Top 10 Best Proxy For Facebook 2024: (UNBLOCKING & AUTOMATION BOTS)

If you’re having trouble getting things done on Facebook, it might be due to the location data associated with your IP address. Proxy servers are an efficient method of evading IP address limits.

Facebook proxies are what you need if you want to do any of the following: a) access Facebook from locations where it is blocked, such as your nation, school, or workplace; b) establish or manage several accounts on Facebook; c) use Facebook marketing automation software; d) scrape Facebook.

The best Facebook proxy sites may be found in this handy ranking. The proxies, server locations, and platform-specific enhancements offered by these providers are all top-notch.

While their costs may vary, one thing they should all have in common is the ability to provide a reliable Facebook proxy. We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of reliable Facebook proxies.

10 Best Proxy For Facebook in 2024

Now, let’s discuss the best Facebook proxies.

1. Bright Data

If any of the locations you’re looking for are included in Bright Data, they span just over 200 countries. As a company, Bright Data offers a wide range of possibilities.


Bright Data is a flexible and adaptable organization, with over 300,000 IP addresses in its data center and 2 million IP addresses for mobile.

Bright Data has over 35 million proxies in its database, so you have a good shot at obtaining a reliable Facebook proxy with them. They are also often considered to provide the fastest residential Facebook proxies accessible online.

2. Oxylabs

We think you’ll want to have a look at Oxylabs, which offers a wide variety of data extraction methods and has more than 30 million entries in its database.

Oxylabs Overview

You won’t be too disappointed if anything goes wrong since they provide a solid level of customer service and other features like in-house rotation and session management.

We like that there is a free trial period of seven days for potential customers to try out the service before committing to paying for it.

If you’re looking to do things like web crawling and data extraction online using your Facebook proxy, we recommend this new tech company.

3. Soax

Soax is an outstanding mobile Facebook proxy. To provide the best possible service, they maintain a large pool of IP addresses and regularly monitor them to eliminate any problematic ones.

Soax Overview

All addresses are obtained through a P2P network, so you never have to worry about being banned. You may choose IP addresses from a variety of locations, including nations, states, cities, and mobile providers.

This is just another way that their Facebook proxies manage to stay under the radar.

4. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire is a premium proxy service with access to a vast network of proxies. Mobile and fixed IP addresses are also available from ProxyEmpire. The layout of ProxyEmpire makes it simple to use.

ProxyEmpire Overview

If you have any queries, the support staff at ProxyEmpire is there for you around the clock. ProxyEmpire is a fantastic choice if you need a trustworthy proxy service.

Their extensive proxy network guarantees that you’ll find one that works for you, and their round-the-clock support staff is there to answer any queries or solve any difficulties that may arise.

In addition, its intuitive design makes it simple to acquire and deploy the required proxies.

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5. IPRoyal

IPRoyal is a great option if you’re looking for a proxy service. They have a variety of proxies available, including those from data centers, homes, internet service providers, and mobile devices.

IPRoyal Overview

Plus, they provide a no-risk demo version of their service. If you require a large number of proxies or proxies with special capabilities, IPRoyal is a fantastic choice. Some users may find it inconvenient as the second pool is rather tiny.

IPRoyal is a great option if you need a trustworthy proxy service. With two proxy pools to choose from and a risk-free trial, you can try before you buy.

The IPs in the high-end pool are culled from the same source as the Royal proxies, making them some of the finest in the industry.

The support staff at IPRoyal is professional and helpful whenever you have questions or concerns. IPRoyal is an excellent choice for anybody in need of a proxy service.

6. My Private Proxy

When it comes to datacenter proxies, nobody does it better than MyPrivateProxy. They provide low-priced, tried-and-true proxies for your use.


 This indicates that they have gone to great lengths to guarantee the flawless operation of all of their proxies and to avoid any conflicts with Facebook.

They provide public and isolated proxies. However, private proxies are preferable to shared ones since they are less likely to be discovered by an attacker.

Private proxies are lightning-quick and may set up many connections at once. Data centers for MyPrivateProxy are located in both the United States and the European Union.

7. High Proxies

High Proxies is on our list because of the special value it brings to the corporate world. Instead of keeping a huge list of proxies in one place, they divide them up into useful categories.


They provide a specific section for Facebook proxies, making your choice much easier. They cover 26 different countries and provide shared and private proxies.

Customers love them and they provide a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their services as a social media proxy.

Their starting fee per proxy is a mere $1.09, making them one of the most cost-effective proxy businesses out there.

8. Shifter

The insights brought by Shifter are fresh and original. Here, you pay not for the quantity of data sent, but for the number of ports your computer uses. Despite this, they are still able to provide excellent service to their clients.


You now have access to the largest proxy network in the world. They have a database of around 31 million unique residential IP addresses that is continually updated.

The proxies provided by Shifter may be used with HTTPS, stock exchanges, and social media platforms. In other words, you may get the most out of Facebook proxies by deploying them for maximum growth.

They also remember IP addresses for 5 minutes, which is plenty of time to complete the task at hand.

9. SSLPrivate Proxy

While SSLPrivate Proxy also provides a huge proxy database, one of its distinguishing features is the inclusion of a considerable number of shared and private proxies in addition to Facebook proxies.

SSLPrivate Proxy Overview

What sets them apart from the competition is that in addition to proxies, they also provide VPNs, so even if you’re in a region where you can’t use one, you still have options.

They have up to 16 GB of RAM on all of their servers, and this is a big selling point for both proxy and VPN services. If you want to use your proxy for Facebook, this is a great way to do so.

10. InstantProxies

InstantProxies will become a go-to since their services are among the lowest in price without sacrificing quality.

All of their proxies reside on special proxy servers that can accommodate an endless number of connections at once. This guarantees a steady connection. You also get unmetered bandwidth.

InstantProxies- Best Proxy For Facebook

The fact that they test the proxies before selling them to you is, nevertheless, noteworthy. This allows you to make sure you’re good to go before laying down any cash.

FAQS About Best Proxy For Facebook

How many simultaneous Facebook accounts does each proxy allow?

Home proxies and mobile phone proxies are top-notch options. This is due to their reliance on bandwidth and their plenty of spare IP addresses. While using proxies in a data center is possible, you are only allowed to automate two accounts via any one proxy.

How many simultaneous user connections can a proxy server safely handle?

Every single account needs its own proxy. However, this won’t be possible if you have a lot of accounts that need attention or if you’re short on funds. You should never automate more than five accounts, so keep that number in mind. If you can’t keep track of just one proxy account, having two or three is an excellent alternative.

Will Facebook be able to determine if I’m using a third-party proxy to access my account?

Not probable at all. Using high-quality proxies helps you stay undetected and guarantees that your operation goes through without a hitch.

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Conclusion: Best Proxy For Facebook 2024

The greatest proxies for Facebook may be found here. Each service is top-notch and tried and true. They provide quick connections and are helpful in completing the task at hand.

I hope this post has provided you with the information you’ve been seeking and that you found reading it to be a rewarding experience.

Make the most of your newfound expertise by applying what you’ve learned here.

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