Shortpixel Adaptive Image Review 2024: A Best Compressor Plugin For WordPress

ShortPixel Adaptive Images


ShortPixel is the best tool for image compression on the net and has a nice plug-in for Wordpress. It decreases the file size while maintaining image quality, so you can deliver content faster without losing quality. 

Out of 10


  • Super Easy to Use
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Free Plan up to 500 Images
  • Transform Images to Other Formats
  • Great Agency Options
  • API Backup
  • Compress into Thumbnails
  • API Integration


  • Limited Capacity for Image Compression
  • Cannot Compress Thumbnail in One Quality
  • No Direct Integration with Elementor


Price: $ 9.99

Shortpixel Adaptive Images is a popular plugin for Image optimization. You can compress the images as well.

Shortpixel can be used for all your websites to resize and compress the images. It comes with a WordPress plug-in and it has a great command line and interface.

It also has a web interface tool. You can drag-and-drop your images file and select the compression level and your images will be optimized. So, the main point of interest is their WordPress plug-in. 

In this article, I will talk about Shortpixel Adaptive Image and how it works for the users and guide them. I will also be talking about its main features, pricing plans, and pros and cons. These tips will help you a lot and might gain you a few profits. Let’s get into a detailed review. 

In this article, we will talk about

  • About Shortpixel Adaptive Image.
  • Some of the best features of Shortpixel Adaptive Image.
  • What are the benefits of using each platform?
  • Pros and Cons
  • What are its pricing plans?
  • Finally, we will see which one is better for you.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Shortpixel Adaptive Image helps the user in image optimization and works great in the background without disturbing anyone.

It is a great tool for users to use Shortpixel which helps in compressing images that are of high quality for web performance.

It saves a lot of time and bandwidth for image compression on the net. It is very simple to use and has a powerful tool with an incredible WordPress plug-in. It also has a new adaptive technology which is a game-changer. You can try Shortpixel Adaptive Image to get the best results.

About ShortPixel Adaptive Image Plugin

ShortPixel Adaptive Images review logo

Shortpixel Adaptive Image is one of the top leaders in Image compression plug-ins out there from WordPress which is one of the best ones when you compress an image it’s obvious that it’s gonna reduce the size of the image so it’s gonna be fewer megabytes for kilobits; so that’s gonna help out a lot.

For example, let’s say you got a limited server you bought a hosting plan, and super limited and you have space available so you want to make the most out of it. 

So image compression is going to compress those images and take up less space which is great but the other benefit is every time that a person visits your site it’s gonna take less time to load which is awesome. It causes less stress on your hosting plan on your server. It loads faster and takes up less to load.

It’s gonna have less stress and you can have more clients surfing faster on your site because of that. You can also see an average reduction through Shortpixel. It all depends on the image and how it’s gonna compress Shortpixel because it has a smart compressor. 

Shortpixel Adpative Image Features:

Shortpixel Adaptive images features and toolks

Smart Cropping 

Shortpixel employs what they call smart cropping. What it does is it says you’ve got an image gallery where only half of the image is displayed but your browser will still have every time to download that full image and that’s an absolute waste of bandwidth if you think of it.

Smart cropping will automatically crop that image so that a visitor’s browser will only ever download the bits it needs.


Shortpixel can also serve your images in a modern image format such as Google’s WebP that is – if your visitor’s browser supports it and it might improve your page speed a bit and google definitely seems to be a fan of it.

Shortpixel uses a content delivery network or CDN from stack path to store your images all across the globe and your visitors automatically be connected to the closest server to their location and their experience will be the fastest possible to further speed up your site. 

Faster CDN 

Content Distribution Network is super awesome as it stores the files for you. The Shortpixel Adaptive Image also CDN – so, what the image that the image does is – if you’re loading on the phone it’s obvious that the image is going to be smaller so it’ll load a smaller size image so it’s even faster now.

For example, my hosting account or plan or a counter where my files are stored in the US but what happens if someone loads my side from Spain from China, Thailand, and Australia, South America, Chile, or whatever gonna happen is it’s gonna go thrift a whole bunch networks just to grab my files and load them into their desktop or laptop.

So it has to say yes it’s a long process to get your site visible it could be milliseconds or it could be seconds but all those seconds count. 

Convert Format (JPG and PNG)

Shortpixel Image optimizer is an incredibly powerful WordPress plug-in. With the WordPress plug-in, you can compress images of different formats: GIF, PNG, and JPG.

And the most interesting thing for me is that – you can even compress PDF documents and also it provides the option to keep the original images in a separate folder and it is a simple but very useful tool to reduce space and size without losing the quality of the images you want. 

Deactivate Plug-in 

Since Shortpixel is a premium plug-in you get a few monthly credits for free but after a certain amount of visitors you are going to have to pay to use it but some more good news is – if you don’t want to pay for it or if you have just been trying it out, you can delete the plug-in or deactivate the plug-in and all of your images will still be there.

It never touches the original images. 


GTmetrix which is a very pure test for websites basically when you install and set up Shortpixel adaptive images on your score will be increasing. It is the easiest way of speeding up your photography website or any website based on WordPress.

It will take your images, compress them to a reasonable degree, serve them in a modern life format such as Google’s WebP, store them on servers all over the globe, and make sure your visitor’s browser only ever downloads exactly what it needs. 

Shortpixel Algorithm

One of the best things about Shortpixel is that it optimizes images in bulk. We recently migrated our publishing site to a new host and Shortpixel quickly and successfully optimized all the images without any extra effort on our part. Plus, our site still loads fast even with all the new images. 

It has assisted the graphics department with resizing images without additional hassle on our end. We absolutely love utilizing this tool and this has reduced the amount of other photo editing subscriptions. 

Lossy load support 

This works best when you use it for server-scale images. It supports three types of image compression types such as lossy, glossy, and lossless compressions.

If you are running a blog then the lossy format is best for you and you can use a lossy format where you don’t have to compress the image quality and provides the best compresses among the paid plug-ins.

If you scroll down, you will find short pixel adaptive images and click on settings and there’s only one thing you need to change.

Under the general tab, it’s set for lossless which is still going to give the largest file size for your images. Lossy is what they recommend you can see lossy compression recommended.

Best tool for each site 

If you purchase two Shortpixel codes for a lifetime subscription when it was featured on AppSumo. While you definitely could not beat the price, the tool itself is super easy to use and offers an API which we are taking full advantage of for our client sites using Craft.

There is also a Shortpixel WordPress plug-in if you use WordPress. It can also optimize other file formats that some of the free compression tools we were previously using did not include. 

How to Use Shortpixel Plugin?

Shortpixel images review- Shortpixel Adaptive images

You must be wondering how an amateur photographer is supposed to set up a CDN and download Google’s WebP format. How am I setting all of this up? Let me tell you that Shortpixel takes care of everything. It’s literally just a matter of a few clicks. All you have to do is 

  • Create an account on the Shortpixel site. 
  • Add your website to it. 
  • Install the plug-in.
  • And select the compression rate and you’re done. 
  • Once it is installed you can go ahead and click on activate and it will be activated.

Customer Support 

Shortpixel Adaptive Image provides excellent Customer Support to its users and customers. It offers great customer service which satisfies the customer with their queries and solves them accordingly.

It also extends its customer support on weekends as well. They give personal attention to each individual user who has queries regarding their websites. They offer round-the-clock service which 24 hours support to their customers. 

ShortPixel Pricing Plans:

pricing plans

Free Plan 

  • This plan is actually free. 
  • It offers 100 images per month. 
  • The features include in this plan are regular support, ease to use, no file size limit, it has one API key for multiple sites, lossless, glossy, and lossy optimization. 
  • It is automatic and has a bulk process. 

Short Plan 

  • This plan costs $4.99 per month. 
  • It offers 5,000 images per month. 
  • The features include in this plan are regular support, easy to use, no file size limit, it has one API key for multiple sites, lossless, glossy, and lossy optimization. 
  • It is automatic and has a bulk process.

Large Plan 

  • This plan costs $9.99 per month.
  • It offers 12,000 images per month. 
  • The features include in this plan are regular support, easy to use, no file size limit, it has one API key for multiple sites, lossless, glossy, and lossy optimization. 
  • It is automatic and has a bulk process.

XXL Plan 

  • This plan costs $29 per month. 
  • It offers 55,000 images per month. 
  • The features include in this plan are regular support, easy to use, no file size limit, it has one API key for multiple sites, lossless, glossy, and lossy optimization. 
  • It is automatic and has a bulk process.

Shortpixel Pros and Cons 


  • It is super easy to use. 
  • It is easy to set up. 
  • It has really affordable and has several pricing plans. 
  • It has a bulk process and supports the PDF format. 
  • It can transform images or files to other formats. 
  • It also has many options like compress thumbnails and API backup. 
  • It also has great agency options. 
  • The pricing is really good because you choose a monthly plan or a quota, this is really good if you need to compress one time a lot of images. 


  • The Shortpixel adaptive image plug-in much their CDN needs some optimizations. 
  • The only thing you don’t like is you cannot compress the thumbnails on one quality and the other images of other quality. 
  • It hasn’t developed a direct integration with Elementor. 
  • It has a limited capacity of images that can compress. 

FAQs On Shortpixel Adaptive Image:

✅ Is Shortpixel worth it?

Yes, Shortpixel is worth it as it offers different pricing plans. You also have a free plan where you can test and experiment with it and then you can decide whether to invest in it or not. It is a great tool for image optimization and compression and it is highly recommended for everyone to use. It is automatic and has a bulk process. It is very simple and easy to use.

💼 What happens when the quota is exceeded?

In your WordPress dashboard, you will be warned when your quota is about to be exhausted and also when it was exceeded. The already optimized and cached images will still be served from CDN for up to 30 days. The images that weren't already optimized will be served directly from your website.

🏆 What happens if I deactivate the plug-in?

You can stop using the Shortpixel adaptive image whenever you want but this means you will suddenly become slower. Basically your website will revert to the original, but optimised served from your server.

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Conclusion: Is Shortpixel Adaptive Images Worth It?

I have used multiple apps to try to help me reduce sizes in images over the past few months and so far Shortpixel has been one of the better ones.

I like the pricing plans the most as they aren’t too pricey like a few I’ve seen. It’s the easiest compression I’ve come across. All it took for me is one button – once I connected it with my wordpress theme, I clicked one button and Shortpixel gave me 2X the space. 

It has a perfect tool to help us keep our client sites optimized. It is easy to set up and it also has a complete solution for handling images. It is the best option for compressing files. You can easily compress many images with a higher compression rate and a developer-friendly API.

It is the best tool for image compression on the net and has a nice plug-in for WordPress. It decreases the file size while maintaining image quality, so you can deliver content faster without losing quality. 

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  1. I love Shortpixel because it does a perfect compression work while maintaining the integrity of an image. If you’re looking for a plug-in to resize and compress your images, then this is the way to go. Shortpixel Adaptive Image comes with WordPress plug-in or can be used independent from any CMS or blogging platform so you don’t have to do too much switching around out of habit.

  2. Shortpixel Adaptive Image is a popular plugin for Image optimization. I have used multiple apps to try to help me reduce sizes in images over the past few months and so far Shortpixel has been one of the better ones.I like the pricing plans the most as they aren’t too pricey like a few I’ve seen. It’s so easy to use – all it took for me was one button, once I connected it with my wordpress theme, I clicked one button and Shortpixel gave me 2X more space than before. This app also has perfect tools that will help us keep our client sites optimized 🙂

  3. Shortpixel is one of the most practical WordPress Plug-in for Image compression. Overall, it is very easy to use and has an effective performance with many features. It simply compresses your images in a minute or less like they compressed 20MB JPGs down to 1MB JOEGS which can be used by their web interface tool. recommended.

  4. Shortpixel is a popular plugin for image optimization. It has easy to use tools and straightforward pricing plans. You can get started quickly by pressing one button in your wordpress theme to compress up to 2x the size of your images, with completly custom sizing options (px heights).

    I like the way Shortpixel adapts my pictures automatically when they’re uploaded- I don’t have to mess around with editing every image individually which saves me time and money too!

  5. Shortpixel is a really great Image optimization software. It’s easy to use and it comes with an easy interface. They can compress your images as well! I honestly think this will make your website load faster and look less noisy and clogged (even though that sounds like the opposite of what we want). Shortpixel makes my pages load much quicker than before which is nice because this leaves more time for people to look around they’re actual content instead of waiting for something else. Good job, guys!

  6. I like this plug-in because it is easy to use and but also has a wide range of different compression levels. I really like the web interface tool too; meaning you can overhaul all your images on any website with just a few clicks. The best thing about Shortpixel is it’s WordPress plugin, which sets them apart from other image optimization plugins for WordPress out there.”

  7. Shortpixel Adaptive Images is a popular plugin for Image optimization. I have used multiple apps to try to help me reduce sizes in images over the past few months and so far Shortpixel has been one of the better ones. It’s easy with just one button, just pick your space and then once you head on over and connect it with your wordpress theme, click one more time and you get 2X the space.

    It has perfect tools that help us keep our client site optimized. Easiest compression so far- all it took for me was one button, once I connected it with my WordPress theme, clicked head on over with connect website turned off even than after clicking this one more time gave me 2x efficiency.

  8. Shortpixel is my favorite Image compression plug-in. It’s easy to use with a lot of benefits for your website which is why Shortpixel Adaptive Image are the top leaders in Image Compression Plugins out there. Highly recommended.

  9. Shortpixel adaptive image is great for websites that have images to compress. You can easily resize, shrink, and combine your pictures this way when you purchase the product with an easy drag-and-drop design interface. The WordPress plug in also has a web interface which makes it one of the best out there! Recommended.

  10. I love this thing, I never expected that it would be so powerful. I always had the problem of loading images but since I have used Shortpixel to optimize my site, load times has been reduced significantly. And its much more than just speeding up your website – you can set bandwidth limits for your site and even compress file size! It’s well worth what you spend on it. Highly recommended.

  11. I’ve used other plugins to compress images before but the Shortpixel plugin is by far the best one I have seen. It allows for a clean, easy way of storing your content online without worrying about bandwidth consumption or load speeds. The plugin also has an easy interface that makes it very simple to use—not to mention you can see live previews as well!

  12. It’s hard to find time for seemingly trivial tasks like optimizing images, but you’ll be glad you did. Remember the days of dialup? It was a struggle to keep up with trends, and you had to wait 10 minutes for a picture of your friend on Facebook. We think our grandparents would agree that we’ve been spoiled by high-speed internet! Shortpixel is a special plugin that helps save precious bytes – it doesn’t get in your way or make your life difficult, it just offers compression when you need it most. Highly recommended.

  13. Well, I love this plug-in. You can control the images with it. You can adjust what sizes they are on your website too. It also is really easy to use and will compress that size of an image very well I have had no problems with this plug-in at all! This plugin is great for managing JPEGS, PNGs, WebP or any type of file you would like resizing or compressing in some way. go ahead and experience them yourself for sure you will not regret it.

  14. This is a great plug-in, one of the best for support on WordPress. It not only creates short pixel images but also optimizes them so they load faster and don’t consume as much data as larger ones. You can compress your images easily until you find that perfect balance between experience and bandwidth usage. Best of all, it’s free! go give it a try now.

  15. Shortpixel is a plugin for those who want to make their sites load faster and use less bandwidth. With an easy interface, compression level, and website support it’s no wonder that Shortpixel has become one of the most popular plugins for image optimization today.

  16. I love using Shortpixel Image Optimizer because it is a WordPress plug-in that helps me create responsive images, compress my images for 80% better speed, and resize my photos. They have an easy interface that I use with all of my websites to optimize the images files on my site. It’s like magic! so try it it’s definitively worth to try.

  17. I use Shortpixel every day. I’ve been really happy with the features it has provided and how easy it is to use. It’s a plug-in on WordPress and after uploading an image, you can tell which compression level you want and if you’d like to include some metadata data as well. Another feature I love about Shortpixel is that if efficiency is key for your business too, this will do its job effortlessly as it works super fast! Overall the quality of my images improved as they transferred faster through my site as well as getting compressed by up to 50%.

  18. Shortpixel is one of the best Image compression plugins out there. We all know how important it is to store images on our own servers instead of leaking bandwidth on third-party site which account for 90% of media bytes today. I always used to upload bloated images to save bandwidth, but now with Shortpixel’s awesome plugin, my website loads faster and consumers are happier.

  19. Shortpixel is the best alternative to all other expensive Image Size transformers because it’s not only free but also can be easily downloaded. It comes with a WordPress plug-in and has an interface so you can drag-and-drop your images for compression. Shortpixel is literally one of the best out there because it works great without needing Photoshop or any other similar app that costs thousands of dollars. Give them a try today.

  20. Excellent plug-in for images. It is very easy to use and I love the interface. You can drag-and-drop or upload your images file and you will be good on your way to optimizing the size of your images! It’s great, plus it comes with a WordPress plugin so if you do happen to have that too then it will work out better for you.

    Wish I had Shortpixel sooner!

  21. After playing with so many plug-ins, I have come to the conclusion that Shortpixel is the best. The interface has a drag and drop tool which lets you resize all your images in just one click. It compresses images very well and makes them load fast on any mobile device without much loss of quality. The commands are great for when you need to do bulk uploading from terminal folders! The smart compression feature does it what it claims, shrinking photos without affecting image quality.”

  22. Image optimization has never been easier with Shortpixel Adaptive Images! Sensitive to many SEO topics, Lightroom provides seamless in-app integration with all your photography needs. When you use multiple apps trying to optimize images, there are always complexities in the process along with uncertainty of whether the actions will lead to desired results. With its affordable pricing plans and user-friendly setup guide, Shortpixel is an easy way to main site optimized with just one click. Unlike other image compression tools that feel gimmicky or have limited functionality, this app offers a complete solution for all types of website owners.

  23. Shortpixel is a great app for your WordPress website. You can use it on all of you images and compress them until they are super slimmed down. It’s easy to install because there is a plug-in on the marketplace. There might be some products that cost money that aren’t necessary products but overall this one isn’t bad at all, I would totally recommend it!

  24. When you need to improve the performance of your webpages, Shortpixel is a must-have. In addition to size and window specific optimizations, it also gives site owners access to the command line functionality.

    The Command Line Interface makes it possible for full automation of web uploads with short naming conventions that can be used with any CMS or content driven website through a simple Drag&Drop interface. Another standout feature is their Web UI which offers both onsite and WordPress templates that allow site administrators to resize one picture at a time without altering the original file format converting some of them into an even more optimized image format such as SVG’s, JPEG 2000’s and GIF’s! Recommended.

  25. I have been working on my website for years trying to optimize content. One day I find this product’s WordPress plug-in, Shortpixel Adaptive Images, which is one of the top leaders in Image compression plug-ins out there from WordPress which is one of the best. This plug-in helps compress every image size by 5 to 30% off its original size without any impact on image quality whatsoever. There are plenty of terrific benefits with this high-quality tool that certainly deserves a try.

  26. Shortpixel Adaptive Image is a popular plugin for image optimization. The plug-in reaches users’ main pages by one-click connection with WordPress, which significantly reduces the needed disk space because compression becomes two times more efficient. This API has an easy setup and comprises all necessary decisions to keep your client sites optimized. Recommended.

  27. I never even considered my website’s performance before installing Shortpixel adaptive images. I mean, it was fine the way it was and there weren’t too many visitors to go through all that trouble. But then I found out my site is loading an irregular amount of time for a number of visitors and what used to be a couple quick seconds had turned into 30-seconds (minimum) per page load.

    Thanks to this plug-in, all those worries came right off with each page load becoming significantly less taxing for anyone visiting. Install today and test out how much better your site performs thanks to this great plugin!

  28. Shortpixel Adaptive Images is a plugin for Image optimization with pricing plans that can’t be beat. The best part of this app? You get to keep all the psd files! It’s easy to set up, and you don’t have to worry about having your site lag because it comes with an optimizer.

    The Shortpixel plugin offers unprecedented control over resolution-based image manipulation by leveraging short pixel discarding on more critical images while preserving sharp states on more important images both online and offline for high fidelity browsing experience.

  29. Shortpixel is simple to use, affordable, and has multiple tools for image optimization. Shortpixel also saves you the time and headache by installing in just a few minutes. Whether this is your first time compressing images or your 10th, they have filters for all skill levels! For beginners: if it’s not perfect right away then they automatically adjust and fine-tune settings to insure pixel perfection in no time flat.

  30. This is a pretty great and helpful plugin. I am so happy to be able to use it after all the qualms, frustrations and limitations of the free tools out there and You can resize images for retina displays to make them much clearer when viewing on macs or iphones also you can Compress your images even more by adjusting settings in an intuitive interface that fully supports drag&drop functionality. It has 24 levels of photo compression compared to Pixlr’s three+ which you know how unusable they are! No need for complicated math equation calculations if this is what you want, just select your desired quality level that works for you then click “Go.”
    -Also comes with an Output

  31. Shortpixel adaptive image is my favorite plugin. I love that it has a command line interface with the web interface. Those are two really great tools for me because now I can do one-click compression on all of my images which saves us loads of time. Check out Shortpixel Adaptive Images today!

  32. I find this a great plugin to save space on my server. The compression it does is impeccable and its features are amazing. I was able to compress an image from 1mb down to 20kb without compromising quality, which saved me about 10% of the total bandwidth. Their web interface tool for drag-and-droping images as well as their command line set this plug-in apart from the competition. Recommended.


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