8 Best Cheap Proxy Providers 2024: [Best Value For Money Proxies]

In this post, I will present you with the best cheap proxy providers of 2024.

Are you stuck and messed up by waiting to gain access to your favorite and most desirable shopping website? Or are you sick of the activities on social media? Are you tired of searching for the best proxy services in the upcoming years?

Want to know more in detail about the best residential and mobile phone proxy providers?

Let’s get started.

8 Best Cheap Proxy Providers 2024

To make things simpler, I have compiled a list of the top private proxies.

1. ProxyEmpire:

ProxyEmpire has all types of proxies, from not only the USA but other countries as well. The prices are affordable and can be used to test your applications. If you need to test your system before going live, the proxies offered at Proxy Empire will allow you to do it without breaking your budget.

They own their proxies and they monitor them constantly to make sure they do not go down, they hate it as much as you when a proxy goes offline.

ProxyEmpire: Best Cheap Proxy Provider

ProxyEmpire.io offers an excellent proxy service to traders looking to evade price tracking at their favorite online stores.

They don’t track specific products as Amazon does, but rather they keep their eyes peeled for anyone who might be checking out multiple items within a short amount of time (this is called ‘rate-limiting’).

In my opinion, the proxies offered by Proxy Empire have the best value for money.

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2. MarsProxies

Let me tell you why MarsProxies is hands down the best cheap proxy provider out there. Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes – dealing with all those frustrating bans, geo-restrictions, and IP limitations. It’s like trying to run a race with weights tied to your feet!

First off, their range of custom-tailored proxies is mind-blowing. From residential to data center and ISP proxies, they’ve got it all covered. No matter which sneaker bot or website you use, their proxies work like a charm, optimized to perfection.


One thing that sets MarsProxies apart is its ultra-residential proxies. These bad boys are optimized for all sneaker websites and more, with non-expiring GBs – talk about unlimited power! Plus, they support SOCKS5, ensuring seamless and secure connections.

Now, let’s talk about speed – the need for speed! Mars ISP Proxies deliver an impressive 10Gbps speed. Say goodbye to lag and hello to lightning-fast cop times! With unlimited bandwidth and threads, you can go all out without worrying about hitting any limits. Dedicated and Static IPs? You betcha! They’ve got you sorted.

And don’t even get me started on the Mars Obsidian Proxies (Datacenter). With unbanned access to most stores, blazing-fast speeds ranging from 6 to 120 ms, and SOCKS5 support, it’s a datacenter dream come true. Whether you choose the daily plan or the monthly plan, you’ll be conquering the sneaker world in no time.

But wait, there’s more! MarsProxies is all about providing a smooth and hassle-free experience. Their sticky sessions keep you connected without a hitch. No more losing out on drops due to unstable connections – they’ve got your back!

So, imagine this: You’re going for that exclusive sneaker drop, and thanks to MarsProxies, you’re bypassing all those pesky restrictions like a boss. It’s like having your secret weapon for copping success!

3. Storm Proxies:

Storm Proxies was founded in 2016 by a group of SEO professionals. It provides SEO proxies. As a result, they are the finest proxies on our list for SEO purposes.

They provide dedicated or private proxies in addition to the greatest reverse-rotating proxies. They provide both residential and data center IP addresses.


They are the backconnect proxies that constantly provide rotating IP addresses. On its servers, all SEO tools are accessible for usage.

One of the finest characteristics that many proxies lack is the ability to provide proxies for snakeheads. As a result, its revolving residential proxies benefit Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and a variety of other brands.

4. LimeProxies:

Lime Proxies are outstanding proxy service providers. They specialize in providing Virgin IP addresses.

One of the greatest advantages of this proxy is that it includes private proxies, international proxies, and sock5 private proxies in its collection of private proxies.


These proxies perform well on software and gaming apps. Additionally, it is ideal for publishing classified advertisements and circumventing ticketing portals.

Sock5 proxy protocols are well-known for their effectiveness in gaming and hence suit the greatest purpose here.

Their virgin IPs, which have never been used before, are ideal for accessing particular social networking applications without encountering any difficulties.

5. HighProxies:

The High Proxy servers in this list are the most powerful proxy servers available. It began operations in 2015.

They are the quickest and most anonymous proxy servers available and are recommended for use with Amazon, Google, PayPal, and Twitter.


It provides some of the most excellent customer assistance and if bought in bulk, it is rather affordable. These proxies operate at rates of up to 1Gbps. They are running on Xeon servers with 16 GB of RAM.

These private proxies are prohibited by Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Supreme sneakers. This implies that you cannot use these proxies to bypass these sites.

Additionally, the High proxy servers prevent the sites that operate with Instagram or those that are associated with it from being surpassed. That would need the use of Instagram proxies.

They provide dedicated private proxy servers for virtual private networks, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, Amazon, Linkedin, Craigslist, and all other social media proxies except Instagram.

They operate 18 data centers, 17 of which are located in the United States. These data centers help to diversify and reroute your IP. As a result, data centers in the United States are fast and secure.

6. Trusted Proxies:

Trusted Proxies was founded in 2010. When it comes to business, it is one of the top proxy servers. They benefit the firm the most by using a proxy for SEO.

Trusted Proxies: Best Cheap Proxy Provider

It is most often utilized as a keyword-ranking software solution. It accelerates the keyword ranking report and integrates with a variety of SEO tools, including Rank Tracker and Advanced Web Ranking.

Trusted Proxies uses only white-hat solutions and prohibits any black-hat solutions. Using the proxies listed above, you may uncover a variety of longtail keywords that were previously too difficult to detect.

7. SSL Private Proxies:

SSL Private proxies, like High proxies, are an excellent method of using anonymous proxies. They are the industry’s most elite and anonymous proxies. They provide shared proxies, highly anonymous proxies, and the industry’s top VPN services as well.

The servers are very fast since they are dedicated Intel Dual Xeon servers with up to 16 GB of RAM. Additionally, proxies are beneficial for social networking, classified advertisements, and site scraping. The web servers are powered by wind energy, which makes them environmentally beneficial.

SSLPrivateProxy- Best Cheap Proxy Providers

The servers are spread over 33 sites in the United States and five locations in Europe. They provide extremely anonymous and customized packages for a variety of proxies.

While browsing the web, your IP address and geo-location remain anonymous. Thus, these proxies are ideal for accessing restricted websites.

8. EZProxies:

EZ Proxies is well renowned as the finest proxy service for black hat SEO practitioners. They provide both shared and private proxies.

Though the firm is still missing several features and was unable to explain to me some of its distinguishing characteristics, such as data center locations.

EZ Proxies Overview- Best Cheap Proxy Providers

They provide both shared and private proxies, as well as international proxies. Additionally, these proxies are optimal for the Scrapebox.

Additionally, EZ proxies may be used for social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as email proxies. These proxies are intended for usage with email platforms such as Gmail and Hotmail, not with SMTP-based ports.

9. MyPrivateProxy:

MyPrivateProxy was discovered in 2011 and has grown to become one of the world’s biggest proxy networks. One reason I’d suggest this proxy server is that it enables access to sneaker websites through their proxies.

MyPrivateProxy: Best Cheap Proxy Provider

They provide several IP addresses, including sixteen in the United States and eight in the European Union.

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FAQs On Best Cheap Proxy Provider

How much does it cost to buy a proxy?

The cost is determined by the proxy program you choose. Logic dictates that a starting plan will be far less expensive than an enterprise plan. However, if you’re looking for accurate pricing, expect to pay anything from $5 to several thousand dollars per month for basic plans (and very unstable ones at that!) and several thousand dollars for corporate subscriptions.

Are there free proxies?

The majority of Internet users have found consolation in the usage of web proxies to enable anonymous Internet access. The bulk of these web proxies is available for free under the moniker open proxies, which has led to their meteoric rise in popularity.

Are residential proxies worth it?

The simple answer to this issue is that residential proxies are superior to datacenter proxies for concealing your sneaker bot. While data center proxy performance and reliability are acceptable if you just have one or two accounts, they degrade significantly when you have a large number of accounts and are prone to subnet bans.

Conclusion: Best Cheap Proxy Provider 2024

From the list of private proxies, you may pick from a variety of proxies. If you’re on a budget, Lime Proxy, and Storm Proxy are the finest options to try for the time being.

If you’re looking for higher-performing servers on a budget, SSL Private Proxy and MyPrivateProxy are all highly suggested.

If you’re on a tight budget, Proxy Empire is an excellent alternative. In general, all of the private proxy servers are completely working and rank among the industry’s top. 

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