LitExtension WordPress Plugin Review 2024: Features & Pricing(Worth It ?)

In this post, we have featured LitExtension Plugin Review which includes detailed insights into the LitExtension plugin. So let’s dive in.

If you look for an attractive E-commerce site, what will you look for?

A beautiful and amazing theme will do the work for you. There were LitExtension WordPress plug-ins. It is a great means to develop E-commerce websites online. Within a few clicks, it helps you to shift from the shopping cart to WooCommerce. With this, you are allowed to shift your brands, users, products, posts, and blogs.

It helps in preserving the amazing relationship between Woocommerce and WordPress. For the newbie also it is very easy to operate with LitExtension WordPress plug-in as no technical knowledge or coding is required. With this, all your products and information get transferred to WooCommerce automatically.

It will allow you to function without any downtime in your Shopping Cart. Once the movement process is started, you are not ought to keep your browser open or sitting and hold up for the method to total, you’re free to shut your computer and get informed by mail when relocation is done. Its functions and features had aided a lot worldwide for the online stocks to grow and reach heights.  With a support team full of zeal, and enthusiasm, and up-graded technology, LitExtension is thriving at its finest to bring satisfaction to all the users.

Bottom Line Upfront: LitExtension is a migration service where you can easily migrate all data from one store another and LitExtension is compatible with many WordPress plugins which makes it really easy for users to use WooCommerce along with LitExtension. Try few of the LitExtension WordPress plugins to see for yourself.

So, let’s get started with LitExtension providing you the best service to get along with the WordPress plug-ins. 

LitExtension WordPress Plugin Review2024: Overview

Overview of LitExtension

LitExtension is a comprehensive solution to all the problems faced by merchants dealing in establishing a strong consumer base. Millions of people or businesses largely offer their products via shopping sites. As the e-commerce business has captured the market. Therefore, an increase in consumer base will automatically lead to innovation in the tactics. With this increase in demand, there is a dire need to provide shopping sites with an extension.

 LitExtension Overview

The extension is a support to the changing demands of consumers in this modern technology world. The LitExtension provides merchants to migrate their shopping carts to Woocommerce without any technical skills. Neither any developer required nor coder to migrate their shopping sites. In a few clicks all your consumer’s data, other files are readily transferred to Woocommerce. 

Slight overview of Woo-commerce

Woo-commerce is the best eCommerce platform to make your digital presence. To make the best shopping site than other websites there is no better option against Woocommerce. LitExtension provides you with a service of Woocommerce to help people to migrate instead of an extension. It allows you to store, export, and import consumers’ data, passwords, products, and all the other information from the existing website without any interference.

 Within just a few clicks your data is exported and the website is ready to present. You are free to migrate any file from any e-commerce platform. Even any e-commerce site is free to migrate. This will save you time, cost, and energy. It is super easy to use and you are free to install and take hold of how things will work if you export the site. By following 3 simple steps one can transfer its customer details and orders securely, automatically, and accurately. 

It also has big support to transfer SEO URLs and customer passwords automatically. There is a surety of dedicated support without any data loss. There is a lot to be transferred without any harassment i.e. product details, product category, manufacturers details, Taxes (according to the country ), customer details order details, coupons, and discount details and can be migrated automatically.

Usually, people nowadays want everything automatic so to conclude this statement Woocommerce also automatically does everything once the process is started. Besides, if there is any need to extend it further Woocommerce also provides this option at some cost. 

What is the LitExtension WordPress plugin?

LitExtension WordPress Plugin is a platform that readily migrates users’ details of what he/she wants without any extra effort to do so. You can straightforwardly make your website available with new features and a wide section of categories. Besides, this allows your customer to easily assist in login without creating a new account again. 

Plugins are supposed to be a kind of apps that allows its users to add new features and functions to the WordPress site. WordPress has come up with approximately 50,000 free plugins available right now in its plugin directory. More than 1,000 are available from third party websites. Some of the premium WordPress plugins are sold by individuals, developers, and companies. 


After many years of struggle, WordPress has evolved into a powerful management system and application framework. Plugins allow its users to create any kind of website without WordPress. If any of the features are not available in WordPress plugins certainly help you to do the desired thing. E-commerce helps to start a drop shipping business successfully. It has a big role to track marketing activities and ways to optimize your checkouts for more and more revenue. 

How to integrate with WordPress

For example, we are learning how to integrate your Shopify stock with WordPress usingLitExtension

Some of the basics steps are required to be followed:-

Step 1: Set your Shopify store

Firstly, if you get an account on Shopify, feel free to skip to the next part. But if you do not have the account then visit the homepage of Shopify and initiate a free trial by entering your email address. 

Shopify-Migration-Shopping LitExtension

1) After login, click on the free start trial button and a sign-up screen will appear in front of you and you have to fill in your common details like the name for the store, email address, and set up the passwords. 

2) Next, you will be asked about some more questions in order to get to your exact wants and needs. From the drop-down list, you can answer the questions and then click next. 

3) When you finish filling up the parts, you have to click on the Enter my Store button and then boom!! Your store is ready. 

Step 2: Install some of your products in your store now

Into your account, you have to add your products now. All you have to do is to click on the menu option of the “Products” tab and then click on add to product option. After this, you have to furnish the information regarding the description of your brand, its price, and the name of your brand. 

Shopify-Migration-Shopping LitExtension - Setup

You can collectively add all your brands into a certain collection which makes it quicker for you to dig the brands in your store. When all the details of the brand are completed, click on the Save button. 

Step 3: Customize your stock

Gear up to integrate your stock with WordPress by using Buy Buttons. Word press is included with the buy button that helps you to deliver and embed your products all over the global platforms. It is on you to embed an individual product or collection of products by using a code of embedding and get it generated within your store.

Get into the column of Setting and click on the Sales channels button. 

Shopify-Migration-Shopping LitExtension - My Store

Following, press on the Add deals channel button. On the list, scroll down to discover the Buy Button channel and tap the + button to introduce. Now, for the product, you wish to create a buy button, pick for that brand, and then press the select product button. To accomplish the Buy Button code, optimize the templates, customize the text, and color. 

Step 4: Adding your buy button of the store to your site of WordPress

Presently, we got to add your items to your WordPress location so you’ll begin offering them. Press the Copy code button to duplicate the code you just created for that product. You can glue this code anywhere on your site where you need your Buy Button to seem. For occasion, you’ll make an unused page on your WordPress location and glue the insert code to show your Buy Buttons. After merely, you can proceed including extra data about the product if required.

How does it LitExtension Plugin work?

There are just basic three steps that are required to be kept in mind while migrating. 

1) You have to furnish your information to your source store. 

2) Choose the entities and brands you wish to transfer.

3) Then, at the end perform the migration. 


On the tool of migration, all the most needed and further facts and commands are being provided. 

LitExtension Plugin: Features 

1) Super- duper uncomplicated

The installation process for LitExtension is very simple. With just 3 steps and clicks away, you can easily migrate your data to WooCommerce. All the information is provided right on the steps. 

LitExtension - Uptime

2) Completely Automatic

The process is completely automatic. You do not have to wait, stay, and watch for the whole process to get it completed. You can really grab your coffee, just switch off the computer and then get a notification through email when the transfer is completed. 

LitExtension - Shopping Cart Migration

3) Stores have 100% uptime

You will have a flawless process of migration both at the time of the shopping cart and WooCommerce. It gets so easy that your customer won’t even notice it. 

LitExtension - High Security

4) Support of 24 by 7

If you have any questions, LitExtension deals with you in a very friendly manner and professional manner. You need not be alone. It enthusiastically is at your service 24/7 and helps in solving any questions that arise. 

5) Try first, choose later

A possibility is being provided by LitExtension to perform free information exchange and check the usefulness and quality of benefit. You’ll indeed inquire back some time recently if you pay for Full relocation. Our specialists will make sure you get precisely what you would like some time recently when you make the choice.

6) No jargons involved

LitExtension does everything for you and you need not have to get to know the coding for your databases. Without any difficulty, all you have to do is to follow some simple easy instructions. 

7) DNS and switching domains      

It always has been thriving to know how many products or customers are there in your store presently. With this service of lit extension, you can easily acknowledge, on how to check up on the counts of entities you have in your chain. 

LitExtension Plugin: Pros and Cons

This aids you to gather the idea to choose it or not. It helps in decision-making. So, let’s move along and know the advantages and disadvantages of LitExtension WordPress plug-ins 

LitExtension Pros                                       

1) Optimization is at its best

2) Basic concepts with easy use.

3) Design has the ability to attract customers.

4) Customer Support is amazing.

5) It provides an uptime of approximately 100%.

6) Staff is available 24/7.

7) 30-days money guaranteed back

8) Known for best security and safety.

9) Offers the exact for what you are expecting.

10) Customization is dynamic.

LitExtension Cons

1) Some issues to run the platform sometimes.

2) Flexibility is less due to the codebase

3) Sometimes slow downloading when there are so many plug-ins.

4) Things are a bit intuitive.

5) Can be complex sometimes.

LitExtension Plugin Pricing | How Much Does LitExtension Plugin Cost?

Pricing is one of the major aspects that help you in deciding whether to take up a particular option or not. So let’s look up at the pricing plans of LitExtension.


It offers three plans. They are as follows:-

1) Personal Plan                                       

2) Small Business

3) Enterprise

So, let’s move along with the first plan.

Personal Plan


Storage:-5 GB    

The feature that is consists are:-

1) Monthly visit of about 30,000.

2) It has email support.

The price for this plan is $49/mo.

Moving on to the second plan.

Small Business


Storage:-15 GB  

The feature that is consists are:-

1) Monthly visit of about 1,00,000.

2) It has phone support.

3) It has unlimited data transfer also. 

The price for this plan is $99/mo.

Next, is our last plan!!



Storage:-30 GB  

The feature that it consists of are:-

1) Monthly visit of about 2,00,000.

2) It has phone support.

3) Also, has unlimited data transfer.   

The plan starts at $199/mo.

LitExtension WordPress Plugin Reviews & Testimonials


Quick Links:

FAQs on LitExtension WP Plugin

👉How to contact LitExtension?

There are some ways to contact LitExtension to solve your any query. It is highly recommended that your questions can be submitted to our ticket system. Also, you can email us at [email protected]. On the LitExtension page, at the right bottom of the screen, you can click on the chat section and communicate with us via live chat.

👉 Can Source Store be deleted after migration?

After migrating all your data successfully and you are wishing to delete your Source Store, you are not profoundly likely to erase any substances from your source store. When the relocation handle completes, your Source Store still operates and proceeds to get modern information. You without a doubt got to overhaul this unused information, subsequently, you ought to keep your Source Store for utilization. You are always advised to keep your Source Store data in back-up even if you delete it after going live with your Target Store.

👉How to check entities?

You have to know the number of entities, in order to have an estimation of your price for the process of migration. To know that, you have to visit “how to check entities on your store”. For any query, you can contact or mail them.

Conclusion: LitExtension WordPress Plugin Review 2024

LitExtension has always come up with amazing things to keep you engaged and save time and do things automatically without giving you a headache. With LitExtension, things got to be so easy and accessible. Every task with respect to migration or WordPress plug-in will be taken care of. Next to OpenCart and WooCommerce, We as of now back information movement for over 90 most prevalent stages. 

You are also assigned a personal assistant that will truly take care of your transfer processes. Moreover, they have a great committed staff that ought to respond to your queries in time. Also, different- different, they are planned to solve your query in about 12 hours. It provides you immense options to choose from in order to migrate your services.

 It has to be the most advanced system for migration with 30,000+ migrated stores. Set times for consuming tasks and migrate all the data automatically. It assures you to provide top security and dramatically saves your time and money. It has an uptime for about 100% and support for 24 by 7. Also, have unlimited free re-migrations.

It supports more than 100 E-commerce platforms. Isn’t it the best thing you can get for your online business? Getting more than amazing options to choose from is by far a good thing. Worldwide it has more than 50,000 customers providing you approximately 98% customer satisfaction and has more than 1,50,000 integrated stores for migration.

Hence, it grows to be the no.1 provider for shopping cart delivering thousands of successful projects.

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