The 1 Page Funnel: What is it & How does it work?

In a typical sales funnel, buyers go through a series of steps that lead to a purchase.

Usually, a customer has to go through a number of pages or emails before they get to the checkout page. This whole process is sped up by the 1 Page Funnel.

Brian Moran, who started SamCart, made this way of marketing popular.

The 1 Page Funnel lets you set up one web page that makes it easy for your visitors to become customers. You no longer have to worry about people leaving carts or not making a sale.

What is 1-Page Funnel?

1-page funnel samcart

We’ve had a lot of success with a strategy we call the “1-Page Funnel,” and we thought it was important enough to teach others how to do it, so we created a course around it.

You can reap the benefits of a product launch without wasting too much time on it if you reduce the launch to a series of emails and a single checkout page.

Why do marketers prefer 1-Page Funnel?

To get people to buy something, many sales funnels employ the “AIDA” method.

This method consists of four steps:

  • Capture consumer attention (A)
  • Get people interested in the product (I).
  • Make them want and believe in the product (D).
  • Encourage them to take action (A) and purchase the product.
  • Some marketing “experts” advise getting separate shopping carts and sales pages and then integrating them. This method can become complicated and perplexing.

A successful marketing strategy allows you to quickly launch different versions of your product. Brian Moran has made millions of dollars in online sales with just one page. The system is more efficient and faster than a complicated sales funnel.

When you make changes to your product, you must also make changes to your sales funnel. A one-page funnel expedites the launch and testing process, putting you ahead of the competition every time.

How to Create One-Page Funnel?

Here is how to create one-page funnel:

Attention-Getting Headline: For advertising to work, the headline needs to be colourful, bold, and catchy.

Video: Put together a personal video that shows how much you care about your product.

Highlight the benefits: Always talk about what your product can do for people. Be clear and to the point.

How to Answer Objections: The sales copy should get rid of doubts right away and answer any questions customers might have.

Make things scarce: Make it hard for people to get your product. Offer limited-time deals that people can’t pass up.

Feedback and Signs of Trust: Include reviews, awards, and testimonials about your brand on your page to show buyers how great your product is.

Provide Guarantee: Offering a money-back guarantee or a way for customers to get their money back goes a long way toward getting them to commit.

Only one clear CTA: Give clear, specific information to help people take action and close deals.


There will likely always be a need for sales funnels that are more complicated and cover a lot of ground. Even so, the SamCart One Page Sales Pitch model is still a better way to increase sales online and for high-end businesses.

Customers are more likely to close a deal when they are given clear instructions in the right places and the freedom to choose how they do business.

On the other hand, you and other merchants can change and improve pages to meet their own needs. So, all in all, it’s a good deal that works out well for everyone.


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