Squarespace vs Cargo 2024: Detailed Comparison | Which Website Builder Is Better For Artists?

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Pricing $13 per month $16 per month
Best for

Best for the people who blog and want to make it attractive.

Squarespace is ideal for photographers, artists, and anybody who enjoys design and wants their website to reflect the quality of their work.

  • Simple to use
  • Responsive templates
  • Fully customizable
  • Rich Image manager
  • Connected services
  • Ad-free
  • No charges until your projects go online.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Templates that are modern and bold.
  • Bunch of templates.
  • Unlimited SEO options to manage your site.
  • Highly support E- commerce.
  • No plugin or app store to extend your site
  • No backup and export function
  • Takes time to figure out the work
  • No phone customer service.
Ease of Use

It provide user friendly environment to the user.

It's advanced features make it a little tricky.

Value For Money

It works best in this range and very helpful for the beginners.

It is worth every penny . Hence, provide multiple features in this pricing.

Customer Support

Try their best to solve the problem as soon as they can.

24*7 available on different platforms to help the customer.

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A website is crucial for artists and creative workers. It is, without a doubt, the most effective platform for promoting your work and maintaining your brand.

However, isn’t it difficult to build a website? The reality is that creating a personal website has never been simpler than it is now. You also do not need to be an expert in web hosting or development.

Squarespace and other website builders take care of the fundamentals; all you have to do is select one of their templates and tweak it to your liking.

Additionally, more specialized sites, such as Cargo, are designed for artists.

Which of the two is preferable if you are a creative professional? To learn more, read our comparison below.

Squarespace vs Cargo 2024: Overview

We’ve covered all you need to know about Squarespace vs Cargo in this article to help you make an informed decision.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a well-known marketing and company development platform. After years of successful marketing and promotion, the brand is very well-known.

However, many individuals are still unaware of what Squarespace offers or how it works.

As is the case with several other online shop builders, from Shopify to BigCommerce, Squarespace assists company owners in creating the ideal store.

Squarespace - Squarespace vs Cargo

Squarespace enables you to create a website in minutes, with drag-and-drop capabilities that allow you to see exactly what you’re doing.

Squarespace enables you to construct a website without learning a single line of code or searching for your web server.

It includes some of the greatest themes available in the website builder environment, as well as a slew of powerful capabilities.

What is Cargo?

Cargo Collective is a platform for artists and designers to create professional websites. It’s an excellent platform for showcasing your work online and selling it as well.

Artists may use this platform to construct a digital portfolio, an online store, an archive of their works, and a venue for digital material such as periodicals, films, and images.

Cargo - Squarespace vs Cargo

Cargo Collective makes it simple to create a website, even for individuals with little to no coding knowledge.

Everything from the content to the site’s general style and structure is simplified with easy-to-use tools and drag-and-drop functionality.

Squarespace vs Cargo: Features Comparison

Compared to Cargo, Squarespace gives you more room to grow your company.

While Squarespace is an excellent platform for launching a personal website, most of its capabilities are targeted at increasing your digital real estate.

For example, you’ll discover a bevy of web and social network connectors designed to help you advertise your online presence.

Additionally, there is a myriad of SEO tools accessible to assist in driving traffic to your site.

If you’re considering opening an online business, Squarespace seems to be well-suited for the task.

Squarespace Features - Squarespace vs Cargo

The platform includes enhanced checkout options, shipping and tax computations, and inventory management, among other features.

Additionally, you may communicate with consumers using the built-in email marketing campaign service. To summarize, the platform is a one-stop shop for business needs.

Cargo is no pushover, although it does lack some of Squarespace’s capabilities. Nonetheless, if you want to integrate an online shop into your website, Cargo Commerce is fairly comprehensive.

It allows you to sell physical and digital items, handle orders, and customize the checkout process. PayPal may also be set up, while Stripe enables credit card payments.

Additionally, certain basic third-party embeds such as Twitter and YouTube are accessible. Additionally, Google Analytics connectors are available for monitoring your website’s performance.

Features of Squarespace that Makes it Better Than The Others

We have some features of Squarespace that makes it better than the others:

1. Integrations Analytic:

I’m a sucker for tools that are integrated inside the same site builder, which is why having my website’s analytics accessible in a dashboard view from within Squarespace is such a valuable feature.

Squarespace Analytic - Squarespace vs Cargo

Rather than logging into Google Analytics individually, I can now see all of my traffic and keyword ranking statistics directly from my site’s dashboard, which simplifies the process of evaluating and responding to traffic patterns.

2. Source of Image:

While uploading media is very basic, what differentiates this function is the integration of both free and commercial photographs.

You may utilize the Unsplash search engine integrated directly into the site builder to find free images.


Getty allows you to browse and buy quality stock photographs for an additional nominal price.

These convenient capabilities significantly simplify developing material and are much more lawful than a few hasty Google picture searches.

3. Style Editor:

Squarespace’s design feature allows you a great deal of control over the appearance and feels of your site without requiring you to know a lot of HTML.

The builder has dropdown menus for typefaces, and you can either provide your favorite color through HTML code or utilize the gradient color picker for fonts and backdrops.

Squarespace provides a great deal of creative flexibility in terms of aesthetics.

4. Capabilities for e-Commerce:

There is a reason Squarespace was one of the early participants in the e-commerce game and one that remains relevant today: it is efficient and transaction-oriented.

Setting up a Squarespace e-commerce shop, product pages, and payment/shipping options is quite easy.

Squarespace e-Commerce

Not only can you utilize direct extensions to assist with customer cycle management, but the product page designs are also almost infallible.

5. Blog Integration:

While WordPress was initially the site builder of choice for bloggers, Squarespace improves on that.

If your site is primarily a blog, you’ll welcome the flexibility to schedule articles in advance, provide access to numerous writers, configure an easy-to-use comments system, and create a professional-looking blog.

Squarespace Blog Integration

Managing article-heavy content is simple with Squarespace since you can simultaneously provide access to many authors or schedule scheduled pieces.

6. Extensions:

While comparing Squarespace to WordPress’s 50,000+ plugins is tough, the former does provide various third-party app connectors known as extensions.

Depending on business requirements, you may install an extension to monitor shipments, increase social media traffic, automate returns, and sync accounting.

Squarespace Extensions

While the majority of these extensions are geared at e-commerce companies, they simplify the process of personalizing your site.

7. Intelligent Templates:

Squarespace provides an abundance of high-quality layouts, with over 100 themes accessible out of the box. Suppose you’re unsure how to build a website.

In that case, Squarespace is a godsend for the indecisive or artistically challenged among us because altering themes and designs ensure that no material is lost.

Squarespace Intelligent Templates

If you suddenly decide you want to change the design of your site, you change the theme, and the builder will seamlessly replace your content.

Squarespace vs Cargo: Ease of Use & Customization

Squarespace makes website creation simpler than Cargo. Squarespace seems far more straightforward to use when developing a real website.

It’s simple to create an account, and all the tools you need are easily accessible. Additionally, the platform’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to relocate material.

Additionally, Squarespace enables customers to adjust page settings without writing a single line of code.

There is lots of space to customize a design with a few clicks here and there, from font styles and settings to page colors and social network URLs.

Squarespace Ease of Use - Squarespace vs Cargo

Additionally, the dashboard is highly structured, so updating one component to another does not need a steep learning curve.

Additionally, Cargo provides easy and accessible tools for customizing its templates.

However, the platform’s editing interface is more complicated for new users than Squarespace’s.

You can also alter the layout, site components, fonts, and even picture animations, but this takes some practice.

Additionally, the drag-and-drop functions might be problematic since you are unsure of the exact location of a content block inside the page’s grid.

If you’re looking for more complex adjustments, Squarespace and Cargo enable custom HTML and have built-in CSS editors.

All of the fundamentals are covered, including site hosting and SSL encryption. Additionally, both systems provide domain registration and maintenance.

Squarespace vs Cargo: Website Templates

Squarespace’s templates are clean and professional, but Cargo’s designs are more unconventional and styled. Squarespace and Cargo approach website creation in very different ways.

A cursory examination of Squarespace’s templates shows a platform that values simple designs, precise typography, and a simplified visitor experience.

Squarespace Templates - Squarespace vs Cargo

While some themes include vibrant color palettes and visually arresting headers, they are all rooted in a minimalist approach. Yes, they are lovely — but they are also very safe.

If you’re searching for a professional-looking website, you’re likely to be satisfied with what Squarespace has to offer.

On the other side, Cargo’s templates are more diversified. The layouts are either single-image landing pages or simple grids that lend themselves perfectly to showing a portfolio of work.

Additionally, there is a heavy focus on the eccentric or quirky aesthetic components.

Cargo Templates - Squarespace vs Cargo

True Studio, for example, is a desktop template modeled like a MacBook, replete with program icons and a menu bar.

Meanwhile, the Bricks theme is a cheesy homage to the early days of the Internet. Indeed, some of the designs are surprising, if not acquired.

Cargo’s templates, in comparison to Squarespace’s, are less formal – daring to seem flawed, asymmetrical, and maybe amateurish.

Squarespace vs Cargo: Pricing Comparison

Squarespace charges for four premium plans, whereas Cargo costs for website improvements alone.

Cargo is completely free to use and experiment with. However, the free edition has restricted picture storage choices and a restriction on the number of shared projects.

You’ll need to upgrade your account if you want unlimited bandwidth and personalized HTML. The ordinary site upgrade is $13 per month or $99 per year.

Cargo Pricing - Squarespace vs Cargo

You may also test out Cargo Commerce services for free, but receiving payments will cost you an additional $66 per year or $9 per month.

To summarize, you’ll save more money if you choose to be paid yearly.

With Squarespace, you’ll have a few more alternatives. However, the platform does not provide a free version.

Squarespace’s plan is available for $16 per month, while the company’s most popular bundle, Business, is available for $26 per month.

Squarespace Pricing - Squarespace vs Cargo

Additionally, you have two Commerce choices – Basic Commerce is $33 per month, and Advanced Commerce is $46 per month.

You may save up to 30% on discounts if you pay yearly, depending on your plan.

Cargo does not impose transaction fees, even if your site has been enhanced.

On the other hand, Squarespace levies a 3% transaction fee on all transactions except those made under its Business plan.

Nonetheless, all four Squarespace options provide unlimited bandwidth and storage.

What Makes Squarespace Better than the Others?

1. Squarespace’s primary features are its ability to construct aesthetically attractive websites, help customers earn money from their websites, and its SEO and marketing capabilities.

2. Squarespace is an intuitive website builder, websites developed with it are both aesthetically attractive and very responsive to users, providing them with a fully online experience.

The software’s integrations and capabilities make site creation simple and pleasant, and the product remains intuitive due to frequent upgrades.

3. A Content Block feature simplifies adding pieces to a website and enables users to edit in full-screen mode. A built-in help window guides users through the procedure, which is already intuitive.

4. The Style Editor enables users to move between templates, add logos, and customize the fonts and colors used in the templates. Additionally, the colors of buttons, links, and the header may be customized.

Additionally, an interface with Aviary enables online picture editing. Additionally, Squarespace customers may search for, evaluate, and buy Getty Images licenses for use on their site.

5. Additionally, Squarespace is a system that allows users to upload material to blog posts, which can subsequently be integrated into the web pages they design.

Additionally, users may store, schedule, and publish posts later and later. An RSS feed may be enabled, and icons for like and sharing content and comments can be created.

Users may configure it for iTunes podcasts and add new entries by email.

6. Users may quickly create product pages and begin selling instantly, allowing them to make money from their websites.

Squarespace-built websites may sell everything from digital services and products to real stuff. Pages may have a shopping cart and a page and URL for each product.

7. Squarespace customers have two payment gateway options: PayPal and Stripe. Additionally, users may post the terms of their privacy and service agreements and configure express checkout.

Squarespace’s interface with Xero also includes accounting functionality.

8. Squarespace users also get access to SEO and marketing tools, which lets them communicate with their consumers more effectively through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Finally, Squarespace customers access 128-bit SSL encryption and limitless cloud hosting.

Squarespace vs Cargo: Pros & Cons

We have some pros and cons of Squarespace

Squarespace Pros

  • Squarespace provides 24/7 customer assistance.
  • Squarespace is available in a packaged format.
  • It’s a one-stop shop.
  • The backend is easy to use.
  • The majority of Squarespace layouts depend heavily on images.
  • Numerous templates are available that are ready for publishing.

Squarespace Cons

  • There is no telephone assistance available.

We have some pros and cons of Cargo

Cargo Pros

  • Completely customizable; if necessary, you may modify the raw code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
  • Templates that are contemporary, bold, and responsive
  • You may always restore your template to its original pristine state (before beginning work on it) or switch to another one.
  • You will not be billed until your job is complete.
  • Pricing is straightforward, open, and equitable.

Cargo Cons

  • There is no SEO capability provided for items (yet)
  • There is no plugin or app store to enhance the functionality of your site.
  • It is not compatible with all browsers; it is only compatible with Safari, Chrome, and chrome-like browsers. It does not support Firefox in its entirety.

Who is a good candidate for Squarespace as a website builder?

Even after reading a Squarespace review, selecting a website builder is a bit nerve-wracking.

After all, this is the system you’ll be using to maintain your online presence for the foreseeable future; you should feel happy with the pricing, user interface, and feature set as a whole.

Squarespace as a website builder - Squarespace vs Cargo

Is Squarespace a platform that checks all of your boxes? Finally, here are our ideas on who we believe should utilize Squarespace:

1. Use Squarespace if you want to develop a site with unique features such as reservations, bookings, subscriptions, or portfolios. Squarespace has templates for each of them and content modules that let you quickly apply the functionalities.

2. Additionally, we believe Squarespace is the ideal alternative for anyone unfamiliar with coding. It’s almost comical how simple it is to create a professional-looking website with no prior knowledge.

3. Squarespace has also grown more competitive as low-cost alternatives such as Wix and Weebly have emerged. Wix and Squarespace are quite comparable in terms of value.

Although Weebly offers more affordable options than Squarespace, we’d say that Squarespace offers the greatest value–with features that all websites need.

4. It’s a decent location for an eCommerce shop. The price options are reasonable (usually less expensive than those offered by Shopify and BigCommerce).

The platform enables many goods, abandoned cart recovery, enhanced shipping, and numerous other critical eCommerce capabilities.

However, for high-volume eCommerce companies, you’ll generally want to go with a specialized eCommerce platform like Shopify.

5. Squarespace is a great option for visually-oriented enterprises.

We’re talking about those who want to employ crisp photography on their websites: the world’s photographers, artists, and fashion firms, but also those in the food, event, décor, and outdoor industries.

If our Squarespace review has satisfied you, you can now create your site by following our step-by-step Squarespace instructions.

FAQs on Squarespace vs Cargo

Is Cargo good for the website?

Yes, it is. Cargo has over 60 visually appealing and trendy themes that serve as an excellent starting point for showcasing your work. The design is responsive, which means it looks great on a wide variety of screen sizes. Cargo even utilizes its members' projects to demonstrate how these concepts appear in practice.

Are Cargo sites free?

All Cargo sites are completely free to experiment with or develop. Choose a preferred service option to make a site public.

What is the difference in pricing between Cargo 1 and Cargo 2?

Cargo 2 sites cost $99 per year (or $13 per month). Cargo 1 locations will keep their existing $66 per year (or $9 per month).

Is Squarespace beneficial?

Squarespace is an excellent platform for building professional websites. It offers the highest-quality designs and features on the market, and although it may take some time to adjust, the result is well worth the effort. We suggest it to anybody interested in design or a fraction of technical ability.

Is my Squarespace website mine?

You retain ownership of the material you post to Squarespace. You do, however, consent to our using it to deliver, develop, market, and defend our services. They may also promote or showcase your site or article, although you may opt-out if you choose.

Is Cargo an effective website builder?

Cargo is a powerful website builder that artists created for artists. Its themes and templates differentiate it from other website builders. They're contemporary, responsive, and visually appealing and avoid the cookie-cutter feel associated with other, more specialized online publishing companies.

Is Cargo a web host?

Cargo is an artist-led platform for artists. Often, the layouts are just grids or single-image pages with a sidebar. You must apply or be recommended to open an account, but this should not deter you.

Is Squarespace a smart choice for newcomers?

Squarespace is a user-friendly platform. However, newcomers may encounter a modest learning curve. It is not as user-friendly as Weebly (but it is more flexible).

Is Squarespace an e-commerce platform?

Squarespace is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms available. It has a plethora of vital functions, and it makes shopping for items simple and appealing for clients.

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Final Verdict: Squarespace vs Cargo 2024

Squarespace is a more conventional website builder, while Cargo is unmistakably artsy.

If Squarespace is your go-to platform for building a website, Cargo is your hipster-inspired alternative.

Choosing between the two will mostly rely on your website’s aims and aesthetic preferences.

Squarespace provides contemporary themes complemented by an array of e-commerce tools and services.

Meanwhile, Cargo revels in its eccentric and original themes, providing visitors with an opportunity to stand out in a sea of minimalist-style websites.

If artists and creative professionals want to extend their businesses in the future, they may be lured to Squarespace. Additionally, there are other plans available.

However, for individuals who want to carve themselves a space to promote their work, Cargo is the way to go.

While it lacks the breadth of Squarespace’s e-commerce options, its online shop capability is rather robust.

While creating a website in Cargo does need some technical expertise, most artists are likely eager to acquire it.

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