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LifterLMS Pricing 2023: How Much Does It Cost?

You could be interested in monetizing your knowledge and experience by offering eLearning courses on your website. Learn here about LifterLMS Pricing

With a learning management system plugin from Codecanyon, you can give students an engaging, interactive experience. All you need is one of the many WordPress-compatible LMS plugins on the market!

Do you want to use WordPress to develop your own online course? LifterLMS has proven itself as one of the best plugins on the market, so it’s an excellent pick. Is it, however, the suitable plugin for your requirements?

In this Article, I’ll show you how to find out. LifterLMS is an amazing plugin in terms of features, and it can be reasonably priced depending on the type of budget you’ve established for yourself.

So, let’s get started learning more about LifterLMS.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Without a doubt, LifterLMS is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins. It has a wide range of features that most other plugins lack, and it also nails the membership aspects of online courses, something not all plugins accomplish well.


One thing to think about is the price. It’s in a peculiar limbo where, depending on your needs, it can be both inexpensive and expensive at the same time.

You’ll need to buy at least one payment gateway, but it’s a good idea to offer your customers more than one way to buy from you.

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LifterLMS Overview 2023: Try for $1 For 30 Days

What is LifterLMS?

One of the WordPress LMS plugins is this one. WordPress can be used to operate blogs and, in some cases, entire websites. Because everything is connected to a single system, you may operate your courses online using WordPress.

LifterLMS outperforms the majority of WordPress LMS plugins. With the help of LifterLMS, you can turn your WordPress site into a professional platform and offer your students some of the greatest online courses available.


An LMS offers you to create, organize and manage your online courses and then you can share them with your students. LifterLMS has a core plugin that is actually free for every user but if you want more features then you can add the premium add-ons. In this digital world, you create digital classes for your students from where they can learn your courses.

It is connected to E-commerce and membership plugins like InfusionSoft, PayPal, WooCommerce, and BuddyPress which won’t let you install another plugin again after you install LifterLMS because you will get all the things here at the LifterLMS.

Top 3 LifterLMS Features:

1. Content Customization

It is one of the awesome features of LifterLMS. Because it helps you in creating, managing, and selling your own courses after the Installation of LifterLMS. You can see your progress on the dashboard if you’re a student of one of the courses made through LifterLMS.


It is called the Progression Bar. You can customize it in any way you want on your website. There are a lot of customized themes from which you can choose.

You can attach your courses anywhere in shortcodes because LifterLMS also supports shortcodes. You can customize the user interface, collect important data, and track user activity and progression.

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2. Badges and Certificates

People like it when they get rewarded for something so you can give badges to the most loyal users on your site with LifterLMS. They can get in starting of the course, completing a quiz and a lot more and you can also give them a certificate on the completion of a course.

It also has a really cool feature where they can share their accomplishments on social media.


You can use it to encourage your users to learn more and it will increase your brand’s awareness on a very big scale.

The sharing option will be available once you attach LifterLMS Peepso integration to your site. Users can show their certificates to anyone after they complete the course from your website.

3. Easy User Interface

LifterLMS has a very easy user interface like most of the other plugins on WordPress.

You can use it very easily and implement it on your website. It has a simple drag-and-drop function that allows you to create your course without having difficulty. It is only because the user interface is very friendly and easy to use.

You can use it for personal as well as professional needs. You can make your courses for learners more distraction-free by adding simple colors and structures to them. You can create as many courses with LifterLMS as you want. There is no limitation in that.

LifterLMS Pricing:

LifterLMS’s core plugin is available for free. You can use the free plugin to add courses, simple quizzes, and much more. It will be tough to create a payment gateway for your courses because it does not integrate with a payment processor or email marketing tool, but you can use the LifterLMS premium plugin in the core plugin.

PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net are the payment gateways. These connectivity plugins cost $99 each year, so if you require PayPal, Stripe, and ConvertKit for your website, you’ll have to pay $300 per year.

However, if you want at least three of these integrations, the Universe Bundle of LifterLMS is available for $299 per year for use on one website.

After that, you’ll be able to accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net. You can also use your own personal merchant account with just one integration, Authorize.net.

With the Universe Bundle of LifterLMS, you’ll also get email marketing integrations for MailChimp and ConvertKit.

LifterLMS Pricing

Private Posts, Social Learning, Advanced Quizzes, and Assignments are some of the feature plugins available. They are available in a package as well as individually.

The Infinity package costs $999 per year or $99 per month for use on one site, however, each separate site costs $199 per year. The Infinity Bundle includes all of the features of the Universe Bundle as well as the functionality plugins.

Again, the main plugin is free, but if you want to accept payments through one processor and connect it to an email marketing platform, you’ll have to pay at least $200 per year. This amount is also fairly affordable.

If you want to save more on LifterLMS you can check for LifterLMS coupon here.

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Conclusion: Is LifterLMS Worth Money? LifterLMS Pricing 2023

When searching for a WordPress LMS plugin, make sure to consider the range of features it offers. While some plugins are less expensive or more expensive than others, you want one that has the capabilities you require.

This is why we prefer LifterLMS: it has a wide range of functions and is particularly adept at handling membership issues.

If you don’t already have payment gateways set up on your site, you’ll need to purchase them individually; nevertheless, this plugin offers enough suppliers that you should be able to find something suitable without difficulty!

LifterLMS is an all-around learning management system that can help you increase your knowledge and experience to make your website an awesome source of income.

It has an extremely user-friendly interface, amazing features, a lot of options to choose from and some good integrations with e-commerce applications that make this plugin one of the best LMS plugins in WordPress.

With the help of this plugin, you can provide your pupils with an exciting learning experience. You can download the core plugin for free and try it out on your own to see whether it meets your website’s demands, and if you want to upgrade to a higher level of LifterLMS, you can purchase any bundle or add-on to gain access to additional features.

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