CodeGuard Review 2024 : Do You Need CodeGuard Website Protection?

You may have seen the CodeGuard plugin on one of your hosting accounts, such as Bluehost or HostGator. Perhaps a friend or coworker has shared a CodeGuard review with you. And now you’re thinking about whether CodeGuard is worth the investment.

Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s really necessary to pay for a backup service like CodeGuard when there are many free tools/plugins available.

I am just attempting to educate you about the six capabilities that are accessible uniquely via CodeGuard and are not available through other backup solutions or plugins.

You should at the very least be aware of the potential benefits of any service or product before purchasing or rejecting it.

Let’s have a look at them!

CodeGuard Review

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Major Benefits of CodeGuard

Here are the benefits of CodeGuards:

1. Customer service is available 24 hours a day:

The information technology industry provides an abundance of free products. However, many people continue to choose premium services. Why? Because companies who charge for a product or service take complete ownership of it.

They must offer not just superior service, but also superior customer support in order to remain competitive in the market. Such as CodeGuard, they provide live customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions or issues about the installation, backups, or restoration processes, our support team is here to help.

Paid services are usually beneficial since they guarantee that you have someone on your side and may get prompt help in the event of an emergency.

2. Direct Cloud Restoration:

CodeGuard’s cloud platform offers a one-click restoration option (from its own dashboard).

If you believe that all free tools facilitate repair, you are overlooking a significant loophole. If you have a WordPress site, all free tools and plugins provide a one-click automatic restoration option inside the WordPress admin.

This, however, is mostly ineffective during times of crisis.


Because if a hacker gains illegal access to your WordPress dashboard, they are likely to delete/hijack your whole site (including backups)! If your hosting company’s server goes down, crashes, or is compromised by a hack, you will ultimately lose both your primary website’s files and databases and backup copies.

CodeGuard Backup

In these instances, you must restore your website only from a backup saved on your computer or in the cloud.

There is no free plugin or application that provides an easy-to-use one-click restoration option from a third-party cloud platform. In any scenario, you must follow the lengthy and difficult manual restoration process.

However, with CodeGuard, you will have the ability to restore via the CodeGuard dashboard.

Thus, regardless of what happens to your website or hosting server, your data is secure on CodeGuard’s dashboard, where you can also use the one-click restoration tool. That is a significant change!

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3. Change Monitoring & Alerts for Free:

This is another great feature that CodeGuard provides. It watches your website in real time and informs you of any changes. This is a rare offering in the world of commercial backup systems, much alone free backup solutions.

No modifications, additions, or deletions may occur without your awareness while continuous monitoring is used.

This feature is highly recommended for any website that is maintained collaboratively by a group of people — for example, software testers, designers, developers, administrators, and co-authors. 

4. Malware Scanner for Free:

GodeGuard offers a free malware scanning service called MalwareGoneTM. This program is designed to perform virus, trojan, rootkit, spyware, and other malware scans on any website.

Not only does it detect malware, but it also does remediation on infected data prior to creating backups. This guarantees that no compromised copies of your data are saved.

If you want to buy another trustworthy malware scanner from a different provider, the monthly fee is usually at least $5. Naturally, free virus scanners are also available, especially for WordPress websites.

However, here is where CodeGuard sets itself apart: When CodeGuard’s malware scanner deletes infected files, CodeGuard preserves the file’s most recent version prior to infection!

Other malware removal tools put customers in a bind: when a scanner deletes an infected file holding a significant quantity of critical data, it does so without a clean backup of the file to replace it.

However, you may easily restore a file’s previous version using CodeGuard. As a consequence, you prevent the loss of any important files/databases as a result of malware insertion and removal.

CodeGuard Backup

5. Effective Compression:

The FTP/SFTP backup method used by CodeGuard makes use of clever compression technologies to significantly reduce the amount of backup data. Other backup systems and WordPress plugins make use of snapshots, which significantly increases the size of your backup files.

Consider the following scenario – 

Assume your website is 200 MB in size. Other backup solutions that use the snapshot backup technique will need about 18 GB of storage space on your cloud platform to keep 90 days of backups.

Thus, you must ultimately purchase a paid storage plan on a third-party cloud platform in order to store these backups.

However, using CodeGuard’s FTP backup, 1 GB of storage space is sufficient to store 90 days’ worth of daily backups for the same 200 MB website. You’re already getting free storage space from CodeGuard, so you’re saving money.

Google Drive offers the cheapest storage capacity from a third-party service, at only $1 .99 per month. On the other hand, CodeGuard’s basic package begins at only $ 1.63/month.

Now, perform the math! For $ 1.99 per month, Google Drive provides just storage space; with CodeGuard, you get storage space PLUS an automated backup service, free virus scanning, one-click installation, and a slew of additional benefits we’ll discuss in more detail later for only $ 1.63 per month!

Another benefit of utilizing CodeGuard is that it does not always back up the whole website. Occasionally, it backs up just modified files and databases. As a result, even less space is used.

6. Storage Space Available:

CodeGuard backs up your data to a third-party cloud storage platform – Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage Service (S3). You do not need to purchase storage space on AWS in this case. It is included in the purchase of each CodeGuard plan.

Other programs and backup plugins allow you to save data on a third-party platform, but the caveat is that the platform must be yours! This implies that you must purchase storage space on such cloud services.

Additionally, systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and AWS all provide some free storage, but it is limited and insufficient for doing regular automatic backups. Why? In the next part, we’ll examine the answer to that question.

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Major Features of CodeGuard

CodeGuard Features

Staging servers are used to evaluate an older website or any backup of a website prior to putting it into production.

  • Easy-to-use migration solution for migrating or relocating your website
  • API with full functionality for customizing the CodeGuard experience for your clients or integrating CodeGuard features into your UI.
  • Compatible with all web hosts
  • Automatic WordPress plugin that updates your plugins automatically and, if updates fail or do not function properly, also rolls them back.
  • Email backups made possible via APIs
  • MalwareGoneTM—Automatically detects and removes malware
  • To safeguard your data, use the 256-bit AES encryption standard.
  • Access and reports through a customer portal on-demand
  • ChangeAlertTM – Notification of Website Changes
  • Daily backup of the website’s content, files, and databases

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CodeGuard Pricing: How Much Does CodeGuard Cost? 

CodeGuard Price

They have 4 different plans for you – 

  • Personal Plan ($60 billed annually):

This plan is great for testing them out, personal projects, and students. This includes 1 site and 5 GB storage.

  • Small Business ($299 per month if billed annually and $ 239 per month if billed annually):

This plan is great for agencies with various departments, global brands, complex sites, web apps, and e-commerce websites. This includes 100 sites and 500 GB of storage. 

  • Team ($99 per month if billed annually and $79 per month if billed annually):

This plan is great for teams working on a few clients, and smaller websites. This includes 25 sites and 125 GB of storage. 

  • Professional ($49 per month if billed annually and $39 per month if billed annually):

This plan is great for in-house projects, single-person agencies, and freelancers. This includes 12 sites and 50 GB of storage. 

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CodeGuard Pros and Cons

CodeGuard Pros

  • 24-hour assistance
  • Numerous restoration options
  • Dashboard-based detailed backup reports
  • Notifications through the Change Alert system
  • Automatic backup and other tools for website monitoring

CodeGuard Cons

  •  None

Conclusion: CodeGuard Review 2024: Is It Worth It? 

Significant time and effort are spent on developing a good online profile, and it’s self-evident that protection is required to preserve it. And, based on our CodeGuard assessment, we believe it is one of the finest methods for providing security.

It’s one of the services that will assist you in ensuring regular backups of your website.

It has an easy-to-use interface for configuring your backup. Additionally, an email notifying you of daily changes to your backups is delivered to keep you informed.

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