hope it has aided you in determining which LMS plugin is best for your site.

Moreover, you can earn money with LearnPress even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. Creating an online course requires the preparation of detailed content, as well as the use of plugins and themes to fill in the gaps.

As a result, you only use your knowledge and sit at home to make money by selling courses. That is why e-learning has recently gained popularity. It’s also beneficial to instructors because it gives them the opportunity to make more money.

Both of these platforms are amazing platforms to work with. At one time Learnpress is ahead and at the other, it is Learndash. But on the basis of the above article and detailed study, we will go with Learnpress as it is comparatively easier to use, affordable, and user-friendly as well. Thus the winner of this battle is Learnpress!! 

That’s pretty much all for our LearnPress vs LearnDash comparison review. We hope it has aided you in determining which LMS plugin is best for your site.

Learndash On Youtube

Learnpress On Youtube

If you need a robust and reliable LMS plugin, then LearnDash is the top choice. We had many issues with the LearnPress in the past and it still seems the issue didn't resolve. Hence, LearnDash is the winner here.

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7 thoughts on “Learnpress vs LearnDash 2023: Which One Is The Best?”

  1. I’ve been using Learndash for past few months and by a wide margin the best thing about LearnDash is its intuitive manufacturer highlight. It permits clients to imagine the design of their course as they’re building it. Thusly, you can picture what your courses will resemble before they’re live, and permits you to interface everything together continuously. You can likewise speedy add new exercises and tests from the course manufacturer

  2. Learndash is the best learning management software out there!
    Learndash is a free, simple to-utilize, instructive site that shows you how to code. The site depends on the possibility that it’s anything but’s a straightforward, creative, and simple to-utilize interface to assist you with learning and construct your own special site.

  3. I’ve been using learndash since the last few months and one thing I really like about it was Learndash upholds the primary point of conveying instruction completely. You can add in however many courses as you need to with as numerous tests and questions you need to transfer for the understudies. There are no such restrictions of exercises and tests that you can transfer for a solitary course.

  4. Learndash offers some amazing features. An extraordinary element that LearnDash offers is its video movement device, which permits clients to effortlessly implant self or remotely facilitated recordings onto their courses. You can naturally check an exercise or course and complete once an understudy completes a video while empowering video autoplay once a client completes one video. You can even shroud the play bar with the goal that watchers don’t avoid the video, and set the video to play previously or after a couple of little tasks are finished.

  5. Learndash is a learning management system for training and development professionals. It offers video tutorials, online courses, and even study materials.
    The courses are broken down into modules that are easy to follow and quick to complete. It’s like taking a course on your phone!

  6. The software is not suited for a school environment as it does not have the correct features and is not as user friendly as it could be.

    The learning management system of this company needs to be integrated with a student portal, gamification, and robust reporting. Otherwise, the company will not be able to compete with other learning management systems.

  7. LearnDash lets you build a great e-learning structure. One thing I love about LearnDash is customer support.
    Once you create a ticket for any question or concern, the Learndash team is on it. They will respond quickly fast, efficiently and direct you to the right path with clear instructions. GREAT SUPPORT TEAM!!!!


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