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Are you curious as to How SamCart Works Perfectly With Kajabi?

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There are many ways that customers are assisted online during their e-shopping adventures.

While an on-sight store offers many advantages, including being able to physically check the items you are buying, face-to-face conversations with the staff, and quick answers to questions or queries.

There are quite a lot of tools in this market. We all get confused. So in this article, we shall look at how SamCart works perfectly with Kajabi.

Make sure that Shopping Cart has enough information on the product. But don’t overshare or clutter. Stick with the basics. We have featured about Samcart Review rollover to check now.

With the current climate in the world, many of our shopping, buying, and selling habits need to change. E-commerce is booming because people find that there is usefulness in a new system.

Online assistance is not as complicated as finding a contact page and sending a long and winding email detailing all your concerns. Online customer service and assistance begin at the basics and make the experience of online shopping straightforward and hassle-free.

The advantage of e-commerce begins with its convenience of it. How easy it is to choose the products we need, list them, and ship them to wherever you prefer.

Furthermore, for merchants, this proves a challenging task as people streamline the e-commerce and e-shopping experience as much as they can.

There are many ways a company can learn how to increase their sales, many creative methods that one can use to spread their brand to the right audiences, and many more techniques merchants and producers can use to make their products shine.

In the end, more than a brand, a shopper cares about the product, and whether or not they have obtained what they needed.

SamCart uses this fact to your advantage and helps you promote your products, and makes the experience of online shopping much easier for your shoppers and clients.

Through the creative use of marketing platforms, authors, artists, influencers, and even Etsy-store users have found that the method used by SamCart works to their advantage.

SamCart 2024: Overview

SamCart is a version of a shopping cart software that directly promotes the production of the brand, or merchant, rather than the entire brand and catalog that contains every single item.

This is an e-commerce shop that attempts to make the shopping experience less tedious and overwhelming while increasing the sales of the merchants and producers.

Overvie - How SamCart Works Perfectly With Kajabi

SamCart, through the use of templates and thorough testing, can increase the number of conversions your product gets. What this means is that if you are an online seller, SamCart will help more of your customers go from “thinking about buying it” to “bought”. 

Furthermore, SamCart helps its users make a profit through the use of order bumps and upsells. A simple feature like an upsell can help you make a significant amount of profit with each buy.

All this can add up to giving an increase in personal sales. A unique quality of SamCart is the large number of features it offers to up your numbers.

Similarly, Kajabi is another web platform that focuses on selling online courses.

It comes with a set of pages for building your different websites to host your content and features that allow you to interact with your interested customers.

It also has unique features such as quizzes, a community for members, and features for affiliate marketing. All of these included in one app makes Kajabi very useful as a multimedia platform.

It is not known for making effective landing pages and converting site visitors into paying customers and users of the website. 

How can it help you?

There is a lot of use that can be derived from the shopping cart. The shopping cart is not just a basic tool, but it is a way that you can boost your sales significantly and over some time.

The uses of a shopping cart are that it stores information about the products. It is the entry point for the order to reach the checkpoint, and also it bridges the gap between the merchant and the customer when it comes to product management.

It is a place that summarises the information the customer wants to see. 

It can change your customers’ minds about whether or not they want to buy your product and invest in your items. It can help you, when done well, to gain more loyal customers for all of your products and brands.

How Samcart work

It can change your customers’ minds about whether or not they want to buy your product and invest in your items. It can help you, when done well, to gain more loyal customers for all of your products and brands.

Many problems arise when a shopping cart does not work the way it should. The term is known as “Shopping cart abandonment“ occurs when you add items to a list but then never actually pay for them.

Many times the reasons someone may not complete checkout on their items is because of costs that are unexpectedly too high, including shipping, tax, and extra charges.

Maybe the process is too long and doesn’t have a mobile payment option. The credit card could not work, or the total cost of all the items not shown to the customer. The delivery could also be slow, or the return policy may not be favorable. It is the ability to counter these issues that make a shopping cart. 

How to link SamCart with Kajabi?

Connecting and integrating the two is child’s play! It’s extremely easy and convenient to connect and integrate SamCart with Kajabi. You can do so very easily without writing or editing a single line of syntax, and that too in a jiffy!

The SamCart works along with some of the topmost rated tools available in the market profile. Whenever customers exit the SamCart checkout page, they can instantly add another one into Kajabi.

This trick is time-efficient for both parties!

So without further ado, let’s delve right into how the two can be integrated seamlessly and efficiently!

Before setting up, there are a few things you should make sure are in order, apart from just being signed up on to SamCart and Kajabi, what you’ll also need to do is:-

  • A product in SamCart

Samcart Ecommerce

Before starting up, Confirm that you have a product inside your SamCart account. It can be a free trial or a paid subscription or anything! Just have a product in your SamCart account.

  • Creating an ‘Offer’ inside Kajabi

 Once you create an ‘offer’ inside Kajabi it will allow the customers to have access to the stuff they have purchased.

  • Connecting Kajabi and SamCart via Zapier

This method of integration for the two parties requires the use of Zapier. So be sure to take a few extra minutes and connect the two with  Zapier.

Now since we’re all done with the basics, let’s get moving with this!

Now, first of all, you need to go into Zapier and create a ‘Zap’. 

When creating the ‘Zap’, we’d want to create a rule that states “When an order is placed in SamCart, give the customer access to Kajabi”. 

  • Now, choose SamCart as your Trigger App and then select a ‘New Order’ Event.
  • Now select the SamCart account for which you want the ‘Zap’ to “listen for”. 

Now that you’ve chosen this option, the next thing that should immediately be taking place would be Zapier showing you all the information about your latest order which you would have placed from your SamCart Account.

You should now be seeing the Customer’s email address, their name, the items they’ve purchased, prices, etc. 

Enrolling into Kajabi

Registering with Kajabi has never been easier!

All you have to do is, 

Choose Kajabi as your ‘Action App’. 

Set the rule for Zap that allows Customers Kajabi Access

If you’ve been following us throughout, very good! You’re almost there! Just a few more steps to follow through! 


  • Select “Grant Access to an Offer” as the action event.
  • Now select what information gets sent over to Kajabi. Choose which of Kajabi’s site you want to establish a connection with. Select the offer that you want your customers to have access to.
  • Now, edit the member name by pressing the icon which is on the right side of your screen. Select the “First Name”, press the space bar, then select “Last Name”.

Great work following till now, you’re almost done here, just one more step! 

  • For a user that has an external ID or a user with a registered email ID, select the consumer’s email address, and you’re all done here!

Zapier will now allow you the testing of your Zap. If you’ve been right behind us all this time, and have been following us throughout, you should be nearly done and now, from your latest order in SamCart, the test will create you a Kajabi account. 

So that was it! That’s all it takes to integrate the two and make it work! It’s that simple! And it’s that fast and easy! 

Feel free to check out the FAQs later on if you have any doubts regarding anything!

Features: How SamCart Works Perfectly With Kajabi

SamCart has many features that allow it to function at full capacity. Some features let you display your items, collaborate, and integrate with many plug-ins and tools, prioritize sales, and essentially amplify your business and take it to the next level. 

1). Design Features 

Drag and Drop Builder - How SamCart Works Perfectly With Kajabi

  • SamCart is a convenient builder based on a drop and drag model. The lack of code makes it very convenient for beginners to create beautiful webpages.
  • Templates and themes designed prior to usage for you. Simply plug them in and customize away. 
  • Absolutely no limitations on the number of products you want to sell.
  • Available in all languages and currencies. Your customers can read it in the language they prefer.
  • Easy integration with digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. 
  • Customize your domains to your sales pages. Your branding is front and center and noticeable.
  • Easy integration with plug-ins and tools.

2). Sales Features 

Samcart Sales Page Design

  • Increase your number of sales with add-ons that can be pre-purchased.
  • Your profits can increase as your customers purchase more with just one click using one-click upsells. 
  • Discover new ways to increase your rates of conversion using A/B testing.
  • Detailed reports are real-time based on customers and sales.
  • The usage of pixel tracking allows you to trace all your customers and revenue from their source. Be aware of which platform gets you the most popularity.
  • You can also get more customers, and the nations by letting your customers choose what they pay.
  • Customers can add future changes and subscriptions to their orders.
  • Use the affiliate Centre to have a team of partners who will promote your products.
  • Get back lost sales by interacting with the prospects and potential customers who left without buying any products. 

3). Management Features 

  • You can create different kinds of subscriptions for your products and make flexible payment plans for your customers. 
  • Use all your favorite tools without any limitations. 
  • You are always aware of all the required taxes. Not to mention SamCart is transparent with VAT and other charges. 
  • You can also get partial refunds and manage them with more flexibility with your customers.
  • Set up a model and useful payment processor with ease and simplicity. You can also connect other modern processors.
  • Customer information is collected automatically. This is convenient for both you and your customer. 
  • Customize and create coupons and discounts for your loyal customers and show them your sincerity. There are many types of coupons you can pick from. 
  • Have mobile-friendly and different types of payment options for your customers and their convenience. You can offer discounts depending on whether it is a purchase over a certain amount or bundle. SamCart has all these options
  • Customers have access to a portal, implying they can manage their subscriptions and discounts directly. A sense of transparency is offered. This makes management and interaction between you and your customers better and more streamlined.

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Conclusion: How SamCart Works Perfectly With Kajabi

With everything being established, SamCart is hands down a platform that ensures you have a seamless experience in terms of a website with features, advantages, and benefits that would help you with community building and online shopping businesses made easy. 

They ensure you have a platform that focuses on Online assistance is not as complicated as finding a contact page and sending a long and winding email detailing all your concerns.

The benefits and features that SamCart provides in terms of online customer service and assistance ensure that it begins on a basic level and makes the experience of online shopping straightforward and hassle-free. 

With the advantage of assisting e-commerce platforms, SamCart begins its functionality at the convenience of your business requirements. 

How easy would it be to be able to choose the products we need, list them, and ship them to wherever you prefer. You could use the platform and ensure you could unlock the advantages and features on an optimal level and grow furthermore!

How SamCart Works Perfectly With Kajabi


With everything being established, SamCart is hands down a platform that ensures you have a seamless experience in terms of a website with features, advantages, and benefits that would help you with community building and online shopping businesses made easy. 

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