SkyPrep Review 2023: Features & Pricing ( Pros & Cons)

SkyPrep Review


SkyPrep is an award-winning online training software that helps organizations deliver, track, and optimize training to employees, customers, and partners with ease.

Out of 10


  • Capability to scale any number of users
  • Many positive reviews available
  • Easy to use for both administrators and employees
  • Train your employees easily without spending too much
  • Ability to adapt to the change that needs for your business
  • Cost-Efficient


  • Costly for startups
  • More pricing options needed


Price: $ 349

If you’re looking for a reliable LMS through which you can train your employees online then SkyPrep Review LMS is one of the best options you can choose.

SkyPrep is a simple, cloud-based online training platform for businesses and knowledge providers that wish to teach, assess, and manage their workers or clients.

Course development is a straightforward procedure that begins with the upload of existing material such as PowerPoint presentations, training videos, Word documents, or any other file format. Users may then build quizzes and tests with a variety of question forms using the testing platform. It’s as simple as picking and choosing from your library of content and assessments to create a course.

After inviting users to the platform, you can use a variety of tools to manage and track their activity and performance. You’ll always be up to date on all activity on your platform thanks to real-time performance summaries and analytic data.

They also provide a lot of customization choices so you can make this training platform your own. You may make your users feel like they’re completing their training right on your website with unique domain names, themes, and logos.

To manage, deliver and evaluate e-learning programs you need a learning management system (LMS). In this post, I will give an overview of SkyPrep LMS and then you decide if you want to choose it or not.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Over 500 companies use SkyPrep, an online learning tool. It makes tracking, delivering, and optimising training easier. Content development, course administration, virtual classrooms, testing, e-commerce, internal training, team management, and other services are available.

Compliance with government and corporate policies is also a major priority. It accepts a variety of file formats from a variety of businesses.

The SkyPrep LMS is an award-winning learning management system that assists businesses in delivering, tracking, and optimizing training to their workers, customers, and partners.

Their aim is to make online training and information exchange as simple as possible so that businesses may achieve their maximum potential.

For leading organizations, they provide online training and information sharing solutions. Over 250,000 people from prominent organizations in various industries and sectors use their award-winning solutions across the world.

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In-Depth SkyPrep LMS Review : SkyPrep Review 2023: Features & Pricing ( Pros & Cons)

This is a training software that can be used to train people and it is really easy-to-use because it has an intuitive user interface.

SkyPrep is designed for businesses that want to train, develop their employees, partners, and customers without spending too much cost on it.

As we all know that physical training is costly for management and takes up a lot of time too because it requires that person to be present physically at the time of training but with the help of SkyPrep management they can reduce their expenditure on training and development by giving their employees online training.


Any kind of content can be uploaded by the business entities on SkyPrep and even courses can be linked together to create a learning syllabus.

You can upload, create and edit content any time you want and there are a lot software that you can use on SkyPrep like SCORM, PowerPoint slides, videos, PDFs, rich HTML, and much more.

SkyPrep provides automation and migration of all aspects of employee training on a simple and regular online platform.

In addition to their simple interface, they manage a modern design that is fully customizable, enabling a highly personalized and dynamic online learning environment.

Of course, they offer several features, as well as an intuitive and elegant design. This includes the ability to upload all kinds of files, create assessments, and run powerful reports.

Top 7 SkyPrep Features

1. User Management Tools

It has many user management tools that you can use like notification and messaging function which allows you to send reminders to learners about some important due dates and courses.

You can also set an automatic reminder. It helps students via email whenever you upload new content.


You can send emails to an individual, a group or all students enrolled in a course. As a student, you can also send email to trainers regarding any query on the course or topic.

As a learner, you will also receive a certificate after completing the course.

2. Advanced Reports

As an instructor, you can see the progress of your students by downloading real-time reports. This software offers different types of reporting options through them where you can get an overview of the course and evaluate the performance of an individual.

Basically, there are three reports available: course reports, group reports, and user reports. 


With course reports you can see how many people enrolled and in which course they are most interested in and much more. You can evaluate the performance of assigned groups through group reports and for an individual’s performance to go with the user reports.

You can download all these reports via Zoho Viewer or CSV/Excel.

3. Customizing and Branding

You can add, edit and create any course anytime you want. You can also mark them easily to do branding. You can also design logos and label them with different colors. 


There are many software that we actively use and most of them are integrated with SkyPrep that’s why incompatibility issues do not arise and software can be linked to SkyPrep easily.

4. Security

Skyprep takes full responsibility for the security of your data. You have to verify every time when you log in on the servers of SkyPrep. It is a PCI-DSS compliant. It also has HTTPS Protocol.


The data will be encrypted and the total control will be given to the user because it has a secure SSL-encrypted certified cloud infrastructure.

5. Easy-To-Use

Business entities and instructors or trainers can publish the content directly into SkyPrep.

The system of SkyPrep supports PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files, and SCORM content. Once you upload content then you can pick that content and drop it on any of the courses.

You can do a lot of things such as add Vimeo and Youtube links to SkyPrep.

You can also create any type of link and even embed a website. Once you are done creating and editing your training materials then you can provide it to your employees, students, and clients.

6. Create Tests and Quizzes Easily

With the help of the Exam Manager tool, you can create different types of tests and quizzes for your learners. Once you create the quiz then drop it into a course related to that quiz.

There are many formats available which you can use to create more creative quizzes and also deploy the auto-grade on it so you don’t need to evaluate it manually.

Create custom training programs, new exams, set the time limit, and put a cut-off, these are the things you can do with the help of this tool. You can also put exams in a category and set a limit on how many times a student can take an exam of a course.

There are different types of question formats available such as short answer, fill in the blank, true/false or multiple choice.

7. Sell Your Courses

With the help of SkyPrep you can also sell your web-based courses to anyone, anywhere. As a learner, you can also find courses in your native languages and select according to your needs and then pay for it.

Whenever a student enrolls in a course, the instructor of that course will receive payment immediately.

Top 7 Benefits of Using SkyPrep

Here are some of the benefits of using SkyPrep:

1. Customizable Design and Brand: You can customize the e-learning platform according to your company identity.

2. Full Integration: You can get access to thousands of packaged courses.

3. Save Time: You can send emails automatically, create complete certificates when the user completes the course, create a report with just a few clicks.

4. Priority Support: You can rely on personal support for real and living people at every step of the journey, from configuration to training.

5. Advanced Analytics and Reporting: You can see visual reporting and spreadsheets for easy compliance and monitoring.

6. Encrypted Data at Rest: All of your data is stored in a secure cloud infrastructure that is SSL-certified.

7. Custom Course Certificates – You can choose a template from available prepared templates and edit them with background images, logos, and text. Your employees can get custom course certification after the program.

How to get started with SkyPrep?

It is a cloud-based service which means you don’t need to implement it anywhere or go through any implementation process. There are many sources through which you can sign in on SkyPrep like Facebook, Linkedin, G Suite, and OKTA.

You can also use it on your mobile because it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

To get started with SkyPrep you need to purchase a subscription and choose a subscription according to your needs. Once the purchase is done you will get access immediately.

Now you will be able to add content, create assignments, build courses, add users and much more. You can choose the time period of implementation. The minimum time period you can get SkyPrep implemented is within 2 weeks.

Pricing Plans Offered by SkyPrep Review

There are basically 4 paid plans available and for now, they are also providing a free 14 days trial period through which you can get an overview on how SkyPrep works.



  • Costs $349/month (yearly plan)
  • Up to 100 Active Users
  • 2 Administrators
  • Unlimited Registered Users
  • Custom Branding & Certificates
  • Unlimited Courses, Assessments & Content
  • Email Support


  • Costs $499/month (yearly plan)
  • Up to 250 Active Users
  • 5 Administrators
  • All the features Of Starter Plan 
  • Advanced Security Controls
  • Manager Roles
  • Group Hierarchy
  • Phone Support


  • Costs $749/month (yearly plan)
  • Up to 500 Active Users
  • 20 Administrators
  • All the features of the Advanced plan
  • Advanced Reporting
  • SCORM 1.2 Support
  • API Access
  • Single Sign-on


  • To purchase this plan you need to contact SkyPrep
  • 500+ Active Users
  • 20+ Administrators
  • All the Features of Premium Plan
  • Multi-Platform Hierarchy
  • Course Sharing Ability
  • Migration Services
  • Multi-year Discounts

These are the paid plans of SkyPrep, you can choose according to your business needs. All these subscriptions are for one year which means once you subscribe to them then you can’t unsubscribe until the time period is over.

Pros and Cons Of SkyPrep


  • Cost-Efficient
  • Capability to scale any number of users
  • There are many positive reviews available of SkyPrep
  • Train your employees easily without spending too much
  • Easy to use for both administrators and employees
  • Ability to adapt to the change that needs for your business
  • It can measure the accurate learning performance of your employees
  • It is really good for those businesses which need to train their employees in bulk.


  • It only focuses on midsize and large businesses which means this software is too powerful for small businesses.
  • The main motive of this software is to train employees but it should be intended for schools too.

SkyPrep Customer Reviews & Testimonials

SkyPrep provides top-class customer support to its users. Whenever you need to ask anything to the support team of SkyPrep then you can contact them by sending a ticket, via email or phone that depends on which plan you’ve purchased. 

They also have a blog on their official website and it has over 300 articles on it that can solve most of your problems but if it does not then go contact the support team. 


The best part about SkyPrep is that they give regular updates regarding new features to improve the user experience. You can also suggest to them what improvements they should do or what new features they should introduce. 

Who Should Consider Using SkyPrep?

It basically targets midsize and large companies of every industry who want to train their employees and customers. It is an online program which means that as a student you can get training anytime you want. But it is not an easy job to train someone without evaluating them. 

That’s why SkyPrep has a tool called Exam Manager, which can help you design different tests and quizzes. Auto grading systems will automatically give them grades based on their performance.

You can also download different types of reports to get an overview of courses, groups or even individuals. There are a lot of things which you can do with SkyPrep and after all, the choice is yours.

Quick Links:

FAQs | SkyPrep Review

💥Why To Use SkyPrep?

SkyPrep online training tool tops the charts for both customer support and functionality.

😀What if you want more than 1000 active users on SkyPrep account?

You can contact SkyPrep team to upgrade your account for more account users.

😀What are Best SkyPrep Alternatives & Competitors

There are many SkyPrep Alternatives available in the internet like Thinkific, Learnworlds & Talent LMS.

⚡️Is SkyPrep best training software online ?

Yes SkyPrep is a best online training software, designed for businesses, and knowledge providers that want to train, test, and manage their employees or clients.

✅ Can you change SkyPrep plans ?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade anytime without any hassle.

⚡️Does SkyPrep offers any discount coupon code?

Currently SkyPrep offers 20% discount on their annual plans. This is the best SkyPrep coupon code available for now.

😀Can I sell my courses online through SkyPrep?

Yes you can sell your courses online through SkyPrep easily. . If you use their selling system, you can choose between being paid through PayPal or Stripe, or can use own ecommerce payment systems.

🤔 Can I trust SkyPrep ?

Yes SkyPrep is being used by many top notch professional and institutes and SkyPrep have positive reviews online.

Does SkyPrep offers Free Trial ?

Yes SkyPrep offers 14 Days Free trial on their plans.

✅Is SkyPrep GDPR compliant ?

Yes SkyPrep is GDPR complaint.

Conclusion: SkyPrep Review 2023 |  Should You Go for It?

SkyPrep is an eLearning platform that is used in educational settings world as well as for staff training and development. Overall, consumers said it was reasonably priced, helpful, and well-functioning, and they would suggest it to others.

The features, particularly the gamification, learning routes, file uploading, administrative tools, and ease of setup, were well received.

It’s a very comprehensive solution that gives instructors and HR departments the capability they need for online learning. The customer service was characterized as pleasant and quick to respond.

The course and content development tools, in particular, were praised by administrators for making it simple to create classes.

When it came to evaluations that revealed flaws, some people thought the analytics didn’t offer enough alternatives and that the system was inadequate. A few people also mentioned that integrations were problematic, making it difficult to connect with other apps.

Overall, this is a solid solution for medium and big companies wanting to expand their online learning. There are also attractive choices for small businesses with the budget to afford it.

SkyPrep is already integrated with some big companies such as Lynden Doors, Schindler, Buffalo Bills, Cardlytics and much more. This means you can trust SkyPrep. It was also awarded and selected as the most user-friendly LMS. It provides the best value in monetary terms.

It is already serving over 250,000 uses from different companies of different industries across the world. You can decide for yourself now if you want to use it or not.

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