CartFlows Free vs Pro 2023: Which One Should You Choose?

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Cartflows is considered to be one of the most viable and productive strategies driving maximum leads, profits, and conversions. It is considered to be a game-changer and stimulates sales-driving funnels, with relentless upsells, downsells, etc.

It brings numerous features & characteristics in the realm of the business world. Cartflow brings us exquisite features and benefits which go unparalleled. 

Cart for consists of two types-Cartflows free & Cartflows pro. Both are somewhat similar yet different in some regards. Cartflows free has a customized page with automated replies, with two columns structured checkouts, and other features.

 Whereas Cartflow pro consists of one-click based downsells, one-click based upsells, with one column made primarily for checkout, A/B split testing, and to name a few.

Read our detailed Cartflows Review and find out if its worth the hype or not!

Bottom Line| Upfront – Cartflows will help us in giving greater insight and information about it. Cartflows pro and Cartflows free are equally competitive and challenging in their spectacular ways. Try CartFlows Free plan and you can later upgrade to a pro plan. 

About Cartflows Free:

Cartflows free renders and offers a free version of sales based funnel channel. It is extremely simple and easy to work with. It has fewer functions as compared to Cartflows pro.

Cartflows free plan- Cartflows free vs pro

The free version will let you know the function it performs while letting you access it simultaneously. It has two major templates – a check out page template and a thank you page template.  It has been able to offer a dynamic link and Facebook pixel integration as its features. The free version is opted for by many users when they wish to witness 

It is highly qualitative and trustworthy. Users and operators will never be dissatisfied with the services it mainly offers. Cartflows free can be operated simply as it constitutes simple understanding and functionality.

The customer support is quite exceptional and receptive. If one faces any issues, they would surely get their problems solved effectively by the Cartflows team who’s available 24×7. 

Therefore, Cartflow free is highly legitimate and viable. For it has been reviewed by prominent experts and specialists. If the customers are looking for the free version of Cartflows, this is indeed a one-stop solution for them. One should try it out & witness the fruitful learning experiences it offers 

About Cartflows Pro:

Cartflows checkout cart software tool

Cartflows pro is considered as one of the most spectacular and productive platforms driving maximum sales and profit. It has innumerable features and the work it does remains unnegotiable. It has templates particularly designed for landing pages, check out pages, with one click upsells and down sells.

Cartflows pro comes up with exciting features including the 2- step-based check out, cart abandonment (serves to be the most effective), high fields, custom fields, countdown timers, and whatnot. 

The pro version has been able to carve-out additional remarkable abilities but even comes with the best quality in comparison with others. 

  • Cartflows pro has a one-click order bumps feature which is beneficial because of the following factors which are- helping in selling different training programs, complementary products, and even with the promising warranties as guaranteed.
  • The upsells and down sells are well suited when it is aiming to achieve the perfect objective like- selling the best offers, software with the best and good pricing plan, it even has cross-sold product-related offers. 

           What else proves them even more legitimate and appropriate? 

  • Custom field- It has a full-fledged and fantastic custom field, this feature is quite flexible and fluid. The team hides or covers what the users don’t wish to view or witness.
  • It has innumerable templates, we can opt for amazing templates to attract and drive maximum sales.
  • Cart abandonment – this is one of the fantastic qualitative features of Cartflows pro, it helps the users and buyers who face any difficulty or problem in the checkout process, an automated email is sent to help them in the same regards. 

Pricing of Cartflows Pro: 

The pricing plans and structure as incorporated under Cartflows pro is as follows

Cartflows pricing plans- cartflows review

It has simple and affordable pricing plans

Plan 1: Cartflows pro 

  • Cost- $999
  • Benefit- offering 30 website licenses for a lifetime.

Plan 2: Cartflows pro (most popular plan)

  • Original Price – $349.
  • Discounted price- $299 per year 
  • Offers- 30 site license.

Plan 3: Cartflows pro

  • Original price – $199 per year.
  • Offering- single site license only.

Pros and Cons: Cartflows Free vs Pro

The pros and cons as mentioned and incorporated under Cartflows free are –

CartFlows Free Pros

  • Receptive and commendable customer support team. The operators are extremely happy and satisfied with their hospitable services. The customer care service is considered to be the best feature of the Cartflows.
  • It has an excellent and extensive community of users. Indeed it’s a plus point.
  • Cartflows free is rendering productive and effective video tutorials, guides, and counselling sessions so that operators and users can get deeper insight if they’re unable to understand the functioning or how to operate, create or sell their courses. These advantages and benefits are the game-changer in these cases.
  • It has a 30-Day money-back guarantee. The users shouldn’t doubt and worry about their money as cartflows are extremely trustworthy and promising. If it promises or assures you with it, it does abide by it. If one is dissatisfied, they can wish to discontinue receiving their services and no questions will be asked by the team.

CartFlows Free Cons

The cons as associated with the Cartflows free is as follows-

  • It needs you to install and create a WordPress website.
  • We cannot conduct customizations in Cartflows free especially for check-out pages and it even does not include the complementary features and products.
  • It has limited traits and characteristics.
  • Sometimes it lacks a full-fledged optimized sales based funnel within itself.

The pros and cons as mentioned and incorporated under Cartflows pro is as follows 

CartFlows Pro Pros 

The pros for Cartflows pro are –

  • It has an affordable and simple pricing plan with so many brilliant features as included and incorporated under it.
  • It gives us innumerable upsells and down sells aiming at showering and distributing various advantages.
  • The most effective part of the cartflows pro is it’s a feature of the cart abandonment which would inform and reach out to a user who becomes unable to complete its check out because of which email is sent to them.
  • Cartflows pro is extremely simple and easy for us to learn and know how to operate it. For it does, create fantastic looking flows within a few minutes.
  • Customer support is one of the most important and effective parts of cartflow. For the team reaches out to them and clears its doubt. Many users have had fruitful experiences in these regards since they are extremely receptive and responsive.
  • It has an amazing ability and features to work with page builders which would boost your task and help you create your templates or the templates you wish you choose.
  • Cartflows pro is highly compatible with WordPress sites like Woocommerce. They both work well and efficiently with each other.
  • The functionality of Cartflows pro is embedded within the WordPress functioning, so none has to work and learn the operation of new software.
  • Cartflows pro ensures it’s aiming and working to add even more functions, options, and benefits to enhance and strengthen its functioning.

CartFlows Pro Cons

The cons of Cartflows pro are as follows-

  • Cartflows pro is brimmed with too many features that sometimes it lacks adequate understanding and knowledge.
  • It does not explain and offers in-depth details or tutorials in or to stand how exactly some of the functions work.
  • It even does not include any kind of split testing techniques. 

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FAQs On CartFlows Free vs Pro:

✅ What else is needed to operate cartflows?

To operate the Cartflows, we need to know the functionality of WordPress. since cartflows are integrated with WordPress and Woocommerce specially meant during the checkout process. All we need is proper hosting with a user account mainly with these installed platforms.

🏆 What are the most accepted payment gateways as viable and beneficial for Cartflows?

Payment gateways meant and mentioned for woocommerce works for the cartflows as well, but currently, cartflows are even accepting the following mediums of payment which are - paypal,stripe,, and whatnot. What is even more surprising is, it even has cash on delivery mainly meant for one-click upsell.

🔥 Do Cartflows involve or incorporate any kind of subscription payments?

Cartflows is mainly working in integration with the woocommerce. So whatever works for woocommerce works for cartflows as well. Hence, any additional subscription is not needed since it is already made compatible with the woocommerce based extension subscriptions.

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Final Thoughts on CartFlows Free vs Pro: Which One Should You Choose

Cartflows free and Cartflows pro is extremely powerful and competitive. But, the ability of the Cartflows pro to have or incorporate the advantageous features makes it super interesting and essential to work on. 

Cartflows is perfect for each one of us. as it has templates for certain pages, offering training tutorials, guides, etc. 

You have upsold, downsells and order bumps available in the pro version but not in the free version but it’s a good choice if you opt for the pro version as well as you’ll be meeting with advanced features that can be helpful for you where you can customize checkout and cart abandonment. 

These are some of the major differences between free and pro versions.

It’ll be good enough this way but if you wish to purchase advanced features then you can check out the pro version.

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