SamCart Review 2024: My Experience After Using It For 30 Days

Samcart Review


SamCart is one of the best ecommerce shopping cart made for direct to a consumer ecommerce platform, it is very easy to build beautiful checkout pages with SamCart.

Out of 10


  • Customer friendly in selling digital products online
  • Creates Remarkable Checkout Experience
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Flexibility of Payments
  • Amazing Dashboard Reporting
  • Robust A/B testing facility
  • Integrates with many membership sites
  • Affiliate Management
  • One Click Sales


  • Limited Integration with payment processors
  • Limited Designs
  • Does Not Support Crypto


Price: $ 49

Hey everyone!

Last month, I had an idea to sell my first significant product online. It was an exciting but somewhat daunting task.

The crucial part was ensuring people would complete their purchases at the checkout page.

My search was for a solution that was user-friendly and compatible with various payment methods, had attractive checkout page designs, and could help me promote additional offers. I needed something straightforward yet effective.

That’s when I found SamCart. It appeared to be exactly what I was looking for. I used it for my product launch, and the results were remarkable. I made over $80,000 in just 15 days.

That’s what my SamCart Review is about.

In this SamCart Review, I will talk about:

  • What is SamCart and what does it do?
  • What were its best features?
  • What did I hate about SamCart?
  • Who is it for & who is it not for?
  • How much does SamCart cost?
  • My personal experience on using the Samcart.

Bottom Line Upfront:

SamCart is an easy-to-use platform for entrepreneurs selling online, offering features like one-click upsells and mobile-responsive checkout templates. It’s great for digital products, supporting multiple payment options and boosting sales effectively. SamCart offers a 7-day free trial, three pricing plans, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a popular choice for small to medium businesses.

What is SamCart?

Samcart is a web based checkout platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to sell online. It was founded in 2013 by Scott Moran and Brian Moran. 

SmaCart checkout cart

With SamCart, you can make a simple page, like a small online shop, where you offer different plans. People can go to your page, choose what they want, and pay with their credit card. You don’t need to know much about technology to do this.

SamCart is helpful for selling many things, like eBooks, online courses, or physical items. It makes selling and getting paid easy.

SamCart has even extended its membership and integrated with the most renowned membership websites for its software like Kajabi, MemberPress, and much more. 

What I like most about SamCart?

There are a number of reasons to love SamCart. I can’t particularly stick to one feature and consider it to be the best checkout software. After using it extensively and making good bucks out of it, I found SamCart as a swiss knife

1. Pre-pragmatic coupons

You can draw your audience to the SamCart page by offering them discounts on their recent orders, which boosts your conversion rate.

SamCart coupon creation

When your audience applies these discounts to their orders, you can quickly process and send out these specific orders. Just add a few tweaks to your checkout URLs.

When they use these discounts, I can quickly handle and send out their specific orders. It’s pretty simple – I make a few adjustments to the checkout URLs.

I’ll make sure to share these direct links for discounted checkouts in all our emails and on social media platforms.

2. Email verification 

Usually, when customers place their orders through SamCart, they have a typo in their keypad.

Whenever they type an email, they make the mistake of adding “” In addition to it, they wouldn’t get any kind of confirmation or verification, no notification of their pay until they know that their credit has been charged. Customers start complaining, and your whole team has to put their time and effort into resolving the problem. 

The feature “SamCart new email confirmation” resolves all the typos and mistakes and concentrates more on the audience and their sales. When and where they need it, the sales play a vital role in it. The typos couldn’t take your time and effort anymore. 

3. Order bumps

Using SamCart for an order bump on your checkout pages is like doing a last-minute upsell, and it’s incredibly effective.

Think about how McDonald’s operates. They sell you a basic burger at a low price, not making much profit there. But where they really cash in is on the fries and drinks – those are their bump offers.

SamCart order bumps

I decided to try this strategy for my product launch.

So, I used SamCart’s OrderBump feature, setting it up right before my customers entered their credit card details on the checkout page.

And guess what? It worked wonders!

I ended up getting 25 orders from this order bump alone, which added an extra $1,100 in sales.

It’s amazing how a simple addition can make such a big difference.

With SamCart, you can easily create your own bump offer in the ‘Upsells‘ Tab. The best part is you can really make these offers pop. You can customize the descriptions, play around with fonts, use bold text, bullet points – whatever grabs your customers’ attention.

4. Cross-selling

Cross-selling means selling products that are related to what the customer has already bought.

SamCart cross selling feature

For example, if a customer buys a car from you, you can also offer them car insurance or gasoline. This is like bundling, where you combine the main product with additional products to increase your profits.

A good example is how McDonald’s sells fries and drinks with their burgers.

5. Checkout pages

SamCart has 18 templates that look professional and help you sell things. Not all the templates are amazing, but I really like most of them, especially the classic ones.

SamCart checkout pages

The best part is that other sellers already test these templates, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time making and trying out your own pages.

Each template comes with things like customer reviews, promises, and safety features. These help your customers feel safe and happy to buy from you, which means you might sell more.

After you pick your checkout page, you can make it look the way you want. You can change the colors of the top, bottom, and buttons. You can also pick what information you want to ask your customers and write special bullet points about what they’re buying. I find bullet points really useful, and that’s why I use them a lot.

All these pages work well on phones, which is super important today. I started using SamCart because my old checkout page didn’t work as well on phones as I wanted.

6. New reports

There are some of the reports that have been improved by SamCart frequently so that your statistics shouldn’t decrease as it is difficult to maintain proper stats.

SamCart reporting dashboard

SamCart provides you with the ability to upgrade the stats so that you can have an increment in business and make your own decisions without any problems with your critical stats.

The failed charges reports are those that give you the ingress and update to the all reducing charges, with all the extra information on why the customer’s charges didn’t undergo.

You can utilize this report to be aware of the payment risk. The other “future subscription revenue report” gives you the power to look into your future bank account details and where you hit the likely increased subscription.

7. A/B testing  

When you notice that a lot of your potential customers are leaving your checkout page, you might wonder if a simple split test could help you get one more customer. I think it could.

Luckily, SamCart has a feature for live split testing, which is really great for online shopping.

SamCart order bumps feature

Imagine you have a 90% abandonment rate. If your split testing gets you just one more customer, you could actually double your sales. Yes, really double them.

With SamCart, you can change almost anything you want to test different ideas.

You can switch the template, try a different kind of guarantee (I’ve noticed longer ones usually work better), or even remove some fields (fewer fields often lead to better results).

After you set up your different versions, SamCart tests them for you.

You don’t have to do anything but watch the results come in. You can check the “A/B Test” section in your product settings to see how your tests are doing. When you find the best version, SamCart makes it easy to stop using the less successful one.

Samcart live testing feature

The only thing you can’t test with SamCart is the price of your product. If you want to test different prices, you need to create two separate products and compare them.

From my experience with A/B testing, it’s best to start testing the big changes first, like completely different templates, and then move on to smaller details. And remember, always wait until you have enough data to be sure about your results before you make a final decision.

8. Affiliate Center

Selling products online has a huge perk – you can have a whole bunch of affiliates promoting your products. This means you don’t have to spend all your time marketing your products or pay for ads. When you use affiliates, you only pay them when they actually make a sale for you.

Samcart affiliate center dashboard

SamCart makes it easy to get these affiliates. It automatically creates a page where people can sign up to promote your products.

You get a link to this page so that you can share it with others, put it on your website, or send it in an email. I like to ask my email subscribers who haven’t bought anything in a while to become affiliates.

It’s a good way to make money still, even if they’re not buying. 

9. Customizable Designs

SamCart represents a wonderful platform and showcases various designs.

Samcart offers some of the most amazing design templates for their checking out the platform. There are numerous options to choose from. All the templates are user-friendly and easy to understand and steer through.

SamCart custom templates

SamCart allows you to navigate through different areas, choose yourself, design your own colors, add customized criteria, and personalize the text for buttons. It also lets you incorporate terms and conditions as well as endorsements as recommendations.

Since the design is the first and foremost thing to notice and be impressed by on a website, SamCart pays special attention to it. It incorporates both your products and the acceptance of orders on the same page.

10. Additional Product Options

Samcart allows you to add an option for extra products just before checkout. Oftentimes, these products are offered at a lower price and supplementary to the ones the customer has already chosen to purchase. This low price motivates the customer to add it to their final bill.

This whole process is known as Order Bumping.

For example, offering French fries and a cold drink to customers at a burger joint just before finalizing their bill. This provides a margin of profit for the vendor at the last minute of a sale.

SamCart lets you customize your own such little offers and also add their details in the font you choose so that it is easily noticeable.

11. Adding a Payment Plan to the Checkout Page

Would you like to add more payment plans to the page? Well, here’s how.

Payment models offer the option of breaking down full payments into smaller pieces, divided into 3 or four parts. So, the amount is not a lump sum anymore.

Think of it as installments. Everyone finds installments more feasible and easier to pay than the amount, so this will ensure more customers, especially for highly-priced products. 

12. Surreal Integration options

I am always on the lookout for tools that provide me with seamless integrations. It integrates with almost everything you want.

Samcart offers integrations with tools like tracking tools, email marketing, marketing automation, payment gateways, product delivery, and page builders.

Samcart integration features

Integrating my whole system with SamCart was really straightforward, and I think most people would find it just as easy.

I’ve seen lots of discussions on various forums about how simple it is to connect SamCart with platforms like Kajabi, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, MailChimp, and Aweber. My own setup isn’t very complicated, so I can’t go into a lot of detail about this in my SamCart review. But from what I’ve gathered, it seems to work well for a wide range of tools.

For example, integration with Zapier will connect the process of checking out to their server and will make your tasks automatic. With paying sites such as Stripe and Paypal, you can accept payments in real-time. 

Who can Benefit from SamCart?

In recent times, almost everyone is either selling, creating, or doing innovative things on the internet. Almost all of this is to generate revenue for themselves.

This means if you are trying to bring in money for yourself by selling your products or services, then SamCart is the right choice for you.

Let’s have a look at who can benefit from SamCart.

  • Amazon/Etsy Sellers: By using this software, it becomes easier to have control over your brand value, your products, and overall business revenue.
  • Authors/Writers: Say you have written a book but are having a problem with selling it. SamCart will help you in building a page for your readers who can purchase these books without any hassles. What’s more, the books can be sold in physical and digital copies, both.
  • Influencers:  Since SamCart integrates with almost all e-commerce platforms, it becomes very easy for the new age influencers to put forth their services or products on any given platform.
  • Product Inventors: Planning to launch a new product? SamCart is here to assist you by creating a simple page and thereby increasing demand for your product.
  • Course Creators: With SamCart, it’s easier for your students to buy courses online, upgrade to a higher-level course, and also have access to unlimited resources.
  • Non-Profits: Suppose you want to donate a certain part of your revenue to an NGO. SamCart provides you with different ways by which you can raise money for a donation.

How much does SamCart cost? 

The pricing options given by SamCart are very competitive. You can start with a free 7-day trial and then upgrade to a plan of your choice after you have tried and tested the free version.

SamCart pricing options

1) Launch plan $79/month or $59/month billed anually 

  • 1 administrator only
  • Beautifully designed templates
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Free trial
  • Affiliate management

2) Grow plan $159/month or $119/month billed anually 

  • 3 administrator
  • 1-day email support
  • Consumer support (online chats)
  • Multiple payments options
  • Zapier integration
  • No transaction fee
  • No setup fee
  • A/B testing

3) Scale plan

  • 10 administrator users
  • Full email support
  • Consumer support through every medium
  • CRM integrations

SamCart Pros & Cons


  • SamCart is customer-friendly in selling digital products online. 
  •  It offers a remarkable checkout experience & offer features to improve good retail checkout experience by promoting contactless payments, taking into consideration in-app checkout, and much more.
  •  It offers a drag-and-drop editor that proves effective in creating emails by adding certain portions in templates and customizing them accordingly. 
  •  It even supports the flexibility of payment with trials, plans, and subscriptions.
  •  SamCart shows insights & performance in real-time with other strategies of business-related metrics to the users.
  • It includes a robust A/B testing feature that’s quite suited to features included within the cart. These facilities help in enhancing a web page in comparison with another.
  •  SamCart not only integrates with renowned membership sites but even sides with various other important third-party tools and services.
  • It showcases and features reputable affiliate management, which is one of the important features of such shopping cart software.
  • Above all, SamCart also offers a 7-day free trial.


  •  It takes into account only specific payment processors like PayPal and Stripe but lacks acceptance of payments in other modes.
  • SamCart offers a limited number of design variants or options, especially for the checkout pages. 
  • Samcart charges a 1% fee on all the orders.

What Reddit users say about SamCart?

Samcart anyone?
byu/Married_Introvert inshopify

byu/Married_Introvert from discussion

What else to consider if not SamCart?

Though I like SamCart and its pricing options, there are some things that you might not like. Considering the above cons, I am sharing the SamCart alternatives that you should consider:


ThriveCart is a great alternative to SamCart. It offers a lifetime plan, which means you can save a lot of money in the long run. ThriveCart is designed to help increase your sales.

Thrivecart-Overview page

It has features like post-purchase upsells, which help you make more money from each sale.

ThriveCart also works well with many other platforms. This makes it easy to use with the tools you already have.

Unlike SamCart, ThriveCart has advanced tools for affiliates, like a special center for them and contracts for joint ventures.


ClickFunnels has a really good funnel builder that is better than SamCart’s. ClickFunnels gives you lots of templates for emails, websites, and funnels.

ClickFunnels homepage

You have to pay more for these on SamCart.

It has great tools for marketing automation. If you want to use automation like this on SamCart, you need to use another platform.

ClickFunnels is a bit more expensive than SamCart, but it has more features like A/B testing that are included in all its plans. SamCart only offers these features in its top-tier plan.


Kartra is the best choice for people who want to focus on getting more leads.

Kartra Overview homepage

It has tools like Kartra leads, which is a database for all your leads. This is something SamCart doesn’t have. Kartra also has a calendar tool, which lets you schedule sales calls and sessions with clients.

This is really helpful for planning your time. Plus, Kartra has its own quizzes and surveys app. This lets you learn more about your customers. Kartra is mainly for lead generation, while SamCart is more for selling products and services.

Kartra also has better email features than SamCart, which helps you follow up with leads and market to them.

My Verdict on SamCart Review: Is SamCart Worth It?

Here’s what I know about SamCart after a month of its use.

SamCart is a valuable tool for those who are serious about growing their business. It’s especially worth it if you have a strong product and offer, and are committed to putting in the effort to scale your business.

It’s simple to set up, and anyone can do it. Even adding features that help you make more money, like upsells, is easy. SamCart makes it super easy to create one-page funnels, so you can have them ready to go really fast. You can get a whole funnel set up in less than a day.

While it may be a bit pricey for scaling, the potential to increase your revenue significantly makes it a worthwhile investment. However, for those who are just dabbling or seeking a more budget-friendly option, exploring other tools might be a better choice.

If you are still bewildered about it, check out my other posts as well:

FAQs On Samcart:

Does SamCart offers a free trial?

SamCart offers a 7-day free trial with no strings attached. After 7 days, you can upgrade to premium plans.

How to cancel SamCart account?

Sadly, you can't cancel your SamCart account right from its homepage. You need to either live chat with them on the SamCart page or send an email to [email protected]. They will reply quickly, so there's no need to worry about it.

Is SamCart good for beginners?

If you have a great product and offer, and you're prepared to work hard in your business, SamCart is definitely worth it. Scaling up can be costly, but you can quickly double or even triple your revenue if you know how to use it well. However, if you're just experimenting and looking for a low-cost tool, you might want to consider other options.

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