5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Improve Your Ranking

Want to generate high amount of traffic to your website?

Well, there are quite a few options to think of. You can easily develop a list of email subscribers, opt for tweets, or even share through Facebook. But never ever ignore the importance of Search Engine Optimization. To improve the ranking of a site in search engine directories, it is extremely important to indulge into SEO techniques.

This is serious business; a bit carefree attitude can lead to devastating outcome. Henceforth, it is necessary to learn the tricks of this game. You need to understand the exact working procedures of SEO marketing system. If you are a beginner to online marketing and eBusiness, the most important part is to watch closely the working principles of SEO marketing procedures and how they help sites in achieving the top position in search directories. You need to have proper understanding about the different ways a website gets developed as well the plugins and templates being used to make them more organized and meaningful.

Also, try to focus more on WordPress, an Open-Source Content Management System that provides the best platform to launch your website. There are numerous plugins available to match the credibility of WordPress websites.

Integrating some of these plugins to your website will definitely boost its performance in the virtual world while ensuring a jump into the ranking.

Here, we discuss about 5 essential SEO plugins for WordPress sites to improve their overall ranking in notable search engine directories.

WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a high utility SEO plugin for WordPress sites that provides the best of assistance to analyze all of the site’s content as well the keywords being used.

It mainly focuses on the keywords being used and whether or not, they are properly utilized or not. It will help in providing information like frequency of a keyword to appear in the content along with the real situation, the exact keyword sections, generic use of keywords or not, offering result snippets, and lot of other benefits.

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Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator is an excellent plugin tool that helps in reviewing every single detail about the traffic generated to the website.

Having a clear understanding of the traffic is definitely one of the most crucial aspects to make a website successful.

It is necessary to have a depth understanding of the likes and dislikes of the audience, the areas where improvisation can be achieved, how to fetch a higher amount of traffic on a continuous basis, the source of traffic generation, the movement of the traffic, browser type, resolution, etc.

This is the only plugin that goes perfectly well with Google Analytics. Henceforth, it is better to have an account opened with Google Analytics to ensure easy information check directly from the site.

SEO Friendly Image


SEO Friendly Image is one of the more popular SEO plugin options available to get your site’s images optimized. Unless the images are properly optimized, they may result in hampering the site’s overall performance. In fact, most webmasters do not even bother to tag them properly.

This allows no option for search engines to index them or offering the slightest of possibilities to understand them. Search engines mostly rely on image titles and tagging parts for an image while judging a site. They don’t have enough time to look at images for review.

The use of this plugin helps in performing the SEO tasks automatically, thus eliminating all the manual efforts. There is no need to worry about the coding part for tagging or some associated operations.

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SEO Content Control

SEO Content Control plugin is another very important and highly rated SEO plugin tool for WordPress sites. Once installed, it will go deep into the content of the site and will highlight every single piece that hampers the site’s performance.

This helps much in making all the necessary changes required to improve the performance of a site while allowing the pages to rank higher in search engine directories. T

his plugin will make you understand the strong as well weak points of your site while offering suggestions regarding improvements. The use of different attractive colors helps in segregating the points in a report summary.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack plugin not only focus on one aspect but works at a broader scale. This plugin uses its merits to get a wide range of things done like optimizing the tags, offering support for CMS-style WordPress installations, ensuring keyword density, auto-generation of Meta Tags, fine-tuning Page Navigation links, avoids content duplication, and lots more.

This plugin automatically does everything to improve the performance of a site. It automatically generates Meta Tags, optimizes the titles for Google and other search engines, and offers the best support for CMS-style WordPress installations.

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