WP Courseware vs LearnDash 2023: Which is the Best WordPress LMS Plugin?

Are you looking for a simple learning management system (LMS) to assist you in creating and managing online courses?

WP Courseware and LearnDashWP are two of the most popular solutions today.

Both platforms provide powerful tools and features that can assist you in creating engaging and interactive online courses, but some differences may influence your choice.

In this comparison, we will look at how each LMS compares to the others in terms of features, ease of use, pricing, and other factors.


WP Courseware

Check out


Check out
Pricing $249 $199
Best for

Entrepreneurs, business training departments, and higher education institutions benefit from WordPress Courseware.

LearnDash is ideal for small and large businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and educational institutions.

  • Create Unlimited Courses
  • Drag-and-Drop, Visual Course Builder
  • Multimedia Learning Experience
  • The design and user interface are excellent.
  • Course builder is fantastic
  • Wide range of price Choices.
  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Good Email/Help Desk support
  • Variety of price options.
  • It features a drag-and-drop capability.
  • It includes a focus mode that works well with page builders.
  • The Astra theme is lightweight and easy to customize.
  • It provides a wide range of price choices.
  • It comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee
  • It is not suitable for large-scale e-learning businesses.
  • Lesson modification options are limited.
  • Template Management is not available
  • No free trials are available.
Ease of Use

WPCourseware has excellent features and looks professional

LearnDash is a great tool for business owners because it offers a simple user interface.

Value For Money

They give great support for the price they are charging.

LearnDash has a vibrant Facebook community dedicated to assisting clients.

Customer Support

Customer support is a priority for the WP Courseware team.

LearnDash is quite active on social media in order to assist their customers on a priority level.

Check out Check out

While WP Courseware and LearnDash are excellent resources, they have fundamental differences.

I’m sure you’ve heard about WP Courseware and LearnDash. They are two popular WordPress LMS plugins that make creating online courses and learning experiences easy. It can be difficult to decide which one is best for your project since both have their strengths.

As someone who’s used both platforms, I understand how important it is to make the right decision when choosing an LMS – not only does it affect the success of your project but also your budget.

In this blog post, I’ll compare learndash vs wp courseware to help you decide which platform offers the features you need at a price that suits your budget.

Bottom Line Upfront:

After comparing “WP Courseware” and “LearnDash,” it’s clear that LearnDash is the better option. 🏆 Its strong features, easy-to-use interface, and complete learning management system make it great for online courses.

LearnDash User Review - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

Although WP Courseware has good points, LearnDash’s flexibility, many integrations, and regular updates make it a stronger and more adaptable choice for teachers and students. If you want to create an exciting and effective online learning experience, LearnDash is the winner in this comparison.

Click here to get started with LearnDash 

So, let’s get right into it.

learndash vs wp courseware: Which Is The Best WordPress LMS Plugin? 🏆

LearnDash and WP Courseware are both WordPress plugins that work with your website.

When comparing LMSs, decide whether you want to use a platform or software. Your company’s objectives primarily influence this decision and how you intend to use your members’ areas.

WP Courseware is a fantastic plugin that allows users to create online courses. This plugin was created by Fly Plugins, a company known for developing plugins for WordPress-based businesses.

WP Courseware Plugin - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

Despite being designed as a fully integrated LMS, this plugin is not a competitor to the top standalone LMSs such as Blackboard or Moodle.

WP Courseware is appropriate for small to medium-sized e-learning systems. It has a simple user interface and is easy to use. Don’t worry if you have no experience with learning management systems; It makes creating and setting courses simple.

On the other hand, LearnDash is a popular and widely used WordPress plugin for creating online courses. It has been used to distribute learning content online by many Fortune 500 companies, colleges, training groups, and entrepreneurs.

It is the most effective WordPress learning management system available.


LearnDash lets you quickly and easily manage and sell courses online on a self-hosted platform you own and control.

Both LearnDash and WP Courseware began with the same goal: to assist you in supporting your online courses.  WP Courseware is less complicated than LearnDash, which has more sophisticated LMS capabilities.

Consider using integrations and add-ons with both LearnDash and WP Courseware to complete your setup.

LearnDash has a one-of-a-kind course builder that is simple to use and does not require any technical knowledge. WP Courseware employs a top-down approach, which may be less obvious to some users but does not necessitate extensive technical knowledge.

It gives you more control over how your students interact with courses and modules, whereas LearnDash gives you even more.

Both options will allow you to protect your content, release it all at once or drip-feed it to your users, create video courses and other media, and set up a course dashboard for them.

The main differences between LearnDash and WP Courseware are functionality, possible integrations, and price. We’ll go over these direct comparisons in greater depth below.

WP Courseware vs LearnDash: Overview

WP Courseware

WP Courseware is a handy plugin that allows users to create online courses. Fly Plugins, a company well-known for its WordPress plugins for businesses, created this plugin.

Although this plugin was designed to be a fully integrated LMS, it does not compete with the top freestanding giants such as Blackboard or Moodle.

WP Courseware Overview

It is appropriate for small to medium-sized e-learning sites. It is simple and intuitive to use. You should not be concerned if you have no experience with learning management systems because developing and configuring your courses with WP Courseware is simple.


This is a well-known and widely used WordPress plugin for creating online courses. Many Fortune 500 companies, colleges, training organizations, and entrepreneurs have used it to share learning content online. It is the most effective WordPress learning management system.

LearnDash enables you to manage and sell courses online more quickly on a platform you own, host, and control.

LearnDash Overview

So far, this is the best WordPress LMS plugin for creating self-hosted courses over which you have complete control. It is one of the most effective plugins for developing courses for:

  • Self-taught course designers
  • Educational establishments
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Organizations that provide CEU training
  • Developers

With the latest Focus Mode, it has evolved into an excellent course builder with several new capabilities, making it easier to sell and manage courses online.

WP Courseware vs LearnDash : Features

To know more about the features of WP Courseware vs LearnDash click on this link

Design Flexibility

WP Courseware and LearnDash are WordPress plugins that work with your WordPress theme or page builder. This makes it much easier to create a member’s section that matches the look and feel of your brand.

LearnDash supports a variety of page builders, including Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder.

However, it is essential to note that there are certain limitations when it comes to modifying course content on Elementor. Specifically, you can only modify LearnDash dynamic content, which refers to course content that is automatically added by LearnDash to certain types of pages. If you wish to avoid these limitations, you may need to hire a developer or utilize Beaver Builder.

LearnDash provides templates for these page builders that you can use as a starting point if you don’t want to start from scratch.

WP Courseware works with a wide range of WordPress themes and page builders. They have fewer feature constraints based on your page builder choices, an advantage over LearnDash.

LearnDash Design Flexiblity- WP Courseware vs LearnDash

It will automatically inherit the style of your theme. You’ll be able to change individual dashboard items from there. You have the option of making it more personalized or keeping it more generic.

Overall, they offer similar design flexibility, but WP Courseware wins as it has fewer restrictions on widgets, shortcodes, and adding and removing features.

Learning Reinforcements

LearnDash is the clear winner in this category, as they offer more comprehensive LMS functionality without requiring multiple add-ons and integrations.

WP Courseware, on the other hand, offers quizzes, both blocking (meaning they must pass) and non-blocking. You can create surveys, and an import and export quiz option allows you to bulk-add questions.

WP Courseware also allows you to add course progress to any post or page. They also have a grade book function that allows you to see your students’ overall progress as the administrator.

LearnDash distinguishes itself with its advanced quiz builder, grading and academic reports, certificates, and badges.

Why to choose LearnDash - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

They also have a variety of quiz types:

  • Multiple choice
  • Free choice
  • Sorting choice
  • Matrix sorting choice
  • Fill in the blank
  • Assessment (survey)
  • Essay (open answer)

They can also award points for correct answers, a remarkable feature. For example, you can set a passing score of 20 points and give your students one point for each correct response.

These learning reinforcement features create a positive learning environment, keeping users engaged and eager to learn.


Actions on widgets, shortcodes, and adding or removing features are available. For e-commerce, the checkout process is crucial for closing sales.

It supports one-time fees, subscriptions, installment payments, and packages. It also integrates with Stripe and PayPal, providing users with regular payment and checkout options.

It does not support current customer upgrade and downgrade paths, free trials, or pro-rated subscriptions. 

Integration with a more complex e-commerce plugin would be required to enable this feature.

LearnDash has Stripe and PayPal integrations, but there are more limitations than WP Courseware.

WP Courseware Ecommerce - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

The LearnDash Stripe Integration only supports more complex payment arrangements, such as a trial period or a downpayment for a course followed by a payment plan. Third-party integration to be enabled for recurring subscriptions and payment plans.

Personalization of the checkout experience is limited when using LearnDash with Stripe. You will need more control over the login and account management processes.

WP Courseware is a better choice if you want to sell items besides your courses, provide a whole membership site experience, or have complex pricing arrangements.

Affiliate Program

Learndash does not have affiliate services by default.

You’ll need your LearnDash plugin, a shopping cart integration (like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads), an affiliate plugin (Affiliate WP or Affiliates Plugin), and a LearnDash-WooCommerce integration if you wish to operate an affiliate program with LearnDash (if you chose WP affiliate).

LearnDash Affiliate Program - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

You can also use SamCart or ThriveCart as your shopping cart because they have built-in affiliate capabilities.

WP Courseware, on the other hand, does not provide an affiliate marketing feature. They boost sites such as Clickbank, Paydotcom, Payloadz, E-junkie, Commission Junction, and Share-a-sale.

Although remarkably, they both offer affiliate program integration options, you’ll need to conduct a separate plugin search to find the best match for you.

WP Courseware and LearnDash are not the best options for running an integrated affiliate network.

Bulk Course Enrolment

You can provide team leaders with license access, which they can distribute to team members using the bulk course registration functionality.

Team leaders can purchase, track progress, add new licenses, evaluate, and manage their team members from an attractive dashboard.

This payment option could help you reach a new market and meet current online learning expectations.

It does not include a bulk enrollment feature by default. This type of setup can benefit from add-ons and integrations, but it will be duct-taped together rather than smoothly connected.

WP Courseware Courses - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

LearnDash, on the other hand, has a function for bulk importing students. Again, this does not provide a fully integrated environment, but it makes adding multiple students much more manageable at once.

LearnDash does not include a tool for mass course enrollment, but they offer a paid add-on called Group Registration.

A team leader can purchase multiple licenses and assign them to team members using this premium add-on. The formation of a group will result from their acquisition.

The team leader can delete or add members to the group from their dashboard, independent of the WordPress dashboard.

Reporting and Metrics

The ability to extract data on your members, courses and sales is critical when predicting, improving, or for simply understanding what’s going well vs. what’s not.

These reporting and analytics tools should be included with any membership site software you choose.

Add-ons and integrations can be used to make reports work, but they add a level of complexity that can have a significant impact if the numbers don’t add up or you need to see what you want to see.

LearnDash includes an excellent add-on called ProPanel with the Plus and Pro subscriptions.

LearnDash key Features - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

ProPanel enhances the admin experience in LearnDash by combining reporting and assignment management, allowing you to send course-specific emails, and displaying real-time activity by course participants.

In WP Courseware, LearnDash’s reporting tool is different. As previously stated, they allow LMS connections, which may provide additional reporting capabilities.

With a comprehensive membership stats dashboard, you’ll be able to track data to improve your sales. Here are some examples of what a comprehensive LMS reporting feature might look like:

  • Student login patterns tracking
  • Real-time monitoring of student development
  • Analyzing quiz outcomes
  • Examine the purchases, refunds, and cancellations that have occurred.
  • Retention and growth tracking
  • Estimate the value of future subscriptions.

Customer Support 

Knowing where to look for customer service solutions can determine what to expect from a company. If you get stuck in a setup bind and discover that you will get a response from customer support for 1-3 days, things will go well for you.

Although LearnDash and WP Courseware offer customer support, both programs prioritize marketing their services.

However, they have a substantial knowledge base that includes tutorials on how to use features.

LearnDash has an article outlining the steps to obtaining assistance. They give you six things to try before calling customer service.

LearnDash Customer Support - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

Although some things must be tried before contacting support, it is congenial to be able to send an email and receive a quick response. You won’t have to worry about it with LearnDash.

It offers a ticketing system through its member’s site. Similarly, they have an extensive knowledge base that you can use to find answers.

Neither company specifies a ticket response time.

WP Courseware vs LearnDash: Integrations

Add-ons and integrations are required to make both LearnDash and WP Courseware work as a fully integrated learning management system.

Six or more add-ons to customize your membership to your preferences is unusual.

Integrations are handy for connecting two separate systems that must function in tandem. Any integration, on the other hand, increases the complexity of your system and broadens your technology stack.

Depending on the integration, you may incur additional costs and time to set up, manage, and troubleshoot as needed.

LearnDash includes built-in connectors that eliminate the need for a third-party connector like Zapier.

LearnDash Integrations - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

Some of the most popular integrations they provide are as follows:

  • bbPress
  • Course Grid
  • Mailchimp
  • WooCommerce
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Slack
  • ConvertKit
  • 2checkout
  • GamiPress
  • Easy Digital Downloads

Many more third-party integrations are available on LearnDash, some of which are free and some paid.

Additionally, a lot of WP Courseware users use a different plugin to complete their membership site setup. WP Courseware makes these integrations easier by offering the following integrations:

  • MemberPress
  • MemberMouse
  • Paid Membership Pro

WP Courseware Integration - WP Courseware vs LearnDash

While it’s fantastic that these integrations are available, they may complicate your setup. You also pay for two separate systems to work on one fully functional program.

If you consider your affiliate program, mass enrollment, and reporting capabilities, all these features are restricted on both LearnDash and WP Courseware. So if you want them, you’ll have to pay for them and add another integration to your list.

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WP Courseware vs LearnDash

WP Courseware vs LearnDash Pricing Plans

The pricing structures of LearnDash and WP Courseware are very similar. Both offer discounted rates when you visit their price page.

WP Courseware’s Professional Plan is the most popular, costing $149 annually.

The LearnDash Plus Package costs $399 per year.

That’s a difference of $250 per year, which is likely to influence your decision.

Consider the cost of the integrations required to get your membership site and courses up and running.

Concerning integrations and add-ons, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for every organization. Create a list of integrations that meet your needs and then calculate your costs.

LearnDash and WP Courseware make it simple to take advantage of special prices when you opt in or visit their WordPress websites. They both offer a money-back guarantee, which is helpful if you aren’t delighted with their package.

Additionally, they offer tier options. The core difference is the number of licenses obtained on each tier.

LearnDash Price 1 Site
LearnDash Price 10 Sites
LearnDash Price Unlimited

The following are Learndash’s tier options and site licensing restrictions:

  • Basic:  $199 / year – 1 site license 
  • Plus package: $399 / year – 10 site licenses 
  • Pro package: $799 / year –Unlimited site licenses

WP Courseware Price

The following is a list of WP Courseware’s tier options and install limitations:

  • Teacher: $129 / year – 2 site installs
  • Professor: $149 / year – 10 site installs
  • Guru: $199 / year – 25 site installs 

WP Courseware vs LearnDash: Pros ✔️ and Cons ❌

WP Courseware Pros & Cons


  • Easy integration with an existing WordPress site
  • User-friendly and intuitive plugin with drag-and-drop capability
  • Quizzes available in a range of formats
  • Drip feeding feature available
  • Over 100 integration options
  • Multiple pricing options available
  • Variety of discounts offered..

WP Courseware PROS


  • Not suitable for large-scale e-learning businesses.
  • Limited lession modifications

LearnDash Pros & Cons


  • Focus modes help in smooth integration and a professional look.
  • A lightweight and easy-to-use Astra theme is included.
  • LearnDash has a few plugins that may be used to expand the LMS.
  • No additional fee for payments and user administration.
  • Simple and straightforward course builder.
  • Wide range of pricing options.
  • It comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee.


  • Registration is required for accessing the faqs or any query-related issues.
  • No free trials are available.
  • A lot of time in learning.

WP Courseware may be suitable ✔️ for you if..

  • You are familiar with WordPress
  • You do not oppose using integrations to make your member’s area work.
  • You’d want a simple setup with no plans to improve it.
  • You already have a membership plugin installed and are only searching for a course builder.

LearnDash may be suitable ✔️ for you if..

  • You’re willing to experiment with a broader tech stack and various plugins to reach your objectives.
  • Integration with SCORM or Tin-Can LMS is a must.
  • You’re not picky about how your course looks and feels.
  • To build more customized consumer experiences, you don’t need deep CRM integration, but you need a lot of quizzing choices.


FAQs On WP Courseware vs LearnDash

⏫ What WP Courseware theme should I use?

With thousands of WordPress themes to pick from, it's entirely up to you to find one that meets your requirements.

👉 What is WP Courseware's upgrade and support policy?

WP Courseware licenses now include one year of updates and support. You can extend your license from a 2-site to a 10- or 25-site license. You may also upgrade from a 10 to a 25-site license. To do so, log in to the member portal, select the Licenses menu item, locate your license, and select View Upgrades. You'd just pay the difference in price between your current license and the new one.

👉 What kinds of content do I have access to in WP Courseware?

Because WP Courseware course units are WordPress articles, they may contain everything that can be put into a WordPress post or page. Text, video, and audio embeds, things from the WordPress Media Library, external URLs, downloads, and more are all included.

✅ Is it possible for me to charge for my courses in WP Courseware?

YYes. It is compatible with a fully working shopping cart, Stripe, and PayPal payment gateway. Your courses can be sold as a one-time payment, a series of installments, or a recurring subscription at any interval.

👌 Is it possible to create checkout pages manually in WP Courseware?

Yes. Within WP Courseware, there are three shortcodes connected to the checkout pages. These pages are created automatically when you install It for the first time. You will, however, need to build these pages if you already have WP Courseware installed.

🌻Is LearnDash a trustworthy platform?

LearnDash is the most trusted WordPress LMS, allowing users to create and sell online courses. It also provides powerful administrative tools and combines the most up-to-date technology into your lessons.

👉 Is it possible to use LearnDash without WordPress?

LearnDash is a plugin, which means it will only function with WordPress and nothing else.

✔️ Is it necessary for me to be a developer to use LearnDash?

LLeeasearnDash does not require you to be a developer. The setup should be simple as long as you have a basic understanding of technology. They designed the plugin to be as simple as possible, even for individuals who don't know how to code. However, if you are a developer—or have access to developers—LearnDash provides you with greater freedom than any of the hosted LMS systems. It truly is a case of getting the best of both worlds.

🤔 Will LearnDash assist me in keeping my WordPress website up to date?

LearnDash isn't a Software as a Service (SaaS) like many other hosted choices on the market (SaaS). This means you're buying the plugin and any technical support and updates that come with it. You need to pay more for them to manage your site. Like most of their consumers, they regard this as a huge benefit. You'll need to speak with a developer if you need assistance maintaining your WordPress website. A skilled developer may also assist you with a variety of adjustments, ensuring that your course accomplishes all you need.

👉 Does LearnDash store my data?

They don't handle hosting. Therefore, they don't keep any of your information. This is beneficial on numerous levels. To begin with, you are not paying them to store your information. Second, you don't have to worry about them storing your data insecurely since they don't save it. Finally, because they don't store your data, you won't have to worry about them doing something with it that you or your users don't like. You also don't have to worry about losing access if you switch to a different LMS because they don't host any of your course content.

🤔 Is WP Courseware compatible with many sites?

WP Courseware is currently incompatible with multisite WordPress setups. It may be installed and activated on multisite networks and single network sites. Some database queries are causing problems since they are similar across sites. WP Courseware has been reported to work on the root site. Still, they do not support multisite installs at this time.

Quick Review by Editor

When it comes to making the decision between WP Courseware and LearnDash, I would recommend first considering your needs. If you’re looking for an easy to use course builder with basic features, WP Courseware is a great option. However, if you’re looking for an LMS with more advanced features and integrations, LearnDash is the better choice. Either way, both options can help you create and deliver high-quality online courses in WordPress quickly and easily. By taking the time to research each one to determine which one works best.

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Conclusion: Is Wp Courseware better than Learndash? WP Courseware vs LearnDash 🏆

WP Courseware and LearnDash are two of the best plugins for people who want to build courses on their WordPress sites or integrate existing courses.

They are simple to integrate with WordPress sites and offer a variety of features and pricing options.

WP Courseware is an excellent choice if you already have a WordPress website and need a plugin to help you create professional online courses with many valuable features.

It offers various customization options and can quickly adapt to changing learning objectives and teaching styles.

It is simple to use and comprehend. It has many integrations that give you extra features like marketing, accounting, community involvement, and several payment options.

It’s a low-cost plugin that gives you incredible power and freedom in creating and marketing your online courses.

LearnDash has a plethora of features and capabilities. The only drawback is that it requires a WordPress site to work. However, converting your WordPress dashboard to an LMS eliminates the learning curve of navigating a new platform.

WordPress is an authoring tool; you can use LearnDash’s course builder to create courses from scratch or simply upload any pre-existing content.

Each of these plugins has its features, customization options, pricing plans, etc. 

I recommend you review both plugins, weigh their advantages, disadvantages, and features, and select the best option.

LearnDash User Reviews- WP Courseware vs LearnDash

Wp Courseware vs LearnDash


LearnDash comes with a ton of features and capabilities. The only issue is that it requires a WordPress site to function. When you convert your WordPress dashboard to an LMS, however, you remove the learning curve that comes with navigating a new platform.

Out of 10




Price: $ 199

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  1. In the trial, there were no difficulties with competing plug-ins, and there was a lot of video instruction to teach you how to use the software. It has a tonne of features and add-ons available.
    This app is new to me, however, the templates might be better. There might be a speedier course start out of the gate.

  2. Unfortunately, selling courses via woocommerce will remove the learndash product’s advertised features. WooCommerce is the most common method for companies to take use of WordPress’s automation and capability (ie adding customers to Mailchimp, adding the sale to accounting software, directing a customer post-sales path, etc). There are a number of woocommerce features that don’t work after the product is put on sale. Among the most notable aspects is the need for a certain course. No matter what restrictions or limits Learndash has placed on a course, users may still buy it using woocommerce.

  3. So far, LearnDash hasn’t had any issues whatsoever. In only a few days, we were able to roll out our online training course. Learned quickly and had no issues uploading all of our content to the internet. It was easy to find the solution to any questions we had thanks to the documentation, and when we did need to contact support, they were responsive and helpful.

  4. With the exception of the pricing, there isn’t much to recommend WP Courseware. Setup is a pain and it takes a long time to get everything up and running. I assumed I’d be alright since I’m a PHP and WordPress developer, but I was wrong. You’re very much on your own if you want to do anything other than what they’ve thought of.

  5. There is a lack of question types, graphics, and video. When I have a picture as an answer, I want it to be considered as the answer, with the choice of a mobile version.

  6. I was an early adopter, and WP Courseware was ideal for my company’s development needs to have a wonderful product to suggest.

  7. I’ve been creating courses on Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi, and I recently completed my first LearnDash course. I’m really blown away by how incredible it is! I now feel like I have creative control.

  8. LearnDash has enabled us to methodically arrange training courses when learners require them and guarantee that they are delivered EXACTLY how we require. Customers are already arriving more prepared and knowledgeable than in the past.

  9. No other WordPress e-learning solution compares to the ease and speed with which WP Courseware allows users to create online courses.

  10. WP Courseware simply works, and I appreciate not having to worry about having to deal with a customer service nightmare if anything goes wrong. A WP Plugin’s dependability cannot be emphasized.


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