Top 5+ Best Samcart Alternatives In 2023 | Which One Is Best For You?

Interested to know about the Samcart Alternatives?

I bring you the best Samcart alternatives for you to select the best out of them. Each one has been selected by me after a thorough use and research on each one of them. 

SamCart is one of the leading software in the market that aims in product sales. The exceptional point about Samcart is that here the priority is given more to the products rather than the brand or store endorsing.

Top Samcart Alternatives

Thrivecart can be considered a good alternative to Samcart that offers a built-in calculator for sales tax too. Considering the price of this platform, the features are definitely a booster.

Over 7 years, I've seen a lot of cart builders, but never one as integrative and feature-rich as ThriveCart. Their staff & support is top grade.

Cartflows is one of the best platforms for creating sales funnel flows. Integrating with WordPress and WooCommerce, this stands to be the best e-commerce platform.

CartFlows has already proven to be essential to building sales funnel flows with WordPress

SendOwl is also an online platform that can be used for selling your products, subscriptions, etc.

We've been using SendOwl since the very beginning and have never looked back. There is basically nothing you can't do with SendOwl. It has become a big part of how we run our business.

Ecommerce is gaining immense popularity with the advancements in technology.

Gone are the days when a seller has to approach only an offline-based store to sell his products. With e-commerce, online selling has become distinguishingly simpler and more effective.

Samcart wasn’t always the clear leader in the space with the highest opt-ins and conversions.

That was started because there were six features that we wanted to use in our business to make Online Shopping and Shopping cart creations so much easier.

We have featured in-depth about Samcart Review Rollover to check.

Many platforms have emerged in the market easing the work of sellers thus offering real-time products to its customers

These products vary from all categories ranging from digital to physical products. 

It is no surprise that online marketing and sales have become full-time job and sources of income for many out there. But for all these to escalate well, you need to have the right platforms by your side to assist in your business.

The internet is full of such platforms floating around to catch your eye. It is through the right research and guidance that you can choose the right platform for you. 

SamCart Alternatives 2023: Overview

SamCart is one of the leading software in the market that aims in product sales. The exceptional point about Samcart is that here the priority is given more to the products rather than the brand or store endorsing.

Needless to say, this platform is the only one that provides a direct consumer product interface. Samcart is an optimized platform for selling your products both physical and digital.

SamCart Overview

This is one of the most check-out pages that a number of businesses are using to sell digital products, e-commerce products, subscription services, and even coaching packages. 

If you are interested in setting up an online business but do want a regular usual management system such as WordPress, then Samcart will definitely be your line of choice.

This platform comes with super features such as templates, tracking, and integrations that widens its popularity. 

But you should understand that Samcart isn’t the only best option for your business. Samcart steps back in some characteristics such as it’s high price and lack of advanced features.

There are a number of similar platforms that perform even better than Samcart you should know before fixing onto one. Let’s check out each of them individually. 

1. Thrivecart

ThriveCart is one of the alternatives to Samcart which is also a checkout software where one can sell a single product or kind of sales funnel type process.

Thrivecart Overview

If you are a coach or a consultant or a course creator, this platform can opt. Apart from several of its outstanding features, Thrivecart unlike its competitors offers lifetime access and does not have the need to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. 

Thrivecart has an affiliate platform as well so you can perform affiliate marketing too. 

Features of Thrivecart

1). Bump  

Thrivecart Bumps

As a seller if you believe even small profits help in boosting your overall business, then bump is the right feature for you. This feature is where you can gain a few profits on every order placed from you.

Every time someone buys your product, you get an additional bump maybe around 10%. 

Accessing this feature is very simple. You no need to do much. The bump will be visible on your checkout page itself. Just clicking will activate this feature. 

2). Click upsell 

Upsells serve as a great feature on any platform. Especially talking about Thrivecart, 1 click upsell allows your customer to buy products for the second time without actually the need to enter their card details again.

ThriveCart Click Upsell

This is a great benefit as customers feel free and fearless of giving their details every time. The products can be bought with just a click away.

3). Integrations

Integrations are one of the important factors that any seller looks for before getting into the business.

ThriveCart Integration

Integrations provide the path to complete the process of business by bridging the gap between several platforms and webpages. Thrivecart offers excellent integration with almost many sites.

This eventually helps in maintaining and increasing the workflow.

4). Templates

Apart from strategically streamlining the products, you also need an aesthetically pleasing webpage.

ThriveCart Templates

For this purpose, Thrivecart comes with varied template features in which one can select the best for them. The design of your page really adds to your profits and so you get to avail simple yet effective designs for your page. 

Pricing plan 

Thrivecart Pricing

Thrivecart outsmarts all its competitors when it comes to the pricing plan. 

Purchase for $ 495 at once and you get to avail all the superb benefits throughout without having to pay again anytime.

ThriveCart Customer Reviews:

Thrivecart customer reviews- best thrivecart alternatives


Overall Thrivecart can be considered a good alternative to Samcart that offers a built-in calculator for sales tax too. Considering the price of this platform, the features are definitely a booster. 

2. Cartflows

Cartflows is one of the best platforms for creating sales funnel flows. Integrating with WordPress and WooCommerce, this stands to be the best e-commerce platform.

CartFlows Overview

You can create checkout pages for your products to be sold in the market. Allowance for the creation of funnels which is basically the series of steps involved right from gaining traffic sales of products.

These products can range from physical products to digital products like courses, tickets, etc. 

Features of Cartflow

Cartflows Key features

1). Templates

Templates are an important feature one should look for considering the way your page will look.

Cartflow provides you with a number of featured templates that are professionally built for your flow or else you can even step to create your own personalized templates for your page. These templates work with almost many page builders such as Divi builder, Gutenberg, and Elementor. 

2). Checkouts   

Checkouts should not face any distraction and also should help in good conversions. Cartflow has an optimized checkout system that helps in conversions of your sales. With assurances and guarantees, this tool will surely help you in increasing your profits.

3). Bump

Order Bumps are a great way to attract buyers and customers. Offering a 10% discount can actually boost your sales considering the psychology of customers. You can apply these for either complementary products or to sell trained products.

4). Upsells and down-sells

Upsells and down-sells can be thought of as adds after the checkout is done. These provide additional offers. These can be best used for the sales of one time offers or any such software that usually bear a high price. 

Pricing plan

CartFlows Pricing

Cartflow Pro version starts at $299 per year. This plan has got amazing features where you can build unlimited funnels, cart abandonment, and many more.

In case you feel they are not up to your expectations, you can cancel the subscription at any time with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

CartFlows Testimonials

Cartflows customer testimonials


Apart from these features, there are also several characteristics that make Cartflow a good choice. 

3. SendOwl

Just like Samcart, SendOwl is also an online platform that can be used for selling your products, subscriptions, etc.

Sendowl Overview

Compared to its competitors, this tool has a relatively reasonable pricing plan. SendOwl too comes with several features that help in the quick sales and production of your products.

You do not have to access a 3rd party system to sell and get paid by your customers. 

Features of SendOwl 

1). Customer-friendly

SendOwl believes that customer convenience, as well as the seller’s convenience, is the most important factor.

For this, several features are customer-friendly such as easy access to your webpage using any device, availability in multi-languages, and flexible payment options depending on the buyers. 

2). Optimization 

SendOwl facilitates the use of upsells that are an excellent way to make meager profits both pre and post-checkout. 

Sendowl Prospect Conversion

Apart from this, this tool is provided with an in-built affiliate system that is definitely an add on for the sellers. There are also options such as on-site checkouts for enhancing optimization. 

3). Drip function

Engaging the customers in your website is quite important. For this purpose, SendOwl presents a drip functionality to use. This lets the customers get hooked to your site by releasing your products at specific intervals rather than releasing them all at once. 

4). Updates and Analysis

Updates are quite regular and your previous customers should know about your updates. For this purpose, you can send automated emails to your buyers and update them. 

Sendowl Analytics

Also, SendOwl gives you a detailed analysis of your sales using advanced reports thus helping in increasing your sales. 

Pricing Plan

Sendowl Pricing

SendOwl consists of three pricing plans for its buyers. 

The Standard plan starts at $15/ month.

The Premium plan which is the most popular starts at $24/ month. 

The business plan starts at $39/month. 

Apart from these plans, if you wish to try out this tool for free of cost, you can do so for 30 days without the need for any card details. 

Sendowl Customer Reviews:

Sendowl reviews- best samcart alternative


In all, SendOwl comes with good features along with the assurance of privacy and security of your data. The optimization cannot be considered the best, but it’s worth selecting this tool for the pricing provided. 

4. Podia

Podia is organized with a minimal interface. Like other platforms, apart from creating the content, you can sell your online courses. You can also sell the memberships and several digital products in the market. 

Podia Overview

As an organized platform, you can sell your digital products with the help of the Digital Platform that Podia offers. 

The email marketing of this platform is highly appreciated in sending the broadcast emails. 

Features of Podia

1). Customization

Podia Customization

Considering the importance of the outlook of the website, Podia offers a number of features to enhance and customize your webpage.

Right from flexible layouts to options of adding images and videos, this tool has all of them. Not just these, you can even preview these changes in real-time. 

2). Drip content 

The drip feature serves a great engagement with your content. Create your content, courses, and release them accordingly so that you engage them with attractive courses. 

3). Upsells 

Offer upsells additionally to your customers who purchase or even download your products. This helps in attracting and increasing traffic. Also, there is a provision to allow your buyers to buy products in bundles along with membership plans. 

4). Analysis and reporting

Get a timely analysis of your products such as click rates, open rates, and also unsubscribe rates. These can be obtained for the emails sent for you. These factors help in analyzing and deciding better to gain success. 

Pricing Plan

There are two pricing plans for you to choose from. One is the Mover plan that starts with $39 per month and the other is the Shaker that starts with $79 per month. 

Mover plan: $39 per month

Shaker plan: $79 per month

  • Memberships
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Third-party domains
  • Several integrations


In short, Podia can be considered an all in one platform. It does lack several functions such as certificates, detailed reports, and analysis. There is also no such free plan available.

But if memberships, digital sales are on your list, you can choose this as there are relevant features such as email marketing and drop features. 

5. Sellfy

Sellfy is an online marketing platform where you can sell all your products straightforward and in uncomplicated manner.

Sellfy Overview

These products can be either digital, physical, or can include subscriptions too. This is a simple yet effective tool for business creators who expect convenient and uncomplicated results. 

Features of Sellfy

1). Sell products of all types

Sellfy is extremely flexible when it comes to selling products. You can not only sell but in fact create your own too. These products can either mean physical products such as a shirt, digital products such as a mobile phone, or subscriptions. 

2). Customization

Sellfy Customization

Customize your webpage according to your wish using the several options available in Sellfy. Choose the design, color, text, and template suiting your product. 

Also, your already prevailing website can be linked to your Sellfy store to enhance the traffic of your products. 

3). Built-in marketing features

Sellfy Marketing features

Sellfy offers high-quality marketing features such as email marketing where timely updates can be sent to your customers. 

You can also avail of the upsell and various discounts to boost your sales. 

4). Analysis and reporting

Sellfy has a good analysis and robust reporting system which gives the updates of several metrics such as various rate clicks. 

You can even track the performance of any product too regarding its outreach among customers in the market. 

Pricing Plan

Sellfy gives three different plans for its users. None of the plans includes any transaction fee. 

Sellfy Pricing

The starter plan starts at $19 per month. 

The business plan starts at $39 per month.

The final one is the Premium plan that starts with $89 per month which includes outstanding features. 


With the option to sell an unlimited varied range of products, Sellfy can be on your list considering the pricing plan and the features it offers. 

6. Kartra 

Kartra by far is the only system that has all the internet marketing technology elements integrated into it.

Kartra Overview

Kartra builds your landing pages, your order forms, programs, and much more. Being a SaaS product, you can not only sell products and services but can also host your webpages using your domain. 

Features of Kartra

1). Products and checkouts

Using Kartra, you can sell as many products as you want and make unlimited profits. Set different prices for different products accordingly. Also, customize your checkout pages where you don’t miss any chance of a customer. 

2). Upsells, discounts

Attracting and retaining your customers is very necessary as a seller. For this reason, Kartra allows you to offer various discounts and adds on to your customers after they buy products.

3). Bumps

Last moment satisfying your customers can be easily done using Bumps where additional gifts kind can be given after the purchase from your store. This makes it possible for customers to visit your page again. 

4). Language and currency 

With Kartra you do not have to worry about international customers as this tool has the provision for translation of around 40 languages and conversion of currencies. 

Pricing Plan

Kartra Pricing

Kartra offers three different plans apart from the Starter plan.

The basic plan starts with $99 per month. 

The next is the silver plan that starts at $199 per month. 

The gold plan starts at $299 per month. 

The final is the Platinum plan which starts with $499 per month offering advanced features. 


The price of Kartes is comparatively a bit high but if you are ready to pay more, this platform is a sure shot to hit you with success in your business. 

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FAQs | Best Samcart Alternatives

✅ Is SamCart legit?

Samcart is totally legit and focuses more on your selling strategy rather than the whole set up process. You can focus on what you want to sell and create products using the existing templates.

🎉 Is Podia Better than SamCart?

Podia is better than Samcart in various aspects. It costs $30/month as compared to SamCart $99/month. It has no transaction fees and offers free migration as well.

👉 Is ThriveCart better than SamCart?

Both of them have almost the same features but ThriveCart is more preferred. It offers a one-time payment for lifetime access and hence it is better.

💼 Cartflows can be used with how many websites?

Since Cartflows is aimed to simplify the business of entrepreneurs and agencies, as many as 30 websites are allowed to be used with Cartflow although the preferred number is two or three.

⚡ Thrivecart works with which payment gateways?

Payment options are quite flexible in the case of Thrivecart. With easy integrations, you can choose PayPal, Stripe, and You can even choose Apple pay or Google pay for payment procedures as Thrivecart supports them all.

✔ Can I connect Podia to a Zapier account?

Yes, absolutely you can! The different apps that are used with Podia can be easily connected to Zapier. By logging into Zapier and by selecting a triggering app, you can make a Podia account.

Final Conclusion: Top 5+ Best SamCart Alternatives In 2023

While every platform is designed the best to boost your sales, there has to be a winner for you to choose from.

Considering the balance between the outstanding features provided and the affordability of the tool, Thrivecart seems to win the race for a better and apt alternative to Samcart. 

Best SamCart Alternatives


Considering the balance between the outstanding features provided and the affordability of the tool, Thrivecart seems to win the race for a better and apt alternative to Samcart. 

Out of 10




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