Constant Contact Vs HubSpot 2024: Battle of the Email Marketing Software | Expert Head-to-Head Comparison

Are you confused between Constant Contact Vs HubSpot ? Struggling to know that which one is better and why? Do you have bunch of questions regarding the same?

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Let’s start with the basic comparison !!

Constant Contact

Check out


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Pricing $20 per month $45 per month
Best for

Small businesses will benefit the most. Constant Contact creates an effective email marketing solution for small businesses looking to scale by combining inexpensive pricing with useful email automation software.

HubSpot is the best choice for folks who are just getting their businesses off the ground and are looking for marketing solutions. It's also a major priority for many marketers.

  • Constant Contact allows the users to send unlimited emails.
  • Allows you to set up all sorts of automation.
  • It offers branded templates and starter templates.
  • The branded templates and starter templates
  • It offers CRM with In-Depth Insights into Contacts
  • It has the feature of Built-In Service Requests
  • Exporting contact lists to Excel or CVS is a breeze.
  • Best for tailor a message or send out a bulk letter.
  • The number of templates available to you is unrivalled.
  • The interface is sophisticated but simple to understand.
  • Hubspot hubs collaborate to deliver business solutions.
  • It combine your social media marketing strategy.
  • Hubspot gives a lot of useful features, such as scheduling.
  • Very easy to access.
  • The free version is not as long-lasting as Hubspot.
  • Automations are quite limited.
  • Hubspot is rather expensive.
  • Hubspot are not as straightforward to evaluate
Ease of Use

Beginners may find it difficult to navigate but all editors (emails, forms) are fluid and customizable. It can sometimes be perplexing.

HubSpot is easier to pick up. Instead than focusing simply on social media, HubSpot helps you to see how it fits into your whole marketing strategy. It has a more user-friendly interface.

Value For Money

Constant contact isn't worth the extra money over Hubspot, but you do get a simple-to-use application that's also easy to teach. The templates are unique, and you can rapidly create email campaigns that match to certain goals, such as sales or events.

It outperforms Constant Contact in terms of functionality, therefore it's well worth the money. HubSpot's services include email marketing, live chat, email scheduling, and form creators, to name a few. HubSpot's goals include, among other things, social reporting and blog development.

Customer Support

Customer service is provided by Constant Contact in a variety of ways. There are self-help books, workbooks, recommendations, and templates accessible. You can access the company's customer blog, developer documentation, and solution partners. You can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hubspot offers customer support via a variety of ways. You can join Hubspot groups for extensive use. Self-help materials, books, workbooks, suggestions, and templates are all available. The company's customer blog, developer documentation, and solution partners are all available to you. You can reach there 24/7.

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We wrote this entire essay about Constant Contact vs HubSpot for folks who are unsure which is better for them.

Marketing is critical to the success of any organization. There are other sorts of marketing, but inbound marketing and email marketing are the two most extensively used. Constant Contact vs HubSpot, both have their advantages.

Email marketing is a practice that millions of organizations worldwide utilize because of its several advantages, including low cost, clear segmentation, calls to action, ease of production and monitoring, global accessibility, immediacy, and high return on investment.

On the other hand, inbound marketing excels at streamlining the work of your company’s sales and marketing teams by allowing them to collaborate and create valuable content for prospects.

Additionally, efficient inbound marketing helps small firms increase their brand recognition and exposure. Additionally, this marketing method is intriguing and beneficial since it creates high-quality leads and visitors.

All of these characteristics would be valuable for your organization, and the process becomes a lot easier if you utilize an email marketing or inbound marketing platform.

Constant Contact vs HubSpot, both are inbound marketing and email marketing tools, respectively, that provide organizations with a slew of unique capabilities.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot 2024: Overview

Below we are going to tell you top to toe information about Constant Contact Vs HubSpot which will surely help you to make a decision.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a 2006-founded inbound marketing platform.

If you’re searching for a more effective and streamlined way to manage your company’s online marketing efforts, including search engine optimization, landing page building, and marketing automation, HubSpot is the platform to explore.

HubSpot - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

The service includes a comprehensive set of online marketing tools, allowing you to easily manage your SEO, online marketing, and social media marketing efforts in one place.

HubSpot has a slew of capabilities that enable you to design and execute targeted and successful marketing campaigns without the need for technical expertise. Integrated analytics also simplifies the process of evaluating the performance of your efforts.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an email marketing company founded in 1995. The service is intuitive and simple to use, making it accessible to users of all ability levels.

It has hundreds of distinct design templates that you may customize to obtain the appearance you want. It helps you to construct email campaigns in a variety of forms to announce sales, special events, and so on.

Constant Contact - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

If you currently have a large list of email contacts but are spread across many databases, Constant Contact gives a management interface with all the tools required to consolidate all your contacts into a single list.

Additionally, the service provides a variety of social media campaign materials for launching a campaign on social media platforms.

Additionally, you have access to marketing and management tools that may be used to increase attendance at various events such as entertainment concerts, seminars, and more.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Integrations

Constant Contact has around 350 integrations in its portfolio. This covers almost every popular piece of software you can imagine (e.g., WordPress, Shopify, and Live Chat), as well as HubSpot.

The internal integration page is quite deceptive in that it claims 3,500+ integrations, which includes all Zapier plugins. Regardless, if Constant Contact does not provide a certain integration, it is quite doubtful that any other email marketing platform would.

Constant Contact Integrations - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

You can say the same thing with HubSpot, which has just over 500 integrations. Regrettably, as the scores above indicate, not all integrations go as well as expected. You may wish to check out recent reviews for any integrations that interest you.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Diversability

Both systems send a large number of emails each month, which is impossible with low deliverability.

Constant Contact claims to have a 97 percent email delivery rate based on internal data, whereas EmailToolTester’s deliverability testing indicates that they are closer to 90 percent. That is a negligible discrepancy that may be explained by minor measurement errors.

While HubSpot does not publicly disclose its deliverability rate, EmailToolTester estimates it to be around 90%. Both platforms provide comparable prices that are somewhat more than the norm for other big email marketing platforms.

The primary determinant in determining whether your emails are sent to your subscriber’s inbox or garbage folder is the content of your emails, not the architecture of these two platforms.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Ease of Use

Constant Contact’s user interface was recently redesigned to be more straightforward to use. All editors (emails, forms) are fluid and customizable.

And if you ever get stuck, there’s a handy little pop-up search bubble that nearly always assists. Apart from the few concerns stated before, Constant Contact is quite straightforward to use.

Constant Contact Ease Of Use

HubSpot is likewise well-designed and straightforward, but there are SO MANY functions that at first might seem overwhelming.

Account creation takes a long time, and even then, there are sales and customer service options that clog up the screen that you may never use.

HubSpot Ease Of Use

While there is a guided tour when you initially register, even then there is a learning curve to finding out where everything is and how it works with HubSpot.

With that said, if you’re familiar with email marketing platforms, locating the majority of functionality should be very straightforward.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Pricing

Constant Contact does not provide a free plan, however, it does offer a 60-day free trial. While the absence of a free plan may be discouraging for fresh new enterprises, if you’ve already built a substantial list, you should anticipate investing in email marketing in any case.

The entire cost of an email marketing plan is dependent on the size of your list but is somewhat pricey when compared to alternatives such as AWeber, which focuses only on email marketing.

Constant Contact Pricing Plans

Another possible stumbling block is that Constant Contact’s lowest package is limited to the website builder. To have access to email marketing, you must first upgrade to the next level. All options include access to all email templates as well as phone and live chat assistance.

HubSpot does provide an excellent free plan that includes the majority of capabilities (email marketing, landing pages, live chat, etc.). However, these capabilities are restricted on the free plan, which you may circumvent by subscribing.

Additionally, the free plan lacks sophisticated capabilities such as automation and one-on-one help. On a free account, HubSpot branding displays on all forms and emails.

HubSpot Pricing

If you do decide to upgrade to a premium plan, you will lose the branding and will have the ability to send up to 10,000 emails each month.

While this plan’s initial cost is cheaper than a comparable plan on Constant Contact, it becomes much more costly if you exceed that limit.

At that point, you’re compelled to subscribe to a far more costly plan, which does include extra services such as email marketing automation, surveys, polls, and discounts.

In both situations, obtaining value requires making effective use of additional capabilities included in the portfolio of small company products offered by Constant Contact vs HubSpot.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Reporting & Analytics

We’re pretty satisfied with Constant Contact’s reporting capabilities. Along with the standard engagement data (email sends, email opens, and link clicks), you may drill down into other information.

You may see engagement rates by device type, compare campaign results side by side, and view click-tracking heat maps. A heat map may assist you in determining which sections of your emails get the most attention, allowing you to place your most critical call to action there.

Constant Contact Reporting - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

Similarly, HubSpot provides comprehensive analytics. The quantity of data provided will vary depending on if you utilize HubSpot’s other tools in addition to email marketing.

If you’re just using HubSpot for email marketing, you’ll have access to basic engagement analytics such as open and click rates, as well as deliverability data and an HTML click map (similar to a heat map). Few systems have click or heat maps, although Constant Contact and HubSpot both do.

HubSpot Reporting & Analytics - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

Paid services provide you access to even more interesting data, such as how much time was spent reading emails, and the ability to segment data by the email client.

In general, both of these systems provide some of the greatest reporting options we’ve seen in any email marketing product.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Forms & Lead Generation

Constant Contact supports a variety of form styles, including basic inline and pop-up. Take note that the lowest plan does not provide access to sign-up forms.

The form editor, like the email editor, has a simple interface and is straightforward to use. The basic form theme is suitable for embedding on almost any website without seeming out of place. You may easily alter the majority of the form’s look.

Additionally, the editor has a few useful features, such as the ability to preview how the form will appear on a page on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Additionally, both Constant Contact vs HubSpot provides landing page builders that include form embedding capabilities.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Marketing Automation

Constant Contact’s marketing automation tools are one of its weaker points. To be fair, the platform is mostly focused on providing basic marketing tools for small firms, and few of them need considerable automation.

Although the workflow builder is relatively simple to use, all you can create is a basic autoresponder (i.e. time delay between emails).

Constant Contact Marketing Automation - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

There is no straightforward method to establish distinct segments that get distinct emails depending on their behavior (e.g., link click, email open) within a series.

You may begin a new series based on a subscriber’s list, a purchase, or a click on a link in an email. Thus, theoretically, you could combine a number of these routines, but this would rapidly become quite chaotic.

On the other side, HubSpot provides robust email automation as part of the Professional Marketing Hub or Enterprise Marketing Hub plans. However, this succinct bulleted list just scratches the surface of HubSpot’s capabilities.

HubSpot Marketing Automation - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

You may create nested if/then branches that lead to certain email sequences. In summary, HubSpot’s email automation capabilities much surpass those of Constant Contact. After all, automation is a key strength of HubSpot.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: List Management

We have conflicting opinions regarding Constant Contact’s list management. It does a great deal, although a few aspects seem clumsy.

To begin, there are no restrictions on the number of lists or subscribers you may establish (as long as you pay for them). It’s simple to see the contacts included inside each list.

The “tags” function, on the other hand, is not the most helpful. They are only applicable when a new subscriber joins; they cannot be applied retrospectively.

Constant Contact List Management - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

By far the most significant strength is the ability to segregate subscribers. There are pre-built divisions, such as the most and least engaged contacts, but you can also simply create your own.

You may define segments based on activities such as email opening or link clicking, and also specify whether the condition must be satisfied within a certain time window, such as the most recent email or any of the previous five emails.

While HubSpot’s list management is far more robust, it may also be intimidating from first. When browsing contacts, you may apply a plethora of filters depending on the information you’ve gathered about them and their behavior.

This includes filters for purchase dates, email engagement, and link clicks, as well as almost any other criteria you can imagine. This can assist you in identifying laser-targeted categories utilizing data from other portions of your sales funnel if you use HubSpot’s segmentation tools.

HubSpot List Management - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

The only snag is that after you’ve selected your list according to certain criteria, you must save it before sending an email to those subscribers.

Having said that, if you place a high premium on email marketing and are continuously segmenting your subscriber base, it’s possible to wind up with a massive jumble of contact lists. In light of this, it’s critical to maintain as much organization as possible with your lists.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Email Templates & Editor

To get started, Constant Contact offers a massive collection of well over 100 email templates. By and large, they contain fairly contemporary designs, and you shouldn’t have to significantly adjust them. The email editor is straightforward yet easy to use.

It has a simple drag-and-drop interface, which makes rearranging items in emails a joy. The only small criticism is that there isn’t a large number of blocks available for use in emails.

Constant Contact Email Templates - Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

All the essentials, like text, photos, and buttons, are included. However, no blocks such as social networking buttons or discounts are included, as some other email marketing platforms provide.

In many respects, HubSpot’s email editor is comparable. It’s quite clean and simple to use and has almost identical block and design possibilities.

HubSpot also provides a rich template library. While many of these templates have current and appealing designs, there are also a few that seem to be a little out of date.

Both systems allow you to preview and send test emails before storing or scheduling them.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Customer Support

Constant Contact’s plans include both chat and phone assistance. Additionally, if you’re ready to pay for additional assistance, you may add a marketing adviser to your package.

Additionally, the information base is as comprehensive as any we’ve seen on another platform. Over 100 video lessons and hundreds of textual support pages are available.

Hubspot Customer Support

HubSpot includes email and chat support with all premium subscriptions, and you can upgrade to phone support for an additional fee. As the pioneers of inbound marketing, it’s unsurprising that HubSpot offers such an extensive knowledge library.

Additionally, there is a reasonably active community seeking assistance with not just utilizing HubSpot, but with business planning in general.

Finally, HubSpot offers an academy through which you may enroll in short marketing courses and get a certification.

Constant Contact Vs HubSpot: Marketing Tools

It’s high time to understand the concept of marketing tools in Constant Contact vs HubSpot in both platforms so that we can choose more wisely:

While HubSpot, like Constant Contact, has a robust email marketing suite, it enables your team to dominate all parts of digital marketing via automation. While Constant Contact is largely focused on email marketing.

Best Marketing Tools Offered By Hubspot:

HubSpot adds value by allowing you to quickly track your prospects from first contact through conversion and beyond.

1. RSS Feeds:

HubSpot enables you to create an RSS feed to automatically attract new users to your social media sites. There’s also a convenient “Follow Me” button that simplifies this procedure for possible new clients.

2. Complete Reporting:

HubSpot is the clear winner when it comes to reporting since theirs well exceeds Constant Contact’s. You can simply monitor the performance of your content and vital information such as the number of individuals that went through to your landing pages.

3. Post Scheduling:

Additionally, HubSpot enables you to effortlessly plan social media updates across all of your accounts. There is a Chrome plugin available that allows you to plan content even when you are not on the HubSpot site.

4. Inbox Streams:

HubSpot’s streams offer an excellent foundation for overall functionality. With HubSpot, you can monitor interaction across all of your accounts in one spot. If you rely on Twitter, you’ll appreciate the platform’s unique feature that allows you to follow activities particular to that platform.

Best Marketing Tools Offered By Constant Contact:

Constant Contact is a well-known name in email marketing. The following is a summary of many of the software’s key features –

1. Template Designs:

Constant Contact offers over 200 templates to assist you in swiftly and efficiently sending out emails. While some are more professional or contemporary in appearance than others, you may always create your own.

Additionally, there is a useful tool that allows you to design a unique template utilizing brand-specific colors automatically.

2. Spam and Design Testing:

While you cannot do spam testing, you may use a simple tool to check your email for problems (e.g., broken or missing links). Additionally, you may use another function to preview how your emails will look to recipients. 

3. Reports and Analysis:

Constant Contact also includes extra reporting and analysis features, such as numerous open and click data and the ability to determine which of your subject lines performs the best.

Additionally, you may get valuable data into bounced emails, emails that wind up in spam folders, and your overall unsubscribe rate.

4. Email Automation:

Constant Contact offers automation solutions depending on how consumers engage with your e-commerce business or other triggers (like when emails are opened or links are clicked). 

5. Newsletter Creation:

Constant Contact provides an easy-to-use editor for creating newsletters. Some find it lacking in functionality, although this is outweighed by its general simplicity of use.

FAQs on Constant Contact Vs HubSpot

What is the difference between HubSpot and Constant Contact?

Constant Contact only offers a restricted number of autoresponders, but HubSpot provides an all-in-one solution. Constant Contact focuses on its core competencies rather than on events, while HubSpot is well-known for its events.

Is HubSpot like Constant Contact?

While HubSpot is a much newer firm than Constant Contact, they are well-known as a one-stop shop for inbound marketing management. Additionally, they provide pre-made email templates, or you may create a unique design customized to your business from scratch.

Why is Constant Contact so bad?

Constant Contact's automation capabilities are very restricted. There is no visual workflow builder, you can only send very basic autoresponders, and setting up everything requires an excessive number of clicks. Truly one of the worst automation solutions we've tested.

Can HubSpot be trusted?

HubSpot's CRM platform was created with front office employees in mind; the foundation of our products' success is offering a secure and trusted location for your data.

What is good about HubSpot?

HubSpot is our #1 CRM option for two reasons: it offers a very robust free version that outperforms the majority of premium CRMs on the market, and it can be used across marketing, sales, and customer care teams. It's an excellent solution for almost any kind of business.

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Final Verdict: Constant Contact Vs HubSpot 2024

You’ll learn all you need to know before choosing our HubSpot vs Constant Contact comparison. These are both excellent CRM companies, and you would be well served by either.

Without a doubt, the data they provide will provide outcomes. Let us summarize the positive aspects of each and then provide our recommendation.

With Constant Contact, you receive a simple-to-use tool that is also straightforward to teach. The templates are one-of-a-kind, and you can quickly construct email campaigns that correspond to certain objectives, such as sales or events.

With HubSpot, you can take advantage of excellent free service, customize your features, and get helpful support at all service levels, including free.

We like HubSpot since it is simpler to use and the option to customize features is beneficial. However, you should do more research and determine what works best for you. Let’s get things done!


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