CartFlows vs ClickFunnels 2023: Which One Wins The Battle?

Are you looking for an all-round platform to boost up your business?

Are you a mom-preneur?

Do you hate your 9-5 job and are looking for a way out to an extra source of income?

Are you looking for a source to obtain passive income?

Well then, you are at the right place here reading about CartFlows vs ClickFunnels.


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Cartflows takes an already complicated process (selling through WooCommerce) and makes it more complicated.

Clickfunnels focuses only on creating sales funnel for your products to make it more simple and attractive to your visitors.

  • Funnel Templates
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • Lifetime Pricing
  • Funnel Templates
  • Email Auto-Responder
  • Conversation Tracking
  • Quick Set up of Funnel Pages
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Quick Import of Templates
  • Membership site creation for your exclusive members
  • Drag and drop editor makes their interface more userfriendl
  • Wide variety of business tools to improve the functionality
  • Requires a Wordpress website
  • Poor tracking of the performance of the affiliates
Ease of Use

With CartFlows, the process is almost less simplified and is complex. It is easy to use, powerful, and a lot less expensive than the competition.

Making a sales funnel within a few minutes proves that its user interface is pretty good.

Value For Money

If you wanna boost your conversions then this is a really good place to start and you won't regret it

With our special offer you get to buy the lifetime access to this platform and it is totally worth every penny.

Customer Support

Really nice customer support provide 24/7 Awesome support, Provide ,the fastest way to get support from our developers is by submitting a ticket. Request Support

Our live chat is available. You can access it by clicking on the “Help” tab in your ClickFunnels account and then scrolling down.

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People often start their businesses online but actually struggle to cope up with the sales target as there are plenty of tools available in this digital world, but are a lot confusing. Well,  what if I tell you that you can use platforms that allow creating different funnels according to needs?

What if I tell you that you can add a variety of features and customize your checkout page in a very good way with very little efforts? Seems great, right!

Therefore, I am here with an article that displays the comparison of two such platforms that have changed the core of businesses. 

So, in this article, we will be seeing:

  • A basic overview of Cartflows and Clickfunnels
  • A comparison of their features
  • Which is simple to use, Cartflows or Clickfunnels?
  • The pricing, probably what fits into my budget?
  • The customer support that each one provides and what customers have to say about Cartflows and Clickfunnels
  • The good and bad points that Cartflows and click funnels have to offer on our plate
  • The main conclusion
  • And some frequently asked questions.

Overview of CartFlows vs ClickFunnels Comparison:


Clickfunnels can be addressed as a tool for developing different types of funnels and converting websites. Basically, it can be called an all-round platform that also helps the sellers in maximizing profits, converting the audience into leads and as well as managing the sales part. It does not have many tools for working together as it creates confusion.

Clickfunnels sales funnel builder-Clickfunnels vs Cartflows

The best thing that click funnel has to offer is its sales funnel. Besides, it really makes working and selling easy for entrepreneurs and budding earners.

It has different types of funnels that are good at their respective tasks such as Tripwire funnel is best for selling products, application funnel works great for the generation of leads while it has a funnel named Webinar funnel that can be used for hosting an event online too.

You can create e-commerce sites, sell content products, freelance, coach, or do network marketing and affiliate marketing and much more. In short, it does not only restrict you to sell physical products but also encourages digital products.


Well, I can probably state that when I was selling products online with WooCommerce, it was not up to the mark. I did not find any way to customize how the checkout page should look and how should I offer my products?

My business was going low daily as my sales funnel was not optimized and I was losing a lot daily.

Cartflows checkout cart software- cartFlows Lifetime Deal

This was the way that out of curiosity and struggles to make my business a success, I found Cartflows. It has a variety of features and as well helps to create funnels without any obligation limitlessly and that too with customizations.

It is used in more than 8k+ websites and its users like it very much because it is easy to use and also helps sellers get much more profit that is the main end goal.

There are several funnels that you can create with cart flows such as free funnel, webinar list funnel, live demo funnel, client application funnel, product launch funnel and many more.

It has a lot of extra features too like already imported templates, customization options, global checkout feature, automation and a lot more updates coming with time.

Battle of Features:

Well, here to check the quality? Here is a list of comparison of features of both so that you can choose between both clearly.

Different types of Funnels

  • Cartflows:

Many funnels are available and that can be built with cart flows. It is just not restricted to the sales funnel.

Many other funnels such as live demo funnel, lead magnet funnel, webinar list funnel, membership funnel, purchase cancellation funnel, product launch and client application funnel can be created for different tasks according to needs.

  • Clickfunnels:

However, some of the popular funnels that click funnels provides us with are sales letter funnel, product launch funnel, webinar funnel, auto webinar funnel, tripwire funnel each covering up a different demand and making your work more easy and easy to use funnels help in making the access to checkout pages ore easy.


  • Cartflows:

In cart flows, you can customize the home or checkout page by adding more sections like information, subscribing to the newsletter, customers personal information, etc. You delete sections that you don’t like and add sections of your choice.

  • Clickfunnels:

It has advanced customization options. While you also customize your logos, products or content rapidly and host it live, besides, you do not need to have any technical knowledge for doing so.

You can also change the headline of the page and video placeholder by creating your data. You will be able to edit with the use of currently being used HTML code, adjusting colours and much more.

Click Upsells

  • Cartflows:

In this section of Cartflows, you can add extra products on the checkout page to attract more customers. You can add training programs, digital content, and much more including extended warranties.

After a consumer has gone through your checkout page, you can avail of more interesting offers for upsells. Here, the extra advantage that you can get is high profit and increased rates of conversion along with more expectancy.

  • Clickfunnels:

In this section of Clickfunnels,1 click upsells can be made available by you where you can further add new products or adds on your pages of checkout and also apply discount accordingly on the displayed products of choice. 

Cart abandonment

  • Cartflows:

It actually provides you with an option where the buyer’s information can be transformed into your CRM if they are unable to complete the checkout. This way you can send them a mail with required and describable information that will encourage them to purchase.

  • Clickfunnels:

However, cart abandonment here has been reduced by the creation of a simple and straightforward way of checking out for consumers through order forms. A 2-step order form can be used to store the main data and for retargeting the customers.


As I compared the features, I found that both are almost same and provide the same availability of features but are different on individual levels when considered on a very minute level.

However, its a tie! I can say that choosing between these two completely depends on what you have to choose and avail as features that are required for enhancement of your sales and businesses.

Personally, using these both platforms, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed except when you come to the point of checkout pages through Woocommerce.

Otherwise, each one has to offer a lot individually. 

Ease of use


ClickFunnels ease of use- Clickfunnels vs CartFlows

The customers are satisfied with the ease of use of the application of the page building software. The software provides a guide for the users to access the advanced features and methodologies with efficiency.

Moreover, the customer support services are provided very well and are always keen to help their users get well equipped with the tools. This feature serves as a good advantage to the users and attracts heavy traffic to the software website and page building. The main goal of attracting organic traffic is achieved here.


Cartflows ease of use

Cartflows software is an extension of WordPress so if as a user, you are well equipped with WordPress then Cartflows is no rocket science for you.

It is very user friendly and helpful when it comes to a changelog of features on its official website that acts as a guide to the users and helps them understand what actually are the different processes and methodologies of the software features.

Moreover, there are videos on their YouTube channel that are effectively designed to give you a brief to go through the processes of the software and get well equipped with it. 


As much as ease of use is concerned both Cartflows and Clickfunnel are amazing with its user-friendly attributes and guides that cater to the user’s requirements. The choice is completely on personal note according to what suits you better as a user of these software.

I would personally recommend you to go for a free trial first and then make an unbiased choice after you get well equipped with the features and advanced settings. They are basically user friendly but here self-experience will help you to figure out which one turns easy for you to use.

Pricing Comparison: ClickFunnels vs CartFlows


ClickFunnels Pricing- CartFlows and ClickFunnels Comparison

Click funnel price stands at 97 USD per month, however, they also provide free trials and amazing discount coupon options and the pricing policy is totally worth the amazing website building features and specifications.

The option of 14 days of free trial is available for you to get well equipped with the procedure and methodology of the software.

If you are willing to use additional features and advanced mechanisms then the prices may reach 297 USD per month and 2497 USD per month. The prices may seem high but the services provided are completely worth the price.

Actually, many extra services are provided. You will get to know them once you actually use them practically on the ground and try them with all your mind and heart. 

Basic plan: 97 USD per month 

Advanced plan: 297 USD per month


Cartflows pricing plans- cartflows review

Cartflows scores really well in this feature when it comes to pricing cartFlows is efficient. The advanced premium version of cart flow just costs a minimum of 349 USD per year. Gamer changer isn’t it?

The very fact that the most extreme advanced version is so cost-efficient is a great advantage for small scale businesses and organisations. As compared to other competitors cart flows software is extremely cheaper and efficient.

It also offers. It also offers a free trial for the users to effectively get equipped with the procedures and methods of the software. The price is totally worth it. 

Cart flows: free

Cartflows pro: 349 USD per year


Clickfunnel and cart flow have a huge difference when it comes to pricing. This brings us to an extremely visible verdict that price-wise the award goes to Cartflows due to its cost-efficient mechanism and because it is easy for small scale businesses with minimal investment to use the resources provided by the software efficiently. 

Customer Review:


Customers are completely satisfied with the software and its advanced features and settings that cater to all their requirements with efficiency and effectiveness.

A lot of them have highly recommended the use of this software due to its automation attributes and well-equipped settings that allow you to be experts in the field of website designing and building. The customers are also very happy that there are no additional requirements like skills, developers or WordPress.

The ease of use feature of click funnel is definitely adding to its phenomenon features. It also has tons of learning materials that are super helpful and amazing.


Cartflows customer review- ClickFunnels vs CartFlows

The best thing about Cartflow that the customers are loving about is the price of the subscription. It is cost-efficient and at the same time provides various advanced features and specifications to the users. The other most attractive attribute of cartflow to the audience was its ease of use and enormous features that are designed according to the monthly basis and allow users to have an upper hand in the market.

They also offer ready to use templates and effective developing services. Moreover what steals the show is that it is one of the best web designing software and yet is one of the cheapest in the town. Lovely isn’t it? 


The clear winner here is  Cartflows. Cart flow is what I would completely recommend as a user because it has similar features and advancements as small yet are way cheaper and cost-efficient for the users. This is definitely a boon in case you are looking for a small investment strategy. We have a winner. 

Customer Support-


Clickfunnels software page builder offers 24/7 customer services to cater to your requirements and help you find the right procedure and methodology for your business.

They also have live sessions to help you get equipped with the software and its advanced features. Sometimes when there are complex technical situations that need assistance the customer support doesn’t provide the same due to lack of communication. But all over it is a great customer support system. 


Cartflows software services provide live chat services with customer support for the pre-sales queries and have a very high standard of technical assistance for the users. They also offer documentation of the user’s guide with a very profound bunch of articles that cater to the user’s requirements.

They also have blogs on their YouTube channel that help potential users with queries and instructions. Moreover, the official website is also having a changelog of features that provide necessary information regarding the same.

All over the entire pricing system of Cartflows is a great deal of efficiency and effectiveness altogether.


The customer service is best in both the worlds and cannot be given to one. Thus as a customer, it is definitely your decision to choose from the best of both worlds that would effectively cater to your requirements and enable you to make the best out of what has been provided to you by the software services thereby solving and providing solutions to your programs.

Pros and cons:

When it comes to choosing between two options, what all you can do is? You can just justify your choices by comparing the plus points and negative points to state and clear which point actually overcomes the other.

Well, in this case, I have certainly listed down the pros and cons of each so that you can have a clear and sorted look at what offers more best. Here are they:

Pros of Clickfunnels-

  • This software is well built with numerous functionalities and it is very user friendly and helpful for the audiences with pre-designed templates and a user guide.
  • It doesn’t require other device software like WordPress or developers to cater to its requirements. 
  • It contains a drag and drop builder facility that makes it one of a kind and easy to duplicate pages and templates.
  • It does offer a great selection of integrations, especially API integration. It provides email autoresponder and payment procedures that make your life easier.
  • It is an all in one software device and is certainly very cost-efficient.

Cons of Clickfunnels-

  • A major issue here might be that the cost is a little too much for small scale industries with lesser investments and money. 
  • Now and then the software experiences errors. Frequent software outrages and bugs. This is a major issue to focus on. 
  • The customer service portal is well versed unless we ask technical assistance.
  • It keeps constantly changing and makes it difficult for users to learn everything all over again. 

Pros of Cartflows-

  • Cartflow has professionally well-defined templates that will suit your requirements and make your job easier than ever before.
  • It offers A/B spilling tests that will make it clear for you as well as your users as to who your target audience actually is. 
  • It offers order bumps and also ensures one-click upsells which will help you make orders easily and effectively.
  • Cart flow is extendable to various other software and developers like WordPress and unlike Clickfunnel.
  • It provides a consistent flow of advancements in the features of the software each month without fail.

Cons of Cartflows-

  • It compulsorily requires a WordPress website to access all features of Cartflows.
  • Frequent enhancement in features makes it difficult for users to keep learning over and over again and getting equipped with frequent enhancements. 
  • It requires additional membership sites for marketing. 


Cartflows and Clickfunnel are both having a good amount of advantages and disadvantages of fewer associated with themselves. However the most promising has to be Clickfunnel for it is well known and easy to equip software with a lot of pros and fewer cons.  The winner is definitely Clickfunnel. 

FAQs On ClickFunnels vs CartFlows:

✅ What are some tasks that the webinar funnel does?

Basically, the webinar funnel can be used to host an online event.

👉 What can be an alternative to the Woocommerce checkout page while using Cartflows?

Well, there is a feature called global checkout through which you can replace the Woocommerce checkout page with a customized page?

🎉 In your personal opinion, which platform did you like the most?

I liked Cart flows as it comes with extra features and benefits and has a lot to offer and is simple yet interesting.

CartFlows Alternative

CartFlows has many amazing features that allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to build any type of funnel in minutes. But if you are looking for the best alternative to CartFlows then you are in the right place, we have reviewed some of the best alternatives of CartFlows.

1. Cartflows vs Samcart

Payment Gateways

If you sign-up for SamCart, you can see the option to connect your account to Stripe or PayPal. SamCart offers only these two integration options.

The drawback of SamCart in payment integration is that it doesn’t allow additional payment processes like Apply Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin, Skrill, Braintree.

Alternative Payment

SamCart gives you many payment options which makes your customers pay on time for their purchases.

  • One time payment
  • Continuous memberships
  • Split-pay or long-lasting payment plans
  • Single-click upsells
  • Accept payment into eight different currencies
  • Restrict the number of specific items
  • Offer Free or paid trials

Easy Drag And Drop Editing

Using SamCart drag and drop editor you can update the checkout pages effortlessly.

Alternative Split Test

It is very essential to find a service that offers A/B testing options when selecting a shopping cart supplier. SamCart allows you to check the options that work very well for you and increases your conversion rate.

Pixel Tracking Data

Tracking your sales become very important when you advertise online because want to know the source of the traffic that is actually converting. SamCart allows you to find the keywords, images that are providing you the best rate of interest. SamCart makes the process of tracking sales much easier.

2. Thrivecart vs Cartflows

ThriveCart is an online marketing tool that goes about as a model for animating your business and gathering installments for all your virtual, physical, membership-based items and administrations from your clients, etc.

Templates for checkout page

This product shows up with a generally assembled layout for your checkouts that you can choose, alter, and brand them they need you to need it to look. It’s pitiful that they simply have 4 layouts, however, they’re finely strong and every last bit of it very well may be laid off so you can add your components.

Payment Methods

ThriveCart accepts various methods of payment. You can integrate payment gateway like Stripe, Apple Pay, Authorize, Paypal. I have seen this is the only tool that allows the integration of Apply Pay.

The amazing payment selection mode that Thrivecart offers are:

  • Quantity of the products
  • Billing regularity
  • 17 different currencies available
  • Various payment sorts
  • Free trials, purchase trial, and automated billing

A/B Testing

Thrivecart will restore the portions of items for a stretch of time and afterward show you the victor eventually. As the items can be of similar portions comparable to valuing, designs, planning, request knocks, etc. Or then again perhaps tests totally various administrations or items to check which performs incredibly.

Pre-built templates

CartFlow sales funnel designer gives you formats that are pre-intended for you to be utilized without working without any preparation.

It offers 6 premium and 4 free funnel formats to help you to plan your pipe interaction for your site on WordPress.

Best Cartflows Alternatives List:

1. WooFunnels


When it comes to building a sales funnel, WooFunnels is a pretty prominent option for a WooCommerce Store. This plugin can be really helpful in attracting a lot of leads as well as bring about an improvement in how your store performs.

WooFunnels is a pretty powered packed solution that offers various features like the sales funnel builder, the option to upsell, customize the checkout page, and great customer support.

With the A/B testing offered by the platform, you can figure out which of the sales funnel is working the best. You also get three pricing options to choose from, and it starts from as low as $199 per year.

2. OptimizePress

OptimizePress page builder- Best Cartflows alternatives

The next on our list is OptimizePress that is considered to be one of the most affordable options you can choose from the other alternatives of Cartflows. It is a lot more focused on WordPress sites.

The creation of marketing funnels is a breeze with OptimizePress. It is not limited to just a page builder; it also lets you create a comprehensive and distinct sales funnel that makes the journey of your visitors a lot interesting from the very beginning to the end of the purchase.

With this platform, you can build the launch funnels, sales funnels, list building funnels as well as webinar funnels.

It is super easy to use, and you do not have to be a technology expert to create funnels as well as various pages for expanding the subscribers, delivering the relevant content as well as selling the deliverables. Their pricing plans start from just $99 per year and can go up to $199/ year, where you get a license for about 20 websites.

3. Thrive Membership

Thrive Membership

With access to a plethora of tools in order to improve the conversions and leads, Thrive Membership is one of the best alternatives when it comes to CartFlows. This all-inclusive suite is full of impressive and incredible plugins, themes, and tools. You get access to constant updates and fresh plugins easily.

There isn’t a need to be a tech expert with knowledge about coding in order to build websites and landing pages with Thrive Membership. By using the Thrive Architect, it is easy to create pages with the drag-and-drop feature.

With the Thrive Theme Builder, you get access to the Shapeshift themes, and Thrive Optimize can be used for the A/B testing. Thrive Quiz Builder lets you engage with the visitors on your site, whereas Thrive Leads enables you to create the opt-in forms.

With the Thrive Ultimatum, you can boost sales, and Thrive Ovation can help you with managing the testimonials. The Headline Optimizer and Clever Widgets let you optimize the site, and Thrive Apprentice lets you create professional-looking courses. You can manage the WordPress comments with the Thrive Comments.

Their pricing starts from about $19 per month for about 25 personal websites.

4. Retainful

Retainful is next in our list of alternatives to Carflows. It can be integrated easily with WooCommrce and Shopify. The platform lets you recover the abandoned cart by sending constant reminders to the customers via email and urging them to come again to the website and continue with the payment process. The recovery emails can be personalized and scheduled.

It also lets you launch a referral program for boosting sales. You also get detailed analysis in real-time, with which you can quickly analyze both increments as well as the decrement of the store. Their customer support is incredible, and they offer three pricing plans that start from $15 every month (annual billing).

5. Samcart



SamCart is a platform that offers a drag and drops checkout option that is helpful in improving the rate of conversion on the website. It also lets you integrate with your favorite tools in order to let your website run smoothly.

You also get various sales page templates that are pre-designed, helping you to attract a lot more customers. Their tools also boost the revenue of your stores.

You also get an email and chat options for connecting to the support teams and three paid plans that start from about $49 each month. Before you commit to the product, you also get a free trial of 14 days.

Cartflows Facebook User Reviews


CartFlows vs ClickFunnels Conclusion: Which One Wins The Battle 

We have effectively jotted down all the points that you would want to know about both Cartflows and Clickfunnels. The information provided above will help you decide on which one is the best and suits your requirements the most. Both Clickfunnels and Cartflows are similar yet different individually and have varied components. 

The final choice lies in your hands on which one you would love to invest in according to your needs and budget. One can always choose according to their experience too as experience is a great teacher.

However, if you are a beginner, I can assure you that both the platforms are good enough to fulfil your basic and initial needs but for advanced enhancements, I would suggest you to personally choose out of these two.

Mark and figure out your areas of need and targets and also the price that you wish to spend on your business effectively.

I hope this article was efficient in making you understand the various features and specifications of each of the most wonderful website building and page building software in the market. For further queries please leave a comment in the comment section below. Happy learning and success. 

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