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Kajabi vs Teachable 2022: The Ultimate Comparison (Best Online Learning Platform)

Looking for Kajabi vs Teachable? I have brought to you a detailed comparison between the two. 

Teachable and Kajabi are seamless content marketing platforms that empower digital entrepreneurs to create and sell personalized online courses and coaching programs.

Online learning has become important for students and non-students alike. You can now learn almost anything online, for free, all thanks to the internet.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn something new but never knew how, this article is the answer.

It’s not just one specific genre like cooking, it could be anything like art, music, dance, coding, or even fishing! Everything is possible now with the power of online learning.

We have already given in depth review about Teachable. To know more about Teachable Review click here.


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Pricing 119 29
Best for

Kajabi has been made to keep digital business magnates and small businesses to provide their content to you.

Teachable is an online learning and teaching platform, which invites professionals around the world and provides video courses on various genres like art, music, business, marketing, cooking, finances, photography.

  • All in one solution
  • Custom Domain
  • Limitless Hosting
  • Membership System
  • Development Options
  • Sales Page
  • Course Curriculum
  • Supports Multiple Instructors
  • Customized Experience
  • Trackers and Insights
  • It is user-friendly and easily accessible.
  • The customer service at Kajabi is excellent.
  • Marketing the products is quite easy for the creators.
  • More availability of customized themes makes the site look c
  • 1 Click Up-Sells feature
  • Started for free without filling your debit/credit card det
  • The user interface is very professional and easy to use.
  • Cheap and affordable pricing compared to other platforms.
  • Evaluation customization is limited.
  • Coding skills are required for editing the site.
  • Transaction Fees are charged for basic and free plans.
  • Office Hours or Live Workshops cannot be done on Teachable.
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Bottom Line Upfront: 

In this post, we have featured Kajabi and Teachable and both of these are learning platforms. They both offer a platform to make courses as a teacher and as a student, and you can enroll for them.

Teachable is a better platform because it has better features and it charges 0% transaction charges from teachers.

Teachable is the best way to create and sell courses online. We handle everything from web hosting to payment processing. Kajabi allows you to create an online course, coaching program, or landing page without any coding experience!

It’s your choice to get started with Kajabi or start using Teachable to make good courses.

Wonder what this blog has for you? Check out the following questions to understand about the blog:

  • What are Kajabi and Teachable?
  • What are the differences between Kajabi and Teachable?
  • What are the benefits of using the two?
  • What are the features offered by both?
  • What are the pros and cons of using Teachable and Kajabi?
  • What are the pricing plans offered by Kajabi and Teachable?
  • What is the final verdict on comparing these two?

Kajabi vs Teachable 2022: Which One Is Better Learning Platform?

Kajabi and Teachable: Overview

Kajabi: Overview

Kajabi has been made to keep digital business magnates and small businesses to provide their content to you. With Kajabi you can even access data that many small groups or organizations have developed for you. With this platform, both you and these small businesses can benefit!



In this digital age, the internet forms a major part of our lives. Schools, colleges, stock markets, the entire corporate world, is entirely run with the help of the internet. At the same time, the internet has opened new opportunities for teaching and learning online with the help of certain platforms.

 Kajabi is one such all-in-one stage that can help us out to generate our money without being dependent on anybody. It may be a site that makes a difference to build our own business online courses.

One of the greatest benefits of Kajabi is that it is appropriate, simple to utilize and there’s no ought to learn any 3rd party instruments.

It gives you easy payment checkout pages, different online courses, quizzes, puzzles, multimedia usage like videos, pictures, affiliates marketing features, etc. also you can sell the physical products through Kajabi as it includes the marketing strategies. 

Kajabi also provides you, 28 days free trial on the website. The main perspective of Kajabi is that it focuses on helping the users to sell more courses.

They’ve designed special qualities like video calls, webinar pages, email automation to nurture your perspective to students and parents into buying your classes.

  • Thinkific is a one-stop shop for creating an online course that will help you develop professionally while also teaching others your talent set without any effort or sweat!

Here are some of the latest discounts and offers available.

Teachable: Overview

Teachable is an online learning and teaching platform, which invites professionals around the world and provides video courses on various genres like art, music, business, marketing, cooking, finances, photography. You might just sit with a cuppa or latte, and enjoy learning about a new skill. The courses are detailed and designed in an organized fashion. It is a hub for professionals and learners. You can read on to understand more about each and come to a conclusion on which is best for you!


Teachable is also one of those platforms which allow us to create and sell our courses at our platform. It can be simply said that teachable allows us to open our school and help us to grow in these online classes. They focus more on what matters to create an online course, it gives us more time.

It’s probably one of the best online teaching techniques, it easily provides us all the tools and features which we need to proceed with our online teaching classes.

Teachable requires a paid plan for starting your own business and helps you to increase your business on a huge scale. Teachable handles all the features from providing all the requirements to the payment procedures. 

Teachable is one of the leading platforms recently in the online course creation world. You can share the power points, teach through videos, audios, text-based courses are also available on this website, and build on-demand products that can make money. 

Usually, 5% of the transaction fees have been charged by a teachable website.

You can also sell eBooks and planners, you can conduct paid webinars, can sell online coaching packages, can create your affiliate partnership program, sell a monthly membership to make money on this website. If you need to work from home, Teachable is the best website you are looking for.

Kajabi vs Teachable: Benefits

Kajabi: Benefits

Kajabi demonstrates to be a critical partner of computerized business visionaries and online teachers. It has demonstrated to be exceptionally valuable and underneath mentioned are a few of its benefits:

  • Kajabi is beneficial and used by over 25,000 courses worldwide. It is also used by some of the big experts like Amy Porterfield, personal development coaches like Brendan Burchard.
  • Not only experts it has been accessed by over 33 million students and also has generated huge sales near about $650 worldwide.
  • Kajabi provides you a complete platform so you don’t have to learn multiple tasks and can handle the entire online course on a single platform.
  • It not only provides you the simple online courses but also deals with videos, PDFs, and interesting images, and there are no plugins needed to get anything done.
  • Kajabi’s products are working to ensure that they are readily accessible on computers, tablets, i-phones, and any android mobile or phone device.
  • Users can easily generate their attractive landing pages and Kajabi includes an extensive library of landing page templates which are one of the benefits.
  • The users and customers can easily interact directly via in-course discussion which can promote community-building.
  • Kajabi moreover gives the user, interesting tools to collect electronic payments effectively which conjointly bolsters integration with stripes. 
  • Users can have access to their mail analytics technology and can follow the execution of their email broadcast campaigns.

Teachable: Benefits

Teachable is also one of the platforms which are beneficial to create and sell courses online.

  • It helps in almost everything from hosting the web to payments processing. It gives us the time on what matters in the platform and we can focus on it easily, we can create our online courses, plan our school, or create beneficial learning techniques.
  • Teachable has been used by many authors like Joanna Penn and Mark Dawson, niche experts like Alec Steele who use this platform to teach as it is very beneficial to them.
  • Teachable also offers the free plan which is a generous offer for beginners on any of the online platforms. It provides us unlimited hosting, different types of courses, videos, and also the students. 
  • The teachable is one of those platforms which provides us with easy and effortless setup, unique learning techniques, easily handled and optimized for web and mobiles, and advanced developer customization.
  • One of the benefits of teachable is that you can find the outlet of your student unlike Udemy, you can use particular features in teachable which helps you to boost up your sales. It includes coupons, upsells offers, and many more.
  • You can also add up multiple media in your learning techniques and can engage your students to some extent. The online teaching here can match up with the requirements of the classrooms. Adding to it, when you are taking an online class you can teach anyone anywhere in the world. 
  • In online education, the student can listen to the lectures in their free time even before going to bed. In traditional classrooms, students are not most active because they have to listen to the classes every week at the same hour but in teachable, the students actively participate as they are not forced to learn.
  • Talking of the queries, in a physical classroom usually, students won’t be truly interacting with the teachers and are not comfortable with the environment which surrounds them but in teachable online learning classes, they are put on a spot at the last few minutes of the session where they can easily ask their questions without any difficulties. 

Kajabi vs Teachable: Features

Kajabi: Features

1. All in one solution

Build a website, create courses, landing pages, and effective marketing campaigns, all in one place! 

2. Setup

The highest level of customization available is ideal for experienced educators.

3. Custom Domain

The availability of a custom domain makes your Kajabi website even more discoverable.

4. Limitless Hosting

Upload study material without worrying about bandwidth or storage space.

5. Membership System

You can offer different membership options like bronze, silver, and gold to the customers visiting their website.

6. Development Options

Kajabi is often praised for its constant continuous ways to offer feedback. This helps educators develop themselves constantly.

7. Efficient Pricing

The customers don’t have to be redirected to other payment platforms to checkout, which ensures a smoother and safer experience for both the customer as well as you.

Teachable: Features

1. Setup

The setup is relatively easy and proves to be very comfortable for beginners. It helps the users to build and start slowly as per their speed. Drag and drop interface available.

2. Sales Page

This page is featured for the visitors where you can be present and market your course as well as the educator. The page comes with an exclusively customized page editor.

3. Course Curriculum

This page is for the enrolled students where they can proceed with their course and you can upload videos, workbooks, and other study material.

4. Supports Multiple Instructors

Make it a team effort to give the students the best teaching experience.

5. Customized Experience

Customize the course experience as your wish with a wide variety of handy tools and provide an exclusive schooling experience to your students.

6. Trackers and Insights

Highly accurate Sales trackers and student insights are available to know your progress.

7. Limitless Services

With every paid plan comes unlimited courses, amazing coaching services, and video bandwidth.

8. Personal Attention

One-on-one and group coaching sessions are available to provide personal attention to the students. You can also conduct discussion forums to facilitate efficient idea exchange.

9. Positive Motivation

You can quiz your students regularly and reward them with certificates for course completion as well as course milestones.

10. Feedback

Personal betterment is also important! You can use third-party forms and surveys to gather student feedback.

11. Pricing

Advanced pricing options and multiple currencies are available along with elegant payment and refund systems.

12. Security

Utmost safety is ensured by the latest safety software. 

Kajabi vs Teachable: Ease of Use


Kajabi is a website that is easy to understand and even easier to set up, it’s an all-in-one app as it contains all the features like blog website, email marketing features, payment checkout pages, online courses, etc. you can also sell the physical product in Kajabi and can earn a good amount. 


Teachable is one such platform that provides us all the required necessities of the online courses. It’s the simplest form of marketing which can also help us to upload video files, PDFs, images that includes your course materials.

You can easily start with a simple online course and it helps you to increase your marketing. Teachable charges only 5% transaction fees.

Kajabi vs Teachable: Pros and Cons

Kajabi Pros:

  • Kajabi features a lot of tools, and it is an extremely decent platform.
  • It is user-friendly and easily accessible.
  • The customer service at Kajabi is excellent.
  • Marketing the products is quite easy for the creators.
  • Wistia is used as the video host at Kajabi for a smoother and more comfortable user experience.
  • More availability of customized themes makes the site look classy.

Teachable Pros:

  • Teachable is an excellent platform for beginners. Setting up the sales page, hosting, designing, etc. are automatically done by the AI.
  • It provides you with complete control of your students and their data.
  • You can keep a record of your students by tracking their development and how much they have completed their courses.
  • The 1 Click Up-Sells feature allows you to sell the products and courses fast and efficiently.
  • You can get started for free without filling in your debit/credit card details during sign-up.
  • The user interface is very professional and easy to use.
  • You can create as many courses as you want, as they don’t charge per course.
  • Cheap and affordable pricing compared to other platforms.

Kajabi Cons:

  • The pricing offered by Kajabi is more expensive than that of Teachable and other online platforms.
  • Evaluation customization is limited.
  • There is no accreditation to create certificates.
  • Coding skills are required for editing the site.

Teachable Cons:

  • Transaction Fees are charged for basic and free plans.
  • Office Hours or Live Workshops cannot be done on Teachable.
  • Zapier, integration software, is used by Teachable for most of their integrations.

Kajabi vs Teachable: Pricing

Pricing Plans: Kajabi

The pricing starts from $129.00/ month

The subscription model is used for billing.

A free trial is available without the requirement of a credit card.

Three pricing plans offered-

Users will be billed either monthly or annually according to their will. Annual billing can save up to 20%.

The basic plan costs $129/month

 $103/month (annual billing) 

The pro plan costs $389/month

 $311/month (annual billing)

The Premium plan costs $899/month

 $719 (annual billing)

Pricing Plans: Teachable

Teachable offers free 4 pricing plans. Users will be billed either monthly or annually according to their will.


Best to get familiarized with the software. However, every course sold invites transaction fees and makes the plan cost-ineffective while selling and marketing. Best if you upgrade to priced models 

 The basic version costs $39/month 

 $29/month (annual billing)

The professional version costs $119/month.

$99/month (annual billing)

The business version costs $299/month 

$249/month (annual billing)

Kajabi vs Teachable: User Reviews


Kajabi Review Kajabi Review


Teachable review 2 Teachable review 1

Teachable’s Journey to $500k+ in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Teachable generates revenue from three primary sources: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Referral Fees, and Subscriptions. MRR is their largest source of revenue and comes from teachers who subscribe to the Teachable service.

Teachable has a monthly recurring revenue right now of $555,500:

This graph sure looks like a huge success but it wasn’t exactly as easy to overcome the challenges of making 0 to $10 million in a month.

FAQs On Kajabi vs Teachable

🤔Which is better Kajabi or Teachable?

Now that is a personal choice, but in terms of just quality and price, Teachable is likely superior to Kajabi. But we cannot say which is better as it would depend on the individual.

☞Why should I pay such high prices Kajabi or Teachable?

If you ask me, it is not at all a high price. It is rather an investment. It is what will lead you to greater strides of success in all aspects of your life. It will aid you in personal development and personality growth that will last a lifetime, compared to that a few hundred dollars is quite fair.

🤷‍♀️How much development will I see by using Kajabi or Teachable?

If you truly commit to the course you should see a complete change in your lifestyle and should go on to see great development. I hope that you are willing to commit and make those changes to your life and acquire new skills through these online learning opportunities.

👊Teachable Review: Is This the Best Choice in 2021 / Teachable Review: Is It Any Good?

After a lot of research, we can say that Teachable is a really good choice. This platform has some features that cannot be matched with any of its competitors.

🙌Why Trust This Teachable Review?

The review Is created by a lot of research. A whole list of potential competitors was made. Later on, all of their websites were thoroughly analyzed. All of their plans were purchased and then analyzed. After, all this we have concluded that Teachable is the best option for you.

🤷‍♀️Does Teachable charge transaction fees?

Yes, they do charge some transaction fees whose value differs on various factors.

🙎‍♂️How do teachable payments work?

Teachable Payments processes transactions directly to your bank account through Stripe, according to the timetable established by the main owner of your school. On working days (excluding weekends and US banking holidays), transactions are settled in the currency denomination of the linked bank account.

🤦‍♂️What Makes Teachable Different than Other Providers?

Teachable has better pricing options and customizing tools as compared to all of its competitors.

👍🏻 Is Teachable mobile-friendly?

Yes, it is. Students may explore, purchase, and even finish their courses completely from their cellphones using the Teachable app.

🙇🏻Who is Teachable for?

Teachable is for anyone who wishes to learn. No matter whether you are a novice or an expert, you will get courses for everyone here.

🙆🏻Who Should Consider Teachable as a Way to Make Money Online?

Teachers who are confident enough to make online courses, someone who really knows their subject can earn money through Teachable. All you need is hard and smart work.

⚡️How do I promote teachable courses?

These couple of steps may help – Step – 1: Utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to spread the word about your course. Step – 2: Create video material for YouTube in order to reintroduce people to your course.

🌻What kind of courses are there on Teachable?

They have courses on various stuff like – yoga, fitness Bootcamp, paper flower, cakes, sketch, acrylic pouring, hand lettering, etc.

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Final Verdict: Kajabi Vs Teachable?

So coming to the most important part, choosing one over the other. Both the software are efficient in their ways and have got perks of their own.

While some might argue that Kajabi offers more freedom from customization, no one will deny that the software is a bit complicated to use. Especially if you’re a newcomer, it might give you a hard time.

However, although Teachable offers less customization than Kajabi, it fulfills every requirement of a digital educator. Also, it turns out to be handy as even rookies can use it efficiently. So, looking at the efficacy and ease of use, we think Teachable surely has got an upper hand over Kajabi.

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  1. I am so happy to find this site. I was looking for a way to learn new skills and advance my career. Willing to try anything once, I signed up on Teachable ’cause it had some pretty affordable courses that seemed worthwhile. It wasn’t long before I found one that interested me. That was the beginning of my journey with ABLE BUSINESS ANALYST, which now has my attention 10 hours/week! The course started off very basic but by the end they got into really complicated stuff – you know what? Those are things I’m going to deal with in my job soon enough anyway, so let’s go ahead and learn them now! Plus every lecture is 30 minutes or less per day.

  2. If you’re someone who’s really looking for a way to expand their knowledge and skills, but at the same time don’t want to pay any tuition or feel like you need guidance from an expert, then Teachable is absolutely perfect for you. I found them on twitter one day scrolling through their think-tank account profile which is dedicated entirely to discussing “the future of education”. It was my lucky break because they hooked me up with this awesome course about design principles! And it has totally changed how I approach my own designs.

  3. I’m a self-taught newbie looking for a better way to market my courses. Recently, I came across Kajabi and Teachable– they both seemed awesome at first glance. But then things got more complicated as I found myself getting lost in nuances of these programs. Luckily for me, friend Tria helped out–she had been using Kajabi back when she was still learning how to create an online course which worked great for her situation! So coming to the most important part, choosing one over the other. Both the software are efficient in their ways and have got perks of their own. But after tackling & hustling a lot , i will recommend teachable to every single person whether he/she is a newbie or the master of this field !

  4. I’m not super impressed with Teachable. The features of their program are limited, and the tuition is kind of high for what you get in return. I mean, I guess it’s fine if you need more time to make your own content for teaching like Powerpoint or Excel but really what would be the point? We all know that today’s students don’t want to learn how to perform calculations on paper; they just want answers now from a free calculator app.
    I’ve been thinking about this from an objective standpoint as a potential student who needs help with marketing topics–wouldn’t you be better off putting your money into Coursera where at least I’ll have access to thousands of experts teaching classes over dozens of subjects….Somewhere so confusing and i am totally pissed with this!

  5. “I love the sleek design. It makes it really easy to use.” “Kajabi is a friendly and accessible website, with excellent customer service.” “The site has a ton of beautiful themes for all your different needs. The customization options are incredible!”

  6. I love Kajabi and you will too!
    I found using this site to be very easy: the navigation is smooth and I was able to access my account quickly. The customer service I received was speedy, courteous, and helpful. And with customization options for your theme/cover pages, no two sites at Kajabi look alike which means more people can find what they’re looking for without duplicating each other’s work! Very attractive features that don’t require any special skills – even a beginner like me could create great websites if we wanted to.

  7. Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to understand a lot
    approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something.

    I believe that you just can do with a few % to
    power the message house a little bit, however instead
    of that, this is magnificent blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

  8. Kajabi is easy to understand and effectively available. The client care at Kajabi is magnificent. Promoting the items is very simple for the makers. Kajabi ia strong to utilize in light of the fact that it is fitting, easy to use and there’s no should gain proficiency with any outsider instruments.

  9. Kajabi is a website that allows you to have your own online store. The product has a really good interface and the customer service team members are cool. The customization options for themes in Kajabi is pretty neat too….you must give it a try!

  10. Hi, everything is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s in fact
    fine, keep up writing.

  11. I’d say Teachable is the best online learning platform. Teachable is a web based learning and showing stage, which welcomes experts all throughout the planet and gives video seminars on different types like workmanship, music, business, showcasing, cooking, accounts, photography.

    The courses are point by point and planned in a coordinated style. It’s anything but a center point for experts and students.

    Teachable is additionally one of those stages which permit us to make and sell our courses at our foundation.

  12. For a long time, I’ve been hosting video training courses on Teachable and love their platform!!
    Teachable allows me to quickly and easily organize my video course content in a logical manner. This makes course deployment simple and my courses still retain a professional look.

  13. I’ve been a Teachable client for a couple of years. From that point forward, Teachable has been quite possibly the most referenced names for online course makers. Something I like best about Teachable is that it is so natural to utilize the stage. In a question of time, you can make an online course, including educational program and media.
    This is really helpful for both the beginner online course maker and the more experienced ones. It’s an efficient device!

  14. I’ve been a Teachable client for a couple of years. From that point forward, Teachable has been quite possibly the most referenced names for online course makers. Something I like best about Teachable is that it is so natural to utilize the stage. In a question of time, you can make an online course, including educational plan and media. This is really helpful for both the fledgling on the web course maker and the more experienced ones. It’s a life hack!

  15. What’s the best way to kick-start your own web-building system? I would recommend Kajabi.
    The creators are prompt in their response to customer feedback, even considering suggestions for new features that might be well received. Nobody wants to use a product when they can’t get help if something goes wrong or they don’t know what they’re doing in the first place. With Kajabi, not only is there excellent customer service, but it is easy to find videos and tutorials on how each thing should work once you log in – which means I haven’t had any issues figuring out what does what! And if you need themes or other templates for your website? You get 6 free ones just because you signed up!!

  16. I’ve faced a lot of maintenance issues with Teachable. Like clockwork Teachable goes down for upkeep for a couple of hours. Indeed, these occasions occur in the evening, yet I have students from one side of the planet to the other. Also, 4:00 AM in the States is in the day in Europe. So I could be missing buys.

  17. Teachable is better than Kajabi in several ways. I’ll tell you what teachable is better at:
    •It offers with unlimited courses to students on all pricing plans.
    •Allows you to create certificates natively
    •Offers services like automated affiliate and author payouts.

  18. “Teachable is a terrible online classroom software. I tried it out on my free plan and got charged $150 worth of fees on top of paying for the monthly service fee. It’s even more frustrating when you can’t ask any questions because Teachable doesn’t have live workshops or office hours!”

  19. I really like the Customer support of Teachable, it’s in fact one major advantage of using Teachable. They offer support by email to help you with your online school.
    They are able to solve the problem very swiftly.

  20. I am so glad to have found the KAJABI website. It is user-friendly and easily accessible, which was wonderful for me because I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer.
    The customer service at Kajabi is excellent and available even outside of normal business hours by phone and chat! This made it easy to resolve any questions I had about how best to create my product. The availability of more customized themes makes the site look cool too – not that what we’re creating needs beauty, just function! What an amazing company!!

  21. Teachable is my favorite platform to teach with. It was super easy to get started without filling my money card information, and the user interface is very professional and easy-to-use. The pricing here is great too – unlike other platforms like Instructure or Blackboard, Teachable’s monthly fee in only $20!! it’s really worth checking out if you’re looking for a low budget education platform! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  22. The feeling of relief when you’ve finally forked over your hard-earned cash to feed the all-too-often voracious beast that is the public university system, but then later realize you’re not sure what course of study to commit to, and you’re already halfway across America? That’s where Teachable comes in. At a low fee, this user interface offers helpful training courses on how best to navigate any of those pesky crossroads more productively…I love being in their shadow !

  23. I signed up for the Teachable free trial and I’m glad that I did. It’s very easy to use, has a beautiful user interface, and the pricing is cheap!

  24. You can’t beat the software that is making businesses across industries hop on the bandwagon! It’s no wonder this product is world-renowned, having been co-created by a Silicon Valley heavyweight. This top of the line, new age piece of technology has an impeccable reputation for being user-friendly and knowledgeable in all things marketing business. Kajabi helped me become a baller online maverick with an easy to use interface. You have your own membership site where you publish content on things like blogs, podcasts and so on…–thanks Kajabi!

  25. Teachable offers courses at several different price points so you can find an affordable option for any budget—you can even get lifetime access with their membership level pricing. The course content comes from expert instructors who keep everything up-to-date and give insights that just live outside of books, classrooms and YouTube Videos―the key place where we learn something new every day.

  26. I used to struggle to keep up with my digital marketing until I found Kajabi. Now, I can automate and delegate almost everything so that I free up time for what really matters: building income-generating client relationships…!

  27. Kajabi has been made to keep digital business magnates and small businesses to provide their content to you. It’s full of very useful tools that will make your life easier, such as an easy-to-adjust website theme builder and the ability to see how your emails look before pressing send.
    That being said, the only thing I could really criticize Kajabi for is what it doesn’t have: a live chat platform. This still baffles me!

  28. Wow. I was finally able to find a system that perfectly compliments my preexisting business and technology, while efficiently providing the user all the tools they would need for their content online. Kajabi reaches outside of your day-to-day needs and makes sure you’re always prepared with backup campaigns or smart marketing content. Creating an account is just as simple as verifying your email address! It couldn’t be easier—no hassle at all! I’m really glad it’s affordable too because this will never leave my company’s side again.

  29. I’m a blogger and I have been looking for the perfect content management tool to handle my blog posts, email course serialization, events organization, online courses development and more. Kajabi is not only the most affordable option but comes with such cool features like automated YouTube video creation (5 videos in 5 minutes!), RSS/HTML blog integration for seamless publishing on multiple platforms! And that’s just one of many additional bonuses.

  30. I have been searching for a great website builder. I tried the big ones, but none of them filled my needs. I want to connect with clients digitally and this is what Kajabi specializes in. They make it super easy for me to reach out to new prospects from their landing pages to which you can set up live chats and share your videos without ever leaving the site!

  31. Kajabi is the answer to every modern business’ prayers. Whether you’re a freelance designer or always on your feet, Kajabi can help you with everything imaginable. I’ve saved so much time and money cooking dinner for my family because of Kajabi…

  32. “I wasn’t sure if I was in the market for anything when Kajabi came up. Truthfully, with all of their quirky yet chaotic layout, it kinda scared me! But then they reassured me that “It’s Safer than Skype” and I knew this was for me.”

  33. Teaching never felt so good. Give your long-time career a kick start and teach something new! Teachable will make you feel like an instant expert. With over 800+ video courses and tutorials for any topic, this platform has you covered. You can also teach on the go with easy to download videos that everyone loves: great for lesson planning on-the-fly. Nimble learners rejoice! Turn passions into profit; maybe they’ll see your course featured too!

  34. “Teachable. Teach what you know and love with a home-based, flexible schedule.”
    “Whether you’re an expert in finance or fashion, they make it easy for you to teach online with most courses. You can even publish your own course and start earning money today!”
    “It’s like Airbnb for teachers: List your course and earn more than ever before.”

  35. I don’t even go to college and I learned more from TEACHABLE than ever!
    This app is really for everyone – it’s great for people who want to learn new things or those wanting a career change. You can learn anything from marketing, cooking, finances, photography etc. It shows step by step instructions so anyone can watch it without any help needed! Absolutely love the transparency of what they’re teaching which makes it all the more valuable !

  36. Teaching never felt so easy. And when I found Teachable, that’s how it felt to teach online. There are numerous courses in all sorts of niches – music videos, happy intentional life living . The platform is super intuitive and navigation is a breeze. For me personally, the thing I love the most about this app/website is that you can create your own account and then easily start teaching for free on any topic you’re knowledgeable on!

  37. A year ago I was unexpectedly let go from my job and this course has helped me to adjust. It’s not really an easy ride but it’s doable because of all the tools Teachable provides to make my own videos, schedule email courses, create quizzes, integrated with third party software like Wufoo and Aweber. The perfect thing for people like me who feel they work better both in their intellect and hands is that these tutorials are also learner friendly. You can focus on one video at a time or check out some of the pre-packaged 8 weeks courses or customized be clicked at your leisure. All you need is an internet connection!

  38. Given the thousands of people struggling to find a decent job, starting a new career can be challenging. With Teachable you can change your life without leaving your couch! They offer easy-to-follow courses on everything from finances and cooking to photography and art. No matter what stage in life you’re at, it’s never too late for an education.

  39. Teachable is a great platform to learn and teach. I love how it motivates you with notifications on daily goals which encourage you to keep up an practice what you’ve learned. It’s also really easy to create your own course because the process of building them not only teaches us, but they expand our reach as professionals in that field. If I had any constructive feedback for Teachable, it would be that they should provide more bandwidth, so participants can watch online courses at an appropriate speed and still catch everything being taught on screen! Otherwise than that though, I cannot think of anything else! 🙂

  40. Once you’re in the system, it’s very user-friendly. The whole design from the shopping cart to bookmarks is designed for maximum user efficacy and satisfaction I love how it teaches learners step by step on what they need to do for a perfect course management experience! Teachable offers a 1 click upsell feature that allows users who have taken to create an up sell link with just one click of a button. This tool is helpful for teachers looking to increase their revenue without going through any hassle or forgetting about it later when building out a lesson plan or curriculum etc…!

  41. After trying Teachable, I can confidently say that this is the one platform you need to run your online course. The interface is intuitive and professional, but not complicated or ugly like some other competitors on the market. There are tons of features for what seems to be a very reasonable price, including downloadable files with additional class content, unlimited users per package plan type, automatic scorekeeping for quiz questions in lessons, analytics stats about user behavior through heatmaps and engagement reports… it’s amazing! A lot of time was put into making sure that all aspects were easy enough for beginners to use without being too bulky or difficult – it’s perfect even for people who have never taught before.!

  42. Ease of use is the name of the game when it comes to Teachable.
    Especially for a free online course creator, that’s a big deal – they don’t want to be spending their time figuring out the platform and then having disappointments in how it works rather than creating content for users. Teachable makes mobile responsive site building easy with drag-and-drop blocks on their user interface, so teachers can focus on delivering top notch content even if they have no previous experience or technical knowledge whatsoever.
    Their upsell features not only allows them to get more money from each student taken through due payments by credit card but also learn about best practices from real success stories from courses others have put together with Teachable…AWESOME

  43. Of all the features Teachable has, 1 click up-sell does not disappoint. I use it to recommend content from time to time and a link just pops up with a little window that says “Would you like to sign up for a monthly subscription?” It is really easy for people who might have forgotten to input their financial information or never signed up for email notifications. The UI is also too cool because everything links together so nicely!

  44. Kajabi is by far the best product to launch an online course or membership site. I was able to customize it myself and offer some great incentives like one-on-one access with me which made signing up for my course very easy.

  45. I never knew such a thing as Kajabi existed until my mom told me about it. She said she was tired of shuffling through various websites and decided to give it a try. Kajabi is great because everything you need for marketing is on one site! All the tutorials, templates, and tools were extremely helpful. I had no previous knowledge of web design or wordpress so this made things way easier for me!

  46. I love Kajabi and I’m not afraid to admit it, but for all the reasons you’re thinking: you can’t find a more user-friendly site with better customer service. And if that wasn’t enough, the availability of custom themes is very desirable….when you will enter this , i know that you gonna love it the way i do !

  47. Kajabi is a robust software, best suited for new digital marketers Have butterfingers….Maybe you should try Teachable. With an intuitive interface that’s perfect even if you’re still of learner, this tool is sure to amaze everyone who gives it a due shot..!

  48. The dilemma of software to use is always a tough decision. There are so many things you need to think about, like branding, integrations, pricing structure etc. Just when you though it couldn’t get any more complex….the battle begins. How to choose between two attractive contenders? Well, that’d be hard enough for even for serious businessmen or digital entrepreneurs because both Kajabi and Teachable have their pros and cons too! But after an in-depth study of their features I came up with one ultimate winner: Teacable offers fewer customizations than Kajabi but fulfills every requirement for e-learning perfectly well no matter what level you are at…so give teachable a try according to me !

  49. KAJABI VS TEACHABLE is a head to head comparison of two leading elementary education platforms. Yes, it is difficult to choose one over the other because there are a lot of similarities in their features and functionality. My advice would be to go with Kajabi if you have more time on your hands or want to experiment with customizing your site. if you love simplicity when it comes to managing your website or need an out-of-the-box platform which you can operate without any hassle, Teachable offers value for money!

  50. The most striking difference between these two platforms is their fundamental approach. Kajabi, being a more versatile platform with its own integrated tools, promises the freedom of customization that you’ve always wanted in your business. But it comes at a price! For one thing, there are so many options to choose from- enough to make your choice agonizingly difficult. On the other hand, Teachable is fairly limited in what they offer but simplifies everything for you with their user-friendly interface and easy editing modes…CHOOSE AS PER YOU NEED !

  51. Kajabi and Teachable offer different levels of customization and features, but I think that Teachable offers an overall more efficient user experience.

  52. I’m so addicted to Teachable!
    If you’ve ever had an idea for a course or business, but you never took the time to do anything about it – this is your new ride. Teachable allows anyone with their handy dandy little plug-and-chug website builder toolkit at their fingertips to easily create interactive courses that can be targeted at just about any audience imaginable. You don’t have to spend days sniffing around youtube for content – yep they got it all right here on the site if you want it. No need for pricey entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers with insanely high follower counts who will most likely charge you upwards of $5k!

  53. Well, this product sucks. It charges you to use it and somehow lost my other lessons I had created before. And Office Hours or workshops can’t be done on TEACHABLE? Zapier is used for most of their integrations, so what the heck are they using for everything else? PS- DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT !!

  54. Teachable is good – it creates video lessons, but the buyer beware. The free plan isn’t really free and paying for one of its plans feels like throwing money in the trash to teach a large group while card processors take their loot. It’s worth shopping around before you waste your time and TEACHABLE takes all your cash!

  55. I have never felt so disconnected with my students as I have on Teachable. The platform is buggy, it takes forever to make changes, and now they are no longer offering free courses. Despite all these issues, the prices keep rising!

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