Podia Review 2024– Is It Really Affordable & Worth It?

Do you also want to learn about Podia Review before using the software?

You’ll also agree with me on what this article offers you.

I used it for my company and yes, it did save me a lot of time, and I am sure, it would help you wear off the load off of you.

Irrespective of being an old client or a new user, this article ought to help you. 

Once you search for some platform to sell your courses and digital products, you find services like Kartra, Teachable, Thinkific, ClickFunnels, Podia, and many more. Let us here focus on one of them – Podia.

I am going to give a brief introduction to all the points that would describe Podia. This guide includes:

  • Basic introduction about Podia
  • Who Podia is meant for? 
  • Features of Podia like its interface, the procedure of course creation, and many more
  • The pricing plans at which Podia is available for you
  • Pros and Cons
  • A small opinion on what we think about Podia and how it would be of your help
  • FAQs for any simple queries for you.

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What is Podia?

Podia is a digital platform that is developed to sell online courses, membership, and several other digital data. It helps you create intuitive content easily and efficiently.

The platform lets you host all the content that you create and deliver it professionally; it also includes payment options that the users can integrate accordingly.

Podia membership site

When I first came across the platform, it was in its early development stage. But with time, it has evolved so much and is constantly bringing new features to it.

The platform is suitable for all types of people who are interested in creating impressive sales pages. Podia is one of the best-selling platforms in the market today.

It is a creator-centric platform and provides several incentives that other platforms do not provide.

It is a very cost-effective platform and lets people build their content easily. It also has the integration of several tools and is embedded with the best plugins so that users do not need to use a third-party platform to carry out specific functions. 

It is like a magic wand that helps its users create aesthetically pleasing storefronts and sell them in the market. It does not require any complex technical knowledge and lets people earn good money from their passion.

Who is Podia for?

Starting your business from scratch is often positively life-changing for solo entrepreneurs, creators, and those who wish to change their passion into what creates income for them.

For people looking for an all-in-one online content-selling platform for an affordable price, Podia is the best platform for you. 

The platform consists of appealing features like courses, digital product selling, memberships, and email marketing. For people who do not want to go for LearnWorlds, Teachable, and Thinkific, Podia is ready for you. 

Podia is an online selling platform most suitable for solopreneurs and creators who are just starting their business like in education or any other and who desire to provide downloadables, memberships, or simple embedded videos.

Podia is more suitable for people who are looking to add some side income rather than launching a business on their own.

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What features does Podia offer?

Once you create an account with Podia and log in to the platform, it gives an option for what to create. The interface is very easy to use.

You can access the options on any screen. The user interface of Podia is very straightforward. All the features offered by Podia are easily accessible without any long time-taking processes.

The interface is very refined, like that of other apps.

The Podia interface allows you to create:


The interface allows you to create your membership portals and start charging a subscription fee to get people to it.

Memberships allow you to build a firm community and help you in monitoring it. Podia is different from all the other course platforms that promote memberships.

This offers memberships that integrate directly with your site and products.

If you find the idea of creating a membership looks complex for your online selling course, Podia has created a five-chapter read that contains all the content you need to know. 

Online Courses

Creating and selling online courses is a tedious task, but Podia allows you to complete this easily and quickly. This content creation for the course does vary with different platforms, Podia will make it simple.

Digital Products

Digital products include content like ebooks, software, videos, graphics and digital art, photography,  audio and music, and many more. Products are courses in Podia.

Selling digital products in Podia

Now, let me take you deep into the interface. In addition to these features, Podia also allows you to manage email marketing inside their platform.

  • Editor: The editor section allows you to edit the appearance of your digital storefront. Also, various sections and widgets can be added, and appearance can be customized.
  • Emails:  You can manage your email marketing to keep your audience involved and engaged.
  • Customers: In this particular section, you can see all the customers and newsletter subscribers properly categorized.
  • Sales: Here, you can set up your payment methods. The customer payments and invoices also appear in this part.
  • Settings: Settings section allows you to access your storefront settings and also integrations of Podia with other services. You can also choose your language, currency, storefront URL, tax information, Google Analytics integration, and others.

How to create courses in Podia?

Podia has excellent course creation functionality. Course creation is the most significant job of all online platforms. I am going to give you a step-by-step guide to creating a course. 

  • Go to the Products section, where you need to add a new product, select the online course option, and create an online course. Now give it a name and click enter. 

Creating products on Podia

  • This recently created course will be visible under the products section. The course is set as free by default on the online course creation page.

Creating new lesson on Podia

  • You need to arrange the course lectures, links, texts, files, and quizzes under the relevant parts accordingly. Hence, Create some sections for organizing the lectures.

Creating new sections on Podia

  • Podia supports unlimited bandwidth for hosting your video files. You can have multiple formats stacked. With Podia, you can also drip access set up for each of the sections and drip your course content.

In addition to all these, there are also other settings available for your course : 


After publishing your course, you can find various options to promote your course. There are a wide number of options to set the Sales page URLs, share them on social media, and also have a setting to use affiliate features for promoting your course.


In this section, you can get the details of the students who have enrolled in your course.


You can reply to the comments posted by the students enrolled in your course and also can turn on or off or lock the comment posting feature of your course.


In the settings section, you can change your course title, enrollment date, category, close enrollment, and also set up integrations.


You need to set up pricing plans for your course and access payment methods. Podia has PayPal and stripe integration where it also has the feature for customers to pay in installments.

You can also unlock some more features after setting up to sell your course and once the course is published.

Podia Memberships

Podia membership sites Fiverr- freelance sites to hire NFT Artists

It is often a skeptical task to find the right way to charge the customers or the users for the exclusive content that you post.

With a membership card on your side, you can easily share your ideas and content with members and charge them on a monthly or yearly basis as per your requirements. 

Membership offers consistent revenue and helps you stay away from tedious on one transactions and affirmations.

It also helps to capture emails and deepen the overall relationship with the users. It helps the users integrate all the features into one site to create a good interface with all the members.

The pricing plans can also be unanimously decided according to the contents provided in it.

Podia is a platform that provides you with the best membership options and gives you various methods for quick and easy access to various features; they are an all-in-one platform giving users the following benefits.

  • It helps you connect to Facebook, Slack, and Palapa and let’s. You integrate emails.
  • It allows you to offer multiple membership levels according to user preference.
  • Public posts to share content with a larger group of people.
  • Private posts to share content with specific members.
  • Pin post to the top of the membership bar to make the user aware of offers and some special arrivals on the content.
  • You can also schedule your post according to your requirements.
  • Bundle different products like downloads and digital marketing to increase the reach.
  • Carry out reviews and ratings to keep the audience engaged.
  • Create email notifications.
  • Directly add content to your posts, like videos and images, through social media.

The creation of a membership plan lets you earn income from the audience :

Step 1: Click the “Memberships” button located in the top sidebar, and then choose the Plans option.

Step 2: Click on the Add New Plan option.

Step 3: Then, you must name your plan and let your members know what they can expect from your course according to the plan in the Description box.

You can set the price of your plan, or you can also keep it free and give members of your plan access to other Podia products, like online courses or digital downloads.

Step 4: Click the Publish plan… option and confirm. You will not be able to change the price of a plan after publishing it. 

Digital Products

Podia is a platform that has relieved people from the technical headaches that are caused by coding and hosting.

To make it easier for the users to get through all the technicalities, the platform has introduced several digital products.

I was personally impressed by the myriad of digital products the platform provides. It is one of the best among all the platforms and provides all kinds of digital downloads that you can imagine.

It makes sure all the added products are easily accessible and customizable by the users. Podia works on the mantra whatever you can sell can be brought forward as a digital product inside the platform.

Be it something as simple as images, text, blogs, PDF, word files, etc, or complex products like MP3 audio, graphics, scalar images, and so much more, everything is available on the platform.

The various digital products that you can upload are:

  • Text files 
  • eBooks
  • Templates
  • Image files
  • PDFs
  • PSDs
  • Audio files
  • MP3 files
  • Quizzes
  • A mix of file types
  • And more

As a user myself, I believe that all the products are extremely useful, and I do not need to incorporate any third-party software to integrate any other tools inside the platform.

It is an accumulation of all the tools that are necessary to host good digital products in a single place.

Podia Email Marketing

Podia email marketing tool

Your time is crucial, and you wouldn’t want to waste it away by looking up a separate email system. Every software offers you a marketing system for ease of use.  Podia is here for you with a simple email setup. 

Podia offers you an email marketing system along with a third-party integration with applications like MailChimp, Drip, and many more.

The platform offers you the ability to gather addresses from ongoing customers or even the ever-buying customers from the sign-up pages or window-display webpages. 

Those who do not wish to invest in third-party integrations are always welcome to use the in-built email system.

Podia offers you an email newsletter platform, for whenever a purchase occurs, you have been tagged along and triggered with every campaign the purchaser chooses. 

What you get with Email Marketing in Podia are three basic features – 

  • You can send drip content to build your sales funnel pages
  • Send newsletters containing updates and other specific contents of the page
  • Enlarge and update your list of purchasers with email marketing.

Collect emails through the products or maybe the opt-ins that enable you to stay here at Podia, without wandering off to the separate email system.

When you create an email website, it becomes a part of the sales funnel. The funnel inhibits an offer that contains criteria regarding the same.

You can set conditions whatsoever on your offers, which generates two conditions – one where the purchaser would have to open the email after 14 days to view the paid product, and another where you build a condition to remove the buyer from the campaign.

Design and Customization

The most interesting and tense-filled part of making your brand is its design and the features that you want to add.

This completely changes your brand in terms of making it more appealing or making it the worst one to visit.

So, you have to be very careful when designing. The Podia platform provides you with the best platform to change and customize since it is very easy to use and also provides you with plenty of options.

Let us have a look at the different features when customizing your account:

Easy to Use:

This feature is what all consumers require. What’s better than a platform that is extremely easy to use?

Podia user interface

Even a person with a non-technical background can operate this well, which makes their accounts very appealing and attracts more customers. It becomes very quick to design your account.

Organized Data:

The different stats that are all over the place regarding the customer count, their preferences, their last visits to different products, and so on are well organized so that it is easy for you to access the data, and it stays in one place.

Hassle-free and saves money:

When something is being designed, the method involves various steps and coding; you have to manage the plugins and also have a look at the software updates.

But with Podia, you don’t have to do that. The price is very low compared to other competitors, which puts it very near to the ideal website.

You can connect to funnels:

Adding Funnels and optimizing your account can attract customers, too. This will also help you maintain all the data and also access it easily. It basically optimizes your whole system.

In a nutshell, Podia offers the easiest course-making and marketing processes. I think it is one of the treasured sites to which few people have access.

The charges are low, and the quality they provide is amazing.

Marketing at Podia

Marketing is required in every software for the fulfillment of customer requirements. You get to know what they wish for and they get to know what your company is offering.

Podia lets you use email marketing to sell its products.

Messaging Platform

Know what your customers want at your site through the messaging option. To sell your products and boost sales, Podia lets you use its messaging platform for the customers to figure out what they wish for and if some challenges come up en route to the final destination.

Podia messaging platform

You can ask your questions using the live chat option. One other use of messaging is when you use it to discerningly validate your product so that you know how much effort to put into it.

No wastage of effort! Questions and feedback would be compiled even if you are offline, making it easier for you to reply to all at once.

The live chat option lets you learn about what and who your customers are and what their notion is about your products.

You’d be having the question – why? This option would help you make your roadmap stronger and even more effective in selling products.

The dashboard shows the messaging option for your convenience, where you can either start a new conversation or continue an existing conversation. 

Affiliate Marketing

Podia is here with another feature for the promotion of your sales – Podia affiliate marketing. But how does affiliate marketing help you?

Podia affiliate marketing

This kind of marketing is highly suitable for small business owners who wish to keep their advertisement level to a minimum.

You can assign the affiliates a default commission or assign a specific commission for a specific product. Choose either a dollar amount or a percentage.

You may not be able to upload any asset for the affiliates, but you would not find a simpler system than Podia. You’ll have to inform the customers about your affiliates and send them an email invitation. 

What Integrations Does Podia Offer?

Every software lets you integrate with major integration platforms to make you feel at ease.

Podia integrations options

Ensuring your work does not get interrupted, and that you do not have to get all fussed up because of the work, your work on Podia is majorly integrated with major marketing sites like AWeber, ConvertKit, FreshBooks, Trello, PayPal, and Drip.

For instance, if we look at Podia integration with Drip, we see that you have zero transaction fees with 24/7 online support. 

You can create your display window and initiate the sale of digital products with the integration feature on Podia.

Third-party plugins are not required, which lets you perform every activity, from constructing landing pages to ensuring payments, all on a single platform. 

Direct integration of Podia with some software like ActiveCampaign offers you the option of segmenting the email subscribers by the purchases and the difference of products they buy from the store you own.

Integration with ThriveCart lets you connect your site with their software for affiliate marketing.

The most common platform enabling marketing through them is Google – Google Ads, Google Sheets, and Google Analytics.

  • Google Analytics lends you the tools required for data analysis for the business you own. With Google’s publisher systems built-in, you can get your insights produced for the correct customer phase. 
  • Google Ads gets you on the seller’s maps, making it easy for the customers to track and order. Whenever someone looks for any product similar to yours, your ad will always pop up on their screen. You can even add your phone number, which enhances the degree of purchase.
  • You might have used spreadsheets for calculation and easy tab purposes. Google Sheets software allows you to use its spreadsheets for the audit trail, use templates, and a calculator. 

You can also try some more alternatives. Check out my article on Best Teachable Alternatives.

Podia Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Podia offers three different pricing plans for your sustenance – 

Podia monthly pricin plans

1. Free Trial 

 When a confused user like me logs on to software like this, I use the trial session of the software. You get a 14-day trial for the users without any requirement for a credit card, and can be canceled anytime. 

2. Mover Plan – $39 per month

This plan is for sellers who need a budget-friendly plan where you can grow as your audience grows. The Mover Plan is a very simple yet effective pricing plan for you when you are just initiating your project. This plan promises you – 

  • Personal website with everything unlimited on the platter
  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • Email marketing 
  • Messaging option (live chat)
  • Zero transaction fees
  • 24/7 customer support with daily Q&A sessions
  • Teammates each added $20 per month
  • Free migrations

3. Shaker Plan – $89 per month

This plan is for sellers who wish to construct a paid community for the audience, which has grown into a fully-fledged family. Once you get a higher platform to work at, you see that Podia does the majority of the heavy lifting for its customers. Create and sell, and let Podia do their work. 

This plan promises you everything offered in the Mover Plan, along with some premium additions-

  • Memberships
  • Zoom communication integration
  • Offsite Buy Buttons
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Third-party integration
  • Blogs to spread awareness

Pros and Cons of Podia


  • Podia is a one-stop shop to create all your product hosting in the digitized market and can create intuitive funnels in no time.
  • It is extremely easy to use and has an excellent user interface for good navigation of first-time users, the interface keeps the users hooked to the platform.
  • Has end-to-end funnel builders and hence you do not need external support for the same.
  • It provides several email marketing features like follow-up emails and also helps to add content through the drip method.
  • Embeds instant payout opportunities.
  • Unlimited access to course files and access to various downloads and digital information present.
  • Multiple student integration and sales are available.
  • Have flexible transaction fees and hence prove to be of great help.
  • No additional tools are needed to access any part of the platform or to add plugins.
  • Has different levels of membership to it providing easy content sharing.
  • Affordable plans that can be accessed by all.
  • Ability to embed check-out and buy buttons on the external website interface.
  • The platform is capable of handling Eu digital goods.
  • Has incorporated the plugin if autoresponder inside the system.
  • Zero transaction fee is processed thus giving transparency to the users throughout the process.
  • Charges a single-time fee for payments.
  • Has inbuilt course players to deliver the content professionally.
  • Sends broadcast and automated emails.


  • Podia has limited access to customizable options and limited design options for users.
  • Lack of payment integration, that is, they have stringent payment policies, and so kor provides multiple pathways to make payments.
  • Does not contain a high-end email integration as compared to other similar platforms.
  • They do not have many courses to learn the content offered by them easily.
  • No phone support is available for the platform.
  • Does not have a course marketplace.
  • Lacks in quizzes, assignments, and several other grading tools.
  • The platform lacks flexibility.
  • Lacks a good text editor, its functionality is very basic, and does not have many formatting options.

Quick Links

FAQs | Podia Review

🙎‍♀️ Does Podia provide discount coupons?

Podia does not have such discounts and/or coupons. But if you are interested in saving money while purchasing any package, all you can do is to go for the annual plan where you can save money up to $158.

💁‍♂️ Can I get a free plan or demo using Podia?

No, you cannot have free access to Podia. It does not provide free access like other different platforms. but, you can have a demo for 14 days. It is a completely free trial where you can use Podia for free. Cancel when you wish to and you do not even have to upload the credit card details.

🙇‍♀️ What if I need a refund? Will I be getting a refund?

Yes, the refund policy is present for Podia. For the monthly or annual plans, you can get a refund within 72 hours. If you are looking for pro-rated refunds, this is not your place for that. The whole processing may take you from 5 to 10 business days which is not very ideal.

🤷‍♂️ Why should I choose Podia?

Podia is one of the leading platforms for selling courses and digital products online. It proves to be a great competitor for online learning.

🙋‍♂️ What unique features does Podia provide?

Podia is an all-in-one platform for selling courses. Podia is a one-stop-shop to create all your product hosting in the digitized market and can create intuitive funnels in no time.It is extremely easy to use and has an excellent user interface

🙆 Is Podia Certification worth?

Podia does not offer online certifications but it has different automation tools connected with Podia for generating online certificates.

Conclusion | Podia Review 2024

There is not a single doubt in believing Podia that is indeed made for you. You get marvelous features and sustaining customer support along with the live chat option for ease of use. 

Now you have got all the information regarding Podia – their features, pricing, pros and cons, designs, customization, etc. which will clearly pave the way out for whether you will have to try this or not.

But believe me, you’ll love it when you start exploring it. My experience has been the best since it has many more things enabled than things that are disabled.

We want to say that Podia will be really helpful for the membership, selling of your courses, digital downloads, and many more.

We hope that you will really have all your necessities met while using Podia and also understand that Podia is worth the input it requires.

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