The Five Biggest Mistakes That Bloggers Make

When you are a newbie blogger the excitement of seeing your blog online can override a lot of important checkpoints. This results in a number of mistakes which can prove to be lethal for your new blog. To start off on the right foot, you should remember a few of the cardinal points of successful blogging. Following a few simply but imperative rules can get you thousands of followers, sponsors, new projects and the ultimate claim to fame.

Common Blogging Mistakes

1. Introduce a Conversational Tone in Your Blog Content

If your writing is too stiff it will simply bore your readers of your blog. You need to practice a conversational tone while writing. To enforce that you can simply read your blog pieces aloud to an imaginary audience. If anything sounds too stiff or simply too factual reconsider its importance in the current piece. If it is simply indispensable, try and reconstruct the sentences with minimal clauses, conjunctions and scientific figures.
You should remember that most of your followers are common people who take time out from their busy lives to take a glimpse into yours. So they should not be met with gargantuan sentences of convoluted meaning. People should enjoy reading the content rather than use your blog as a substitute for valium.

2. Don’t Treat Your Blog as a Brain Dump

You may be really tempted to fill your blog with incidents from your daily life, your personal thoughts and people around you but in reality your readers do not care for unguided cluttered writing. Your blog may have interesting material, but the presentation and the language is more important. The most common mistake bloggers make while maintaining a new blog is to assume that their readers care about them as a writer. However the harsh truth is they care about what is new, hip and cool. They care about what they want to hear, rather than what you want to say. Create neatly structured posts with lucid language which will make it easier for your readers to “scan” your posts.

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3. Do Not Forget Your Pictures

If you are still under the illusion that your readers read all your posts and content, you are living in a fairytale. Recent studies show that your average reader will barely read through about 20 percent of the content. So the more charts, pictures, infograms you have in your blog, the more chances of getting your readers to stay on the posts for longer periods of time. In fact, using these to convert most of your text into visual information is a great idea to streamline your content.

4. Add as Many Social Media Sharing Options as Possible

Social media platforms are a grand way to share your thoughts and contents to the rest of the world which may be new to you. Having the most common social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest helps you reach out to a bigger audience of potential followers.

What Are the Other Ways the Boost Footfall?

  • The best way to increase your reader base is to of course advertize yourself, but that requires some serious dough. So the primary step towards claim to fame should be taken through the forever reliable and free social media networks.
  • Strategic placement of the sharing buttons make a huge difference in the demographics and all thriving blogs have been noticed to contain sharing widgets on the top and left-side of their blogs.

5. Do Not Forget Your Analytics

This is possibly the most amateurish mistake a blogger can make. Not coupling your blog too analytics takes away the window to observe your followers and reader activities.

  • Using analytics on a regular basis gives you the idea about the average time spent by a reader on a post and the effect of a particular post on the reader base
  • It also displays the time which ushers in the highest footfall.
  • Analytics gives the bloggers an important insight about reader behavior and how the posts need to be modulated in order to reach maximum hits.
  • It also shows you how people find your posts and how the users are navigating your website.
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