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Editor x

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Pricing $17/mo* $12/mo*
Best for

It is best for web designers, and also for a bit tech-savvy, and like to create an amazing-looking website.

Best for designers , user with advanced technical skills and complex website builders.

  • Breakpoint precision.
  • CSS Grid layouts
  • Flexbox technology.
  • Motion design.
  • Content management system
  • Customizable
  • Very customizable
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Mobile- and SEO-friendly
  • Free to use
  • Flexible plans.
  • Ease of Use
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Code Customizations
Ease of Use

Sometimes it seems complex.

Very user friendly.

Value For Money

A lil costly.

All in one. Worth spending.

Customer Support

24*7 available.

Solve the queries as soon as they can.

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This article is all based on Editor X vs Webflow and if you also want to know about this then stay tuned with us till the end.

It makes no difference if you’re starting a website or developing a professional website for your company. It’s as simple as selecting the website construction tool that best suits your requirements.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Webflow and Editor X, two of the most popular website builders available today. We have enough data to evaluate these two top-notch website builders based on expert evaluations and personal experience with both platforms.

Editor X is effectively a subsidiary of Wix, and the two companies share a great deal of functionality and are part of the same ecosystem. We will often refer to Wix and Editor X for explanation purposes.

Each platform has its own set of pros and weaknesses, and we aim to provide you with the most objective assessment possible to be fair to both platforms.

Editor X vs Webflow 2023: Overview

We’ve covered all you need to know about Editor x vs Webflow in this post to help you make an educated decision.

What is Editor X?

It is a cutting-edge site-building tool for designers and agencies that Wix announced in April 2020.

Editor X has convinced even the most resistant people to speak and test their innovative drag and drop web design platform, thanks to a welcoming user interface and the new responsive design feature.

Editor X - Editor X vs Webflow

Editor X is a powerful website builder platform that provides total design flexibility and creates websites with any screen dimensions.  Additionally, it enables users to connect to business tools such as reservation systems, marketing resources, and e-commerce.

Users may build custom code for their websites using the built-in integrated development environment (IDE). You can construct a website anytime you want using Editor X. Responsive design includes over 900+ ready-to-use websites.

It’s ideal for small companies with modest requirements that desire an easy-to-edit platform.  Editor X makes it simple to adjust the design for multiple screen sizes by including sophisticated breakpoints.

What is Webflow?

This is more than a basic website builder; it is also a content management system (CMS). Webflow is designed to suit the needs of small company owners and entrepreneurs who demand quality websites.

Webflow is an all-in-one solution that enables web designers and developers to go from early concepts to a finished result. Webflow takes a more visual approach to web development by using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Webflow - Editor X vs Webflow

That stated you do not need to be a coder to get started, but as you progress, Webflow’s platform structure adds an added “Wow” factor.

Editor X vs Webflow: Complete Comparison

Below we have compared all the features of Editor X and Webflow for a better understanding. If you want to know more in brief then read it thoroughly.

1. eCommerce:

Editor X has fully-branded, comprehensive online businesses that support various payment methods, provide speedy checkout, offer reasonable shipping prices, and support bespoke tax groups.

Additionally, Editor X enables you to monetize your blog with Google Adsense, offer digital items, take bookings and payments, and sell memberships and events.

Webflow Ecommerce - Editor X vs Webflow

Webflow eCommerce enables you to sell tangible and digital items and create unique checkout flows, delivery alternatives, and optimize the shipping process (powered by Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal).

Finally, Editor X and Webflow are on an equal footing in this round. However, in our experience, we either employ different third-party applications or use Shopify for eCommerce.

Shopify is the undisputed king of eCommerce due to its extensive features (although design in Shopify can get a little frustrating).

2. App Store:

 Your Editor X website can be enhanced with various integrated business solutions, including marketing tools, e-commerce, a booking system, and paid plans.

This eliminates the need for third-party plugins and allows you to benefit from integrated business solutions that are optimized for speed and user experience. Additionally, the Wix ecosystem includes a robust third-party app marketplace.

If the built-in capabilities are insufficient, you can always browse the Wix App Market for more functionality.  However, Editor X is currently in beta, which means that the majority of Wix Apps are incompatible with Editor X sites at the moment.

Webflow features a plethora of integrations with thorough instructions on installing them, but it is not as simple as Editor X and requires some basic coding knowledge to add the code to the site.

Webflow lacks Editor X’s built-in membership area and booking system. They may, however, be accomplished with the assistance of third-party programs. If your site requires a membership section, you must integrate Memberstack/Outseta.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated booking system, you may want to check out Foxy.io or Calendly. With Webflow, Zapier will be your closest buddy since it functions as a bridge between your website and most available apps.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Editor X uses the Wix SEO Wiz to assist users with SEO. You will be asked a series of questions and given instructions, which you must follow. Editor X will indicate if you’ve contributed metadata, social share pictures, and keywords, among other things.

WebFlow SEO - Editor X vs Webflow

You have the option of selecting a title tag for your headers in the Editor (H1 to H6).  Additionally, you may use alt tags for photos, 301 redirects, and even complex technical SEO such as Schema on your website.

Editor X and Webflow are tied in this round. Both can do pretty sophisticated SEO, and we can guarantee that your website will rank quickly.

4. Transferability:

You may effortlessly transfer ownership of your website to another party. This is a particularly desired feature for freelancers and agencies since it allows you to build and develop the site on your own, earn money, and then transfer it to the clients.

To transfer the site to your customers via Webflow, you must have an Account Plan. Currently, the Lite Account Plan costs $192 per year. Account Plan enables you to host more projects on your account and export codes and websites to other charges.

The Site Plan, as noted before, is the hosting plan that is utilized to host your website on Webflow’s servers. The Team Plan is a different plan that allows for the installation of additional designers.

5. Editability:

In Editor X, you have the Editor, where you make changes to the site’s look and content.

While Editor X allows for the addition of an infinite number of contributors to a site, we believe that giving non-experienced contributors access to the Editor is not the ideal strategy (such as copywriter, site manager, etc.).

A single error at one breakpoint will cascade to subsequent breakpoints with responsive design, causing your site’s design to fail. There are two ways to access your website Editor from the Webflow project dashboard.

One is referred to as the Designer, while the other is the Editor. This avoids unintentional alterations that may ruin your design. The Designer enables comprehensive visual control over HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Webflow will convert your design to clean, semantic code suitable for online publication. The Editor enables you to easily generate and maintain site content without compromising the site’s aesthetic.

On the CMS plan, you may add up to three editors.

6. Collaboration:

Creating a website is all about collaborating as a team. Editor X recognizes this and allows you to designate several responsibilities to contributors to your site, such as administrator, website manager, or website designer.

If you are a web design business or a large team of web designers, you can also join the Wix Partner Program and earn money by building websites for others.

Wix and Editor X both provide a Partner Dashboard, which enables you to assign responsibilities to your team members on a per-business-unit basis.

You may designate who is in charge of Billing and the Blog and create custom responsibilities as you see appropriate.

Editor X has made Concurrent Editing available to Wix Partners, allowing several creators to work together on the same Editor X site for the ultimate collaborative creative experience.

Keep a lookout for fresh Editor X updates right here. In contrast to Editor X, you must buy a separate Team Plan to work with another user.

The Team Plan is $35 per person each year. This does not imply that you can be in the Designer concurrently. The Designer interface is where you may add, move, and remove design components in Webflow.

Along with the Designer, Webflow has an Editor, which we shall discuss in the following section.

7. Hosting Packages:

Unsurprisingly, Wix is the most popular website builder on the market, thanks to its affordable pricing and strong scalability.

Editor X and Webflow both provide various web hosting services ideal for individuals, small enterprises, and even enterprise organizations.

When you upgrade to a premium subscription with Editor X, you get a free domain for one year.

You may always link your domain to Editor X from a third-party provider such as Godaddy, Namecheap, or Hostinger, or you can transfer your domain and host it directly on Wix’s servers.

Additionally, you get a free SSL certificate regardless of your domain’s hosting as long as you remain inside the Wix ecosystem.

Editor X Premium Plan pricing begins at $17/month ($204/year) for a yearly plan. Other official papers specify the location of Editor X servers.

However, Editor X is a subsidiary of Wix, and we think they employ the same cloud technology to simplify management inside the Wix ecosystem.

Webflow, like Editor X, is focused on scalability. However, its premium plans vary somewhat from Editor X’s.

You have the option of whether or not to use the CMS functionality. This essentially lowers the premium plan’s cost and makes it more suited for customers who do not need a CMS system.

Webflow does not provide domain hosting in the same way that Editor X does. You must host your domain with a third-party provider and link it to Webflow.

In addition to web hosting, Webflow provides two free projects hosted under the Webflow staging domain, which you may connect to when you’re ready. Super-fast is an excellent phrase to use when discussing Webflow-optimized websites.

Webflow handles approximately 4.1 billion page hits every month, three times quicker than CNN and the BBC combined, owing to Amazon Web Service and Fastly cloud technologies.

It emphasizes the significance of Webflow, and consumers can rely on it to offer exceptional performance.

Webflow Premium Plan pricing begins at $12/month ($144/year) without a content management system and increases to $16/month ($192/year) with a content management system.

8. Capabilities for Development:

You heard correctly! Additionally, Editor X has a dedicated area for novices and professionals in coding to experiment with Wix’s Velo (formerly known as Wix Corvid).

It extends your Wix sites with an “open development, serverless platform” based on Node.js. “Velo is a free, open-source development platform that streamlines the process of creating web apps.

Utilize Wix’s visual builder, Velo’s APIs, your tools, and serverless code in both the front-end and back-end, all on an open, expandable platform.” With an excellent code-free CMS, users do not need any coding skills to set a website’s back-end content.

However, more advanced users may always use Wix Velo to extend the capabilities of their website and include some excellent custom designs/animations.

As much as we like Editor X, we prefer to construct our own and our client’s websites using Webflow. This is one of the reasons we chose Webflow over other platforms.

This is why: When developing using Webflow, you must consider the website’s structure. The structure is mainly HTML; CSS is used to style the design components, and JavaScript creates specific interactions and animations.

You may add any custom feature to the site if you have access to the site structure (visually). Additionally, you have access to public resources like CodePen, CSS Tricks, W3School, and Github.

You could construct a professional website entirely inside Webflow, but having some coding skills in your arsenal would easily enable you to get that Wow impact.

9. Capabilities in Design:

The drag and drop website design functionality drew significant attention to the market. Still, it becomes much better with Editor X, as you can now approach responsive design using cutting-edge technologies such as CSS Grid and Flexbox.

We like the drag and drop Editor since it gives you complete control over the presentation and placement of your website pieces. Additionally, Wix engineers always develop simple-to-use websites and introduce new features for consumers.

Webflow Design - Editor X vs Webflow

You may add up to six breakpoints, and your design will cascade from higher to lower breakpoints. If you design inadvertently at the lowest breakpoint, you can always effectively copy the components to one or more of the other breakpoints.

Editor X retains many of Wix’s design characteristics, such as code abstraction and drag-and-drop functionality, despite the improved user interface and capabilities.

Wix’s method denies users access to the DOM and prevents them from reusing style classes (CSS). This implies that you must style it anew each time you add a new element.

Editor X included a Design Library tool to store and reuse your design. However, you still lack the complete ability to modify the appearance and effectively impact other parts.

Editor X Design - Editor X vs Webflow

In Editor X, you do not have access to the Z-index. Editor X’s interface is comparable to that of a design application such as Photoshop in that you can (kind of) adjust the Z-index by dragging the layer up and down.

Additionally, Webflow has a responsive design with up to six breakpoints. The primary breakpoint (computer with a star) cascades your plan upward and downward.

If you design one of these breakpoints by mistake, you must return to the main breakpoint and redesign it from there. Once a breakpoint has been introduced to Webflow, it cannot be deleted.

You have complete control over the Webflow DOM, which means you may customize it with CSS and reuse the classes. CSS enables you to make changes to your website more quickly.

FAQs on Editor X vs Webflow:

Is Webflow beneficial?

Is Webflow a good value? Not at all. Webflow is a high-end website builder. However, competing systems with comparable quality are considerably more affordable. Wix, for example, is far less expensive, costing between $11 and $35 each month.

Is Webflow's price justified?

If you collaborate with at least one other person on online projects, the Webflow Teams plan is certainly worth investigating. It is virtually identical to the Pro individual plan but includes additional collaboration modes and features for a monthly fee of $35 per participant (annual billing).

Is Webflow a superior alternative to WordPress?

The primary difference between Webflow and WordPress is that Webflow allows for total design flexibility, while WordPress is limited by templates or requires custom coding. Webflow's code is clear and of high quality, but WordPress's code may grow crowded due to the widespread use of plugins.

Is Webflow a superior alternative to coding?

Webflow is more than a visual programming environment; it also includes an integrated publishing and hosting platform. This means you can get from scratch to a published website in a fraction of the time it would take if you coded manually. After seeing your design, you may click publish to make your site live.

Is it possible to create a website on Webflow for free?

Webflow enables creatives and businesses to accomplish their online objectives since you do not need to code to create a high-quality, flexible website. While you may join up and develop a website for free with Webflow, you will need to pay for hosting.

Is it possible to hack Webflow websites?

Hosting with Webflow entitles you to the AWS Shield, protecting you against DDoS assaults. By recording IP addresses associated with form submissions and monitoring for repeated attempts, Webflow also prevents brute force attacks, which seek to break login passwords or expose encrypted data.

How competent is editor X?

If you're looking for a quick way to create a tiny, responsive website, Wix's Editor X is a decent, low-cost choice. While it could need more templates, Wix representatives have said they want to introduce more. The cost-effective price possibilities are many. Depending on your domain and hosting requirements, you may go higher, lower, or even free.

Is editor X unique in comparison to Wix?

Editor X is a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ website builder, just like Wix. However, the critical distinction, in this case, is responsive design. You may customize how your website appears on every device, from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Is Editor X available for free?

Editor X is accessible to everyone in English. You may establish an Editor X website for free or subscribe to one of our Premium Plans to access all of the business and website tools you need.

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Conclusion: Editor X vs Webflow 2023

Wix and Webflow are often compared to Canva and Photoshop.

Wix has long been renowned as the do-it-yourself web building platform, and its drag-and-drop functionality makes it ideal for small company owners and designers.

This is why we believe Wix is choosing a different path with Editor X to distinguish themselves from DIY website builders and compete with other website building platforms.

Editor X is in its infancy, and it’s impossible to predict how excellent it will become.

Editor X inherits many pre-built features from the Wix ecosystem, which is one of the most significant benefits Editor X offers over Webflow.

Webflow, on the other hand, is oriented on semantic web development and has additional technological features, making it a completely different target market than Wix and Editor X.

These systems are designed for non-technical users, allowing you to create your website.  If you have a reasonable budget, we strongly advise you to engage specialists to design and build your websites.

While it may seem as easy as drag and drop, we have worked with several customers who sought our assistance with their websites.

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