10 Best VPS Hosting Providers 2023 Review And Comparison

A VPS is a great choice for those who want the benefits of shared hosting, such as easy setup and fast loading speeds. Check out the list of top VPS hosting providers to boost your site speed at an affordable price.

However, it’s also more customizable than traditional web hosts because you get to manage it. VPS offers dedicated RAM and storage space that can be upgraded or downgraded depending on how much bandwidth you need. 

We’ve compiled our top 10 picks for the best VPS hosting providers. From lowest-priced plans which include generous amounts of disk space/data transfer to highest priced options with additional features like support 24/7 365 days a year!


Top 10 VPS Hosting Providers 2023

If you were randomly directed to this page, it might be worth your while to switch over to a Virtual Server (VPS).

Sharing resources with others could get your IP blacklisted and lead to slow speeds on the website. You need a VPS hosting plan to outcome the drawbacks. 

1. A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is one of the best VPS hosting providers that gives you complete control over your server. Its Turbo servers are arguably the fastest available, and it offers plenty of customization options for a reasonable price.

Management, Root Access, cPanel, and OS choices:

A2 Hosting offers three different styles of managing your server:

  • unmanaged,
  • managed with root access (Core VPS),
  • and managed without root access. Root access is provided on the Core VPS plans (managed servers) as well as the unmanaged plan. 

The cPanel control panel comes pre-included for all plans except those that are not manually added to an order at checkout. This costs $19.95 extra if you want it included in your package deal.

The application offers a wide variety of operating systems to choose from. This includes CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora. In addition, it has add-ons available for additional prices that can be installed such as LiteSpeed cache.

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing-cycle, Resources, and Refunds:

Although they both offer 3 management plans, the pricing on the Core VPS plan (managed with root access) and Managed VPS without root access are identical.

Even though it offers these two different payment modes for their services; all of them have billing cycle every month except in case you pay annually or quarterly.

Additionally, resources like disk space are unlimited but there’s a risk refund may take up to 14 days depending upon your bank, while the CPU can be upgraded anytime free of cost when requested by the user(s).

Unmanaged VPS Pricing plans:

Unmanaged VPS plans offer $5, $10, and $15 per month prices with 20GB storage space, 30 GB storage space, and 50 GB of disk space respectively. The entry plan offers 1 core processor speed along with 512MB RAM while the mid-level plan provides double the specs of what is available in the lowest tier.

Similarly for bandwidth which starts at 2TB on A2 Hosting’s cheapest unmanaged vps option to 4 TB on its most expensive one. It matches that number by doubling up every time you go from lower-end add-on packages towards higher-priced ones making this service truly a bargain deal.

When costs are compared against other hosting providers that charge exorbitantly high amounts for seemingly low specifications such as those offered here.

As you can see, the benefits of this service are endless. You get to add additional resources at will (at additional prices, of course). This has a massive practical benefit because it allows for smaller upgrades instead of needing an entirely new plan when only one or two resources need upgrading.

It even offers billing cycles that go beyond monthly and include 3-months 6-months 12-months 24 months 36 months! And its refund policy is fantastic; if you ever want your money back they promise “anytime” refunds pro-rated no less!

To pay with a credit card, you can use VISA/ Mastercard /American Express/ Discover or Union Pay. You also have the option of paying via PayPal and Skrill.

Free add-ons:

Apart from the fact that it doesn’t offer free domains, NameCheap truly has everything you could want in a hosting provider. It offers free SSL certificates, CDNs, backups, and migrations on both its managed plans AND an unmanaged plan!


Having server locations in 4 different countries means that A2 Hosting has a good balance between the US and Europe. Because they have servers across both, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what time zone you live in as the PING (the speed at which data travels) is always up to par!


I’ve used A2 Hosting personally, details of which can be found in this A2 Hosting review. The company has won over 25 awards for best speed, best support, and uptime to name a few.

Speaks volume about its services from my own personal experience with them as well as the experiences of others who have written their positive opinions online on various websites both big or small.

2. LiquidWeb


Liquid Web is one of the few companies that claim to be better than AWS and Digital Ocean. They offer Cloud VPS, which are essentially VPS plans with the scalability benefits of cloud servers.

Management, Root Access, cPanel and OS-choices:

Liquid Web offers both managed and unmanaged servers. Both types come with root access, but cPanel is only offered for unmanaged ones. 

Customers choose how many licenses they need in order to pay their final invoice based on the number of CentOS-only options available for managed servers while Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora can be used if you have an unmanaged one.

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing-cycle, Resources, and Refunds:

The core prices for servers remain the same regardless of management type. The order page lists managed/core managed options in addition to the standard plan price tags.

Choosing one dictates the final payment you make at end of the month. Plan 1 is $59 monthly with 2GB RAM /40 GB storage /2 CPU cores. Plan 2 costs $99 per month with 3 .9GB RAM 8c 100G storage 4CPU Cores.

Then comes Plan 3 for a decent cost as it’s priced at $139 every month (Unspecified refund policy) which gives 78gb ram 150 gb space & 8 cpu core desktops.

After buying Plan 4, users will have to pay $189 per month to get 15.6 GB RAM, 200 GB storage, and 8 cores.

The RAM is only mentioned in vague terms because some of it needs to be reserved for server processing. Just being honest here! But if you add a fully managed service, that costs $15 more per month.

The bandwidth on any of these plans is 10 TB but additional can cost an extra 50/month or 100/month depending on how much you need. As for payment modes, the first must be made with PayPal or cards and after that, they accept cheques and wire transfers too!

Unfortunately, LiquidWeb doesn’t offer refunds for its services. However, they do offer pro-rated refunds on unused days in case of VPS packages with a month-to-month subscription plan or longer. 

Free add-ons:

The company is big on these things, it’s also one of the reasons why they are ranked #1 on this list. They offer free migrations (if you purchased a “fully managed server with control panel”).

Free backups too are included up to 100 GB which can be retained for 90 days. Additional backup sizes may be purchased as well ($15/month or $100 flat fee depending upon size.) 1 free dedicated IP address is provided and additional ones cost only $1 each!

Both CDN & SSL certificates come at no charge, but if you need extra domains there will be an additional cost that you might have to pay.

Server-location choices:

Four server locations are offered worldwide. There is one in Lansing, Michigan; Phoenix Arizona, and another across the pond on an island near Amsterdam. Pricing for each location remains consistent excepting The Netherlands which has a slightly higher price tag due to its distance from other servers.


I can’t believe how helpful and detail-oriented this support team is. They’re available 24/7 through live chat, email, or phone – whichever you like best! I’m especially impressed by their responsiveness.

If we keep talking for minutes on end they don’t abruptly end the conversation unless my problem has been solved or my question answered. It’s no wonder why these guys are so successful in such a competitive industry!

3. HostArmada


Host Armada has a great reputation for being the most feature-rich VPS hosting provider on this list. Here is why you should keep it as one of the top options.

Management, Root Access, cPanel and OS-choices:

With HostArmada, you can get full root access to your VPS with cPanel by just asking for it. Their plans also come with unlimited monthly bandwidth and disk space as well as an always-on network connection.

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing-cycle, Resources and Refunds:

This website offers four different services at 4 prices: $41.21, 48.71, 63.71 and 101.21 a month respectively for web shuttle ($50/month- 50 GB), web voyager ($80/month – 80GB) ,web raider ($160 / 2CPUs / 5TB bandwidth ) and site carrier (320Gb). There’s no cancellation fee in case you don’t like the service or a 100% moneyback guarantee for the first 7 days if not satisfied with what they offer.

Free add-ons:

A free CDN is included with each VPS plan, and a dedicated IP address too. Daily backups are also offered for free along with the domains and cPanel that come at no extra cost. If you don’t want to take a domain name from them, they offer an option of migrating your website without it as well through their “Free Migration Feature”.

Server locations:

HostArmada is the only hosting company on this list that lets you choose from 7 different countries. These are the USA, Canada, India Singapore Denmark Australia, and London.


The support team at Amazon is outstanding! There’s a 24X7 live chat available, and the wait time never exceeds a few seconds. With such quick responses from their employees, I doubt there are many problems that they can’t solve in no time flat.

4. BlueHost


BlueHost is a popular web hosting service, and it’s the top choice for many WordPress users. The company has been named by “Best VPS providers” as one of their favorite options on almost every list out there because they’re endorsed by some notable names in the industry like WordPress itself. BlueHost currently hosts over 2 million websites!

Management, Root Access, cPanel and OS-choices:

BlueHost is known for its great customer service and it doesn’t disappoint with VPS plans either. Not only do they give you the option of running a self-managed server, but BlueHost also throws in free cPanel & WHM licenses along with additional benefits like daily backups at no extra cost!

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing-cycle, Resources, and Refunds:

BlueHost offers three rationally-priced VPS hosting plans: Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate. The pricing starts at $19.99/month with 2 Cores, 30 GB SSD Storage, and 1 TB bandwidth for the first billing cycle of one month.

3 months cost $59.97 ($19.99 x3) each while 6 months cost $119 (2x$39).999($29), 12 months is priced at 199 per plan which equals two good deals in a year costing just under 100 bucks every six months.

Billing cycles can be chosen as well using credit cards or PayPal, but currently, they’re offering double your money back if you sign up within 10 days!

Free add-ons:

BlueHost is a great web hosting provider that offers free add-ons, one of which includes an SSL certificate. BlueHost also has dedicated IPs for sale and the $5/month plan comes with 1 while the other two plans each come with 2.

All three plans offer CDN to speed up your website’s load time but only on yearly or longer payment schedules do you get access to free domain names as well!

No backup services are included in any form so don’t forget about this critical step when choosing where you host your site(s).

Server-location choices:

I’m content with the location of all their servers being in Utah. The company clearly has proven they can offer top-notch servers from this one location, so there is less confusion for me to have multiple options.


When I’m looking for a web host, it is crucial to have the best support. BlueHost offers great service with fast responses via live chat or email and can even call you back if needed!

They are available 24 hours a day every single day of the year so there will always be someone who can help me when I need them. 

The ticket system they use enables my requests to go directly into different departments that each handle specific types of questions without having any confusion about where they belong which makes sure we get all our answers as quickly as possible.

5. InMotion Hosting


InMotion VPS hosting is a top contender in the best providers. They provide real-time redundancies, ensuring your site comes back up online if it goes down with one of the highest uptime percentages in this industry.

Management, Root Access, cPanel and OS-choices:

The hosting company offers both managed and unmanaged services. Even on the unmanaged plans, management add-ons can be purchased separately to ensure complete control over the server is retained by customers. 

As expected from a reputable web host, they do not limit root access with their servers. Instead provide it in full so that you have maximum flexibility when utilizing your account’s resources via SSH or other means of direct admin access for customizing software etc., as per specific requirements.

In case there are no available cPanel licenses at the time of purchase due to high demand for desired Linux distribution being used they will allow more than 5 users’ accounts under one plan/subscription. This will be done by acquiring additional non-included ones that needs separate payment accordingly.

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing cycles, Resources and refunds:

The cVPS 1 plan starts at $5.00/month with 1 GB RAM/1 core, 25GB storage /1 TB bandwidth. If you want more resources, then choose the cVPS 2 plan at $10.00/month with 2 GB RAM, and 50GB storage /2 TB bandwidth. The third one cVPS 3 at $15.00 per month offers 3 GB Ram 60GB Storage 4TB Bandwidth. 

For a much higher configuration choose cPVS 6 at $30 per Month. The plan includes 6 Gb Ram 120GB Hard Drive 5Tb Bandwidth. 

cVPS 8 is an unmanaged plan for only 80 dollars a month with 16GB ram 160 gbs of hard drive space and 7 Tbps of increased data transfer rate.

Finally, the most expensive package will be 32 GB ram 640 GB hard drive and 7 TB bandwidth.

With the Managed WordPress package, you get 4 GB of RAM and 75 GB of storage for $29.99/month or 6 GB of RAM with 150 GBs of storage plus 5 TB bandwidth for your website(Plan 2) at $49.99 per month!

For large sites that need more horsepower than smaller ones do, there is the 8-core CPU option starting from just $83.99 a month (plan 3).

If you’re looking for the number of CPU cores, I haven’t missed it. It’s the only company on this list that offers 24 cores and 48 threads in all its managed plans.

With the ability to pay using credit cards, PayPal, or even cheques. The following billing cycles exist 1 month/ 6 months /1 year and 2 years. There is also a massive 90-day refund period (on its 6-month and 12-month plans) which ensures that no love will be lost in case things do not go as planned.

Free add-ons:

If you want to use a free domain from them, your yearly package must be managed by VPS. However, CDN and backups are not included in this deal so they have to take care of that themselves with some popular providers available for both the services out there.

A free website migration for up to 5 pages is included with all plans. Free SSL certificates and dedicated IP addresses (3, 4, or 5) are available as well depending on the plan price. There’s also $150 in advertising credits!

Server location choices:

The option to choose the location of your servers is nice, as it does not increase costs.

It’s great that you can choose between locations in LA and California for your server space! The price stays the same no matter what selection you make; this means there are many benefits compared to other hosting services with higher fees.


A live chat team is available to answer any questions you have. They never take more than a minute, and they are also very helpful when it comes to answering my direct questions instead of sending me links for answers

I like that there isn’t too much wait time on the phone or through email either with this company.

6. iPage

iPage ranks as one of the best VPS hosting providers. They might not offer many freebies or add-ons, but due to sheer server quality and performance, it is still a great option for users looking at long-term options with reliable services.

Management, Root Access, cPanel and OS-choices:

From root access to cPanel, BlueHost offers many benefits in its VPS plans.

VPS management is difficult but the free cPanel removes that issue for customers who choose BlueHost. The company understands that managing a server can be time-consuming and they are willing to provide their clients with an alternative solution if necessary by throwing in a WHM license as well when buying one of their VPS packages. 

The most popular plan includes 1TB of bandwidth per month along with 2 GB RAM which should meet all reasonable demands according to experts at Digital Trends. Additionally, there are two different CPU options available- a single core or dual core depending on what you need your service’s performance level optimized towards.

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing-cycle, Resources and Refunds:

This tool offers 3 different VPS hosting plans that are suitable for any customer. The Basic plan is the cheapest with one CPU core, 1 GB RAM, and 50GB storage available to you at only $19.99/month. Whereas Optimum comes with 4 cores, 8GB of RAM 120 GB of Storage along with a bandwidth limit of 4TB priced starting from just $79.99/ month.

You can choose between a monthly billing cycle or yearly or 2-year cycles depending upon your preference but all these features come under a 30 days money-back guarantee irrespective of which option you select.

Free add-ons:

A dedicated IP address is offered for free on the “Basic” plan, which means that users can experience high server quality at a cheaper cost.

The company offers 2 dedicated IPs with each of its plans except the Basic one where it only provides 1 dedicated space per month.

Server-location choices:

If you’re looking for a location-based service, there are no options here. All the VPS servers in their network are located at Burlington, USA.


iPage offers a variety of support options to their customers, including live chat and phone. The company responds quickly with useful information to help resolve issues for users in need of assistance.

7. DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is a cloud-based hosting service that offers unparalleled scalability and flexibility, as well as ‘Pay on the go’ billing. While they don’t have a fixed price associated with their services, users only pay for what resources/hours are being used at any given time.

Management, Root Access, cPanel and OS-choices:

Digital Ocean servers are unmanaged, meaning you have full control over the server. Root access is provided and allows for complete freedom to manage your own settings as well as install software with a few clicks of a button.

cPanel isn’t included but can be purchased or manually installed without any coding knowledge needed on most shared hosting plans starting at $5/mo depending on disk space used. 

Digital Ocean also offers many Operating Systems (OS) choices such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS CoreOS FreeBSD and Fedora among others that allow different levels of customization based off what purpose the website will serve just like more expensive web hosts offer better performance than cheaper ones which may not respond quickly enough in some instances.

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing-cycle, Resources and Refunds:

Digital Ocean has a wide range of cloud VPS plans that can fit into your budget. These are categorized based on the pricing, payment modes, and billing cycle you have in mind to ensure you get an optimized plan for maximum benefits at minimal costs.

Digital Ocean has a wide range of cloud VPS plans that can fit into your budget. These are categorized based on the pricing, payment modes, and billing cycle you have in mind to ensure you get an optimized plan for maximum benefits at minimal costs.

The cheapest is $5/month with 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD Disk Space, and 1000 Mbps Networking while the most expensive four will cost around $80 per month depending upon how many CPU cores or Memory you need them to have respectively.

The Standard plan is perfect for those who want to take advantage of maximum customization. The 15 available plans range from $44/month and up, but I’m sure you don’t need such an expensive option right now!

All plans are billed monthly, but it’s possible to add funds in advance (deposit). Payment can be made with Credit or Debit cards or PayPal; there isn’t a refund policy though.

Free add-ons:

The service doesn’t offer free add-ons, but you can buy them separately. Backups are charged at 20% of the droplet price and have a 4 week retention period with weekly updates. You get 1 IPv4 address for free or 16 if you enable IPv6 addresses which cost $0.05/GB to take manually. There are no free domain, no free SSL nor a free CDN.


Digital Ocean allows users to choose from a variety of locations when it comes to purchasing servers. Digital Ocean’s data centers are located in New York, San Francisco, Netherlands, Singapore, and Frankfurt with additional options available for Toronto or Bangalore customers.


Digital Ocean is not the best place for people who need quick support. Their only available forms of communication are emails and tickets, which aren’t very useful if you’re in a time crunch or stuck on an issue that requires immediate attention.

8. HostGator


VPS hosting providers are on the rise, and it’s hard to ignore HostGator as a leading provider.

Management, Root Access, cPanel, and OS choices:

HostGator, a well-known web hosting company, offers managed VPS servers for its clients. Full root access is offered with the servers and cPanel isn’t included in this package but can be added during checkout.

It costs $10.00/month. The OS used by these packages are limited to CentOS only as HostGator has partnered up all through their years of operation with an organization that specializes in creating customized Linux distributions based mostly on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Managed virtual private server (VPS) solutions from HostGator give you full control over your environment without costing too much money just like shared or reseller plans do! With our specializations into multiple industry sectors such as education and

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing-cycle, Resources and Refunds:

The servers are available in 3 different pricing plans – Snappy 2000, 4000, and 6000. The resources included with each plan differ based on the number of cores allocated to your server. These include monthly storage space (GB), bandwidth(TB)

There are three types of payment methods: Credit card only ($19.95/month-2 core CPU / 2 GB RAM / 80 GB Storage & 1 TB Bandwidth); PayPal($29.95/Month- 4 Core CPUs 8GB RAM 100Gb SSDs & 2 TB BW). BTC or ETH accepted for Payment via Coinbase Commerce.($39 . 95/ Month 4 Cores 16gb Ram160 gb SSDs 5 tBw.)

Going with the longest-term (36 months) offers a huge discount as well; you can save up to 73.35% on all plans! Most other yearly plans offer discounts too, but not quite as much.

You can pay for this VPS hosting provider either through PayPal or Credit cards and refunds are also pretty impressive. You’ll get your money back within 45 days if needed!

Free add-ons:

When you sign up for a VPS plan with HostGator, it won’t include free domain names. However, the company does include SSL certificates in its plans and offers pre-packaged CDN that isn’t free to use. But Cloudflare can be installed independently).

It also includes dedicated IPs on all of their plans; however, there are no backup features included in any of these packages.

Server-location choices:

When it comes to VPS servers, they are automatically assigned based on location rather than manually chosen. This means that for the global .com version of HostGator, there is no option for choosing a specific server location.


With a 24/7 chat service, HostGator puts its support team in contact with customers whenever they need it. Additionally, there are phone numbers to call if you prefer speaking over typing and emailing for more detailed questions or issues.

9. Scale Hosting


Scala Hosting presents itself as a potential solution to your needs and provides cloud-based VPS servers which ensure maximum uptime. The data is stored on 3 different servers so there’s always a backup in case one server fails.

Management, Root Access, cPanel and OS-choices:

Managed and unmanaged servers are both offered at Scala Hosting. cPanel is only available on managed plans, while a custom version of SPanel (free) comes with all other accounts by default.

If you want to install additional operating systems such as Ubuntu or CentOS etc you will need unmanaged plan. The Unmanaged package starts at $20/30 minutes which includes one-time management services too.

This virtual private server hosting company offers 4 plans in both the managed and unmanaged categories. The Start plan has 1 core, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB storage for $9.95/month. While the Business comes with 6 cores, 8 GB of RAM, and 80 GBs of storage at a cost of $41.95/ month.

The cheapest option is the Start plan, which costs $10/month. The plan offers 1 core processor, 2 GB RAM, and 50 GB storage space. It’s perfect to get started with. If you need more power than that we also offer an Advanced plan at a $19/hourly rate per month (a flat fee).

Their Business tier packs 4 cores instead like its cheaper sibling but doubles your allocated RAM from 6 to 12 gigabytes while costing double what the Basic does every year ($33/$2187). It is still quite affordable compared to other companies’ prices on similar services such as Amazon.

The billing cycles available range from monthly to yearly payments with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is for all the paid accounts that include VPS hosting packages. Payments can be made through PayPal, bank transfers, or credit/debit cards ensuring safe transactions every time no matter what payment method is chosen.

Free add-ons:

The company deploys fully-functional servers within 30 seconds of payment. Also, they offer free automated daily backups along with a dedicated IP address and free migrations for incoming clients.

Server location-choices:

Server locations have no effect on pricing.

A company offers servers from different locations. But regardless of which location you choose for your server, it will not affect the price of that particular service.


The company offers 24X7 live chat. Although the “sales” team may not be always online, their technical counterpart is. They do answer most questions that are asked of them.

Calls, tickets or even emails can be used to get in touch with someone from customer support at any time. The working hours are between 8 AM-5 PM EST Monday through Friday.

10. InterServer


For an average user, InterServer is worth looking into for above-average VPS hosting. While it may not be the absolute best provider out there, you get most of what you need without burning a hole in your pocket.

Management, Root Access, cPanel and OS-choices:

InterServer VPS offers both managed and unmanaged servers. The difference is that you get management services if your plan has 4 CPU cores or more. 

Root access is offered on all plans; cPanel can be purchased separately, but isn’t included for free like some competitors do. Their OS list includes:

  • Debian, Fedora,
  • Ubuntu (including LTS releases),
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 / 14 & OpenSUSE Leap 42/42+,
  • CentOS 7+ ,
  • Scientific Linux 7+ Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3+,
  • Open source operating systems such as ArchLinux ARM 64-bit 8GB RAM Distro Preconfigured Virtual Machine image based off of SLAX 6 which users can boot via PXE using Intel.

Pricing, Payment modes, Billing-cycle, Resources and Refunds:

There are no “pricing plans” as such. The cheapest plan starts at $6/month with 2 GB RAM, 30 GB storage, and 1 TB bandwidth. There’s a slider to increase or decrease the number of resources.

There are also 16 levels available on this VPS slice which will cost you more per month ($96). It offers up to 480 GB storage & 16 TB bandwidth along with other features like 20-core processors etc.

The most impressive thing about this VPS hosting provider is how customizable it is. You get to choose everything from RAM, cores, storage, and bandwidth during the signup process. And if you’d like a comparison of its price  resource ratio, I’d say that Hostinger offers one of the best deals out there.

The only drawback here’s that the monthly billing cycle can’t be changed once selected, but at least payment modes include Credit/Debit cards and PayPal!

Free add-ons:

For a low monthly payment of $1.99, you can purchase a new domain with your hosting plan! They also offer free SSL and CDN on all plans. Also, you get 1 dedicated IP address per customer for just $3 more each month.

Server-location choices:

When choosing a location to house servers for their VPS plans, the only one available is New Jersey. These are housed in 3 different locations and this statehouses all of them.


InterServer support is available 24X7 via live chat, email, or phone numbers from 7+ different countries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose a VPS provider?

Check the server uptime and reliability before choosing any VPS server. Also check whether it is managed or unmanaged hosting. An unmanaged hosting doesn't provide support and you have to configure the server on your own.

Which VPS host is cheapest?

The cheapest VPS hosting provider is InterServer. But you can always go for A2 hosting, Scala Hosting, iPage, HostGator, and more.

How much does a VPS cost per month?

A VPS hosting can cost you around $5 to $20 per month. But these low-cost VPS plans are suitable for less traffic. Whereas if your site receives high traffic, you should switch to a high-cost VPS plan.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, it all depends on user preferences. What’s the size of your project? How much traffic are you expecting? What is your skill or experience level with VPS servers and what’s the budget like for you!

The one company which seems to have everything under its belt would be Liquid Web. It offers resources, security features uptime, etc., at a lower cost than most other companies.

A2 hosting sounds better in terms of offering more flexibility and guaranteed uptime. So that’s probably my choice of vps hosting providers.

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