Shortpixel Review 2023: How To Automatically Compress & Optimize WordPress Images?

Image Quality
Ease Of Use
Image Optimization
Loading Speed
Backup & Restore


  • Optimize All Image Formats
  • Top-Notch Image Compression
  • Bulk Optimization of Images
  • One-Click Backup and Restore
  • Image Security and Privacy
  • In-Depth Statistics
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Set and Automate Compression


  • Images May Be Blurred In Panoramic format
  • Backups Take Space In Server
  • Setting Up ShortPixel API Key is Tedious

Shortpixel will optimize and compress all your images in WordPress. Along with image compression it has PDF compression and it is really very easy to set up.

Price:$ 4.99


Do you also want to learn about ShortPixel Review before using the software?

You’ll also agree with me on what this article offers you.

I have saved a lot of time with this service platform and I am very sure, so would you.

This review is going to benefit you irrespective of being a new user or an old client.

Often you and I face problems with compressing our documents, images, and sometimes PDFs as well. Searching through the Google browser makes it even more confusing because of the overflow of options like Smush, Imagify, ShortPixel, and many more.

Bottom-Line Upfront: ShortPixel is one of the most amazing tools in the current market. It will optimize and compress all your images in WordPress. Along with image compression, it has PDF compression and it is really very easy to set up. Be free to opt for the service after the review. Try Shortpixel Now and Start Optimizing Your Images Now. 

About ShortPixel

ShortPixel review

Do you also face issues while compressing and compiling your work through documents, PDFs, or any other mode? We have ShortPixel for you. It is an optimization tool that works as a WordPress plugin. You can optimize the images you have to upload on WordPress. Convert PNG into JPG for size reduction.

If you are a Google Chrome user, convert your file to WebP images on ShortPixel.

Even if you reduce your file quality up to 90%, ShortPixel ensures that you get the best image possible. You’d get three options for the action – Lossless, Glossy, and Lossy. You get the rankings you most deserve when your site becomes faster with ShortPixel. Your images would get served and processed to aid your viewport and for the utmost speed.

This plugin can be added to your WordPress site just by installing it and activating the same using the generated API key. You get configuration options and ideas with general settings and advanced settings as well.

It only is a matter of seconds to set up this plugin on your WordPress Dashboard. Automatically processed images on your platter make it much easier to use. Institutions like Presslabs, the University of Michigan, and many more are known to use this platform for their purpose fulfilment.  


Your performance increases when you use ShortPixel for your work optimization. This is possible only when you know the features of the software you use:

Image Compression

ShortPixel Image Compress- ShortPixel Review

You can use ShortPixel to compress images not just for WordPress, but for your personal use as well. This plugin supports the conversion of images in different types – PNG, JPG, GIF, WebP, and every kind of image found on the internet. 

Optimize your images and reduce their sizes using this platform. There are three compression levels you can select from – 

  • Lossless – Your image would remain untouched off the pixels which means that the result would seem as original as the original.
  • Lossy – Your image would not be compromised. A perfect balance would be offered between the size reduction and the picture quality. 
  • Glossy – It works the same as the Lossy feature, but it works on high-resolution images that require them to look as original as possible. This feature is more for people who are into photography and maybe sell images on online platforms.

PDF Compression

Just like it has been mentioned in the introduction, this plugin offers you PDF compression as well. PDF files are almost The image quality won’t be reduced, but the file size would be compressed.

Full image and thumbnail optimization

WordPress creates different sizes of images you upload which are optimized along with the actual image you upload. 

WebP conversion

WebP conversion is the very new Google standard created to ensure small lossless and lossy images while maintaining the image quality.

Free of cost service of WebP conversion ensures that you get a lossless quality of the image. You’d have to carry out innumerable optimization tasks to convert the images to WebP standards. Run the compressed images over and over again to reach WebP conversion standard.

Need not be intimidated by the complex steps to access WebP, you can easily get used to the process. 

Restoration of Original Images

Each one of us has a slight intriguing factor in us that makes us look through variants of the images. Sometimes, we require the original image for the purpose. ShortPixel fulfils this activity with a single click. 

Your original images are stored in your own server under a folder name. You require disk space for the task. All the images are stored in this location:


If you have low space, you could try deleting the images stored in the backup of ShortPixel in bulk.

Optimization of images in bulk

You can bulk optimize your images on the ShortPixel plugin with the following options:

  • Optimize the bulk images in Media Library
  • Selection of images in bulk for optimization

            Optimization of bulk images may also help you if you would want to have your images be restored to their original versions. You won’t have to do it one by one.

Visual comparison of images

Everyone wishes to observe the comparison between the original uploaded image and the newly resized one. You can actually optimize the images of any size – big or small.

Since you have no limit on the image file size, you can compare the images you compress. You can preview the original image and compare the compression performed on the image. It would help you understand the quality of the worked-on image. 

ShortPixel Image Optimization CDN:

ShortPixel also involves images that can work as a content delivery element. They are shown to a customer depending upon their location. It serves the images in a compressed manner and stores them in a separate database for proper optimization of the data. This allows visitors to read the data in less time. In such a server you can add as many images as you want and it will be made compatible with the platform. 

The best benefit of this CDN feature is that they allow the images to remain in their original format even after the compression of the image.

Automatic Optimization upon upload:

Each time you upload a particular image inside your media library ShortPixel automatically changes its orientation depending upon the settings of your library. 

Thus you do not have to work upon changing all the uploaded data manually. No manual work, yay! This is very easy to use feature and allows the changes to be made efficiently.

Optimize images outside the library:

The platform does not have any stringent policies and hence you can easily optimize the images outside the library. 

To optimize the data outside the library all you have to do is select a specific folder in which you want to store the image. After the file, the path is given ShortPixel stores the images in that particular data path and hence we do not require any additional platforms to carry out that particular action.

Bulk image resizing:

With the image resizing feature of ShortPixel, you do not have to work on individual images. The platform resized all the images with just one click.

All the original data is initially stored as a backup so that no data is lost and all images can be restored in case of any discrepancies.

No limit on image size:

Many platforms often but restraint on the image size. ShorPixel saves you from this tedious job and lets you add the desired image. 

The image you want to optimize can be as big as you want. 

How To SetUp Shortpixel On Your WordPress Site?

Short Pixel, a WordPress plugin that is free to access. The installation procedure of Short Pixel has a few steps because it uses an API to allow your WordPress site to connect to Short Pixel’s servers. 

Steps :

  • Step 1: Install and Activate the Short Pixel plugin

ShortPixel WordPress settings- Short pixel review

Enter the Short Pixel in the keyword search on the plugin’s page. Install and Activate the Short Pixel plugin for free just as the other plugins at the website

  • Step 2: Request your Short Pixel API key

Go to the Short Pixel Plugin settings page.

Enter your email id in the Request an API key email address box. Then click on the Request key option present on the right to the email address box.

Later the page gets reloaded and your API shall be automatically added in the plugin settings by Short Pixel. These all are done on the general settings page.

In case you need to use your API key on multiple sites, you will also get an email with your API key. You can also register and create an account manually to get a free API Key for ShortPixel.

How to get your Short Pixel API key?

Short Pixel API- review of ShortPixel

Firstly when you install Short Pixel on WordPress, you will get an API key through email from Short Pixel. Once you get your API key then you can copy and paste this key into the API key box in the general settings page of the Short Pixel plugin.


Click the save settings option present at the bottom of the page to register your API key. There are also some other significant settings on this screen.

How to Configure Short Pixel in WordPress To Set Your General Settings?

1. Compression Type

You will have to choose between the three compression options Lossy, Glossy or Lossless.

Shortpxiel image conversion- Shortpixel review

  • Lossy provides the best compression for a small difference in quality. It is the recommended option where in general the audience cannot notice the difference, but if you observe carefully and critically, you might be able to notice the difference.
  • Glossy also has a small and significant amount of compression. Lossy is more powerful than glossy. Though it is the weaker compression, the quality of the image is better than lossy compression.
  • Lossless will hardly compress your images, that is it does not compress at all. The image quality of the lossless compression is perfect when compared to the original one.

In case if you are in confusion about which compression to choose, then click on the Make a few tests option that will let you do some compressions. These three options of compression types give you a balance between image compression and the quality of the image.

Also, Include Thumbnails

This option will have an important impact on your image credit usage. WordPress is mobile friendly and also well optimized for SEO because it creates several thumbnail images for each and every image that you add to your media shelf.

The thumbnail option helps you to reduce the work. It does this so that it can serve different image sizes.

If in any case, you have a limited amount of credits as you have subscribed to the free plan, or else you have bought a limited amount of credits. Then you must reduce the thumbnail sizes that the ShortPixel plugin optimizes for. You can adjust the exact thumbnails included in the compression.

2. Image Backup

This backup set is always done in case you lose any images or files. It will add all the extra stuff to the memory occupying the entire space. It also has the side effect of making your WordPress backups of your entire blog larger. Unless you pay extra for other options, you have only limited storage space.

I just prefer to copy and paste all the images that you upload to WordPress in an external hard drive instead of adding all the images to backups.

3. Remove EXIF Tag of the Image

Extra data included with image files are removed by this setting. Removed information includes data such as the camera model used to take the photo or the location of the image where the snap was taken. This option enables small amounts of data to be stored.

4. Resize larger images

This is the last general option. The setting resizes images helps you to save on data space over a particular size. If this certain setting is made too small, ShortPixel usually warns you. Set this setting a little bit higher than the largest image size which your blog or the theme uses.

How to Configure ShortPixel in WordPress to Set up your Advanced Settings?

These settings are all under the advanced tab which you can change as per your decisions and needs.

1. Additional Media Folders

Other folders can be added to your blog with this setting that consists of images or PDFs outside the default WordPress media library. Those files can also be compressed.

2. Automatically convert the PNG images to JPEG images of possible

This setting will automatically convert all images that do not have any transparency to JPEG. As JPEG images always convert to much smaller file sizes than that of PNG. This setting becomes useful in that a lot of space is not occupied.

3. CMYK to RGB conversion

CMYK is simply the information about colours that the printers use. But RGB is used when it comes to images displayed on the screen. Images are converted from CMYK to RGB not only to optimize your images for viewing on your screen but also to compress the image files to even smaller ones for saving data space.

4. WebP images

This setting enables you to generate extra optimized images in the WebP format. WebP is a new image format created by Google and is currently supported by most popular browsers.

It is not required to use any extra image credits for creating WebP images. Users who want an extra 25% image compression and a simplified file format, can create WebP images.

5. Optimize Retina Images

This setting enables you to modify any retina-specific images that have been created on your blog. These images are generally created by retina-specific plugins.

Optimize Other Thumbs

This option enables Short Pixel to compress all these thumbnails. These thumbnails are created sometimes by certain plugins that are normally not included in your media section.

Optimize PDFs

Short Pixel compress and optimize your pdfs if you download them. Optimization of an image is the most significant aspect so that you can save your data space.

6. Exclude Patterns

This setting allows you to set an option for Short Pixel to ignore compressing specific files based on their name, path, and size while this option is a little bit tough to use.

7. HTTP AUTH credentials and process in the front end

These are extremely advanced settings. You need to be much more careful while using these options.

8. Exclude Thumbnail sizes

Short Pixel works on image credits and it creates thumbnail images by default whenever you upload new images to WordPress. Each extra thumbnail image that WordPress creates is an extra image credit that ShortPixel uses. These thumbnail images are compressed separately.

This setting helps you to manage which thumbnail images ShortPixel compresses or does not compress.

How To Use ShortPixel In WordPress With The Cloudflare API?

The next part is if you use Cloudflare on your content. If you do, then you will want to make sure you fill in these details clearly as it will help to prevent hurdles with caching or updating files. To fill in the details, you have to need your Cloudflare account email, Global API key, and zone ID.

Under each box in this domain, you can see more and more information on where in Cloudflare you could find these details.

ShortPixel Statistics Tab

ShortPixel has many appealing features and settings including the ShortPixel statistics tab.

Here is where you can review what ShortPixel has done. You can see all the significant information such as your average image compression rates as well as including the details on your monthly credits, and one-time credit amounts, and also the dedicated servers.

How To Use Shortpixel In WordPress Using The Statistics Tab To View Average Compression And Data Savings 

ShortPixel does an amazing amount of compression. With an average rate of 76.81%! Many use it and implement it on their websites.

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How To Compress WordPress Images with ShortPixel Plugin?

ShortPixel Image compresser plugin

ShortPixel will automatically start optimizing and compressing new images that you upload to your media library. Optimization can be done by three methods according to your convenience:

  • Optimize Images on Upload automatically

ShortPixel automatically compresses the images on upload when you upload new images to your media library. Usually uploading images might take a slightly longer time but this becomes easy and quick with ShortPixel. 

  • Bulk Optimization

If you have already uploaded in the media section. Bulk Optimization tool can be used even if you have few images or in a bulk like hundreds to compress all these images using ShortPixel settings that you had already set up earlier.

Go to WordPress Dashboard: under the media> Bulk ShortPixel menu.

Then you will get the list of images and thumbnails from the screen that are needed to be optimized.

Click — Start Optimizing, then ShortPixel starts compressing all these images.

  • Optimize individual images

Shortpixel working- Shortpixel reviews

This option allows you to compress the individual images directly in the media library. Make sure that your view is set to the list mode. You need to tick the box next to the image which you want to compress.

Later, click on the Bulk Actions drop-down list. 

Select optimize with ShortPixel, Then apply.

ShortPixel is effective at reducing the size of images and is easy to use. It offers plenty of advanced settings.

That is all the settings you need to know for setting up the ShortPixel WordPress plugin.

ShortPixel Review: Pros and Cons


  • Trustworthy image optimizer WordPress plugin: Trusted by many users with up to 90% compression. ShortPixel proves website performance and also catalyzes the speeds of sites by optimizing the images. The original and optimized images are of the same quality.
  • Optimization for all file formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF. It also offers an option to create WebP images and also optimizing them at no extra credit. There is no size limit too where you can optimize all images even large sizes too.
  • Best compression types – lossy, Glossy, and lossless. I have given a description of all the three compression types above in the article.
  • Automatic and bulk Optimization: ShortPixel WordPress plugin compresses all your old and new images within no time.
  • One-click backup and restore: If you have the Image Backup setting enabled, the ShortPixel WordPress plugin surely saves the original images in a backup folder.
  • Image safety and privacy: ShortPixel guarantees absolute privacy and safety to all your images and processors.
  • In-depth analytics: ShortPixel enables you to see the statistics under the settings page.
  • The use of ShortPixel’s API meaning their server handles the processing that means less stress to you and avoids annoying your web host.
  • Easy to set up
  • Flexible and affordable pricing


  • Images are blurred when it comes to panoramic images
  • Cannot specify specific file size which ranges to be filtered out in image compression in WordPress.
  • Credits are based on how many optimized versions of your images are created by you and that any thumbnails your WordPress blog creates. Will also count to the monthly limit or the credits you have. But disabling the thumbnails option for compression is not set as a default setting.
  • The backup system of your images can surely fill up your backup spaces. Hence if you are working with limited space whilst using UpdraftPlus as a free solution for your blog. You must need to consider how important it is to backup all your images.
  • ShortPixel can sometimes result in images being over-optimized which may dump you into some issues.
  • The tool that you can use to see the original image and ShortPixel compressed image next to each other will only work if you have the image backup setting enabled so that you do not lose any images or files.

How Much Does ShortPixel Cost?

ShortPixel Pricing- ShortPixel Reviews

ShortPixel dedicated pricing pla ns

ShortPixel offers you these monthly plans –  

1. You get to optimize 100 images per month for free on ShortPixel where you get: 

  • Lossless, Lossy, and Glossy optimization of images
  • Can be cancelled anytime
  • Bulk and automatic optimization
  • No file size limit
  • The single API key for many sites

2. The Short package of ShortPixel is available to you at $4.99 per month for 5000 images. You get the already mentioned features (of the free plan) and you are offered priority support for this plan. 

3. The Large package of ShortPixel is available to you for $9.99 per month (reduced from $11.98) with the ability to compress 12,000 images. 

4. The XXL package of ShortPixel is available to you at $29.99 per month (reduced from $54.89) with the provision to compress 55,000 images.

ShortPixel offers you some one-time plans too where you can compress:

  • 10,000 images for $9.99
  • 30,000 images for $29.97
  • 50,000 images for $49.95
  • 1,70,000 images for $169.83

Some major software provides you with their own servers for ease of use. ShortPixel offers you these dedicated servers for flexibility.

You are offered 3 servers at ShortPixel at these rates:

  • $350 per month where you get 4 cores and 8 threads (dedicated 4)
  • $500 per month where you get 8 cores and 16 threads (dedicated 8)
  • $1000 per month where you get 24 cores and 48 threads (dedicated 24)

ShortPixel Customer Reviews:

Before making your final decision, let’s check out what customers have to say about the Shortpixel Plugin.

Shortpixel reviews

FAQs On ShortPixel Review:

✅Why should I use a WordPress plugin like ShortPixel actually?

ShortPixel is perfected over-optimizing thousands and millions of images over a long period of time. ShortPixel offers the best compression types for all kinds of file formats that include JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF. Immediately all the images will be automatically optimized after upload after you install ShortPixel and set up the settings.

⚡What happens to the existing images, when I install the ShortPixel plugin?

Only installing the plugin will not start the compression process on existing images. To begin optimizing the images that are previously loaded on your website, you must: 1) Go to the Media Library, and then select which of the existing images you want to compress further. 2) Use the Media Library or the Bulk ShortPixel option, to automatically optimize all your previous images existing in the library.

💼 How long are the optimized images kept on the server?

ShortPixel WordPress plugin removes the records from the database and the images from the hard drive every 30 minutes, otherwise the space on your servers could not be sufficient and run out quickly. The images are kept on the frontend servers after they are optimized, and not on the dedicated optimization server.

🎉 How Much Does ShortPixel Compress Images?

As per our tests and experiments, it was found that the ShortPixel can reduce the image size by up to 82.37%.

💼 How to bulk Compress Image with ShortPixel Plugin?

Shortpixel will automatically upload all the new images that will be upload on WordPress. For the old images, you can click on Start Optimizing to optimize the existing images.


Yes. Shortpixel can work with Cloudfare as well. However, users need to turn off the image optimization feature here.

🏆 Which Is the Best WordPress Plugin For Image Optimization?

In our opinion, Shortpixel is truly an amazing WordPress plugin for Image Optimization. It comes with myriad of features and reduces the image size by 82%.

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Final Thoughts On ShortPixel Review: 

There is not a doubt in believing that ShortPixel is made for you. Such enthralling features and admirable support provided to you would make you a fan of this software. Every detail and customer feedback is taken care of here. You can compress the image in any form like PNG and GIF, according to your wish. Reduce their sizes with three compression levels like Lossless, Lossy, and Glossy. 

You get to compress PDFs and also full-sized images and thumbnails too. WebP conversion, the newly added feature lets you ensure the maintenance of image quality while reducing the file size. Functioning to restore the original images as well, ShortPixel helps you fulfil this purpose with a single click. Want a visual comparison?

Right place. You get to compare the original and resized images to know the difference. Get to know how many pricing plans you get here – Free, Short, Large, and XXL. 

Your image would be optimized automatically once you upload it, which says less work. You might have images stored outside the software library without any additional platform assigned for the action. Working on individual images one at a time can be tiresome, to which ShortPixel has come up with a solution – Bulk image resizing. 

Waiting for something else? Go, make your move on the service platform. Reduce, compress, and optimize the images you wish to. If you are looking for a platform for any of the above, at the right place, I say.

Hope you have liked our Review of ShortPixel and would be willing to try it for free now. Start with ShortPixel and save your space now.

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    In terms of blogging basics Shortpixel is one of the best platforms out there as far as I’m concerned because it works alongside my WordPress installation seamlessly and doesn’t take a ton of resources to set up which was always an issue before. What I love most about this product is how quickly it manages all those large files which help give me some peace of mind when editing videos on low-end hardware or uploading video online through shaky bandwidths.

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    No need to download bulky software or expensive additional services; this service does everything automatically! Just upload your files today with one click, then let Shortpixel do its magic while you go back to work. Do not hesitate any longer: try this website optimization plugin Now.

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    ShortPixel is super easy to set up after using it for just one instance. You’ll spend less time optimizing when you use ShortPixel-and more time doing what you do best. If saving every last second matters to you, this must-try service is for you!

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    Want to start optimizing your images right now? Try Shortpixel Now and Leave All Your Worries Behind.

  15. Shortpixel is an amazing tool that helped me save a ton of space on my server for WordPress. It’s easy to set up, and has PDF compression among other things, so it can really work miracles with your images (and also offers good privacy protection, never had anything go awry).

    Walking through this product was like night and day. I’ll start by telling you how Shortpixel Optimize & Compress all your images in WordPress; trust me- it does wonders. Next up is the Image Safety which guarantees Absolute Privacy to all your processors…Yea, plus there’s PDF compression if you were wondering which saves even more storage space! Setting these guys up takes only one click too at the push of a button. so go grab them now.

  16. ShortPixel is an image optimization plugin for WordPress with PDF compression. Unlike other plugins, it compresses and optimizes images in bulk instead of per-file. If you’re looking to improve your site speed so you can attract more visitors, this plugin’s the one for you!
    Nowadays all major browsers give prompt warnings about slow sites and force people to use a desktop browser when on 3G connections. ShortPixel solves these problems by significantly improving page loading times, making your website feel fast and responsive even when using a mobile phone or tablet browser.

    ShortPixel compresses files exponentially – we’ve seen huge improvement comparing JPEGs at max quality settings but always trying to reduce file size while maintaining quality from between 10% – 40%.

  17. If you’re looking for a way to compress your images, ShortPixel is the best option. The images will be compressed and optimized without compromising on their quality or functionality. One-click backup and restore makes it easy to save your original image in a backup folder before shortening them. Image safety and privacy are guaranteed as well! Try Shortpixel now with their coupon code!

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