How To Price Your Online Course 2024

In this blog, we will discuss the 3 biggest strategies “How To Price Your Online Course”.

When it comes to pricing your online courses, it’s natural to be nervous. Many other online course authors, like you, confront the same challenge.

One of the most important aspects of your online course is the price. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution while determining the pricing.

Pricing an online course can be intimidating and difficult. And the challenge is real because it is a lengthy procedure. There will be no quick fix or way for pricing your online course.

How To Price Your Online Course

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How to Price Your Online Course

It can be difficult to settle on a single optimum price for your course at first. It’s critical to strike the correct balance. To keep everything in balance, focus on potential students and don’t undersell your course.

1) Understand your market and provide free classes

Make sure you’ve done enough research to figure out who your ideal audience is. Recognize your potential customer’s problems and offer them a free course to solve them. Warm leads are generated via free courses.

By providing free courses, you may convert clients into students simply by demonstrating your leadership value. This demonstration of your abilities will demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job.

Giving away free courses can help you earn more money. The way you educate is the first point of contact for making the connection. You can sell more courses by engaging in this manner.

Maintain continuous touch, communication, and relationships with your potential students, and address their concerns.

2) Establish authority and charge for courses

You’ve positioned yourself with your web presence and marketing approach. Your position will assist you in attracting clients and selling your paid courses.

The most popular price option is paid courses. The pricing is usually cheap in order to fulfill the needs of clients who are just getting started. Remember that low pricing attracts low-quality customers, and investing too much will not help you achieve your business objectives.

3) Subscriptions

Subscriptions allow you to provide a regular payment option to your consumers. They can pay on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis for their membership.

It assists students in meeting their financial needs and is appropriate for all students. Subscriptions work well with memberships since they have different tiers and cater to different tastes.

If you’re concerned that individuals won’t be able to afford your course, consider having a fundraiser instead.

Installments: Three monthly payments are more appealing than a single payment. You can provide a discount to students who pay in full with this technique. Allowing customers to pay in installments will increase sales, and installment payments will drive students.

Tiered Pricing: Another option for cutting your price is to use tiered pricing. The course may be included in the base price. You can, however, add bonus content or additional resources to each pricing tier.


Holiday and festival discounts work effectively since they allow you to lower your costs while also allowing you to monitor how your audience reacts. Creating polls, soliciting comments, and forming groups are all excellent ways to find out what your clients think of your course.

You can figure out how to price your online course using this strategy.

Whatever pricing you choose for your course, keep in mind how much time you’ll spend learning, how much time it’ll take to grow your brand, and how much money you’ll spend on marketing. We recommend that you test your price several times to get the ideal balance.

We hope this tiny tip may assist you in increasing your sales.

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