LearnDash ProPanel Review 2023: Is This Plugin Worth The Hype?

LearnDash ProPanel Review


LearnDash with ProPanel plugin has been a game-changer in the spheres and domains of the e-learning world. ProPanel has successfully contributed and introduced the reporting of the required add-ons.

Out of 10


  • Drag and drop builder
  • Deeply embedded video support
  • In-depth operation and functionality
  • All-time favourites is the Astra theme
  • Price is really reasonable


  • No free trial


Price: $

Are you confused between choosing a good e-learning plugin of WordPress for creating your website and starting your online business?

LearnDash is the best platform you can choose for your business and now the question arises why LearnDash?

In this article, we are going to discuss the latest and recently updated version of this platform LearnDash ProPanel.

LearnDash ProPanel is an online learning platform designed to help students learn and pass exams. This next-generation learning platform allows students to make learning and exam preparation fun, easy, and adaptive.

It also helps students master the most critical concepts through interactive learning.

It allows you to create and share online courses with a large audience. It allows people to watch and interact with your course all over the internet, with your permission.

Bottom Line:

LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress LMS plugins. Its extensive capability makes it an excellent choice for designing fully personalised courses.

The main drawback is that inexperienced users may struggle to understand all of the advanced features.

There’s a reason LearnDash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins, if not the best.
It has a lot of features that allow you to create fully personalised courses for your students.

It can also scale and won’t buckle under strain, as seen by its acceptance by large educational institutions.

Check out Learndash now!

LearnDash ProPanel is a complete online training system that includes everything you will need to learn how to use the LearnDash ProPanel.

If you are looking for your learner’s recent activities or some extra added functions on your courses, which also include the completion stats of your learner, you can get all these features in LearnDash ProPanel.

LearnDash ProPanel allows you to create your own eLearning Dashboard.

It also provides you with specific filters that can show you the stats and data of any particular course, your current user, or any formed group. 

It’s a great opportunity for every new customer and the existing ones to have good features in their online courses. If you are an existing user of LearnDash you can simply click on the upgrade option and select any of your required packages that are already linked in your account.

Also, new users can use the upgraded version without going in any long process by signing in to your account. 

We have already given an in-depth review of LearnDash. To learn more about LearnDash Review, click here.

Let’s get started by going into detail about the topic and learning more about it in this article. 

Why Trust Us For This Review?

We’re your experts at ImageStation, and when it comes to Learning Management Systems (LMS) and online courses, we’ve got your back. Our team, led by our LearnDash pro, knows the ins and outs of e-learning like the back of our hands. We’ve taken a close look at LearnDash, checking out its features, how easy it is to use, and how well it performs.

Harshit has been writing material that combines technology and education for 7 years, so he is the best person to write this Learndash review. His years of experience make sure that the features, pros, and cons of the platform are carefully looked at.

Harshit is so good at breaking down complicated ideas, you can be sure that the study you get will not only be useful but also easy for students of all levels to understand. You can trust him to give you an honest and useful review of Learndash, which will help you make an informed choice. Harshit loves making learning fun, so he’s here to help you figure out how to use Learndash and make sure you choose the right option for your online learning trip.

LearnDash ProPanel Review: Is LearnDash ProPanel Any Good? 

LearnDash ProPanel’s current version is launched for their users and is now available for their immediate use, there are a lot of things that have been added with the new and faster functionality.

The upgraded version has been tested on the sites of the learners. We got the best and most significant results with improvements in the performance of the sites.

The users can expect a steady stream of specific updates to this platform with LearnDash ProPanel.

I have also experienced the continuity of my courses with some applicable features for free and the addition of some excellent premium plans.

For the filtered users, the email feature has also been updated so that the messages can be sent instantly, and the users get notified about their course frequently.

ProPanel shortcodes have been utilized to keep the specific reports on the front end of your website. 

LearnDash Pro Panel (1)

The PRO and PLUS version of LMS LearnDash, when compared to other LMS solutions like WP Courseware vs LearnDash, gives you access to transfer any course-related communication, visualizes the on-time activities of your courses by combining the reports, and helps you to manage assignments, overall providing a comprehensive understanding of LearnDash Admin and their functions.

The ProPanel upgrade helps you to have a track of on-time activities of the customer’s communication and interconnection of their courses on LearnDash.

Showing statistics of your progress in a chart form so that you can keep yourself updated about your users and their course progress for which they have signed up.

The ProPanel version also gives you the power to control, allow, delete, or manage the courses and their assignments along with the essays. It also shows you your user’s activities, their progress, and downloads about every quiz and assignment. 

Well, these were just a glance at the ProPanel version of LearnDash. The detailed functions, features, pricing are mentioned below. 

Top 7 Best LearnDash ProPanel Features:

There was a requirement to show students information about their taken-up courses and their progress in them. For this reason, a new feature of a drag-and-drop dashboard has been added.

This provides you with all the information under the following four widgets.

They are Overview, Reporting, Activity Stream, and Progress Chart. These widgets can be moved anywhere you wish very easily using the drag-and-drop feature. 

1. Overview:

This new feature has an additional section that will let you see how many students are there in total, the number of courses available, the pending and ongoing assignments, as well as essays or any other undertaken projects.

ProPanel Overview

This is the new overview section. So the four main sub-topics are Total Students, Number of Courses, Assignments Pending and Essays Pending. All of these redirect you to another page, which is for management. From there, you can view detailed information about each of them. 

2. Reporting:

Here, you get filters so that you can use them to view only selected users and the data of all the courses to get a very specific report.

You can look up a particular student’s activities in a single click, along with all their course-related data. Further, using this feature, you can send emails to users.

You can make groups of users with common factors, for example, those who have not finished a course. You can also mail one student specifically. It is customizable.

LearnDash Pro Panel Reporting

If you wish to have more room to view your data, you can select the FULL PAGE option on the page which will then redirect you to another control panel that is ProPanel dedicated and will automatically generate more space for your reports. 

3. Activity Stream:

Here you can view the student’s progress in the courses.

So it will give you an idea and provide information when a student has completed the course or a specific assignment or even a single topic or a quiz.

Learndash pro panel activity

Everything will be featured here in detail. And all this is in real-time. If you wish to see a specific user’s progress, then all you have to do is just select their name and their activity will be displayed.

Using this feature, you can also transport the data for all LearnDash courses as well as quizzes. 

4. Progress Chart:

The Progress Chart, as the name suggests, shows the progress or ongoing information of the students in relevance to the courses.

It will show how many students have or have not started the course, where they stand in the process of it, etc.

ProPanel Progress chart

There are two charts in here. 

  1. One is the Progress Distribution. This will show you the courses that have not been started, completed, or are in progress. You can get the exact number of students for each category here.
  2. The second chart is the Progress Breakdown. This will show you an in-depth view of those In Progress courses. So it shows all the details. You can get an idea of where exactly the users are in a course. If there seems to be any lagging or an unusually long time to complete the courses, you can send them reminder emails to give a little push to speed up the completion.

6. Functionality Extension:

You can personalize the already existing reports for the course as well as the quizzes. There are two filters available for the given purpose. One is to personalize the data of the filter chart, and the other is to add the admin users to the reporting activities.

Access to ProPanel is only granted to Admin and the Group leaders.

However, it can be extended to more members. You can use the plugin USER ROLE EDITOR for this reason and add another user to have access to it.

Installation Of LearnDash ProPanel: How do I activate LearnDash ProPanel? 

Coming to the important question – how do you install this LearnDash ProPanel? Since ProPanel is essentially an add-on for LearnDash, you will have to go to their official website and select the option PLUGINS. There, click on ADD NEW.

That will give you another menu, from which you have to choose the UPLOAD PLUGIN. After this, you are required to browse through a list to get the file that you downloaded after purchasing LearnDash.

You will see this file available in the form of a zip file, so you will need to extract it. Then click on INSTALL NOW. The last step is to select UPLOAD PLUGIN. And there you go; your plugin is now installed successfully.

However, there is a license number that ProPanel provides, and you will have to enter it under LearnDash LMS. 

ProPanel with LearnDash:

LearnDash ProPanel is an extended and additional upgrade that incorporates two versions of LearnDash. It stimulates and facilitates interaction communication, it even has real-time activity conducted through the reporting specifically for courses.

The ProPanel tracks the so-called real-time activity of the operator’s interaction with LearnDash and its courses.

ProPanel gives you the ability to organize and manage assignments. We can even track an individual’s progress and generate quiz results. It even includes PLUS and PRO versions. It has some important widgets located on the dashboard as well.

LearnDash ProPanel Customer Support:

LearnDash offers customer support through the ticketing system. You can click on the hyperlink on the Contact Us page on the official website, which will redirect you to the ticketing page.

Learndash customer support

Fill in the information like your name, email address, your message or question and then send it. The team will get back to you as soon as possible.

The customer support team works from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 4 pm. The postal address is also given in case you wish to write to them regarding your queries or questions.

LearnDash ProPanel Pros and Cons: 

 The pros and cons of LearnDash ProPanel are mentioned as follows-


  • The important tools existing in the LearnDash ProPanel include drag and drop builder, which makes management and organization of courses extremely simple, easy, and quick.
  •  Deeply embedded video support in the LearnDash ProPanel turns out to be a great and major help for all the videos. Offering reflective tutorials and courses.
  • Options like Zapier or email stimulate operation and open themselves to automation.
  • Having in-depth operation and functionality helps you to discover and exercise your control in different spheres and areas.
  • One of our all-time favorites is the Astra theme. It’s sleek, lightning-fast, and infinitely adjustable. The theme has built-in integration for LMS, and LearnDash in particular, operates effortlessly with Astra.
  • Some LearnDash competitors also provide LMS plugins but charge for most or all of them. LearnDash has premium add-ons, but you don’t have to pay extra for key services like payment or user administration.
  • The price is really reasonable. Given the quality of what’s on offer, we believe it should be more expensive.


  • The in-depth operation or functionality does not always seem to offer you control with full ease yet, normal users face some sort of difficulties regarding this.
  • In LearnDash ProPanel, we need to integrate with some of the most important third-party plugins for availing the membership, subscription, as payment.
  • To view all the FAQs, view official documents, and access assistance, you must first register. While you must register in order to purchase the plugin, it would have been good to be able to evaluate the documentation quality before. Even the sample courses are password-protected!
  • LearnDash does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, but that is still extra work to try out the LMS. It would be wonderful to have a completely free trial without the hassle of registering and purchasing.

Learndash Pricing Plans

Learndash Pro Panel Pricing

The pricing plan and structure associated with LearnDash ProPanel are as follows-

LearnDash ProPanel is like a bonus you can add to the regular LearnDash program, but you have to pay for it. You can buy LearnDash ProPanel on the official LearnDash website. There are three options for LearnDash ProPanel:

1 Site – $49/year
10 Sites – $99/year
Unlimited – $199/year

FAQs about LearnDash ProPanel Review: 

👉 Who can use LearnDash ProPanel?

ProPanel is an upgrade version that gives you more experience about your integration by reports, access to the assignments and essays, shows the stats about your learner through charts, and makes email features available. So, the person who requires transferring a WordPress website into an online learning system managed by you can use LearnDash and its ProPanel. Added to this, requesting an LMS by the developer's users of WordPress, companies too, with the main target on training sessions, and also educational places like universities and colleges can use LearnDash ProPanel. It can offer the users extra details about their learners and clients.

👉 What support does LearnDash ProPanel provide?

Every user of LearnDash is provided with the control to initiate instructions, files and proofs, conferences, and customer services. LearnDash customer support provides its users with the solution if they have any issues with these functions, just go to the customer support team and wait for their assistance. SCORM and xAPI are also supported by LearnDash utilizing an extra Third-party for your website. Also, LearnDash does not provide their users free trial of their WordPress site but if the user is not satisfied with their purchase in LearnDash, they support you through the money-back return policy within thirty days. It also supports you by renewing your license spontaneously right after every one-year interval of time.

👉 Which mode of payment does LearnDash accept and how can I update my current package to a different package?

LearnDash is an LMS learning plugin to WordPress which gives its users a platform to start their online courses in this whole world. So, they accept online payment modes such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card. They usually prefer online payment that permits their users to gain their customer's required files and documents and also help websites simultaneously after buying their packages. Yes, you can update your current subscription package to different subscription packages whenever you want through their support websites. You must know that when you are upgrading your package, the yearly renewal date will be the same as the day you have updated your current package.

👉 What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that allows you to provide online courses through your website. It's a paid plugin that integrates with the majority of page builders, website themes, and WordPress plugins.

👉 Will LearnDash work on shared hosting?

LearnDash should work perfectly on most good quality shared hosting plans if you're only giving a few courses and don't expect a lot of traffic. You'll need dedicated hosting if you're planning a large eLearning site with hundreds of students.

👉 I don’t have ProPanel. How can I purchase it?

ProPanel only comes with the Plus or Pro package. You can upgrade your account to either package by selecting the “Upgrades” link on your account.

👉 Is LearnDash easy to use?

Yes, LearnDash is simple to use since it is code-free and allows you to create courses using a drag-and-drop editor. Because it has so many functions, there may be a slight learning curve in figuring out how everything works. LearnDash, on the other hand, does not necessitate any specific technological skills.

👉 Who uses LearnDash?

LearnDash is an excellent choice for major academic institutions, as well as solo course developers wanting to build and commercialize online courses and small companies searching for a cost-effective staff training solution.

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Conclusion: LearnDash ProPanel Review 2023

LearnDash with ProPanel plugin has been a game-changer in the spheres and domains of the e-learning world. ProPanel has successfully contributed and introduced the reporting of the required add-ons.

LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress LMS plugins. Its extensive capability makes it an excellent choice for designing fully personalized courses. The main drawback is that inexperienced users may struggle to understand all of the advanced features.

There’s a reason LearnDash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins, if not the best.

It has a lot of features that allow you to create fully personalized courses for your students. It can also scale and won’t buckle under the strain, as seen by its acceptance by large educational institutions.

However, that level of capability comes at a cost. To get the most out of the plugin, casual users will have to work through a learning curve.

But if you’re prepared to persist through the learning curve, or if you’re a more experienced WordPress user with a few sites under your belt, LearnDash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins you’ll discover.

ProPanel will always enhance and improve your experience with LearnDash. Helping you to access highly amazing features namely reporting, assignments, looking over reflective insights, quizzes, and helping to analyze one’s result.

It even showers the so-called real-time activity.

It even keeps an account of the following things which include the metrics like the number of total students, courses they opt for, the number of assignments pending, and much more.

As a result, the following article has provided you with a brief recapitulation of the traits and features it is brimming with, and thus this learning management system is equally remarkable and astounding with its services that are worth the use and time.

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