6 Amazing SamCart Examples As Shopping Cart For Businesses

No matter what kind of business you have or what you want to make money from, SamCart’s features can help. Samcart comes with amazing capabilities and drag and drop functionalities.

We have shared the SamCart Review which talks about its pros, cons and features.

Take a look at some of these SamCart examples and stories.

Best SamCart Shopping Examples 

1. PrepExpert

PrepExpert- best SamCart examples

Live video streaming, pre-recorded video lessons, and one-on-one private tutoring are all ways

PrepExpert helps students prepare for the SAT, ACT, and GMAT online. PrepExpert’s teachers are all in the top 1% of their fields, so they are very good.

When PrepExpert wants to sell online education products, they use SamCart’s checkout pages to make that happen. Allows PrepExpert to offer a free 30-day trial subscription, which is followed by monthly billing for the rest of the time. SamCart lets you make coupons, and

PrepExpert makes it easy to use them at checkout. The SamCart product has a lot to offer. Upselling and order bumps are two of the main things that people like about it. PrepExpert does a good job with this on their checkout pages. Upsells, order bumps, and simple checkout interfaces all help them make a lot of money.

2. Golf State of Mind

Golf State of Mind- best Samcart examples

Golf State of Mind has a golf coaching programme that can be done through online audio modules, assessments, and scorecards.

You don’t have to go to a separate page to pay for the product after you’ve read through and learned about it.

You can use a credit card or PayPal to make a payment. The company also has enticing one-click upsells on all checkout interfaces, which can help the company make more money.

3. FlexDiet

FlexDiet- best examples of SamCart shoopping cart

FlexDiet is a company that sells online courses for people who want to learn more about metabolic flexibility. It is possible to get training that is only done on the internet, or it can be done both on the internet and in person. Physical and virtual certifications are available in the courses.

FlexDiet uses SamCart’s simple checkout pages to handle both online-only and mixed products, so there is an easy-to-use billing and shipping address section on the checkout page for both.

4. Geek In Your Pocket

6 amazing samcart examples

Geek In Your Pocket helps you improve your WordPress site and get help with it. There are long-term service plans and one-time service products, and SamCart can help customers check out for both of them.

They talk about custom payment plans, but the customer has to get in touch with them to set this up. SamCart lets you set up payment plans at checkout, so it would have been good to show that the product is affordable for everyone.

In the same way, the checkout process is simple. There are only three fields to fill in and no non-essential “mandatory” fields to slow you down.

5. Fabulous Alyce

Fabulous Alyce- examples of Samcart templates

Fabulous Alyce helps women who have been divorced get back into the dating game. They sell a workbook for coaching and a package that includes both the workbook and a 90-minute coaching consultation.

SamCart makes it easy to buy both products on one simple, attractive checkout page, and it makes it easy to apply coupons if they are available.

6. Fluent with Friends.

Fluent With Friends has three English classes based on the popular American TV show “Friends.”

They use SamCart checkout pages with one-time payments or payment plans, easy coupon redemption, and simple coupon codes that can be used quickly. SamCart lets you pay for the Basic, Standard, and Complete packages either all at once or spread out over ten months.

SamCart has a feature that lets people try this kind of product for free. We think that if the company offered a trial, more people would want to try it.


SamCart is a checkout experience-focused online sales support platform.

It’s quite adaptable and suitable for a variety of applications. Customers are reassured by SamCart’s checkout templates, which are easy, aesthetically beautiful, and professional. The checkout page templates are eye-catching and fully customizable to match the look and feel of your company.

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