How To Increase Sales On Your Shopify Store With Data And Insights: 10 Practical Tips

It is a big challenge to get your online store off the ground, lay its groundwork, stock the inventory, and drive traffic towards it. Making a customer buy your product is altogether a different struggle.

Shopify store operators don’t meet their revenue goals because they lose or fail to develop sight of their strategy.

The market of e-commerce is getting highly competitive and progressing constantly. The e-commerce revenue of the U.S. is expected to reach $4.9 trillion in 2021. 

Bring About A Boost In The Shopify Sales With These 10 Tips

Whether you are new in this market or just seeking some help to boost the sales of your store, here, you’ll get 10 proven techniques to increase your sales and improve your conversion rate.

  1. Take Advantage Of The Opt-In Forms

Use a pop-up message using Opt-in forms that get displayed as visitors enter your site; it will attract them, and in this message, you could show offers like discounts to draw attention and motivate users to check it. 

Pop-ups are effective and used by merchants in their stores. The average conversion rate of pop-ups is 3.1%, and 9.28% is the highest.

These pop-ups should not be used across the entire site. You don’t want to annoy those customers who are already on the payment page to buy by placing an Opt-in there. This probably makes them leave the page altogether.

Rather, include opt-in on the About page, home page, product pages, educational landing pages, and blog.

  1. The Money-Spinning Email Drip Campaigns

An average return of £42 (approximately USD 56) is expected for every dollar spent on emails. You are leaving money if you’re not using email marketing for your online store.

To reach customers, Email is another cost-effective method. The algorithms of Facebook and Google change regularly, and the cost of the ad can add up promptly to remain visible.

Based on visitors intent and behavior, you can divide your visitors into the following buckets:

  1. Audience: Loyal customers, one-time users, first-time users, and cart abandonment users.
  1. Emails: Transactional, promotional, and lifecycle marketing emails.

Build different offers and copy for these segments. You can implement some email drip sequence for your Shopify store include:

  • Welcome emails.
  • Post-purchase emails providing suggested products and upsells.
  • Abandoned cart reminders.
  • Updates about the company.
  • Re-engagement emails.

Sending too many emails can cause unsubscribing, so be aware of the number of emails you are sending in a week. 

3. Use The Push Notifications In Order To Drive More Sales

When customers abandon carts, you can give them a gentle nudge by sending push notifications. With push notifications, there’s a chance of customers revisiting their card and complete purchase.

Push notification can be an on-screen pop-up, sound alert, or both. 

You can get customers to revisit the store almost regularly and enhance engagement. They also improve the conversion percentage of first-time users.

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4. Landing Page That Can Convert Well

Your e-commerce store can hit growth goals by making a great landing page creating effective CTA, attractive design, and precise information.

You can use a drag and drop page builder like Shogun to build landing pages easily.

Effective and beautiful landing pages that convert can easily be created by your team, no coding required.

Focus on the following features of the landing page:

  • Engaging headlines.
  • A simple call to action (CTA).
  • Clear copy that addresses the users’ pain points.
  • Visually appealing images.
  • Social proof materials, such as customer reviews and customer testimonials.

5. Leverage The Social Proof

You can use social proof as to how people value their actions when they see others doing them. You can help customers feel more confident in their choices to buy from you by sharing social proof in the form of reviews or testimonies, and you can make them realize part of something bigger with a community of customers.

So, reshare and display social proofs of real customers who used or posted about your service or product. You can also use headlines on your contact page as: “Join our 150k family on Instagram.”

6. Consider The Power Of Rewards and Loyalty Program

If a customer is earning a reward for purchasing, then this can also become the reason for his return. 

Around 77% of customers say a nice customer loyalty program keeps them engaged with a brand.

You can form a stronger relationship with customers through a loyalty program to boost sales.

7. Upsell/Cross-Sell With The Product Recommendations

Providing more options, upsells, and cross-sells to users is good for business. Usually, merchants offer suggestions on check out or products. The main idea is to recommend a reasonable upgrade, and you don’t want to recommend a $150 shirt with a $50 dress.

8. Believe In The Power Of Referral Program

Start a referral program because customers believe the decision of “real people” more than the traditional forms of advertising. Mostly the person referring also gets a discount or reward, which makes it a win-win for everyone.

9. Make Your Social Media Platform Shopper-Friendly

Social platforms are the effective and easiest way to showcase products to your followers by using features such as tags, check-out buttons, swipe-up shopping, and links to products.

You can promote your products directly by making your products available on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. This way, your users can easily find your products.

You can also start user-generated content on your social media handles.

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10. Potential Of Live Chat

Rather than letting your customers wait around for a long time using FAQs or Emails for inquiries or complaints, you can start Live chat. It is the fastest way to offer support to your customers.

For the most part, you can automate responses and assist customers 27×7.

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Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, the suggestions provided in this article are easy to implement. You can see the benefits of executing these methods into your sales strategy almost immediately.

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