How to Setup your e-Commerce Storefront with SamCart 2024 | Easy Way To Create Your Store.

Want to set up your eCommerce storefront with SamCart but confused about where to begin? I bring you the detailed procedure to ease your work. 

The research found out that 75% of the people who select “add to the cart” usually abandon the product. So if you could get a small portion of people to convert and proceed with the shopping then it can boost your business and earn a significant profit.

When you are an online businessman you will have to find the right tools to get the maximum profit in less time. But with the vastness of the technology today you can easily get lost and pay an enormous amount for a not so good tool. If you want to get detailed insight into Samcart then check out our Samcart Review.

So what is the kind of tool you are seeking? As a businessman, the right tool must give you the most money with very few technicalities, right? It should be worth the money you sent, easy to use even for a non-techie person, and should help your business grow, right? Well, let SamCart help you to get to your goal of profit.  Let’s find out more about how to get the maximum out of SamCart.

How to Setup your e-Commerce Storefront with SamCart 2024: Overview

Samcart a unique eCommerce platform that helps you sell your product rather than the brand. It is the first and to date the only direct to consumer eCommerce platform.

SamCart is not just any random marketing tool available on the internet. Brian Moran, a very successful marketer and he already knows what is the importance of a great check out page is the creator of SamCart. Already stated that two out of three people don’t buy the product that they have added to the cart. Think about it, a huge waste. 

SamCart Overview

There are many reasons why they don’t buy the product, they have added to the cart, like the extra cost in the form of more charges and taxes, the site forces them to create an account, slow delivery or the policy was not satisfactory. Well, SamCart does remove all these hitches and encourages the customers to go ahead with their purchase.

SamCart claims that their checkout page templates have been proven to convert better than their competition.

Let’s consider an example: let’s say I sell my product for $90. If I used a standard checkout for then I can’t add an upsell. But using SamCart I can offer an upsell. Then at least one of three people would take the upsell offer for $60. That would be like adding a 20% profit. No one else can provide you with this increase in profit per product.

How to Setup your eCommerce Storefront with SamCart?

To begin with SamCart, the following steps are required to be taken:

How-To-Setup-Your-eCommerce with Samcart -1

  1. Making an account
  2. Page setup
  3. Adding PayPal/stripe 
  4. Creating product page 

Let’s talk about them in detail taking one at a time :

 Step1- Making up of the account

Making an account includes the easiest and basic steps i.e., go to the site of Press the ” get it for free” button. Now you will see some plans on your screen which are offered by the software and you are supposed to choose the one. There is not any necessity to pay in advance. You get a 14-day free trial.

After choosing a plan that fits your budget, you will see the sign-up page on your screen. Here you are to fill in your details. Press ‘create marketplace’ to begin.

Congrats! you got registered. 

You are prepared to move further.

Step2-  Setting the page up 

 Page setup includes many things from filling in your details to editing the settings according to your choices. Go to edit settings.

The Edit page is made of five sections. In the very first tab, that is named as general,  you have to fill the details like the name of the marketplace, the timezone, contact details, email id,

Currency, and purchase completion information.

Here you are also allowed to arrange your marketing analytics, you can go and do that as well.

Don’t forget to save it!

Next comes the Integration tab. We have some options in integration such as email autoresponder service, here you can alter the services of email. If you intend to change the settings, press the email tab. 

Here you are allowed to edit /change the footer details of the email, email customization.

Done, save them!

Step3-  Adding  a payment processor  for receiving the payments 

 To receive payments from the buyers of your product, you have to add a payment processor to your account. To do so, go to the ‘add payment processor’ button, here you will see an option called, payment integration. 

Tap on that, you will see two options in front of you i.e., PayPal /stripe. Pick one among them as your processor and fill up the required information. Please do ensure your country accept the payments from that processor.

Save the settings!

Step4-  Editing the page of your product 

Go back to the dashboard, press ‘add the first product’.

Here you will add the information of your product i.e., name /price of the product, description, payment method (one-time/installments) after filling up these details, you have to fill in some more information on the very next page such as, the image of the product, product category ( whether it is digital/physical), if you want to offer some discount on your product, you must activate the option of coupon code and have to add coupons that your buyers are going to use to avail the discount.

Let’s go to the checkout design tab, pick an appropriate template that suits the product, (customization is also allowed, you may customize the templates too.)

Now comes the turn of the most important point, product guarantee settings, where you will tell the details about the guarantee that you are giving to your customers for your product such as a money-back guarantee if the product is defective or something like that.

Now the next tab is of payment. We are already done with this in step 3., So here you can add a secondary payment processor too. 

The last advanced section. It does not require much editing/altering the setting options.

Click on save. Don’t forget!

Features: How to Setup your e-Commerce Storefront with SamCart

The past few years have seen a surge in the number of online shopping platforms and bearing in mind the natural competition that comes with this, business owners are constantly looking for new options to boost their platforms to ensure that their products reach a wider customer scale. The features of this software have been built combining the requirements and interests of the makers of the product with that of the customers. 

It has been statistically noted that a large number of people often abandon the sites at the final step after they have chosen their products and are about to checkout. Samcart has put in great efforts to tackle this very issue by innovatively coming up with ways to enhance the customer experience, particularly in checkout pages so that businesses do not lose out on sales.

Its features are simple and easy to understand even for a beginner without any business experience or for those who may not be technologically savvy. Some of these are as follows:

1). Checkout designs:


As mentioned, the final step in the eCommerce platform is the checkout page as more often than not, customers may change their minds about proceeding with buying a product. 

SamCart offers design templates for your checkout pages which are attractive and at the same time, provide the necessary information that the customer needs to know before going forward with their payment.  ( such as terms and conditions, testimonials, etc)


2). Order Bumps:

Now, this is an exceptionally smart way by which the seller can profit from added sales to the product that their customer is buying.

At the checkout point, when customers are shown a tab that makes suggestions on adding another, usually smaller product along with the product that they are already about to purchase, there is a good chance that the customer might go ahead with buying the other product too.


Think of it this way, while purchasing a set of pillows, if the site makes a suggestion to look into pillow covers too ( if they happen to be on a sale, then there’s a higher chance the customer would certainly look into it), the customer would be tempted. 

 This is what you call an order bump and Sam cart offers you just that.  What’s even better about this particular strategy is that this is done right before the customer makes their payment on the chosen product because sometimes, when such kind of upselling is attempted after the order has been placed wherein an email is sent to the customer to inform them of another product, they wouldn’t be willing to take out extra time to go back to the site and look into it.

3). Payment and discount options:

as much as people love shopping, they also grieve a little when it finally comes down to making the payment for their purchase. This is why everybody loves sales and payment plans wherein you are not required to pay the full amount at purchase.

Payment Option Samcart 

With SamCart, you can introduce the option of letting your customer pay the full amount for a product in installments. 

This feature attracts individuals who may not have purchased that particular product as it had a hefty price tag that they couldn’t afford to meet in one go. Another feature that can increase sales is coupons which can be automatically applied.

Customers can apply coupons at the time of their payment so that they can avail discounts and who doesn’t appreciate it when they get a few bucks cut off from their bill? These features will surely keep them coming back for more! 

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👉 What are the partial refund strategies in SamCart?

They have given the freedom of partial refund policy of 10% refund when the ordered product comes a day late and 50% refund if they have got a complete damaged item.

👉 How do you get your SamCart subscription canceled?

If you want to cancel your subscription for any case then you can send a cancellation request to the support team of helpdesk by just a message or can click on the self-cancellation option in the dashboard. This must have to be done at least 3 days before your next billing date so that the after requests get denied.

👉 Can SamCart offer discount codes to the customers?

Yes, you can offer them. But instruct your customers and subscribers to enter their coupon codes at their checkout page. And yes, it is that simple.

Conclusion: How to Setup your e-Commerce Storefront with SamCart 2024

SamCart has been created for the best online shopping cards and it is improving continuously.

Samcart does an excellent job of providing a high-end Shopping Cart for Digital Marketing professionals by providing accurate good features that are handy and readily available for some. 

Even though SamCard seems like a hefty investment monthly, you cannot deny the fact of an amazing performance for any marketer. 

The free trial of 14 days can also be tried to checking if it fits well for your online business. It’s one of the best Shopping Cart builder, which you can consider because millions of digital entrepreneurs who have tried and used this have given efficient proven result.

Lastly, the ease of operating feels like checking out at a regular store, and the features of a great funnel system, amazing sales page, also class customized analytics make this platform a worthwhile place to be used for your online business. 

How to Setup your e-Commerce Storefront with SamCart


Samcart does an excellent job of providing a high-end Shopping Cart for Digital Marketing professionals by providing accurate good features that are handy and readily available for some. 

Out of 10




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