Sellics Review: Is The Amazon Seller Tool Worth Your Time And Money?

Though it is pretty easy to get started with your business, one of the most difficult challenges faced by business owners is standing out from this competition as well as growing the business. Today, growth needs to use various tools to get the correct indicators all at the right time to make the business decisions that can fetch profits. 

This is where tools like Sellics come in as a savior. The brand has proved its mettle in the arena of advertising optimization software programs that are dedicated to helping clients maximize ad reach, reducing ACoS, as well as driving product sales and, ultimately, profits from the business on Amazon. 

In this curated post, we will be overviewing the nooks and corners of Sellics.

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Our diverse methodology, backed by a team of seasoned Amazon professionals, offers a comprehensive study that goes beyond the horizon. At Imagestation, we take pride in conducting extensive research, delving deeply into Sellics’ features and functionalities to present you with a comprehensive perspective.

Our hands-on experience with Amazon FBA enables us to evaluate Sellics in terms of real-world application, providing practical insights that resonate with both new and experienced sellers.

Our FBA pro Roshan is breaking it down in simple terms, with no fancy jargon. We will reveal the secrets of how Sellics can scale up your Amazon game from someone who’s been there and done that.

Trust in our Amazon FBA professional to deliver an honest, informed, and practical review of Sellics, enabling you to make decisions that resonate with success in the powerful world of Amazon selling. Your journey through the Amazon marketplace just got a reliable companion – trust us for a review that speaks the language of FBA professionals.

What Is Sellics?

To put it simply, Sellics is an astounding software choice for eCommerce growth that is trusted by numerous agencies and brands to fetch profits on Amazon. It is an integrated and insightful solution that puts into use seamless optimization across all the key metrics of the performance of Amazon. 

This platform provides two separate platforms viz: the Amazon Vendor Edition and Amazon Seller Edition. In this release, the seller edition that is covered is reserved for those Amazon Sellers that have their Seller Central account.

What Can You Expect Out Of Sellics?

Here we will be listing the solutions offered by Sellics that make it one of the best Amazon Seller Tools.

→ Product Detector

With the Product Detector, you get an in-depth view of different products that are sold on the Amazon Marketplace. With this, you can figure out the niches that can fetch you the best of profits if you are someone who is facing trouble in finding new ideas for the products. The platform claims to filter the 10,000 best vendors on Amazon in their database by category. With the use of filters like estimated sales, sales area, weight, and a number of revisions, users can instantly search for thousands of products matching the criteria.

→ Niche Analyzer

Niche Analyzer helps the user analyze both the sales volume as well as the competitiveness in the niche you wish. It lets you determine the sales generated in a particular niche as well as how difficult it might get for ranking the keywords in an effective manner.

→ Cockpit

The dashboard has widgets that can show all kinds of practical data like sales, earning, performance, advice, PPC performance, keyword rankings, and the product list with current sales and revenue share.

→ Spy Tool

The spy tool lets the users keep an eye on the prices of competitors as well as discover the bestsellers. It lets the users track the volume of actual sales of the target product and reduce the risk of investment in products that are not well sold. Here you can also determine the volume of actual sales and price development of the product.

→ Keyword Classification

The Keyword Ranking tool offered by Sellics lets you search for the new keywords as well as the keywords classified by the competitors. This solution claims to have a database of over 180,000,000 Amazon keywords. With the Search Volume ad, users can find the keywords that are most relevant for their products. You can also monitor the changes in your rank over time and also the impact of optimization efforts with Keyword Tracking. 

→ Review Management Tool

With the notification management tool, you get notified as soon as you get a review for your product. In case of negative comments, it becomes easy to respond to the negative comments and thus mitigate the damage.

→ Inventory Management

Managing the stocks manually can be a serious issue, especially if you are someone that has a pretty diversified portfolio of products. With Inventory Management, users can automatically calculate the ideal date of replenishment for the product on the basis of sales speed, current inventory as well as delivery time.

→ Profit Panel

The profit chart can integrate seamlessly into the Central Account in order to show the exact profit margin after deducting all the costs like raw material costs, Amazon fees, PPC costs, shipping, and FBA Price in real-time. The dashboard gets updated every 5 minutes and can track all the benefits of the products in a day. For much more accurate results, you can always manually enter the cost and instantly see how profitable each product is.

→ Sponsored Link Manager

You can use the PPC administrator for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of Amazon ads. It also lets you view the performance stats of the ads, sorted by the impressions, orders, clickthrough rate, CPC, costs, revenue, and a lot more. Thus the user does not need to rely on the reports by Seller Central for determining the status of the campaign performance.

With PPC Optimizer, users can recognize the unconverted keywords as well as propose the new proposal on the basis of ACoS (announced cost of sales) and the individual potential of keyword printing. The administrator can integrate Amazon’s Product Advertising API for automating the campaigns and creating the custom rules sets that can automatically change the keyword bids on the basis of keyword performance.


→ It is compatible with 8 Amazon Markets.

→ The platform has a pretty comprehensive data and knowledge base.

→ Sellics offers amazing customer support. 

→ You get to see the sessions as well as conversion rates. 


→ Limited Historical Data.

→ No tool for user management and download reports.

→ The test users, too, need to sign in to the account.


Sellics offers a free trial for a period of 14 days to its users, where you can test all the features of this platform. 

The pricing plans of this platform are as follows:

Annual Sales  Monthly Plan Bi-Annual Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57 NA NA
$1K – $60K $67 $57 $47
$60K – $240K $97 $87 $77
$240K – $600K $157 $137 $117
$600K – $1.2M $217 $187 $157
$1.2M+ $317 $287 $257

Irrespective of the level, with each level, you get access to the key features as well as to all the Amazon Markets with unlimited keywords and products and the mobile app. 

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Wrapping It Up – Should You Go for Sellics ?

Sellics is one of the leading tools for e-commerce data intelligence with expertise in Amazon products and Keyword Research. It is a must-have tool for Amazon sellers and possesses a plethora of features like Listing Optimization, Amazon PPC Manager, Amazon SEO tools, and a lot more. 

Sellics can manage reviews on Amazon in a pretty efficient manner. It is one of the most crucial aspects of Amazon Business. It can outperform the major job of organizing, responding, and prioritizing the customer review in a matter of a few clicks. 

Read Full Sellics Review Here.

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