10 Best Europe Proxy Providers 2024: Reviews & Comparison

Proxy servers in Europe allow you to bypass geographical restrictions, scrape European websites, and conceal your true location behind a fake one.

The greatest European Union (EU) proxy service providers may be found here. All of the services offered have been subjected to extensive performance testing, provide 24/7 assistance, and come equipped with everything you could possibly need.

The best 10 European proxy services are listed below without further ado.

10 Best Europe Proxy Providers 2024

Here we have listed the top Europe proxy providers.

1. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is among the oldest companies online if you’re looking to purchase proxy services. The Tel Aviv-based firm uses 2.5 million IP addresses to cover all of the world’s main cities. The service provides both dynamic and static IP addresses.

The API regularly updates the former and does so on a rotating basis. This means you may make as many requests at once as you want without experiencing any delays or interruptions.

GeoSurf Overview

GeoSurf offers static IP addresses for more than 130 countries and more than 30 US metropolitan regions. They are more likely to be singled out, however. Georsurf also excels as a mobile VPN.

VPNs make it simple to conceal your online activity by connecting via a proxy server. This one works with iOS and Android and supports a wide variety of protocols including OpenVPN and PPTP.

Only 120 places may make use of this functionality. The pricing of GeoSurf is high for a proxy service. However, it has a proven track record and a wealth of optional extras.

2. Oxylabs

When it comes to corporate proxy servers, Oxylabs is a top choice. It has over 100 million IPs available and may be used anywhere in the world.

Various proxy-driven chores, such as marketing intelligence tasks, may be easily completed with the use of its services.

Oxylabs Overview

The interface is bright and user-friendly. You may use it to get insight into your usage habits. Billing and ordering fresh services are split up into their own tabs.

Proxy settings cannot be managed from the control panel. The devices from Oxylabs, however, integrate well with proxy-aware applications.

Oxylabs also provides a Google Chrome plugin for testing proxies and general web browsing. Similarly, proxies are compatible with external proxy managers like FoxyProxy.

3. NetNut

When it comes to paid proxy server services, NetNut.io offers one of the finest options available.

The provider guarantees an uptime of 99.9 percent, provides unlimited simultaneous connections, and has lightning-fast connections. For intensive market studies and data collection, it’s perfect.

NetNut Overview

The first steps are really simple. Instructions on how to set up your proxies may be found in a straightforward console. The use of external programs is also possible. It’s also available as a Chrome addon.

When it comes to anonymous proxy server infrastructure, few companies can compete with NetNut. DiviNetworks has partnered with more than 100 carriers throughout the globe, allowing it to supply home IPs derived from top-tier ISPs.

The provider’s 100Gbit/s bandwidth capability ensures lightning-fast speeds for its customers. NetNut’s network provides improved dependability since all traffic is routed via it.

4. SmartProxy

When it comes to proxy services, Smartproxy is among the top options for home and corporate users alike. Data harvesting and other simple forms of web scraping are best suited for their use.

You can browse the web anonymously, access the internet anywhere in the world, and that’s only the beginning!

Smartproxy Overview

The first setup is simple. There are add-ons available for both Firefox and Chrome. The interfaces are similarly intuitive. Everything is well put together. The best part is that assistance is accessible 24/7 through live chat.

This proxy service has several useful features. It operates data centers at 195 locations in 8 countries. This gives you access to more than 40 million IP addresses. You won’t have any trouble using geo-blocked sites. Multiple proxies may connect to the service at once.

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5. Bright Data

If you’re looking for a reliable replacement for free proxy services, go no further than Bright Data. It provides an array of powerful resources for data collection. Around the world, this provider has earned the confidence of over 10,000 experts.

You’ll see an attractive control panel when you log in. It provides a brief tutorial on how to use the various features. Each function also has a preview sample. 


In addition, the administrative controls for the proxy server may be accessed online. This is due to the fact that PAYG options are available. In this setup, allocating resources like bandwidth, IP addresses, and network ports is simple. In terms of design, everything is peachy.

Websites protected by sophisticated anti-crawling measures may be accessed by using a data unblocker. To further increase its efficacy, you also get access to more than 72 million actual user IPs. In addition, you will only be charged for requests that are fulfilled.

The proxy service provides several customization possibilities. First of all, it features a crawler for search engines. Scraping search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others allows real-time data harvesting.

6. Hide.me

When it comes to free proxy server software, Hide.me is among the top options. Auto-connect, IP leak prevention, and BitTorrent compatibility are just a few of the many useful features provided by this service.

The nicest part is that there are no advertisements when you use this software. Hide.me is a simple and lightweight anonymizing service.

Hide.me- Best Europe Proxy Providers

Simply add the add-on to your Chrome or Firefox browser. For individuals who prefer not to use browser extensions, there is also a built-in solution.

The fascinating bits are in the features section. Hide.me provides SOCKS5 without charging you, in contrast to Smartproxy. Enjoy lightning-fast reaction speeds for things like online gaming and video streaming.

Fans of the BitTorrent protocol will appreciate the lightning-fast peer-to-peer file sharing made possible by this free proxy server. You may use as much data transfer speed as you like.

7. KProxy

No matter how much money you have to spend, Kproxy is one of the top proxy server solutions. Both inexperienced and seasoned internet browsers will benefit greatly from this method.

The time it takes to set things up is minimal. Add-ons are available for both Google Chrome and Firefox. Kproxy’s proxy browser is accessible if you don’t have access to either. The Kiwi Android app provides Internet access and is presently compatible with the product.

KProxy Overview

Kproxy provides a wide range of useful features. To begin, it will choose a server for you automatically. You may also choose from five other nations, including the United States of America, Canada, and France.

By default, your IP address will be hidden from websites. The protocol used by WebRTC also makes it simple to access otherwise blocked websites.

Even better, this proxy software comes with its own plugin specifically designed to evade firewalls. This addition allows you to see content that may have been filtered out by institutional firewalls.

8. ProxySite

ProxySite is the greatest free proxy service in terms of features. This option is not only packed with features but it was also developed with speed in mind. Those who need access to restricted websites will find this tool invaluable.

The first setup is painless. A browser-based proxy is included with ProxySite. It provides instant access to Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. You may also choose from more than twenty-five servers located in the United States and Europe.


ProxySite has default proxy settings. The number of available personalized settings is almost limitless. It makes it simple to imitate the behavior of many browsers, mobile platforms, and desktop OSes.

Blackberry, iPhone, macOS, and Windows 7/10 are among the most well-known. Developers are included as well.

Your browser’s user agent may be modified at a designated spot. Created websites may be put through their paces using this method. It is also perfect for data mining activities that need the use of bespoke bots.

9. Zyte

Zyte originated as ScrapingHub’s internal platform. After more than a decade under the name Crawlera, it has adopted a moniker that is less exclusive. However, it is the same rotating proxy network below.

If you’re using bots or scraping data, this is a great proxy site to use. It won’t cause CAPTCHAs to be activated or IP addresses to be blocked.

Zyte Overview

Zyte does not boast to its customers about the quantity or purity of its IP addresses. Instead, it uses rented IP addresses and implements its own sophisticated rotation mechanism.

In other words, you’re not really purchasing the proxies/IPs themselves, but rather a powerful web scraping application that makes use of them. One drawback is that the IPs aren’t ideal for use in other contexts. Additionally, strategies are built on the number of inquiries.

10. VPNBook

VPNBook is the greatest free HTTPS proxy service you can find. The service allows you an infinite number of internet sessions and a dedicated IP. The addition of a web browser is like the icing on the cake.


The product’s onboarding process is simple. It includes a web-based proxy browser like HMA. The fastest server is up for grabs, so take your choice.

The list of data centers is organized geographically, so you may choose one that’s convenient for you. A persistent window for swiftly navigating between sessions is always at your disposal.

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Conclusion: Best Europe Proxy Providers 2024

Ultimately, your individual requirements will determine which proxy server is ideal for you. No matter your skill level, your budget, or your disposable income, you’ll find something suitable on our list. Decide for yourself!

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