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It is an amazing online software to sell your products and generate greater revenue in minimum time. It is the best platform for online conversions and generating leads with the least investment. In selling products and offering services online, the only investment is in creating a website.

SendOwl is the digital equivalent of an architect, that helps you in setting up an online store-front for an affordable price. It is meant as a platform for those selling digital products such as video games and music

  • Complimentary Services
  • Network Selling
  • Free Trial Period
  • Single Checkout Page
  • Prospect Conversion
  • Boosting Sales
  • Integrations
  • The creation of coupon codes is fairly easy. 
  • The abandonment of carts for checkout pages. 
  • You get stats reporting things like the lifetime value. 
  • The drag and drop editor for using the checkout pages. 
  • It is super friendly to put to use the platform for selling
  • The checkout experience is amazing! 
  • It has basic built-in affiliate management. 
  • This brand supports about 29 different currencies. 
  • You can customize your template builder. 
  • The interface is pretty easy to use. 
  • Many flexible payment methods are supported. 
  • The fun activities like coupons and support!
  • Tracking affiliate IDs isn’t included under the affiliate sy
  • There is no built-in tax calculation of digital sales. 
  • The support provided for cryptocurrencies isn’t unlimited. 
  • The major fallback of this brand is the inability of A/B tes
Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface and templates as well as tutorials are easy to start off.

SendOwl surely lives up to its name, as one of the most efficient online platforms, which makes the tedious process of selling goods online an easier one.

Value For Money

Monthly pricing plans are worth it and come with all the bells and whistles.

SendOwl has affordable pricing plans with customizable features and PDF stamps. Free trial is an advantage.

Customer Support

Stellar Customer support with live tutorials, demos and documentation.

SendOwl currently provides customer support only through email and detailed FAQs and feature write-ups.

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Choosing a shopping cart is one of the most crucial decisions that you will have to make as an entrepreneur.

The market is flooded with multiple options, each claiming to be the best choice for your business. This can get pretty confusing and overwhelming at times.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and compared SendOwl vs SamCart so that you don’t have to!

Let’s get right into it…

Remember that choosing between the brands we will be comparing today depends on the amount of hard work you are willing to invest in and according to your needs.

Also, SamCart and SendOwl have one of the finest affiliating programs in the market. So, without wasting another moment, let’s get to it! 

SamCart vs SendOwl 2023: Overview 

SamCart Overview 

As an online entrepreneur, you must have seen the name Samcart everywhere, while you were researching how to set up an attractive check-out page. So what exactly is SamCart and what does it entail?

SamCart Overview

An online platform that lets you customize and set up the check-out page or shopping cart section of your online business, SamCart is a popular choice for many reasons.

It is bursting with useful features that let you customize every aspect of online sales – from payment options and single-click upsells, to subscription plans and templates.

An attractive checkout page, with efficient hassle-free choices for your customers, leads to lesser cart abandonments and more sales! No problems, more money! Isn’t that just a dream come true, with SamCart?

SendOwl Overview

A clever amalgamation of the words send an owl, SendOwl surely lives up to its name, as one of the most efficient online platforms, that makes the tedious process of selling goods online an easier one.

Sendowl Overview

Mainly meant as a platform for those selling digital products such as video games and music, SendOwl also caters to other products. 

SendOwl is the digital equivalent of an architect, that helps you in setting up an online store-front for an affordable price. Leave your worries of hefty transaction fees and check-out page customization at the door, for SendOwl does it all!

Want to set-up a check-out page, in no-time? You can! Don’t want to spend hours on different social media sites, to share your product? You don’t have to!

SendOwl offers an easy-to-use interface with a variety of customizable features to share your product.

Now that you have had a brief overview of these online platforms, are you ready for the battle? Let’s begin!

SamCart vs SendOwl: Battle of the Features

The first thing you look for when you subscribe to anything, are the features and benefits offered. So how do SamCart vs SendOwl compare, when it comes to what makes them all- their features? Let’s have a look.

1. Prospect Conversion

One of the most disappointing things that you may face in your online venture, is cart abandonment.

What do I mean? Customers may browse through your products, but when it comes to clicking on that pay now button? They decide not to! 

Yes, people change their minds but what if I told you that an attractive check-out page will increase your sales prospects? Here’s how SamCart and SendOwl compare:


With its unique one-page checkout and a variety of customizable and easy-to-use themes, SamCart attracts customers, in no time!

Samcart Drag and Drop Builder

Bid adieu to customers who are frustrated with jumping from one page to the next, and have happy customers who increase your sales. 

Its Drag and Drops feature makes customization hassle-free, and as easy as the alphabet!


Have a lot of products under different categories? With SendOwl’s unique bundle feature, your customers can get all related products beautifully categorized, at the single click of a button! 

Sendowl Prospect Conversion

You can even offer bundle packages for sale!

However, the themes for the check-out page, offered by SendOwl are quite limited, which may be a drawback for a few. 

2. Payment Methods

What makes customers happy? Having the payment option of their choice! No one likes to keep going through the process of payment, over-and-over again, for something that they want regularly right?

That’s where product subscription comes into play.

 What makes you happy? The ease of setting it up! And of course, more sales. 


SamCart has it all! Through Samcart, you can set up payments easily, for all the major card companies. However, when it comes to paying through bitcoins or Apple money, SamCart fails to provide.

What if your customer’s payment fails? Well, with SamCart’s subscription service, gone are the days where you have to beg customers to return.

As soon as a payment fails, the platform sends an email link, where customers can pick-up where they left off. 


Here is where SendOwl has a bit of an edge. Have some customers who would prefer to pay through bitcoins? Not a worry with SendOwl! SendOwl also has a great subscription service, to encourage your customers to keep coming back!

3. Boosting Sales

Not only do these online platforms enable you to create an attractive sales website, but they also help boost sales! Here’s how.


SamCart lets you set up coupons, discounts, and offers such a buy-one-get-one-free, easily, to attract more customers.

Smacart Boost sale

It also enables you to run its unique A/B testing, to analyze customer footprints, should you make any changes to your check-out page. 

The SamCart affiliate program also lets you hire a team of remote professionals, to help you boost sales! There’s nothing better to top this list than SamCart’s single-click upsells


Want to create some suspense? With SendOwl’s unique Drip function feature, you can launch your content such as videos or music, in bits, instead of all at once! Create an air of thrill, and attract more customers!

Sendowl Boost Sale

You can also put a timer to track your limited offers, new releases, and add a ‘quick sell’ button, to boost sales! 

SendOwl also offers an affiliate program, where you can run ideas and new concepts by a professional team, by paying them a tiny commission fee. This feature is however not yet at par, with that of SamCart.

4. Integrations

Have a lot of tools at your disposal to help you with your online business? Worried about them not getting along with SamCart or SendOwl. Here’s where they stand, when it comes to integrations.


SamCart allows integration with a lot of popular sales-building tools, such as Zapier. You can even integrate SamCart with a few of the major email players, such as MailChimp, to boost your sales through email.

Samcart Integration All

The downside to SamCart’s integrations, however, is the lack of an in-built calculator for sales taxes. 


Sendowl Integration

SendOwl has a definite edge in this field, as it offers integrations with almost all the big email marketing tools such as Drip and AWeber. You can now reach out to potential customers and also existing ones, right through their email! 

SendOwl also integrates well, with other big players such as Zapier. You can put your feet up and relax with all these fun integrations!

5. Security 

Whether it is the security of your customers or the content you are planning to upload at a designated, time, no one wants any kind of security breach. So how do SamCart and SendOwl protect you and your customers from the big-bad world of digital hackers?


Samcart offers secure payment servers, backed with SSL certificates so that you can offer your customers a safe payment gateway, that doesn’t breach their trust in any way.


Keeping in mind that a lot of SendOwl’s customers offer digital products and services, such as music and video games, SendOwl lets you configure secure timed links, to release your content.

Sendowl Security

License Keys and watermark stamps for documents are other features, that make Sendowl a safe and secure choice, besides secure payment gateways.

SamCart vs SendOwl: Pros and Cons 

Pros Samcart

  • It is super friendly to put to use the platform for selling digitally or physically. 
  • In case, you don’t seem not satisfied with this product, you can take your money back and that is a guarantee! 
  • The checkout experience is amazing! 
  • Capabilities are funneled by sales! Wonder how? Well, increasing the order values by the single click upsells and ordering the bumps by checkout popups. 
  • Information about your customers’ payment will get updated once the service or product is renewed. This will be performed by the system of built-in dunning.
  • The drag and drop editor for using the checkout pages. 
  • You get stats reporting things like the lifetime value. 
  • The abandonment of carts for checkout pages. 
  • The creation of coupon codes is fairly easy. 
  • The training resources of this company are also used for a knowledge basis. 
  • Various payment systems like the one-time payment system, payment packages, free trials, subscriptions, etc. 
  • Oh, they do offer the A/B split tests. 

Pros Sendowl 

  • The interface is pretty easy to use. 
  • The list for integration is pretty long, containing the support of Zapier. 
  • The involvement of main payment gates. 
  • You can customize your template builder. 
  • This brand supports about 29 different currencies. 
  • It has basic built-in affiliate management. 
  • The fun activities like coupons and support!
  • The single-click upsells and a few bumps are supported. 
  • Many flexible payment methods are supported. 

Cons Samcart 

  • The payment options are limited to stripe and PayPal. 
  • The prices are a little high. 
  • Tracking affiliate IDs isn’t included under the affiliate system. 
  • There is no built-in tax calculation of digital sales. 

Cons Sendowl 

  • There isn’t a community group on Facebook for this brand. 
  • The support provided for cryptocurrencies isn’t unlimited. 
  • The major fallback of this brand is the inability of A/B testings. 
  • It also does not provide any immediate support, that is, phone or live chats. 
  • Although there is customization, it is limited. 

Verdict: we have a clear winner over here and that winner is SamCart! This is because the number of pros SamCart possesses is comparatively more than that of Sendowl and the cons also are pretty more in number than SamCart. 

SamCart vs SendOwl: The Pricing Battle 

Well, here’s another difference you’d like to consider when choosing between these two brands. So, let’s get to the pricing battle! 


Samcart is a cheap option which makes it super affordable! But not only that, but it also offers a variety of features that makes earning back the amount you invested in the packages worth it.

Samcart Pricing

There are two plans you can opt for on the Samcart platform. 

  • Pro Plan
  1. – this plan costs about $99 per month but if you choose this plan for an entire year, you would be saving around 25%! Well, the plan would probably cost you $74 a month or $888 a year. This plan contains the following things- 
  2. Customer support: you get a specially trained set of professions to help you out in the journey you will have with them. 
  3. The A/B split tests: you can check pages out, upsells, comparing different products, etc. 
  4. A single click upsells: provide an additional option to upgrade or buy another extra product. 
  5. The webhooks: you can use your apps to integrate a seamless workflow. 
  6. The abandonment of carts: sneak a peek at the abandoned carts and maybe make an effort in rescuing the sale. 
  7. The reports: get a whole report on the metrics and understand the numbers that took your business to the next level. 
  8. A single time payment for trials, subscriptions, and plans: you can get your customers all interested and onboard. 
  9. The credit card: there is a built-in process for credit cards and you can reduce the fees a bit by using PayPal and stripe to automate the credit card.
  10. The no limit for products: you can sell or offer as many products as you want. 
  11. The number of checkout templates goes over 18: if you want to increase the time it takes for checking out the build and the page design.  
  • The premium package 
  1. this package is charged at $199 per month. The overall price for the year is $1788 or about $149 a month when the annual subscription is chosen. 
  2. The features provided in the pro pack are also offered here and a few extra ones. 
  3. The saver for subscription: helping with retained subscribers, get a change in the payment details, and much more. 
  4. The trusted support: you get a first-class support team to help you out with anything and everything whenever you need it. 
  5. The affiliating centers: let others help you out with promoting your products by the affiliate centers.  


Sendowl Pricing

  • Standard- 
  1. This plan is priced at $15 per month here. 
  2. Get up to 30 products. 
  3. The PDF stamps. 
  4. The Affiliating. 
  5. The storage can go up to 3 GB. 
  6. Oh, there’s customization! 
  • Premium- 
  1. This package is charged at $24 a month here. 
  2. 100 products. 
  3. A single subscription. 
  4. The upsell feature. 
  5. Abandonment of carts.
  6. The streaming of videos. 
  7. The PDF stamps. 
  8. The affiliating. 
  9. The customization. 
  10. Storage about 5 GB. 
  • Business- 
  1. This plan is priced at $39 each month. 
  2. You get up to 3 subscriptions. 
  3. The product’s quantity is about 250. 
  4. The upselling feature. 
  5. The abandonment of carts. 
  6. Streaming of videos. 
  7. The PDF stamps. 
  8. The affiliating. 
  9. Multiple people can use this platform at once. 
  10. The customization. 
  11. The storage can go up to 15 GB. 

Verdict- when it comes to the cost of the two brands, SamCart has proven to be the more expensive one over Sendowl. In the matter of features, either one provides too, Sendowl seems like to have won the round! 

SamCart vs SendOwl: Customer Support

While some of us are still trying to catch the ropes of an online business, with technical glitches and never-heard-before features, a good customer support system is always a blessing in disguise. Here’s how SamCart and SendOwl compare in terms of this aspect.


SamCart’s customer support has received a ton of praise from its customers, over the years. It’s detailed accounts of its features and solutions for possible problems that users might face to an active community group on Facebook, Samcart deserves this praise! 

In addition to this, there is a 24×7 chatbot on their page, which answers your queries in no time! Don’t worry about SamCart, you will be taken care of if you ever run into a problem; big or small. 


SendOwl currently provides customer support only through two means – email and detailed FAQs and feature write-ups. It’s no wonder, that customers might feel a little lost, as there is no online forum or 24×7 chatbot to answer their queries quickly and directly. 

Quick Links:

FAQs on SamCart vs SendOwl

👉 What is SamCart?

This online platform is made specifically for helping you sell your products, doesn't matter if it’s digital or physical. The software also helps you with the sales funnels and provides some extra features you could surely use up!

👉 What are the ways one can get paid when using Sendowl?

There are many types of payment methods Sendowl can use. For instance, they allow the use of the mode of online transactions like PayPal or stripe, etc. Also, Sendowl does not take a part in holding your funds neither in processing your payment nor taking a cut from your overall pay. Oh, and once the order is submitted, you get your pay almost instantly!

👉 Does SamCart come with a built-in form of templates?

Yes! This platform gives you a total set of templates you can use which makes your work easier and the templates are pretty easy to use too!

Conclusion: SamCart vs SendOwl 2023 | The Ultimate Comparison | Who is the winner?

Now that you’ve seen both sides of the shopping cart coin, through the SamCart and SendOwl platforms, who won? Well, that decision is completely up to you, my friends!

Just like you have different needs, so do your unique products and services, so that they can stand out amongst the herd.

Both the platforms are among the top in their fields, and are a popular choice amongst online entrepreneurs, whether they already have a thriving business, or are just budding business people. 

If you have more of a tight budget, then SendOwl may be the right choice for you, with its much lower starting price.

With SendOwl, you also get access to more payment options and can cater to the customer base that uses crypto money and Apple money. 

If you want to customize your check-out page to the utmost detail, to lessen cart abandonments, then go for SamCart, with its minimal and easy-to-use interface, with tons of customizable options. SamCart’s customer support also has the edge over that of SendOwl’s.

Whew! Quite a close battle, isn’t it? So as you can see, depending on your budget, the features that you want to prioritize, and the interface which appeals to you the most, the choice between SamCart vs SendOwl, is your choice. 

I’m sure, you’ll make the right decision about the shopping cart service, which helps your product shine! 

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    The Samcart plugin gives the opportunity to get back on your feet with their all-inclusive platform that will help take care of all aspects of your online store from customer service to shipping. Not only does it save time but also money because they have packages available for every need so that everything is taken care of at once, leaving nothing out!

    SamCart has helped many businesses, like me, get back on track without having to do any heavy lifting or spending loads of cash.

  2. Samcart offers services that help make businesses more successful, such as e-commerce carts and checkouts with integrated payment processing.

    If you too have been looking for a way to increase your conversion rates and grow your business, SamCart will do just that. The best part? They offer a 7-day trial. I signed up for one after watching my first live sales call in probably 2 years.


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