10 Reasons Why SEO Can Never Become Obsolete

From the beginning of internet, search engines have become more relevant over time. This allowed websites to be placed in a position to be found, and people quickly found a way to work with this. Search Engine Optimization has become a key word on the minds of all web developers. Throughout the internet, people have begun working on different solutions, while search engines have changed their algorithms constantly to make people work on different solutions.

SEO Can Never Become Obsolete

A constantly changing environment

SEO can never become irrelevant due to the way in which the web is built. It is constantly changing and it means that people will always be creating new websites to compete with the best. Therefore, working on Search Engine Optimization allows for people to stay at the top of the competitive environment. Due to this, it allows for the very best and the most dedicated to top the search engine results! If you are looking for the best SEO for your website visit https://seoly.in/.

Changing algorithms

With search engines messing with their algorithms people will always find themselves wanting to be at the top, so new ways will always be thought up. So basically, the whole idea and what makes up SEO isn’t the same as what made it up even a year ago so new things will always need to be come to the forefront.

Nothing is perfect

Search engines can never be perfect, as they make a change to the dynamic search idea. With different changes SEO has become more prevalent as sites that were at the top are no longer there. They can never find perfect results and due to this people will need to change the way in which they market their website. By doing this, it makes sure that the best websites will find their way to the top, and without SEO doing so, there is always a chance that search algorithms can be messed with in some way.

People want to get an advantage

No matter what the project, there will always be someone trying to get ahead of the rest of the competition and the web is no different. People using SEO techniques and creating working solutions to get ahead will always be prevalent, so it can never become obsolete because of the ways in which human nature works.

There is always a need for a search engine

How many times a day do you go to Google to find something? Probably quite a few. Most of the websites you find will have used SEO practices to get to the top of the organic search engines. Does this mean they are the best websites? There is always that possibility, but due to the change in techniques, it does mean that they have to be up to date with techniques, which most likely will mean an up-to-date website. See how SEO works in helping keeping websites up to date at mattbrandenburg.com.

The job will go to someone else

This is where we get to the professional side of things. There are plenty of online professionals who specialize in web design, web content creation and web development, among many other things. However, there are also those that specialize in working with SEO. If SEO were to somehow become obsolete, the role of making a website popular would be placed onto others shoulder. What would the result be? Those same people no longer putting all their time into where their specialties lie and instead having to think of other options to make the website more popular. This is becoming more important now with more specialized web roles.

Social Media

Even as backlinks are being valued less, the backlinks from social media sites from Facebook, Twitter and sites such as Reddit are becoming more widely important. Due to this, it means that search engines still has to rely on backlinks to decipher what is the more valuable content on the internet.

Community Value

Even as the communities are changing, so are the rankings of Google. SEO now has to be used to work with different kinds of websites other than single page static websites. So, SEO is changing with the web and making it still important and far from obsolete.

The strategies will always play a part

While it is now a smaller part than it used to be, the strategies that were implemented years ago are still staying useful in different algorithms. Even as they are being phased out, don’t expect them to go away completely with the changing internet.

Search Engines aim to bring valuable content

While Google has a huge staff, they don’t have enough staff to go around and rank every website in their database to see which ones provide valuable content. They need to come up with algorithms to do this, which means people will always find a way to manipulate these algorithms to their advantage.

There are plenty of reasons why SEO might die, but because of the way Search Engines work, it will continue to stick around in its purest form unless something exceptionally drastic comes out.

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  1. The more algorithms changes made by Google, the more I believe that SEO is here to stay…ONLY AS LONG as real, organic connections are formed in the process. The problem with link building (which is one of the foundations of SEO) is how some people just drop off links to different sites at their convenience. They don’t care about the owner, what the site is about, the community, and the actual article where they’re dropping off the link. Combining SEO with one’s ability to reach out to site owners via e-mail, telling them how their site kicks ass, asking them to connect on Twitter and Facebook, before finally getting them almighty link to their site is an SEO strategy that’s hard to beat.


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