ShortPixel Lifetime Deal 2024: Get One-Time Payment Access At Just $29

ShortPixel Lifetime Deal


ShortPixel is a robust software for compressing and optimizing images. Nowadays, every platform- whether it be admission portals, blogs, emails and website uploads require you to adhere to an image size ceiling that will drive you nuts. ShortPixel emerges as a powerful and most ideal solution for the same. Get Shortpixel Lifetime Deal with one-time payment of $29.

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In the initial days, this cock-a-doodle-doo ‘error’ messages frustrated me- whether it be uploading certificates for a job application or uploading images in my blog (as I use Blogger), or even sending bulk images via mail- everything has an unacceptable image size ceiling that is highly exasperating. 

However, ShortPixel was a ray of sunshine amidst the towering clouds of melancholy for me- ever since I started using it, I’ve broken free from this chain of the image-size ceiling. I have also done a review of Shortpixel in my blog. 

Starting from a simple upload of scanned copies of your certificates, images, and signature to uploading heavy images on your websites or blogs will make you go haywire with the usual “error” cliche occurring due to increased image size.

ShortPixel Lifetime Deal is a perfect solution for the same and it will compress and optimize your images without compromising its quality. 

Now, I use ShortPixel for bulk compression of my images for my blog. This article is nothing but the very incarnation of my own experience.

Through this article, I’ll attempt a back-to-front review of the ShortPixel lifetime deal- a boon for businesses with colossal galleries. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Shortpixel Lifetime Deal offers a great deal for a lifetime which includes – Ads generator which has 300 unique Ads generator templates. It gives you unlimited access to all the templates, generates higher quality ads and exports unlimited videos and images with its different pricing plans.

There are also free items for new freebies who are ready to try it. When it comes to compressing and optimising images then Shortpixel Lifetime Deal is the best one for everyone.

Let’s check out the exclusive ShortPixel Lifetime Deal & Discount with just a one-time payment and save up to 50%.

About ShortPixel Lifetime Deal

The lifetime deal offered by ShortPixel will provide you with a fixed image quota according to the tier you choose.

The lifetime deal catches the attention of the public eye as it will never expire- that is you needn’t worry about expiring monthly credits that will be irretrievably lost if not used before the expiry date. 

The lifetime deal hence can be called a freedom value pack. It will provide you with your own time to use up your credits and you needn’t be in a hurry and you can simply focus on your work as you’ve nothing to worry about. You’ll get the benefit of every penny you pay.

However, I’ll recommend this feature only if you have a colossal photo gallery. 

What Is ShortPixel?

ShortPixel lifetime discount deals

When it comes to image compression and optimization, ShortPixel is an unparalleled champion. ShortPixel is software that drastically reduces the size of an image up to 90% of its original size without compromising the quality of the image. 

With ShortPixel, you can upload and send any number of images with a compressed size without affecting the quality and this will lead to a faster upload and sending of bulk images and an enhanced loading speed for websites and blogs.

An increased loading speed will improve your SEO rankings and will make your website or blog appear on the very first page of the search result by various search engines. 

What does ShortPixel do?

Nowadays it has become increasingly difficult, tiresome, and excruciating to upload images and send bulk images. WhatsApp is a convenient platform but it drastically hurts the image quality and hence, people rely on emails.

Whatever be the platform, you’ll be restrained by a size ceiling of images you upload. ShortPixel will aid you in resolving this issue.

Increased image size will drastically increase the loading speed of your webpage and it leads to lower SEO rankings and this is one of the fundamental reasons that make your webpage go unnoticed and not visible on the initial search results.

ShortPixel will be an elixir that aids you to optimize and manage your image size resulting in faster page loads and better SEO rankings.

ShortPixel will serve the following purposes: 

  • Compressing images
  • Optimizing images
  • Quality-conscious: doesn’t compromise quality for a reduced image size
  • Helps in bulk upload and sending of images
  • Helps in faster loading of webpages
  • Results in better SEO rankings 
  • Powerful backup and restoring of compressed images.

ShortPixel Features:

  • Powerful image compressor and optimizer
  • Supports JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and WepP formats
  • Reduces the image size by 90% without compromising the quality

Lossy Optimization

  • Smallest possible compression- up to 90%
  • I’ll recommend this if loading speed and SEO rankings are your fundamental priority. 

Glossy Optimization

  • I’ll recommend this to people who can bear slightly higher loading time for a better picture quality

Lossless Optimization

  • As the name suggests, there will be a 0% quality loss in the output.
  • The output image will be inch by inch, pixel by pixel identical to the input.
  • Both the output image and the input image will be more identical than identical twins.
  • The disadvantage of Lossless optimization- lower size-reduction.
  • I’ll recommend it to people who can’t bear even the slightest quality loss in your image. 
  • Compress images and gifs in seconds.
  • Results in faster sending of images and faster page loads.
  • Better SEO rankings for your website.
  • ShortPixel plugin for WordPress users.
  • Seamless automation.
  • Backup and restore of images.
  • Image safety and flawless privacy.
  • Availability of web-based tools that are easy to install.
  • Image optimization API for your applications compliant with any programming language.

What does the ShortPixel Lifetime Deal Include?

ShortPixel features

The ShortPixel lifetime deal includes the following features:

  • No credit expiry
  • Sub-accounts for your clients
  • Sophisticated PHP compression tools
  • WordPress plugin
  • Lossless, Glossy and Lossy optimization
  • Single API key across multiple sites
  • No size limits
  • Bulk upload, compression and optimization
  • PDF optimization
  • 24×7 priority support

ShortPixel Pricing

Coming to the pricing, ShortPixel offers you both monthly plans and Lifetime plans. You’ll get every feature offered in the highest tier for all the lower plans but what differentiates these plans from each other is the image credits. 

I’ve tabulated the Monthly Plans as:

ShortPixel Pricing

1 Plan Free plan Short plan Large plan XXL plan
2 Price $0 per month $4.99 per month $9.99 per month $29.99 per month
3 Image credits 100 images 5,000 images 12,000 images 55,000 images

The only demerit of this plan is that you can’t claim the unused/remaining credits of a month in the next month. It’s similar to charging data for your mobile. You will not be able to carry the unused credits to the next month. 

I’ve tabulated the Lifetime Plans as:

lifetime plan

1 Price $9.99 $19.99 $29.99 $99.00
2 Image credits 10,000 30,000 50,000 1,70,000

The lifetime plan only demands a one-time payment and you needn’t worry about expiring credits. 

ShortPixel Pros and Cons


  • Up to 90% reduction without quality loss
  • JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and WebP compliant
  • WordPress plugin
  • Image safety and privacy
  • Time saver- compress images in seconds
  • Web-based tools and image optimization API that can be used in any programming language


  • As far as monthly plans are concerned, you cannot use the remaining credits of the preceding month
  • You cannot specify the file size of the output file. I.e. some sites require you to upload images in a specific size range, say 20-30 KB and you cannot have any control over the output size.
  • The quality of optimized panoramic images can be improved. 

FAQs On ShortPixel Lifetime Deal: 

✅ I own a digital studio and quality is my primary concern. I have thousands of images to be compressed. Should I subscribe to the monthly plan or lifetime plan?

Undoubtedly you should go for the lifetime plan. It is highly recommended for those who have a colossal picture gallery and you needn’t worry about expiring monthly credits.

💼 I’m a student and I require the uploading images to be in a range of 25-35KB. So, can I specify the size range of my output files?

Unfortunately, you cannot specify the size range of the output files.

🏆 I own a website and I can endure a slightly higher loading speed in return of better quality optimized output. Which option is best for me- lossless, glossy or lossy optimization?

Glossy optimization will be better for you as this will offer you high-quality optimized output but the file size will be slightly higher than the lossy output.

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Conclusion: Is ShortPixel Lifetime Deal Worth It?

In toto, ShortPixel is a robust software for compressing and optimizing images. Nowadays, every platform- whether it be admission portals, blogs, emails, and website uploads require you to adhere to an image size ceiling that will drive you nuts. ShortPixel emerges as a powerful and most ideal solution for the same.

Without compromising the image quality, you’re enabled to compress JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, or WebP files.

Moreover, for people who are in the quest for better SEO rankings, ShortPixel will be a blessing. Compressed images will result in better loading speeds that ultimately result in better SEO rankings. 

For those who have a colossal image gallery, the ShortPixel lifetime deal will be the most ideal. You can optimize up to 1,70,000 images in total without being worried about expiring monthly credits. 

In addition to that, WordPress plugins, web-based tools, image optimization API, and flawless security features make ShortPixel a sought-after image compressor cum optimizer.

I strongly recommend you to try this software with ShortPixel Lifetime Discounts as you’ll get a hundred free credits and I’m pretty sure that once you use it, you’ll be lured to upgrade your plans to higher levels. 

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