How To Cancel Constant Contact Account? Step By Step Guide

You should be able to control any email marketing service entirely online, from the initial purchase to account termination. To cancel your plan with Constant Contact, you cannot just click a link or tap a few buttons.

If you wish to cancel, be prepared to spend some time on the phone, and make sure your refund isn’t mismanaged like mine was.

To see if canceling a Constant Contact account was as cumbersome as it sounds, I conducted an experiment. Learn how to deactivate your Constant Contact account in detail.

If you’re ready to leave Constant Contact, have a look at our suggestions for alternative email marketing services to consider.

How To Cancel Constant Contact Account? Quick guide

Follow these steps to cancel your Constant Contact account:

How To Cancel Constant Contact
  1. For billing questions, please call Constant Contact at 855-229-5506.
  2. Describe your reason for canceling your account and why you’re calling.
  3. Speak to the billing specialist who can help you close the account.
  4. If you receive a retention offer, decline it.
  5. If you’re within 30 days of the money-back guarantee period, you can request a refund.
  6. Upon canceling and requesting a refund, you will receive an email confirmation.

My experience with canceling Constant Contact

It’s Not as Easy as You’d Think

As we described in our Constant Contact review, the service provided by the platform is exceptional. Still, I was not looking forward to phoning to terminate my account or finding time during my hectic job to use the phone.

You read that correctly: calling is the only method to terminate Constant Contact, a hopelessly antiquated process. And you can only do it during business hours ET, so if you’re busy or in a different time zone, you may experience some difficulty.

Although the billing specialist I spoke with was efficient, the full canceling procedure took far longer than if I had simply clicked a link, as I could with the majority of their competitors. In addition, I had to follow up numerous times for my refund to be processed. How my experience unfolded:

Step 1: Call Constant Contact

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time, you can reach the billing department at 855-229-5506. (Tough luck if you want to terminate your account over the weekend or late at night!) Prepare to provide your login or the email address linked with your account to the virtual assistant.

Step 2: Clarify Your Reason for Calling

Give the virtual assistant the reason for your call. I merely stated, “I would like to close my account.” Then explain to the virtual assistant why you are canceling your account. I mentioned that the regular Email plan lacked the desired functionality.

Step 3: Talk With a Billing Specialist

Once you’ve gone through the trouble of communicating with the virtual assistant, you discover that they cannot even close accounts. To finish the process, you must speak with a Constant Contact employee. I was connected in less than a minute, which is fortunate.

Even though it is the responsibility of the virtual assistant to authenticate your account and reason for contacting, you may anticipate being asked the same questions by a billing specialist. This time, I went into greater detail. I mentioned that the ordinary Email plan lacked the automation I required for company marketing, while the Email Plus plan was out of my price range.

Step 4: Evaluate any retention offers

The billing representative offered me an attractive retention offer: a limited-time discount on the Email Plus plan. However, I declined and asked that the cancellation be processed.

Step 5: Ask for Your Refund

Next, I inquired as to how long I would have account access. The billing professional informed me that my account would be active until the conclusion of the billing cycle, which would occur in a few weeks.

I then inquired about the refund procedure. They stated that if I wished to utilize the 30-day money-back promise, the account would be closed instantly.

I requested that the reimbursement be processed, and according to their word, they immediately terminated the account. Warning: export your contact lists before proceeding, since the representative will not remind you to do so.

Step 6: Watch for Email Confirmations

I was told by the billing representative I spoke with that I would receive an email confirming my account cancellation within an hour and that I would receive my refund within two business days.

Since I just received a verbal statement and a purportedly closed account, I’d love to obtain these confirmations immediately. However, as the billing specialist said, I did receive a closure email within an hour.

Watch for Email Confirmations

Despite this, I did not receive a confirmation of my refund within the two-business days specified. It took me several phone calls before I received my refund. Here is the full story of my frustrating experience. Sadly, I didn’t think of pursuing a strategy that has worked for other businesses.

Typically, I would request an email confirmation of everything agreed with the billing specialist while we were still on the phone. I don’t know if that would have prevented the extra calls, but it’s certainly worth a go if you find yourself in a similar circumstance.

Getting Help With Cancellation

When I was unable to cancel my subscription online, I immediately contacted Constant Contact’s live chat support for assistance. I was disappointed that I couldn’t simply cancel it through the dashboard or via chat.

Within a couple of minutes, I obtained the information necessary to close my account, including the phone number and office hours.

Technically, Constant Contact’s billing support is only available via phone. While I had the attention of the live chat person, I decided to inquire about the refund policy.

I had hoped for a clearer confirmation that I was eligible for a refund, but it’s conceivable they missed the fact that my account was very young and should have qualified.

Instead, they stated that I could “negotiate with the billing person,” which gave me the impression that they had no idea what they were talking about.

Constant Contact’s Refund Policy

Constant Contact offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have had the service for less than a month, in theory you are eligible for a refund.

Because refunds are not automatic, you must request one. Ensure that you request a refund when terminating your account via telephone. Then, be willing to conduct repeated follow-ups.

I had to call three times for my refund to be completed. The first time, the customer service agent just failed to process the refund. The second time, the customer service representative promised a resolution within a few hours.

As you may probably predict, that did not occur. The third time I contacted (the next day), the support agent again promised a resolution within a few hours. About an hour later, I finally received confirmation of a refund.

I had purchased the least expensive Constant Contact plan and received a discount, so my financial loss was minimal. Surely they hope you’ll give up on the process if I haven’t received my refund, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I hadn’t received it.

As a result of the difficult cancellation and refund process, I would be reluctant to purchase a more expensive plan.

Remember that if you keep your account for longer than 30 days, Constant Contact will not provide a refund. According to the terms and conditions, after you have prepaid for the month or year, you cannot receive a refund.

If you don’t think you want to commit to Constant Contact, then I would recommend a rolling monthly contract. You should take into consideration the fact that if you switch from one email marketing service to another after two months, you will not be refunded.

Best Constant Contact Alternatives

Constant Contact is still our favorite email marketing service, but its analytics are rather basic, and its customer support is not always excellent.

I suggest the following Constant Contact alternatives if you’re considering switching:

1. Sendinblue Free Plan:

Constant Contact offers no free plan, and its pricier options are not exactly inexpensive. Consider switching to Sendinblue’s Free Plan if you wish to save money. It allows you to add an unlimited number of contacts, send up to 300 emails per day, and create free automated processes.

2. GetResponse Basic Plan:

GetResponse’s Basic Plan is a fantastic option if you desire more extensive automation than Constant Contact offers. GetResponse’s pricing begins at [insert pricing for GetResponse’s Basic Plan] per month and includes limitless automation, lead funnels, and landing pages.

3. ActiveCampaign Plus Plan:

Try ActiveCampaign’s Plus Plan if you’re looking to fully automate your marketing activities. In addition to over 500 automated recipes, contact scoring and detailed reporting are provided. With our email marketing service coupons, you may be able to reduce the [insert pricing for the ActiveCampaign Plus Plan] for Plus.

FAQ On How to Cancel Constant Contact?

How can I cancel my account with Constant Contact?

To cancel your Constant Contact account, phone the billing department. Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, billing assistance can be reached at 855-229-5506.

What is the cost of Constant Contact?

The Email plan of Constant Contact begins at 737 per month, while the Email Plus plan begins at 3321 per month. Each plan is priced per subscriber, so as your list grows, so does the price.

What is Constant Contact’s refund policy?

Constant Contact offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means refunds are available during the first 30 days of account creation. The platform has a no-refund policy after the initial thirty days.

What is the best platform for email marketing?

ActiveCampaign is the most effective email marketing tool for businesses that are serious about automation. Due to the platform’s generous free plan, Sendinblue is the most cost-effective solution if you’re concerned with minimizing expenses.

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Conclusion: How To Cancel Constant Contact?

In the end, canceling your account with Constant Contact is not necessarily difficult. However, it takes longer than it should and requires precise cancellation timing.

If you fail to check on your refund? Good luck obtaining a refund; it won’t happen automatically.

Now that you’ve terminated your Constant Contact subscription, you’ll need a new email marketing solution. I would recommend Sendinblue for its robust free plan and GetResponse for its robust automation.

Both are on our list of the greatest email marketing services for 2024 and will assist you in elevating your marketing services to the next level.


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