10 Best Sneaker Proxy Providers 2023: Step Up Your Sneaker Game

If you’re into buying sneakers online, you’re probably aware of how competitive the market can be.

To successfully cop a pair of limited edition sneakers, you need to be quick, strategic, and most importantly, have the right tools at your disposal.

One of these tools is a sneaker proxy provider – a service that allows you to hide your IP address and bypass any sneaker site’s anti-bot measures.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right provider.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best sneaker proxy providers on the market, including Smartproxy, Storm Proxies, and PrivateProxy, and highlight their key features and pros and cons.

By the end of this article, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the sneaker proxy provider that best fits your needs and budget.

10 Best Sneaker Proxy Providers in 2023

We have compiled a list of the finest sneaker proxy providers.

1. Oxylabs

In the proxy business, Oxylabs is a well-known and respected name. With more than 100 million IPs, including both residential and data center proxies, users can expect a large network with good geo-targeting.

The company is proud of the fact that they honestly get their addresses, so users can be sure that their proxies are real. Oxylabs has some of the best proxies for sneaker bots, and they work about 99.2% of the time.

Oxylabs Overview

One of the best things about Oxylabs is that you can avoid IP blocking and CAPTCHAs. This makes it a great option for people who want to avoid getting blocked as much as possible.

This is possible because your IP address changes every time you make a new request, thanks to the continuous proxy rotation.

Even though web scraping was the main purpose of the infrastructure, the IPs also work well as sneaker proxies.

Oxylabs Pros and Cons

Oxylabs Pros

  • Affordable plans
  • A wide range of proxy types is available
  • Offers IPv6 proxies
  • Fast and reliable network
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Offers user authentication and IP whitelisting
  • 24/7 customer support is available

Oxylabs Cons

  • No free trial or money-back guarantee
  • Only has servers in 7 countries

2. MarsProxies

As someone who is deeply invested in the world of sneaker-copping, I can confidently say that MarsProxies is the ultimate companion for securing those highly-coveted kicks.

What sets them apart is their vast pool of unbanned IP addresses scattered across the globe. This extensive network ensures that I always have a diverse range of IPs to work with, which is essential for avoiding bans and staying under the radar while trying to cop with limited-edition sneakers.


No matter which sneaker stores I’m targeting, MarsProxies has got me covered with their perfect sneaker proxy servers. They have tailored their IP addresses to be optimized specifically for sneaker websites, and they even have presets for the most popular retailers. This level of customization maximizes my success rate, giving me a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of sneaker releases.

What truly sets MarsProxies apart is its active and supportive community. By joining their Discord channel, I instantly become part of a global network of like-minded sneaker enthusiasts.

Here, I can seek assistance, exchange valuable tips and tricks, and even witness the successful purchases of other users. Real comments and screenshots are posted daily, showcasing the real-life success stories achieved with MarsProxies’ proxies.

3. Storm Proxies:

Storm Proxies is a well-known provider of backconnect rotating proxies that work well for many things, including copping sneaker sites.

You can use their standard rotating residential proxies for this, but the company suggests using one of the packages made just for sneaker sites.


These packages are a bit more expensive, but they are guaranteed to work with popular shoe sites like Footlocker, Eastbay, Supreme, Adidas, Nike, Yeezy, and many others.

One of the best things about Storm Proxies is that all of its plans come with unlimited bandwidth and access to a pool of more than 40,000 residential IPs.

You can choose between IP addresses in the US or the EU, and they change every 5 minutes. It’s important to know that all packages are limited to 1 access IP, which means you can only use the service from one computer.

Storm Proxies Pros and Cons

Storm Proxies Pros

  • Backconnect rotating proxies specialist.
  • Guaranteed to work with popular sneaker sites.
  • Access to a large pool of over 40,000 residential IPs.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with all packages.
  • Fast and highly anonymous proxies.
  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • Instant delivery of proxies.

Storm Proxies Cons

  • Can be expensive.
  • Small proxy network.

4. Shifter:

The Shifter is a trusted proxy service that has been around for almost a decade under different names.

Shifter specializes in backconnect residential proxies, which have been shown to work for all kinds of online activities, including sneaker copping on popular websites like Adidas, Nike, and Footsites. Shifter also offers reliable shared and dedicated proxies.


One of the best things about Shifter is its large network of proxies. By 2021, the company will have more than 31 million residential IPs, which is a lot.

Shifter charges for proxy ports instead of bandwidth, so you can use as much data as you want without any limits. Also, each port changes every 5 minutes, making sure that your IPs are always new and that you can’t be found.

Shifter Pros and Cons

Shifter Pros

  • Over 31 million IPs for reliable backconnect residential proxies.
  • Suitable for shoe copping on popular sites like Nike and Supreme.
  • Proxy ports charged instead of bandwidth, meaning no restrictions.
  • Proxies rotate every 5 minutes, minimizing the chance of getting blocked.
  • City-level targeting is available for an extra payment.
  • Instant scaling feature available for quickly adding extra ports.
  • Highly anonymous proxies with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Shifter Cons

  • City-targeting is only available with special plans.
  • Unreliable customer support.

5. Smartproxy:

Smartproxy is a proxy service that says its proxies are perfect for sneaker sites. The company has a network of more than 40 million IP addresses, both for residential and data centers.

The residential proxies are especially good for sneaker sites because they work with all of the major sneaker bots.

Smartproxy Overview

Smartproxy has two kinds of IP sessions: rotating and permanent. It can also geo-target close to 200 places around the world.

With the rotating version, you get a new IP every time you make a request, but with the sticky version, you can keep the same IP for a longer time.

All proxy plans come with an unlimited number of threads and connections, so you can use the same package to try to buy more than one pair of shoes.

Smartproxy Pros and Cons

Smartproxy Pros

  • An extensive network of 40+ million IPs
  • Suitable for targeting shoe sites
  • Unlimited proxy connections and threads
  • Highly resistant to mass banning
  • Affordable pricing
  • Offers both rotating and sticky IP sessions
  • Excellent performance on sneaker bots

Smartproxy Cons

  • City-targeting in limited locations
  • No SOCKS5 support

6. IPRoyal:

IPRoyal may not have as many proxies as some of the other companies on this list, but its 2 million real residential proxies are good for sneaker proxies and reliable service.

IPRoyal wants to offer a high-quality service to customers who want to buy sneakers. It does this by focusing on dedicated sneaker proxies.

IPRoyal Overview

The provider has shown that it has some of the best sneaker proxies on the market by making sure they work with a wide range of sneaker bots.

These sneaker proxies are anonymous, support HTTPS and SOCKS5, and are guaranteed to work 99% of the time. They also have unlimited bandwidth and let you log in with a user: pass or IP address.

But it’s important to remember that these are data center proxies, which may not be as reliable as rotating residential proxies in some situations.

IPRoyal Pros and Cons

IPRoyal Pros

  • Compatible with all sneaker bots
  • Cheap prices for all services
  • Reliable and 100% genuine residential proxies
  • Works with most footsites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • User authentication for enhanced security
  • SOCKS5 and HTTPS support

IPRoyal Cons

  • Small proxies network compared to others
  • No free trials or refunds are available

7. Private Proxy

PrivateProxy is a well-known service that has been in business for more than ten years. Unlike many other proxy services, PrivateProxy gives you the right to be the only user of the IP addresses you buy, whether they are from a data center.

Compared to some of its competitors, the company’s network of more than 100,000 proxies may seem small. This is not a bad thing, though, because it makes sure that you are the only one who uses the proxies you buy.

PrivateProxy Overview

PrivateProxy has packages made just for sneakerheads, which the company says are some of the best sneaker bots on the market.

The sneaker proxies can be used to buy shoes from most websites, including top brands like Adidas, Nike, and Yeezy Supply, as well as European sneaker brands like Footpatrol, and BSTN.

Private Proxy Pros and Cons

Private Proxy Pros

  • Personalized proxies with exclusive subnets
  • Guaranteed to work on top sneaker sites
  • Free trial available
  • Excellent prices per IP
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support
  • IP whitelisting for added security
  • Unlimited connections

Private Proxy Cons

  • Requires a large upfront investment
  • Small proxy pool compared to other services

8. Geonode

Geonode is a proxy service that gives users access to a pool of more than 2 million residential IPs.

Geonode doesn’t mix different types of proxy IPs like some of its competitors do to make their networks look bigger. Instead, it only offers residential IPs from real devices.

Geonode- Best Sneaker Proxy Providers

This service is great for people who want to test their sneaker bots and don’t want to spend a lot of money on proxies.

One of the best things about Geonode is that there are no limits on how much data can be sent. When people use this service, they don’t have to worry about how much bandwidth they can use.

Geonode has several ways to sign in, such as IP whitelisting and username + password, which makes it easier for users to log in.

Genode Pros and Cons

Genode Pros

  • Affordable residential IPs sourced from real devices.
  • Unmetered bandwidth with no data transfer limitations.
  • Multiple authentication options are available.
  • Supports a variety of protocols including HTTPS and SOCKS5.
  • Private exit nodes ensure a low risk of getting banned.
  • Versatile with support for rotating proxies and sticky sessions.

Genode Cons

  • A small pool of IPs compared to some competitors.
  • Sneaker copping is not explicitly listed as a use case.

9. Proxy Drop

Proxy Drop is a small proxy service with a lot of potential that focuses on sneaker proxies.

Even though the company hasn’t been around for very long, it has already built up a pool of more than 28 million proxies, and this number is still growing.

Proxy Drop- Best Sneaker Proxy Providers

A group of sneaker fans started the company because they were tired of the problems that most sneaker proxies had, such as slow speeds, low success rates, and proxies that were banned.

Proxy Drop has a service that can help with all of these issues. One of the best things about Proxy Drop is that there aren’t many active users.

With more than 28 million IPs, the company has a large IP pool, so users don’t have to worry about competition from other members or running out of proxies when using the service.

Some people might think that the low number of active users is a sign that the service isn’t reliable, but it’s just because the service is still new.

Proxy Drop Pros and Cons

Proxy Drop Pros

  • Exclusively deals in sneaker proxies
  • Founded by sneakerheads to address common issues
  • The low number of active users for less competition
  • Guaranteed to work on popular Footsites
  • Offers various types of proxies
  • No throttling of proxies

Proxy Drop Cons

  • Limited information on location coverage
  • Plans can be costly and no refund policy

10. Bright Data:

Bright Data, which used to be called Luminati, is currently one of the most reliable and effective proxy service providers on the market.

It has the biggest network of residential proxies, with more than 72 million IPs from all over the world that change every few minutes.


This gives people a large network of people to work with all over the world, from the US to Japan to Australia and everywhere in between.

The company is known for having great uptime, a low rate of bans, and a great team of people who help customers. Bright Data’s huge pool of IPs is one of its best features.

These IPs are perfect for sneaker copping on websites like Nike, Supreme, Adidas, and Footsites. The company uses a P2P network, which makes sure that users are accessing real IP addresses from real ones that are not on the same subnet.

This makes it very hard to track them. Even though Bright Data’s website doesn’t list sneaker copping as a use case, the 72 million or so IPs are perfect for this.

Bright Data Pros and Cons

Bright Data Pros

  • The largest network of residential proxies with over 72 million IPs.
  • Worldwide network with locations in the US, UK, Japan, and Australia.
  • Real residential IPs are difficult to track due to P2P networks.
  • Offers both shared and private IPs.
  • Fast and reliable proxies.
  • Good for businesses and companies.

Bright Data Cons

  • More expensive than most companies on the list.
  • Limited bandwidth and not ideal for individuals.

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Conclusion: Best Sneaker Proxy Providers 2023

If you’re a sneakerhead looking for the best proxy provider for copping limited-edition sneakers, it’s important to choose a provider that offers reliable, fast, and highly anonymous proxies.

The three providers I reviewed, Oxylabs, Stormproxies, and PrivateProxy, all offer specialized proxy plans for sneaker copping, with guaranteed compatibility with popular sneaker sites like Adidas, Nike, and Yeezy Supply.

Each provider has its strengths and weaknesses, and the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget.

I hope this article has helped you make an informed decision on the best sneaker proxy provider for you. Happy copping!

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