How to Use SamCart? 2024 | Detailed Guide to Samcart

If you are confused about how to use SamCart to the best of its capability, then you are at the right place. I give you the detailed way in which you will be able to use Samcart with all its features to your advantage. 

We all want our businesses to bloom in the long run. Make profit day in and day out. Increasing sales and advertising is an essential part. We look forward to taking it to a level that is globally recognized and appreciated both by the customers and the marketing community. If you want to get detailed insight into Samcart then check out our Samcart Review

There is e-commerce software available that helps customers to purchase goods online. This shopping cart software lets you have a list of customers, sales reports, and the performance of your product. They help you grow your business online by providing all the necessary help required. 

So do you have a small business, start-up, or any self-designed product which you want to sell to the online market?

Is reaching the online platforms and figuring out how it works is troublesome for you? Are you avoiding going online due to some lack of technical knowledge or are you reluctant to hire experts to help you out? 

If you have answered any of the above questions with a ‘yes’ then you will find something which can save your day and money. Just go on reading.

How to use SamCart? 2024: Overview

Samcartis an eCommerce platform that connects consumers with various products online. It’s designed to sell products, not brands. Customers have an easier alternative for purchasing goods and enjoy an eccentric buying experience, which boosts up your sales, maximizes the profit, adds value to every visitor, and simplifies your business at the same time.

SamCart Overview - How to use SamCart

This platform comes with 14 days of free trial with variant subscription packages followed by. This platform is not at all for much versatility like designing webpages or creating a very extensive funnel with tons of upselling and down-sell or for selling hundreds of products. SamCart has all the standard features you’d want in a shopping cart.

Getting started: How to use SamCart?

Let’s look at the steps involved in getting started with SamCart:

Account creation:

It is relatively simple to make a Samcart account. First, log in to the website and click the ‘try it for free’ option.

This will take you to their payment plan page. Select your preferred plan and mention your payment details. No amount will be deducted from your account until the 14-day trial period. You can also cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.

After filling in the payment details, a checkout page will appear where you will finish your order. You will then be required to sign up and after which you can build a marketplace. 

Marketplace setup:

Although all features are mostly set up by default, there are some features in the marketplace settings that you may choose to tweak according to your preferences. Let’s take it one step at a time:

  • Name: You might want to use an attractive professional name here as this will appear on all your pages and emails and makes the first impression on your business.
  • Logo: Another very important feature for your business is its logo. An engaging and pleasing logo is sure to make heads turn. Also, keep in mind the dimensions of your logo according to those mentioned on the page.
  • Country: Choosing your country is vital as that should be where a majority of your customer base is located. You can do this while filling out your information form. 
  • Currency: Which currency you want to make sales in also depends on the country you choose and what your customers prefer. Once a live sale is made, this can’t be changed.
  • Digital product expiry: This is how long your digital links will be available for download. After expiry, you have to share order receipts again with your customers to send a new link. The recommended time is 2 days.
  • HTML/script in the header: This is not a compulsory option at all and you can skip it if you don’t have prior knowledge about it. It allows you to insert HTML or script in your page headers. It is usually used to track Facebook/Google pixels.
  • HTML/Script in the footer: It has the same function as above except in the footer.
  • Purchase Completion: this is to do with what your customers will see after they make a purchase. You can display thank you pages which have to be custom-made by you or it is recommended that you leave the default setting. 

Creating Product Pages:

To construct a new product page, will find all the tools on your dashboard.

From your menu, pick products, then add a new product,s and then enter the public name of your product, a small blurb of description, pricing options: direct payment or installments, and final product price. After this, you will be able to create a product.

From here, you will be diverted to a page with all the details of your products including name, image, URL, etc. There are some settings you might not be well-versed in:

  • Thank you page: the page your customers will see after they complete their order. 
  • Tags: helpful in organizing the product page of the dashboard.
  • Type: whether digital/physical. 

After all these settings have been toggled, you can design your product page by selecting a template from ‘checkout design’. Depending on how you want your customers to experience checkout, you can choose from various available options. The next step is to build your content with the content builder.

Product page design:

you have created your product page and the next step is getting some sales. This needs the right kind of marketing tools. SamCart provides an entire mixture of pages that are sure to convert leads to customers. They contribute prevalent elements to boost sales.

According to them, these 7 components on the page will bring in more customers: 

  • Headline: a bold headline to generate interest and curiosity.
  • Lead: present ideas that will entice a potential customer, sell stories, or ask questions.
  • Story: selling stories can attract a lot of attention. You can share multiple stories both yours or your customers’.
  • Pitch: introduce innovative solutions, explain benefits.
  • Evidence: give reviews, show authenticity and credibility, build trust.
  • Offer: fold into a neat package with explanations, value, and price.
  • Close: make sure to make an impressive case, that the customer is urged to buy your product.


The next major step is to put your stuff out into the world. To launch your page, you just need to publish your URL, which can be done almost anywhere you like – Facebook, Instagram,  all the big-league social media sites. To find and publish your product page URL:

  • Go to the preview icon on the products tab. You will be redirected to your live page from where you can copy-paste the URL, live.
  • Clicking a preview from your product details page will also give you the live URL.
  • From your product details page, you can share your product and then copy the URL.

Integration: SamCart integrates with several essential email and membership apps.

This is required if you want to reach your customers or handle payment options. Samcart integration engine keeps your business and your sales in mind. Any new integration can be set up under marketplace settings. Just choose the new integration option, select from their list of integrations provided by the engine, and then click connect with OAuth.

Then enter your account details and your integration will be complete and show on your dashboard. You can create some comprehensive integration rules. 

Features: How to use SamCart?

What makes SamCart one of the best options for small business owners are its features that cover every small necessity of the owners.

Order Bumps

This is an excellent method to increase your revenue in a calculated amount of customers. Using this feature, you can add another attractive advertisement or offer on the checkout screen of the customers. That way, you can increase the individual value of customers.

How to use:

All you have to do is to select an option from a drop-down menu which will be available while creating the checkout page.


‘Add to Order’ button

This is a very simple trick that can increase your sales as well as revenue manifold.

When the order summary is displayed on the screen of the customer, there is an ‘Add to Order’ button present on it. Most of the customers press to see what it does and are redirected to the sales page from where they can add more items to their order.

The customers won’t have to re-enter the payment information. This button helps the customers add items to their cart and pay easily while enabling the owners to grow their revenue.

Multiple Payment Options

SamCart has made it possible to add multiple payment options on every single checkout page. This not only increases the conversion rate but also helps save the revenue spent on outsourcing the payments service.

How-to-Offer-Multiple-Payments-Options-on-Your-Checkout-Page - How to use SamCart

Subscription Saver

This extremely useful feature helps you save your income lost due to the failures of the credit cards. By using this feature, a secure link is emailed to your customer by SamCart.

Samcart Subscription saver

Using this link, they can update their credit card information. They don’t have to take extra effort as the link is provided to them right in their mailbox. Also, all of this process takes place automatically without you having to interfere. This feature works relentlessly to detect and save the subscriptions canceled center credit card failures.

Integrations with ConvertKit and Maropost

Right now, ConvertKit and Maropost are the biggest email marketing tools with the fastest growth rate. And these are now working with SamCart.

SamCart-ConvertKit-Maropost-Integration - How to use SamCart

As soon as your customer uses the SamCart account to make any purchase, all of the details are automatically registered to your ConvertKit and Maropost accounts. Integration with these tools has cut the complexity of using SamCart while still offering the facility to tag and segment the subscribers.

Higher Customization

SamCart offers high levels of customization which is better than almost all of its contemporaries and competitors. You can have the sales and checkout page as per your wish, reflecting the branding of your enterprise.


While SmartCart is an extremely simple and user-friendly platform, it is still likely that the customers will have some problems. To cover those problems effectively, SmartCart has effective troubleshooting and help desk department called the Knowledgebase.

It provides free guidance and quick answers to the most likely problems with interactive video tutorials and guides. Features like the predictive search make Knowledgebase even more perfect.

Multiple Logos

There is every possibility that a user has multiple checkout pages for different products. SmartCart allows you to display a different logo on each of these pages. This feature proves to be very helpful to the ones who sell products for more than one brand or use the account for multiple clients.


Library and Training

On the SamCart dashboard, you will see a button called a library.


By pressing this, you will enter a world where SamCart will teach you more about selling stuff online using SamCart as well as in general. Every SamCart account comes with some bonus training. You can also upgrade your account to access premium training.

Easy Shipping. 

It is quite obvious that the shipping costs for different countries are extremely varied.

Shipping and handling Samcart

While deciding and setting separate costs for different countries can be extremely monotonous, SamCart has made it simple. You can set and charge variable fees for different locations. Also, you can use the preset ‘zones’ to quickly set the rates for an entire zone without toiling hard to set different rates for individual countries.

Insights and Statistics.

Get raw data like never before to know the trends on your checkout pages. Also, get to know the results of the customization you made and decide whether to continue with the same or not.

Stick Rate

This feature successfully enables you to know how long your customers stick to your subscription. You can finally come to know about the individual value of each subscriber. 


Supports Multiple Languages

You can customize the language of your checkout page according to your customer base. Also, the translation of the pages is done automatically.

Multilanguage Support Samcart - How to use SamCart

Pros And Cons: How to use SamCart?


  • The app sports a very long list of attractive features.
  • All the features offer high levels of customization
  • Although a lot of customization is possible, all the features an easy to use without any complex procedures.
  • Features like ‘order bumps’ and ‘subscription saver’ help to increase revenue as well as individual customer value.
  • Integration with the best email marketing tools available.


  • The pricing seems to be a bit exorbitant.
  • Contacting the onboard specialists may seem to be difficult.
  • Templates might feel limited to some
  • No way to create entirely new checkout pages. Have to use the preset templates.

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FAQs: How to use SamCart?

👉 Is SamCart a trustworthy website?

SamCart showcases multiple features that can be accessed through their website. Online entrepreneurs find this website quite an asset as it helps publicize their products.

👉 Is SamCart costly?

There are multiple pricing plans for SamCart that are considered worthy and are suitable for small businesses that are looking to take shape from online websites. Most plans are inclusive of all charges and help everyone work together.

👉 How do I cancel my SamCart subscription?

The unsubscription procedure is not much to handle. You can approach SamCart through email id or through your inservice communication which is placed in the SamCart dashboard. You can choose 'requesting cancellation' but the service will continue till it is completely canceled after the process

How To Use Samcart


SamCart is easiest to use checkout platform with all the esssential features and functions readily available. This guide would have helped you manage checkout and orders.

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