Podia Coupon Codes May 2024: Save $360/year (55% OFF)

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Get the latest Podia Coupon Codes and Discounts to save as much as $360 yearly. With these Podia coupons, you can save up to 55% on a yearly subscription.

In this post, we have shared various Podia discounts, Podia offers, Podia free trial, and the latest Podia promo codes.


Get Free Podia Plan

Try Podia for free and get access to various features.


Save $60 on Podia Starter Plan

Use this coupon to get Podia starter plan for $4/month.


Save $72 on Podia Mover Plan

Use this coupon to get Mover plan for $33/month instead of $39/month.


Save $360 OFF Podia Shaker Plan

Use this coupon to get a this plan for $59/month instead of $89/month.

FAQs on Podia Discounts

How can I get my hands on Podia coupons?

All it takes to avail of Podia coupons is setting up an account. However, it is important to remember that the coupons are available only for the yearly plans offered by the platform.

How do I create a coupon with Podia?

You can simply click on ‘new coupon’ and then on ‘generate unique code’. You can also choose the types of coupons you wish to promote and can customize them according to your needs.

When should I make use of Podia coupons?

It is best to make use of coupons during the time of events or festivities. This is when shoppers are on the lookout for sales and you can catch their attention and boost your profit

Why should I choose Podia?

Podia is one of the leading platforms for selling courses and digital products online. It proves to be a great competitor for online learning.

Does Podia offer free plan?

Yes, Podia offers a free plan with access to various features.

Is Podia Certification worth?

Podia does not offer online certifications but it has different automation tools connected with Podia for generating online certificates.

Podia Annual Subscription Discount (Up To 55% OFF)

Podia’s best discount is its yearly discount. While Poidia is affordable, the annual plan comes with vast savings.

Podia annual discount

Look at this yearly Podia pricing table:

Podia PlanMonthly BillingAnnual BillingYearly Discount

How do I get Podia Discounts & Coupons?

  • Go to the Podia website.
  • Click on “Pricing.”  Make sure you choose “Pay Yearly (Save 55%).”
Podia Pricing plans
  • Click on “Sign Up Free” for the plan you want. Fill in the information and click “Get Started.”
Podia free account
  • On the Podia dashboard, click “View Plans.”
  • Click “Upgrade Plan” for the plan you want.
Choosing Podia plans
  • You’ll go to a page to confirm your plan and yearly payment. Click “Confirm” to go on.
  • Finally, fill in your payment details to finish buying.

About Podia

Podia is a simple online platform where you can create and sell your courses. It’s great for teachers and anyone who wants to share their knowledge. You can make videos, write lessons, and even host webinars. Podia helps you reach students all over the world.

Podia homepage

It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to be a tech expert. Plus, you can try it for free first to see if you like it. It’s a fun way to teach and learn online. If you need more details about Podia, read my detailed review here.

Best Features of Podia

Podia offers users a myriad of unique features and tools that can be used to boost business and help them attain their goals.

  • Flexible Pricing: You can offer your clients flexible payment options by giving them the option to choose whether they wish to opt for monthly payments or annual payments. You can also offer various membership tiers and Podia Coupon Codes.
  • Payment Integrations: Podia has integrations with payment partners like Stripe and PayPal. This makes your client’s experience a hassle-free one.
  • Content Hosting: This is truly a unique feature, as one sees a site like this extremely rarely. With this feature, you will not be required to host your content on a third-party site.
  • Email Marketing: With Podia, you can stay in touch with clients through drip content and newsletters. You can also build relationships with your clients by sending them personalized emails, thus adding a personal touch to the otherwise impersonal marketing strategies.
  • Affiliates: With the Shaker Plan, you can include Podia affiliate marketing into your site or platform. This can help you boost your profit by earning a commission.

Reasons to Choose Podia Discounts:

There are various reasons to choose Podia and its yearly discount. First, it comes with a free plan, and then there are several other reasons. Let’s see that:

1. Enhanced Savings on Subscription Plans

Podia’s discount offers can lead to significant annual savings, particularly for those who opt for annual billing. This can result in up to $396 saved per year, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term users.

The discounts are especially beneficial for startups and individual creators who are budget-conscious.

2. Robust Free Trial Offer

Podia’s 14-day free trial is a standout feature, allowing users to explore the platform’s capabilities fully without any upfront investment.

This trial period is crucial for users to assess the platform’s fit for their specific needs, such as course creation, marketing tools, and overall user experience, without the hassle of entering credit card information.

3. Wide Array of Platform Features

Podia stands out for its comprehensive suite of features.

It supports a range of digital products, including online courses, memberships, digital downloads, and webinars. This versatility makes it an ideal platform for creators and educators looking to diversify their offerings and revenue streams.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Podia affiliate program

The platform’s affiliate marketing feature enables creators to expand their reach and sales potential. Users can easily set up their affiliate programs, offering custom commission rates and managing affiliates efficiently.

This feature is particularly useful for increasing course enrollments and product sales through incentivized marketing.

5. Customizable and Mobile-Friendly Websites

Podia provides tools for building customizable, mobile-responsive websites. This feature is crucial for creators who want to maintain a professional online presence and ensure their content is accessible across various devices.

The no-code required approach makes it user-friendly for those without technical expertise.

6. Integrated Email Marketing Tools

The platform’s email marketing capabilities allow for effective audience engagement.

Users can send out broadcast emails, set up automated campaigns, and segment their audience for targeted communication. This integrated approach eliminates the need for separate email marketing services.

7. Unlimited Digital Downloads

Podia supports the sale of an unlimited number of digital products like eBooks, templates, and audio files. This feature is particularly beneficial for creators who have a range of digital goods to offer, as it allows for unlimited earnings potential without additional costs.

8. Direct Customer Engagement with a Chat Widget

The on-page chat widget is a powerful tool for real-time customer engagement.

It enables users to directly interact with site visitors, provide instant support, and potentially increase sales conversions by addressing queries and concerns on the spot.

9. Webinar Hosting with Ease

Podia webinar hosting

Podia’s integration with Zoom and YouTube Live simplifies the process of hosting webinars. This feature is invaluable for educators and coaches who rely on webinars for teaching or promotional purposes, providing them with a seamless way to connect with their audience.

10. Zero Transaction Fees

Unlike many other platforms, Podia does not charge transaction fees. This means creators keep more of their earnings, making the platform more financially attractive, especially for those with high sales volumes.

Podia Pricing Plans

Podia offers a free plan along with three paid plans. Above all, you will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Podia plans are exceptionally low priced, and their yearly subscription offers a 55% discount.

Podia pricing plan- Podia Coupon Codes
  • Starter Plan ($4/month billed yearly)
  • Mover Plan ($33/month billed yearly)
  • Shaker Plan ($59/month billed yearly)

Conclusion | Podia Coupon Codes 2024

Choosing Podia assures you that you will be able to track and manage all your digital products and membership plans, thus staying on top of your game at all times.

This all-in-one platform will give you the opportunity to manage membership sites, online classes, courses, webinars, etc., without any hassle.

With a single dashboard for all your needs, Podia is sure to make all your work feel like a walk in the park.

Apart from this, with the help of Podia coupons, you could take your business to another level. The discounts, offers, and membership plans available with this platform are sure to boost your company’s sales and profit.

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