These 6 Landing Page Mistakes Are Killing Your Conversion

We all know landing page is a great way for marketing in quick time with less effort.

May be you know ‘How to create landing pages for marketing’? But before making a landing page, I would like to make you familiar with some mistakes which are often seen while making it.

Landing pages supports your products like backbone. Better designed lead page reflect quality of products and drop positive response on buyers.

It also increase selling rate of affiliate.

A lead page can easily engage your visitor and grab more attention than any Ads, Reviews, article or such kind of ways of online marketing.

Let me show some major benefits of landing pages.

  • You can do A/B Testing on lead page.
  • Express your ideas through your design.
  • You can place any video, logo, images, graphs and lot more in well-mannered way.
  • Increase sales conversion rates.
  • Force visitors to go through products reviews by their attractiveness.
  • Designed in multi colored form. It have so many more advantages, I’m not going in detailed.

And today, I’m not going too discuss about advantages, disadvantages & making process of landing pages. Further I’ll discuss some flaws which we made during designing of lead pages.

Let’s move with first and basic blunders during lead pages i.e. designing of pages.

#1. Critical Design:

Basic need of any lead pages is enterprises or way of represent to costumers. So, always remember two things during demonstration of any project or product. It has to be…

  1. Adjustable.
  2. Clearly visible.

Your main moto will to be to converts your readers/visitors into sales funnel through your designs. In case they’re unable to get your aim, they’ll not even subscribe.

Try to make things clear as much as possible for visitors. Readers don’t mess with single attribute such as keywords, color combination, weird images and lot more.

You have to straight forward with your product representation.

Don’t serve two recipes in One plate. Hope, you grasp what I mean. I’m serving you some key features of best lead page.

  • Choose sweet, simple and adjustable template/theme.
  • Select vision able color combination.
  • Try to use Eco-friendly design which grabs attention easily.
  • DE-Clutter your landing page theme.
  • Make it easy to navigate for buyers.
  • Customize page with attractive images, videos, quotes, reviews and so on.
  • You have to place your image with smiley face. This technique increase trust factor among buyers regarding product.
  • Place 100% secure badge with no spam.

Typical design will improve loading time of page which decline productivity of sales. So, try to consider loading factor during designing.

Make these tips in habits during launching product through lead pages. If you want to convert more readers into sales funnel then you’ve decide distinct plan for buyers. Next problem I’m going to discussed with you is based on plans.

#2. Only one plan for buyers:

Electing single & worthy plan for users is BIG drawback during designing of lead page. This practice reduced conversion rate and trust factor of readers too.

Remember one tip; you can’t sell your product to every person at same price. So you’ve to adopt 2-3 plans for your readers. I’ll explain some distinct methods to elect plans.

  • Try to design 3 types of plans and named them according to their price.
  • You can name such as beginner, intermediate and professional.
  • If you’ve products including tool, software, plugin or such kind then offer them trial version for 14 or 30 days.
  • Give them lots of possibility including up gradation to next plan, easily contact with team, 100% money back guaranteed, life time plan and offer some more facilities.

These were Golden tips which convert more-n-more readers into sales. Let’s move on to further and essential problem is mode of payment.

#3. Un-customized payment process:

Most vital problem arise during buying any product online i.e. mode of payment. Some of companies provide lots of payment processing method.

But, some of newbie don’t have account everywhere then this generate leads problem. If readers got found less payment options on lead pages then, purchasing probability decline automatically.

Here is some example of mode of payment you can apply.

  • Paypal account. It is most secure and international account.
  • Accept credit-cards, visa-cards,debit-card, checks and master-cards too.
  • You can add DONATE button too and lot more.

Important part, use only most secured transaction service but offer all services by which they can purchase product easily. Let’s move on grabbykeywords on landing pages.

#4. Not using Eye-Caching Keywords:

Before applying those tips, firstly you’ve to be creative with your writing style. Writing grace will helps you to drive visitors into readers and then readers into purchasers.

Secondly, you’ve to learn “How to craft Magnetic Headlines” an e-book by copyblogger. Headlines are recipe and keywords works as a taste, both push readers into sales funnel.

Try to use professional keywords rather than common use words. Let’s have an example.

“Speak with our expert………….regarding products issue………..NO charge, NO spam” in place of Contact us. Be professional with your readers. Always remember, ‘your words reflect your specialization’ it improves trust and security among readers.

Call to action is must for any page it helps to engage your readers with you.

#5. Nothing free with product:

I know you were thinking that, this is not a mistake. If you offered something free with products, then purchasing efficiency improve automatically. Let’s have an example of Bluehost plan.

It gives their professional plan with lots offers.

You can grasp easily but offer has to be valuable for users. I’m giving you some ideas which can helps to create offer easily…

  • An e-book which has valuable worth on web/internet.
  • Personal support through skype, emails and/or social media.
  • Credit points on biggest brands including Adwords, Amazon and so on.
  • Software such as keyword warrior and lot more which you can offer.

If you don’t have anything to offer then don’t be panic & move on as you like. Move on to bonus point i.e. engagement of readers on lead page it also helps to increase sales bucket.

#6. Not engaging:

I’m not going in detail with this #point because subheading makes things clear. But, there are some facts which speed up engaging time as well as trust with owner.

Some tricks which keep engage your visitors with product.

  • Keep navigation simple.
  • Color combination keeps eye-catching and eco-friendly.
  • Offered them something good only on subscribe.
  • Conversational stuff on landing page.
  • Attractive call to action.

I’m damn sure with these tips. Hopefully, these tricks gonna big supports for crafting your first lead page.

In nutshell:

Keep work hard with consistent efforts is the key of success. De-clutter lead pages with lots of products means ‘don’t put 2-3 eggs in single bucket’. Try to sell your distinct products at distinct lead page. If readers get little bit confuse with offer then it will never purchase.

At the time of building lead page, don’t add stuff which reflects only your personality. Be conversational with readers/visitors because a landing page works as a face of owner.

Your turn:

I already conclude my article which helps you to generating landing page without these blunders. In case, I missed something in article speak frankly in comment box. I’ll appreciate your each and every review.

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