50+ PHP Tricks and Tips for Beginners & Developers

PHP is most useful language in making blogs and website, it have a lot of functions which can be used to derive even more custom functions. We have gathered most useful PHP Tricks and Tips for beginners and even Developers.These PHP Tricks makes your coding productive and more effective.

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Create Tilt Shift Photo Effect Using jQuery [How To]

You must have heard of Tilt Shift Photography, and now we can add tilt shift effects to the photos using jQuery Plugin created by @noeltock, which uses CSS3 too. The Plugin is named tiltshift.js by the developer, and for those who are currently running photography blogs or even personal blogs, this simple yet effective jQuery Plugin is worth trying out.

Create Tilt Shift Photo Effect Using jQuery

Who don’t love cool photos, and it can also be helpful for bloggers who showcase compilations of wallpapers, photographs etc. I already tried this script and it works finely, infact it creates Tilt Shift Photos seeing which you will definitely say a WOW!

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How to Use Custom Fonts in CSS Using @font-face

For improving typography and readability of your blog or website, you always need a good combination of fonts which look great together. You can use custom fonts in CSS using @font-face in the Cascading style-sheet of your blog. Using Custom Fonts in CSS helps improve design. Along-with Design, your readers can enjoy better readability and better exposure of letters on your blog or website.

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A Better Alternative to Google Webfonts

Google Webfonts is good resource for designers and developers to improve the typography using different fonts available on Google Webfonts directory. All of these fonts are free to use and there is good variety to choose fonts.

But now, Adobe unveiled its Adobe Edge Fonts website which seems a better alternative to Google’s Webfonts. Adobe Edge Font provides free fonts just as Google Webfonts alongwith integrated edge tools and services.

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Beginner's Guide to Windows 8 App Development

Unlike Windows 7, Windows 8 Application Development is not the same as previous frameworks. Microsoft redesigned the way to create Windows 8 Apps. Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012 for making it easy to develop Metro apps on the go. Yesterday, I upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 8 and the interface is more likely to be changed, but behind the Metro Interface, most things are as it is.

create windows 8 apps

Visual Studio Express 2012 makes it easy for developers to go through the app process, though it is recommended that you should be using the Windows8  Operating System before you get started. We will be learning in this tutorial how to get started with creating Windows 8 apps with Microsoft’s tool.

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