SamCart vs ThriveCart 2024: Which Is The Best Checkout Software?

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Choosing between SamCart and ThriveCart for launching my online store was not straightforward.

Both platforms are highly praised for their capabilities in enhancing the checkout experience and boosting sales, yet they serve slightly different needs.

SamCart caught my attention with its user-friendly interface and robust features aimed at maximizing conversions and the average order value. It focuses on streamlining the selling process for both the seller and the buyer, emphasizing upselling and affiliate management.

ThriveCart, on the other hand, grabs attention with its one-time pricing model, which is quite appealing for a budget-conscious entrepreneur like me.

It promises similar benefits. It focuses on increasing sales through high-converting checkout pages and has a robust set of tools for upsells, bumps, and affiliate marketing.

My choice needed careful consideration of features, ease of use, and long-term value. Each platform shines in its own way, and I had to decide which one aligned best with my business goals, budget, and the functionalities most important for the success of my online store.


Check out


Check out
Pricing $49/month $495/lifetime
Best for

SamCart is an eCommerce platform for creators. It's a shopping cart that can be used to launch digital or physical products. It's also a good solution for businesses that have high cart abandonment and low conversions.

ThriveCart is a shopping cart and checkout platform that allows users to sell products and services online. It's ideal for online entrepreneurs who want to increase sales.

  • Free trial
  • Live and Recorded Demos
  • Automation Tool
  • Free trial
  • Beginner Assistant
  • Automation Tool
  • Numerous third-party integrations
  • Wide Range of Templates
  • Free Trial
  • Membership site builder
  • Lifetime Payment
  • Integration with Apple pay and GPay
  • Stellar Service
  • Provides detailed course analytics
  • Learning curve for advanced features
  • Fewer payment integrations
  • Limited templates
  • Limited payment gateway support
Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface and templates as well as tutorials are easy to start off.

Full package to grow your sales Right from creating a product page to creating up-sells and down-sells, all can be done with ThriveCart very easily.

Value For Money

Monthly pricing plans are worth it and come with all the bells and whistles.

Lifetime deals and offers are amazing when it comes to newbies.

Customer Support

Stellar Customer support with live tutorials, demos and documentation.

ThriveCart offers responsive, helpful customer support, focusing on prompt solutions, user guidance, and effective problem-solving for its e-commerce platform.

Check out Check out

You might have spent a lot of time choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business. But are you sure that it is the best fit?

The two most popular platforms in this industry are SamCart and ThriveCart.

Both of them offer similar features with slight differences. Here’s what we found out about these tools when we compared them side by side.

First things first: Both SamCart and ThriveCart will help you build an online store quickly without any coding knowledge or technical expertise. They provide drag-and-drop features to customize your site according to your requirements using their simple admin panel interface.

However, there are some noteworthy differences between these two platforms, which makes choosing one over the other difficult at times.

Let’s check them out!

Samcart vs Thrivecart

Bottom Line Upfront:

Right off the bat, ThriveCart has proven to be a better option than SamCart, especially in terms of overall performance, features, and value. Their lifetime offer makes it an even more suitable option.

Try ThriveCart Now!

SamCart vs ThriveCart 2024: Overview

SamCart Overview

SamCart is a shopping cart platform that stands out with unique features compared to similar platforms like ThriveCart.

Brian Moran, the creator of and “Get 10,000 Fans,” created SamCart in response to a demand for an ideal shopping cart solution that solved the drawbacks of other accessible choices.

SamCart Overview

Today, SamCart has grown into one of the largest companies globally in this sector, serving thousands of clients, including many renowned figures in different industries.

Furthermore, SamCart has expanded its offerings with the introduction of CreatorU, a learning platform where users can acquire various skills from successful online entrepreneurs.

ThriveCart Overview

ThriveCart is a specialized shopping cart service that is particularly effective for digital product sales. It offers various features designed to boost sales, including order bumps, upsells, and downsells.

Overview Of Thrivecart

One of ThriveCart’s key strengths is its integrated, powerful affiliate program, which eliminates the need for additional software for affiliate management. A standout feature that gives ThriveCart a competitive edge over other services is its one-time fee structure.

This pricing approach is particularly appealing as it provides access to all the service’s capabilities without recurring charges, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses focusing on digital sales.

ThriveCart vs SamCart: Fetaures Comparison

To ease your decision, I have divided SamCart and ThriveCart into different features and their performances in each department.

Let’s look at these.

1. Page Builder


SamCart has some amazing drag-and-drop icons, headers, spaces, and many other elements for your product page to create a stylish checkout page. You will never need coding to build a product page for your website with SamCart.


SamCart’s pre-designed templates are unique and beautiful. You do not need to build your page from scratch; select the template you like from SamCart’s collection, choose a theme for your page, and add the product and its details by just dragging and dropping.

Your page will be ready in no time.

There is no limitation on the number of products you want to sell with SamCart.

You can add any number of products on one page, yet the quality of your page will be great, i.e., there will be no slow loading issues with even hundreds of products on one page.

When you sell your products worldwide, the product page needs to be localized. Localization leads to personalization and a better user experience.

With SamCart, you can localize your page for every country separately and also localize the currency to give them a better idea of pricing.

You can integrate your payment options with digital wallet apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay. This will allow your users to make easy payments while checking out.


Like SamCart, ThriveCart has a drag-and-drop page builder feature. The templates in ThriveCart are not so different from those in SamCart; both have beautifully designed templates.

ThriveCart templates are designed to help you with your lead generation and sales increment. The difference is that these templates are compatible with any device. This is a very important feature, as most people have now switched to using mobile phones instead of shopping via desktops.

When I compared the time it took to create a page using ThriveCart and SamCart, ThriveCart pages took less time because the interface was better, and the page design elements loaded more quickly.

Final Verdict

Both SamCart and ThriveCart have optimized and great templates to choose from, and it is easy to create product pages via both tools.

ThriveCart is just more user-friendly and quicker than SamCart when it comes to building product pages. Therefore, ThriveCart is the winner when it comes to page building.

2. Analytics & Reporting


Wouldn’t it be great if you could have three sales with the motive of selling one product?

SamCart uses the order bump feature to recommend products on a product page that are highly relevant to the product your user is searching for.

SamCart order bumps feature

With SamCart’s upsell feature, you can persuade a customer to purchase a higher version of the product he is looking for. You can also compare the product the customer is looking for to some other high-end products with a higher price on the page.

If his priority is features and he is willing to spend money on them, this will help you increase your profit margins.

You can A/B test almost everything with SamCart. A/B testing will help you know your target audience even better. A/B testing also allows you to increase your conversion rates as well.

With SamCart’s smart pixel tracking, you can track your audience’s source, i.e., where they found your website, whether organically, by social media platform, or through the ad campaign you ran on Google or any other social media platform.

SamCart also helps you get information on your essential KPIs, like total sales, total profit, cart abandonment, and many more, with its analytics dashboard. It is easy to use and generates downloadable reports.


With the Add to Order feature, you can sell products that have a monthly or yearly subscription plan as well.


With ThriveCart, you get various KPIs.

ThriveCart reporting and analytics

  • Checkout Views: This will tell you who was on your payment page and then abandoned the process. You can retarget them via email marketing or any other appropriate method.
  • Refund Amount: Provide the exact amount you have refunded to your customers. This KPI helps you determine order cancellations, technical issues with products, or customer dislikes after using them for some days.
  • Orders: ThriveCart provides you with information on the total orders that you have encountered daily, monthly, or yearly. You could easily download it as a CSV (excel sheet) and analyze it accordingly.
  • Refund Rate: This gives you the ratio of refunds to the total number of orders. If this ratio is high, you need to examine your product quality and target audience.

Apart from these major KPIs, ThriveCart has more to offer: 

  • Conversion Rates
  • Total Refunds (refunded customers, refund amounts, refund rate, etc.)
  • Net Revenue
  • Affiliate Orders
  • Affiliate Commissions
  • Rebills
  • Automatic Sales Tax
  • Average Order Value

Final Verdict

The KPIs for which ThriveCart provides data are the same for SamCart as well, but SamCart goes a step further and provides smart pixel tracking, which ThriveCart lacks.

Therefore, the winner when it comes to analytical features is SamCart.

3. Affiliate Program Management

Affiliate programs come into the picture when a business has money to hire people who could sell their product and earn a commission.

You do not need a boatload of money to start affiliate marketing for your product.

Whenever an affiliate sells a product from your website to customers via affiliate marketing techniques, they will have to be paid a certain percentage of the product price as a commission.

SamCart and ThriveCart both help you set up an effective affiliate marketing funnel for your business.


ThriveCart’s affiliate feature stands out because of its easy-to-use reporting dashboard, which is great for beginners. The dashboard gives you a lot of information that you can look into. It is designed so that anyone, no matter their skill level, can easily understand and use the data to make smarter marketing choices.

In the affiliate center, you have complete control over various aspects, such as an overview of your affiliates, how you pay them, product options, and program rules.

By exploring these different tabs, you can get a more detailed view and have more control over how your affiliates work.


SamCart features an impressive affiliate program platform that outshines many other shopping carts. Its design is focused not just on selling your products but also on enabling you to recruit and manage as many affiliates as necessary. This approach is aimed at increasing your sales and enhancing your revenue.

The platform offers a user-friendly dashboard with clear reporting, presenting a wealth of data for analysis. It equips you with all the necessary tools to gather useful insights and make informed decisions, driving your business toward success in affiliate marketing.

Final Verdict

Both SamCart and ThriveCart have great affiliate program setup and analytical features, but ThriveCart has numerous features that SamCart lacks. So, the clear winner when it comes to the affiliate program is ThriveCart.

4. Integrations


SamCart integration
The impressive lineup of integrations offered by ThriveCart is comparable to SamCart’s shopping cart software. These integrations span various categories, enhancing the platform’s versatility.

  • Payment Providers: SamCart integrates with Stripe and PayPal. While the options here might seem limited, they cover some of the most widely used payment methods.
  • Membership Platforms: The software connects seamlessly with popular membership platforms like MemberMouse, OptimizeMember, Thinkific, and Kajabi, making it easier for businesses to manage memberships and subscriptions.
  • Email Marketing Providers: SamCart supports a range of email marketing tools, including Drip, iContact, Hubspot, Ontraport, MaroPost, and MailChimp. This variety allows users to manage their email marketing campaigns effectively.
  • Webinar Platforms: In addition to integrating with Kajabi for webinars, SamCart offers dozens of other connections through Zapier, providing flexibility in choosing webinar platforms.
  • Fulfillment Services: For order fulfillment, SamCart integrates with ShipStation and offers various other options through Zapier, facilitating smooth product delivery processes.


ThriveCart boasts a comprehensive range of integrations, making it an excellent addition to your marketing toolkit.

Thrivecart integration tools

These integrations span various essential services, enhancing the platform’s functionality and compatibility:

  • Payment Providers: ThriveCart integrates with various payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe,, and Apple Pay. This diversity allows customers more flexible payment options.
  • Membership Platforms: The platform supports key membership platforms such as WishList Member, MemberMouse, Teachable, and Thinkific. This integration is beneficial for businesses that offer courses or subscription-based services.
  • Email Marketing Providers: ThriveCart connects with several email marketing tools, including Drip, MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, and Sendy. These integrations are crucial for effective email marketing campaigns and customer communication.
  • Webinar Platforms: For webinars, ThriveCart integrates with Demio and offers a range of other options through Zapier, providing versatility in hosting and managing webinars.
  • Fulfillment Services: The platform also integrates with various fulfillment services, such as Google Sheets,, Kunaki, and ShipStation, ensuring a smooth fulfillment process for physical products.

Final Verdict

Both SamCart and ThriveCart have many integrations to choose from. But SamCart has better integration tools than ThriveCart.

SamCart also offers integration with Zapier, which can take your website to a different level when used efficiently.

5. AutoResponder

For those who are not aware of the term autoresponder, it is a technique for automatically replying to emails that appear in your account. The technique is mainly used for customer care services.

These e-mail replies could be simple or complex, depending on the tool and the problem you want to solve. Some popular autoresponder tools are Constant Contact, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Get Response.

Both of these tools, i.e., SamCart and ThriveCart, allow you to integrate with autoresponders.

The difference lies in the number of autoresponders you can integrate with your account. In the case of SamCart, you cannot integrate more than one autoresponder.


As soon as you try to do the same, you may face issues with how all the autoresponders are functioning, which would lead to poor or irrelevant email replies to the customers.

Such is not the case with ThriveCart. It allows you to integrate several autoresponders and then function smoothly.

One unique feature that ThriveCart provides and SamCart lacks is the Tag application.

These tags can be applied automatically to your sales funnels or steps, depending on where your customers exit your website.

Here is how it works in both tools:

  • When a user chooses a product, adds it to the cart, or goes for checkout but does not complete the process for some reason, ThriveCart will automatically add a cart abandonment tag for that customer so that you can later retarget him by showing ads or via email campaigns.
  • If there is some issue with the payment and it does not go through, ThriveCart will add a payment decline tag to the customer.
  • These tags are also eligible for affiliates when you consider starting the affiliate program. ThriveCart helps you by adding tags to affiliates when they make a sale, the sale is approved, and the payment is made.

Final Verdict

All autoresponder tools have their benefits so that you might require a specific feature of multiple autoresponder tools.

You might need to integrate multiple autoresponders. ThriveCart is the clear winner in this feature battle.

SamCart VS ThriveCart: Customer Support

Having a good tool to use is good, but it is even better if you have top-notch customer care service. Both SamCart and ThriveCart provide customer service for all their plans. 

SamCart Support

SamCart has a toll-free number. For customer support, you can call or email them at their official email ID.

SamCart’s support system is highly responsive, especially for paying customers. They offer guaranteed 1-day email support, which is a significant benefit.

SamCart customer support

However, at a premium price of $299 per month, some users might expect more personalized support, such as having a dedicated specialist available during working hours.

SamCart also provides a chatbot feature with the name SamBot. This bot offers automated suggestions, which can be quite helpful in guiding users toward solutions or providing immediate answers to common queries.

This tool is useful for quick assistance or for pointing users in the right direction for more complex issues.

ThriveCart Support

ThriveCart offers reliable email support, although it doesn’t feature a chatbot like SamCart. The knowledge base and instructional videos offered by ThriveCart are not as comprehensive as those of SamCart.

However, it’s important to consider that SamCart has been in the market for a longer period, which explains its more robust collection of content and videos.

As ThriveCart continues to grow and evolve, it’s expected that its range of educational materials and support resources will expand and become more comprehensive within the next couple of years.

Final Verdict

While neither SamCart nor ThriveCart is particularly renowned for exceptional support teams, SamCart does have an edge due to its more extensive knowledge base and partially functional chatbot.

This advantage provides users with a bit more assistance and resources for troubleshooting or learning about the platform.

SamCart vs ThriveCart: Pricing Plans

SamCart Pricing

SamCart comes with a free trial of 7 days where you can test and get used to the dashboard.

Samcart pricing plans

1) Launch plan: $79/month

  • One administrator only
  • Beautifully designed templates
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Free trial
  • Affiliate management

2) Grow plan: $159/month

  • Three administrator
  • 1-day email support
  • Consumer support (online chats)
  • Multiple payments options
  • Zapier integration
  • No transaction fee
  • No setup fee
  • A/B testing

3) Scale plan

  • Ten administrator users
  • Full email support
  • Consumer support through every medium
  • CRM integration.

ThriveCart Pricing

Like SamCart, ThriveCart does not provide any free trials.

ThriveCart is a new platform and has two pricing plans for now.

ThriveCart pricing plans

ThriveCart offers two plans for lifetime access: the Standard plan for $495 and the Pro plan for $690. Each plan includes different features:

1. ThriveCart Standard ($495):

  • Lifetime access at a one-time fee.
  • Suitable for online business owners who may not need extensive affiliate management or subscription services.

2. ThriveCart Pro ($690):

  • Includes all features of the standard plan.
  • Affiliate management system and tracking: helps in promoting products through affiliates.
  • Automatic sales tax calculation: calculates sales tax automatically for products.
  • Multiple users and client permissions: Allows different access levels for team members or clients.
  • Custom domain name for the shopping cart: Use your website’s name for a more personalized shopping experience.
  • Dunning feature: Notifies customers with expiring subscriptions to update their payment information, maintaining their subscription active.
  • Joint venture (JV) contracts: Create agreements for revenue sharing with partners.

Conclusion: Who Wins the Cart Battle?

These two shopping cart software solutions function to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Both of these tools are amazing when it comes to checkout process optimization. They give their users a great user-friendly experience, and you can get used to these tools in just a few days.

But obviously, you cannot buy both of these tools just because they are great.

Long story short, none of the features will make or break your business, but the costs almost certainly will. So that’s how you should make your decision.

If asked to choose one, in my opinion, ThriveCart would be a good option.

It has superior and latest features of checkout optimization; the price is comparatively low, and it is useful as well as customer-friendly with its Google and Apple Pay integrations.

Plus, there is a special lifetime offer. So get that and start using it now.

FAQs: Samcart vs ThriveCart

👉 Is there a free trial for Samcart and Thrivecart?

With SamCart you get a free trial of 7 days so that you can use the tool and get used to it. With ThriveCart, you, unfortunately, have no free trial, but 30-days money-back guarantee.

👉Who provides more integrations between Samcart & Thrivecart?

SamCart provides more integrations when compared to ThriveCart. Zapier alone has 300+ integrating plugins which can be used and is integrated with SamCart but not with ThriveCart.

👉 What about customer service of Samcart and Thrivecart?

Supoort is better in the case of SamCart, as it has a dedicated team of technicians who look into the matter and a bot.

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