How To Teach Online With Teachable: 5 Things You Should Know About Teaching Online

In This article, I will show you How to teach online with Teachable.

“You can make a living from teaching online.”

“With online classes, people are generating millions in passive income.”

You’ve undoubtedly heard these remarks before if you’re reading this article.

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new wave of internet entrepreneurs. One that has attained astronomically high levels of achievement in a very short amount of time.

Teachable-Overview: How To Teach Online With Teachable

These business owners earn five to seven figures a year teaching people anything from English as a second language to mobile app development to drone flying.

But how can effective online educators do this? What measures should you take to make a full-time income by teaching online courses?

We’ll go through how to teach online using Teachable in-depth in this post.

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Share What You’ve Learned. Teach Over The Internet.

Teaching online is a fantastic way to put your classroom talents to work in a new and lucrative manner. From cooking workshops to math classes, there’s something for everyone.

People from different walks of life have turned their real-world expertise into online courses and coaching sessions that make their teachings and lectures accessible to more students in more locations, from coding to infant care.

Teaching online expands your potential audience by leaps and bounds, and getting started is simple.

Simply submit your content to Teachable after you’ve decided on the subject you’d want to teach. In our Getting Started on Teachable series, we’ll teach you how to set up the main features of your course.

In three easy steps, you may share what you know.

1. Develop your course or coaching business.

Begin for free with only your email and your school’s name.

2. Publish your content in a timely manner.

You’ll have access to everything you need to create engaging, interactive lectures. Video, music, presentations, photos, and text may all be uploaded. Create quizzes and start discussion forums with ease.

3. Make your school look nice.

Showcase a beautiful school with your own logo. No coding skills are necessary. Customize the appearance and feel of your school to make it your own. Make the most of our stunning design to create an engaging course website.

How much money can you make teaching online?

The majority of schools (39.4%) have earned between $25,000 and $50,000.

Some may be surprised to learn that the greatest degree of achievement was not limited to a tiny number of people–the second biggest category includes schools that have sold more than $75,000 in online courses.

Teachable reviews and courses

What causes this to happen?

It’s considerably tougher to attract your first five customers than it is to achieve Customer Number 1,000, as many seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you.

It will be simpler to uncover problem areas, find out acquisition strategies, and enhance your offering after your course has been verified by early adopters, all in order to attract a wider audience.

“One of the most difficult aspects of starting a successful company is getting started.”

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What is the Minimum Number of Students You Need For Your Online Course?

The following question is: how many students need to be registered in an online school to achieve these income levels?

Moreover half of the schools in the sample (55 percent) had less than 1,000 pupils enrolled. (This includes students who are enrolled in free classes, but more on that later.) Furthermore, 36.2 percent of the institutions had less than 500 pupils enrolled.

Teachable numbers: How To Teach Online With Teachable

Isn’t it true that a few hundred consumers are significantly more manageable than thousands?

It’s all about concentrating on a single market.

5 Things You Should Know About Teaching Online:

  1. Hundreds of lectures aren’t necessary in the greatest online courses in the world. On average, 73 percent of the best schools have between 11 and 50 lectures each course, with courses with less than 50 lectures accounting for 90 percent of the income in this sample.
  2. The top online instructors excel at compressing years of expertise and knowledge into a few short lessons. The average number of hours of the video published in each course is 5 hours or less in 66% of top institutions’ courses.
  3. Short video lectures have shown to be a successful way for top colleges to please their students. Two-thirds of Teachable’s greatest online instructors (67%) keep their video clips under ten minutes long.
  4. Quizzes are an excellent technique to boost participation in an online course. Quizzes in courses were 43 percent more interesting than quizzes in non-quizzed courses.
  5. Online professors may use forums to develop communities and communicate with students in their classes. Courses with forums had a 22 percent higher engagement rate than those without.

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Conclusion: How To Teach Online With Teachable? 2024

One of the most successful and accessible methods to earn a career on the internet is to teach online. This is one of the basic concepts that Teachable was founded on and that they continue to develop.

“In the future, the most successful online instructors will be entrepreneurs, since entrepreneurs are the world’s most driven individuals.”


The data used to compile this report gives them confidence that Teachable was correct in its assumptions, and they hope it will motivate you to start or expand your online teaching company.

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