SkyPrep Pricing 2024: Should You Go For It?

In this article, we have featured SkyPrep pricing. Companies and individuals who want to teach, test, and manage their employees or customers use the cloud-based online training platform SkyPrep.

The upload of existing material, such as training videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word papers, or any other file type, is the first step in the course construction process.

Using the testing platform, users can create quizzes and tests with a range of question types. To build a course, all you have to do is pick and choose from your library of content and evaluations.


You may control and track users’ behavior and performance after inviting them to the platform using a range of methods. Thanks to real-time performance reports and analytic data, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on with your platform.

They also offer a lot of customization options, allowing you to personalize this training platform. With unique domain names, themes, and logos, you may give your users the impression that they are completing their training on your website.

A learning management system (LMS) is needed to manage, deliver, and evaluate e-learning courses. I’ll give you an overview of SkyPrep LMS in this post, and you can decide whether or not you want to use it.

Bottom Line Upfront:

SkyPrep, an online learning application, is used by over 500 enterprises. It simplifies the process of tracking, delivering, and optimising training. Additional services include content production, course administration, virtual classrooms, testing, e-commerce, internal training, and team management.

Compliance with applicable federal, state, and corporate policies is also a high priority. It supports a wide variety of file formats and is compatible with a wide variety of enterprises.

SkyPrep Customer Testimonials

Using the award-winning SkyPrep LMS, companies can provide, track, and optimise training for their employees, clients, and partners.

For this reason, their goal is to make it as easy as possible for companies to learn and share information online.

They offer online training and information-sharing solutions to major enterprises. Their award-winning solutions are used by over 250,000 employees from prestigious companies in a wide range of industries and sectors around the world.

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SkyPrep Pricing Plan 2024

SkyPrep is designed for businesses that want to train and develop their employees, partners, and customers without spending too much on it.

As we all know, physical training is expensive for management. It takes a lot of time because it requires the individual to be physically present during the training.

Still, with the help of SkyPrep, management can reduce their training and development costs by providing online training to their employees.

On SkyPrep, business entities can post any content, and even courses can be connected to build a learning syllabus.

SkyPrep LMS

You may upload, create, and update the content at any time, and SkyPrep supports a variety of software formats, including SCORM, PowerPoint slides, videos, PDFs, and rich HTML.

SkyPrep automates and migrates all facets of employee training using a simple and consistent online platform.

Along with their straightforward interface, they have a modern, totally adjustable design that enables a highly personalized and dynamic online learning environment.

Naturally, they provide a slew of functions in addition to an easy and appealing appearance. This includes the ability to upload a variety of different types of files, make exams, and generate comprehensive reports.

Pricing Plans

There are basically four premium options available, and they are now offering a free 14-day trial period to allow you to get a feel for how SkyPrep works.

SkyPrep Pricing


  • Costs $349/month (yearly plan)
  • Up to 100 Active Users
  • 2 Administrators
  • Unlimited Registered Users
  • Custom Branding & Certificates
  • Unlimited Courses, Assessments & Content
  • Email Support


  • Costs $499/month (yearly plan)
  • Up to 250 Active Users
  • 5 Administrators
  • All the features Of the Starter Plan 
  • Advanced Security Controls
  • Manager Roles
  • Group Hierarchy
  • Phone Support


  • Costs $749/month (yearly plan)
  • Up to 500 Active Users
  • 20 Administrators
  • All the features of the Advanced plan
  • Advanced Reporting
  • SCORM 1.2 Support
  • API Access
  • Single Sign-on


  • To purchase this plan, you need to contact SkyPrep
  • 500+ Active Users
  • 20+ Administrators
  • All the Features of the Premium Plan
  • Multi-Platform Hierarchy
  • Course Sharing Ability
  • Migration Services
  • Multi-year Discounts

These are SkyPrep’s paid programs, which you can customize to meet your business’s needs. All of these subscriptions are for one year, which means that once you subscribe, you cannot cancel until the time has expired.

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Conclusion: Should You Go for It?

SkyPrep is an eLearning platform that is utilized in a variety of educational contexts as well as for staff development and training. Consumers generally said that it was reasonably priced, useful, and well-functioning and that they would recommend it to others.

The features were favorably praised, particularly the gamification, learning routes, file uploading, administrative tools, and ease of setup.

It’s a pretty comprehensive system that provides instructors and human resource departments with the online learning capabilities they require. Customer support was described as nice and responsive.

Administrators praised the course and content development tools in particular for making it simple to create classes.

When it came to flaws in evaluations, some people thought the analytics didn’t provide enough alternatives and that the system was insufficient. A few users also mentioned that integrations were difficult, making it difficult to connect with other apps.

Overall, this is a good option for medium and large businesses looking to expand their online learning. There are also appealing options for small businesses with the necessary funds.

SkyPrep is already integrated with a number of large corporations, including Lynden Doors, Schindler, the Buffalo Bills, Cardlytics, and many others. This means you can put your trust in SkyPrep.

It was also recognized and chosen as the most user-friendly LMS. In terms of monetary value, it offers the best value.

It already serves over 250,000 users from various companies in various industries all over the world. You can now decide whether you want to use it or not.

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