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ClickFunnels vs Ontraport 2023: Which Sales Funnel Builder is Best? Which One is Better?

Are you confused between ClickFunnels and Ontraport? Struggling to know that which one to choose and why?

If yes then read this full article and find your ideal one easily.

Let’s start!!


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Pricing $97 per month $79 per month
Best for

Best for generating leads and sales funnels that help organisations increase website traffic and sales.

Best for all types of small and large enterprises, product niches, and service niches.

  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Optin forms
  • Affiliate sales dashboard
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Custom Objects
  • Membership Automation
  • Very flexible.
  • Can integrate major email
  • Customized templates
  • Friendly customer care
  • Great funnel system
  • Allows automation of email marketing and sales
  • Expensive
  • Does not provide spacing options
Ease of Use

Best for high tech people but beginners find it tricky.

Very user friendly and easy to use.

Value For Money

Expensive or can be considered as a bit costly.

Affordable and best for use.

Customer Support

Lags in working hour.

24*7 available as well as provided various mediums so that customer can reach easily to them.

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This article is all about Ontraport vs ClickFunnels. Today, we’re going to compare two of the most comprehensive internet marketing automation toolkits available.

That’s right, I’m comparing Ontraport vs ClickFunnels side by side to examine what each one has to offer and how they may help you build your online company.

Online marketing is not a simple endeavor. There is a great deal to consider, and attempting to accomplish it all on your own is challenging.

However, do not despair; there are several excellent web marketing tools available that may assist you in rapidly growing your company!

We’ll go through the features they each provide in-depth, as well as the advantages and disadvantages and price of each, so you can choose which of these tools is the best fit for you.


Ontraport vs ClickFunnels: Quick Expert Review

Both ClickFunnels and Ontraport are popular sales funnel builders used by businesses for online marketing. They offer many of the same features, but there are some important differences.

ClickFunnels is a bit more user-friendly and easier to learn, while Ontraport is more powerful and has more features. ClickFunnels is better for small businesses who want an easy way to create a sales funnel, while Ontraport is better for larger businesses that need more advanced features.

In the end, it depends on what you need and what you want to achieve. If you want an easy-to-use, user-friendly funnel builder, then ClickFunnels is the best option. If you need more powerful features and want greater flexibility, then Ontraport is the better choice.

Ontraport vs ClickFunnels: Overview👉

By offering a comprehensive comparison of Ontraport vs ClickFunnels, I can assist you in making your decision. So, let’s get started with the articles.

What is Ontraport?

Ontraport is a well-liked platform for managing sales, marketing, content, and information for internet enterprises.

The system uses well-optimized lead-gathering technologies to manage all essential areas of business such as sales, marketing, and finance.

Ontraport - Ontraport vs ClickFunnels

Ontraport is the ideal platform for marketers and salespeople who are searching for a funneling solution to assist them to improve their sales and marketing conversion rates.

What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is designed to help you develop visually appealing and functional sales funnels that convert visitors into potential clients for your products and services.

ClickFunnels - Ontraport vs ClickFunnels

If you only want to focus on selling your products and services and don’t want to automate all of your business’s procedures, Clickfunnels is the finest platform for you.

Difference Between Ontraport vs ClickFunnels🔥

Now we will have brief knowledge about the difference between Ontraport vs ClickFunnels so that you can make your decision clearly.

1. Without restricting your possibilities, Ontraport enables you to construct a membership site

Both systems support the hosting of membership sites. However, Ontraport includes several critical site administration tools such as WordPress connection, automated registration, and a Customer Center where users may change their passwords.

You may also utilize their prebuilt membership site system to quickly create the whole thing – they’ll handle the automation, pages, and emails for you.

2. Without the need for additional tools, Ontraport can manage your sales and internal workflow:

ClickFunnels provides the fundamentals of email marketing and marketing automation — but that is just a portion of operating a company. Automation is required to handle refunds, payment difficulties, and critical manual chores.

Additionally, if you have a sales force, you’ll want a simplified sales pipeline management system.

Ontraport enables you to handle all of these internal and sales processes with your marketing, centralizing your complete organization.

3. Ontraport offers the functionality you need when you are ready:

At first sight, ClickFunnels seems to provide a minimal set of functions.

However, as your firm expands, you’ll want more skills to manage your clients successfully and conduct more sophisticated marketing. Ontraport is built to scale with your company.

It includes a comprehensive set of tools for acquiring new customers, launching a partner program or membership site, automating everyday processes, and managing the whole customer lifecycle in one location.

4. Without requiring connectors, Ontraport enables you to create and distribute your emails:

You can design emails and include them into your funnels using either platform — but only Ontraport can send those emails without an integration.

We operate our email marketing infrastructure and provide intelligent personalization, dependable delivery, and deliverability assistance via their network of postmasters.

5. Ontraport includes all of the services you need in a single subscription:

While ClickFunnels’ landing pages and funnels are a terrific place to start, you’ll need to purchase other products and connect them with ClickFunnels to fully implement your strategy.

Ontraport is a one-stop shop. You’ll be able to execute end-to-end campaigns to generate new leads, nurture them with emails, process online transactions, monitor your customers’ requirements, and solicit recommendations – all without the need for integrations.

6. Ontraport keeps track of the metrics you need to improve your results:

While both platforms are excellent for developing automated marketing systems, only Ontraport provides the comprehensive information necessary to establish whether or not such systems are effective.

With comprehensive data and customizable trend charts, you can track sales and refunds, lead and customer activity, page views, and email statistics, among other metrics – providing the information you need to improve future outcomes.

7. For all accounts, Ontraport provides quick, multi-channel support:

Whichever platform you select, you’re certain to encounter issues as you understand how it operates. As is the case with many platforms, ClickFunnels provides priority chat and phone assistance — but only at the highest tier of its price structure.

If you have a Standard or Platinum plan, it may take several days to get a response to your query. Support is a significant focus at Ontraport.

Regardless of your account level, you’ll have access to a staff of professional support representatives that are knowledgeable and responsive.

Additionally, you get two hours of gratis account setup to get things started.

Alternatives of Ontraport🙋

Ontraport is a powerful all-in-one marketing automation tool that many businesses use to manage their contacts, leads, and sales. But what if you’re not happy with Ontraport? Or what if you’re just starting out and can’t afford it?

Luckily, there are a few alternatives to Ontraport that can help you accomplish your marketing goals. Let’s take a look at some of them!

1. MailChimp


Ontraport is a powerful email marketing platform, but it can be expensive for small businesses. MailChimp is a great alternative that offers many of the same features as Ontraport, but at a fraction of the cost.

MailChimp is a well-known and popular email marketing platform that has been around for many years. It offers all of the features small businesses need to create and send successful email campaigns, including automation, segmentation, and A/B testing.

One of the best things about MailChimp is its pricing structure. It has a free plan that allows businesses to send up to 12,000 emails per month, which is more than enough for most small businesses. Paid plans start at just $10 per month, which is a fraction of the cost of Ontraport.

Overall, MailChimp is a great alternative to Ontraport for small businesses looking for an affordable email marketing solution. It offers all of the features businesses need to create successful email campaigns, and its pricing structure is very competitive.


  • MailChimp allows you to create customizable email templates.
  • You can track the results of your email campaigns, including how many people opened your email and clicked on any links.
  • MailChimp offers a wide range of integrations with other services, such as Salesforce and Shopify.


  • MailChimp is relatively affordable, with pricing plans that start at just $10/month.
  • The service is easy to use, even for people who are not technically savvy.
  • MailChimp offers a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do with your email campaigns.


  • MailChimp does not allow you to send automated emails.

2. ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign

If you’re looking for a powerful marketing automation tool that’s a bit less pricey than Ontraport, ActiveCampaign is a great option. ActiveCampaign offers all of the features you need to create and send automated marketing emails, track your website’s analytics, and more.

One of the things that makes ActiveCampaign so great is its wealth of integrations. With ActiveCampaign, you can easily connect to your favorite apps and tools, including Google Sheets, Shopify, WordPress, and more. This makes it easy to get started with ActiveCampaign and start seeing results quickly.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to Ontraport, give ActiveCampaign a try! You won’t be disappointed.


1. ActiveCampaign is a powerful, all-in-one marketing and sales automation platform that puts the power of automation in the hands of businesses of any size.

2. It can easily be set up to send automated emails, track user behavior, split test campaigns, create custom segments and even integrate with other software platforms such as Salesforce and Zendesk.

3. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, it is easy to create unique email templates that can be used to drive engagement with potential customers and existing customers alike. Through personalization features such as dynamic content blocks and variable replacements, you can tailor each message to a specific segment or individual customer for maximum impact.

4. The platform also makes it simple to design A/B testing campaigns that can compare two different versions of an email or landing page against each other in order to determine which performs better. This allows you to optimize your campaign on the go with very little effort required from your team.

5. ActiveCampaign’s analytics capabilities are also impressive, allowing marketers insight into how their campaigns are performing across channels—from email subject lines and open rates to website visits and conversions—enabling them to make data-driven decisions for future campaigns based on past results.

6. Additionally, the platform offers several integrations with popular services like Salesforce, Zendesk, PayPal, Shopify and more—allowing users to sync customer data across all these platforms seamlessly while collecting useful insights about leads generated through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

7. On top of this, it provides advanced automation features including autoresponders, lead scoring systems, and customer segmentation tools—allowing you to build rich consumer profiles in order to deliver relevant content tailored specifically for each user’s interests or needs at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

8. Moreover, ActiveCampaign has recently added machine learning capabilities into its platform which allow marketers to automate responses sent out after analyzing the behavior of their customers in real-time based on prior interactions they have had with them over time using sophisticated algorithms created by the company itself along with Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine (ML Engine).

This new addition makes it easier for companies to quickly respond promptly without having an employee sitting there constantly monitoring incoming messages from customers because AI does this job for them efficiently and accurately often resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels due to timely response times.

9. Finally, what sets ActiveCampaign apart from other marketing automation solutions is its deep integration with eCommerce applications, enabling you shop owners to send triggered emails based on specific user activities like abandoned carts or upselling products that might be related or complementary.

This helps increase conversion rates since users are being served relevant content as soon as they take certain actions within an online store – creating a more personalized shopping experience than ever before.

Pros & Cons of ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing and automation platform that allows businesses to easily create, send, and manage campaigns. It’s an ideal choice for small businesses that want to reach their customers with tailored messages and automated processes. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with ActiveCampaign:


1. Easy to Use – ActiveCampaign is simple enough for beginners to use, but also has an advanced set of features that even experienced marketers can benefit from. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate the various settings, allowing users to quickly create new campaigns or make changes to existing ones without any difficulty.

2. Automation Tools – One of the most attractive features of ActiveCampaign is its powerful automation tools. It allows users to automate mundane tasks such as sending emails, segmenting lists, and tracking responses so they don’t have to manually do these tasks themselves. This saves time and money in the long run.

3. Comprehensive Analytics – ActiveCampaign provides detailed analytics on campaign performance so users can easily see which messages are performing well or need improvement. This helps them make data-driven decisions about their overall marketing strategy and make adjustments accordingly.

4. Affordable Pricing Plans – ActiveCampaign offers several different pricing plans depending on the size of your business or number of subscribers you have on your list. Most plans offer a free trial period too so you can test out the system before fully committing to it.


1. Limited Customization Options – While ActiveCampaign does offer some customization options such as image hosting and stock templates, overall it’s quite limited compared to other platforms like MailChimp or Constant Contact which allow more flexibility when creating campaigns and customizing elements like colors or fonts within emails.

2. Lack Of Integrations – Unfortunately, ActiveCampaign doesn’t have a large selection of integrations available at this time so if you need something specific then you may require another program such as Zapier or IFTTT in order to connect it with your existing systems or software applications.

3. Complex User Interface – Although the user interface is intuitive in design, there are still some areas that may be confusing for those new to email marketing since everything is done inside one dashboard instead of being split up into individual sections like with other programs like AWeber or GetResponse where all settings are clearly separated into distinct categories for easier access/understanding by users who may not be familiar with coding/tech language etc..

4 Technical Support Issues – Unfortunately from time-to-time technical issues do arise with ActiveCampaign due to its complexity which may lead users having difficulty contacting customer service if they require assistance resolving an issue they might encounter while using the system (such as errors when sending out emails etc.).

Though they do offer helpful tutorials on their support website which should be able cover most common problems encountered by users while using the system, more complex issues may require a call/email/live chat session with customer service reps in order solve whatever problem you might be having while using their system

3. Infusionsoft

InfusionSoft Marketing Automation

Ontraport is a great platform for automating your business’ sales and marketing processes, but there are some alternatives on the market that might be a better fit for your needs. Infusionsoft is one such platform, which offers powerful features for automating your sales and marketing activities.

For example, Infusionsoft’s automation tools allow you to create custom workflows that automate your sales and marketing processes. These workflows can be based on a variety of triggers, such as when a prospect fills out a form on your website or when they click on a certain link in an email. This automation can save you time and energy by eliminating the need to manually carry out these tasks yourself.

In addition, Infusionsoft also offers powerful CRM (customer relationship management) features that allow you to keep track of your prospects and customers. You can track all of their interactions with your company, including the emails they’ve sent and received, the pages they’ve visited on your website, and even the transactions they’ve made. This information can help you better understand your customers and figure out how to best serve them.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to Ontraport, Infusionsoft is a good option to consider. It offers powerful automation tools that can save you time and energy, as well as powerful CRM features that can help you better understand your customers.


Infusionsoft is one of the most popular marketing automation platforms available today. It provides powerful features that can help you automate your customer journey, increase conversions, and create a better overall customer experience. Here are some of the features of Infusionsoft that make it stand out from other platforms:

1) Advanced Automation: Infusionsoft has an extremely advanced automation system that allows users to easily create automated campaigns for their customers. With this system, users can quickly set up triggers, sequences, and actions to ensure that customers receive notifications, emails, and other messages in a timely manner. Users can also use the automation system to create segmented lists based on customer behavior or demographic information.

2) Easy List Segmentation: Infusionsoft offers easy list segmentation options so that users can target their campaigns more effectively. Users can segment their contact lists by location, purchase history, gender, age group, and more. This makes it easier for marketers to send highly relevant content to every customer.

3) Powerful CRM & Sales Tools: Infusionsoft’s CRM and sales tools give users insights into customer behavior and trends so they can personalize their sales messaging and nurture relationships with their contacts. Features like lead scoring enable marketers to identify hot leads while A/B testing helps them optimize content for maximum performance.

4) Ecommerce Integration: Another great feature of Infusionsoft is its integration with popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento. This lets users sync customer data across multiple platforms and create comprehensive profiles for each buyer so they can personalize their messaging more effectively.

5) Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting: Infusionsoft also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities so marketers can track campaign performance and measure ROI from different channels. The platform’s reporting dashboard provides real-time insight into open rates, CTRs, conversions rates, revenue generated from campaigns etc., which helps users understand how well each campaign is performing over time.

6) Mobile Support & Mobile Optimization: Infusionsoft also makes sure all marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile devices since this is where most people access email these days. Additionally, an app version of the platform has been developed to offer support on iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads; this ensures that all campaigns are accessible even when offline or on the go.

7) Extensive Third Party Integrations: Last but not least, Infusionsoft integrates with a wide array of third party services including webinar software like GoToWebinar and live chat solutions like LiveChat Inc.. This means it’s easy to integrate existing tools into your workflow without having to manually migrate data or reset up systems every time you need new functionality added in order for your campaigns to be successful!

Pros and Cons of Infusionsoft


1. Easy to use: Infusionsoft is a cloud-based email marketing service that aims to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to manage their customer relationships. The platform provides a suite of powerful features such as automated emails, contact segmentation, CRM integration and more. This makes it simple for users to get up and running quickly with minimal user input required.

2. Comprehensive feature set: Infusionsoft offers an extensive range of features designed to help businesses streamline their processes and grow their customer base. These include automation options for lead generation, a campaigns builder for creating targeted campaigns, event triggers for sending out time-sensitive messages, and reporting tools for analyzing data from the platform.

3. Customizable templates: Infusionsoft allows users to customize their email templates using drag-and-drop functionality, offering greater flexibility and control over the look and feel of emails sent through the platform. This helps ensure that all correspondence sent by companies looks professional, consistent and on brand at all times.

4. Automation options: The automation feature within Infusionsoft allows users to automate tasks such as lead generation or sales follow-ups without having to manually perform each task themselves. This saves time, which can be used more productively elsewhere in the business while freeing up staff members from mundane tasks they may otherwise have had to complete by hand.

5. Advanced segmentation: Infusionsoft also has advanced segmentation options which enable users to personalize communications with customers based on specific criteria such as age or location. This enables companies to target specific demographics with tailored materials in order to better meet the needs of their customers or prospects in a meaningful way that increases engagement levels and conversions rates simultaneously.


1. Setup costs: Setting up an account with Infusionsoft can be expensive due to its comprehensive feature set and high level of customization available within the platform; larger businesses will require higher levels of cost in order to access premium features such as automated lead tracking or A/B testing capabilities offered by the service provider.

2. Learning curve: Although Infusionsoft has designed its platform with user friendliness in mind, there is a steep learning curve associated with using many of its features due to its complexity; users who are not familiar with how e-commerce platforms work may find it difficult initially using this software solution until they become more comfortable navigating around the system’s menus and settings etcetera.

3 Technical support issues: Although technical support is offered should any issues occur whilst using this software solution, response times can vary greatly depending on when queries are submitted meaning some customers could be waiting hours or even days before receiving assistance from an engineer; although this isn’t necessarily an issue when compared against other software solutions in terms of availability – it is still worth noting nonetheless depending on how urgent any given query is determined as being by its end user(s).

4 Integration difficulty: Whilst integrating third party applications into Infusionsoft is possible – many users have reported difficulties in doing so due largely in part due (once again) down too many complexities associated with navigating around its various settings menus; in some cases – additional technical knowledge was required prior attempting any integration attempt – thus further increasing setup times overall once again making this particular point somewhat moot depending on individual circumstances surrounding each user respectively speaking here now today anyway you understand what I’m saying right?

4. HubSpot Marketing Free

Hubspot Training

Ontraport has been a popular choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs for many years, but Hubspot is quickly becoming a viable alternative. Hubspot is known for its user-friendly interface, robust features, and reasonable pricing.

Hubspot offers a wide range of features, including email marketing, contact management, lead capture and scoring, landing pages, and reports. In addition, Hubspot also offers a wide range of integrations with other popular tools, such as Salesforce and Google Analytics.

One of the biggest advantages of Hubspot is its pricing. Hubspot offers a wide range of plans, starting at just $50 per month. This makes Hubspot a more affordable option than Ontraport for small businesses and entrepreneurs on a budget.

Overall, Hubspot is quickly becoming a popular choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Its user-friendly interface, robust features, and reasonable pricing make it a viable alternative to Ontraport.


HubSpot Marketing Free is an excellent option for businesses looking for an all-in-one marketing solution. It offers powerful features at no cost, making it an ideal choice for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Here are the top features of HubSpot Marketing Free:

1. Drag & Drop Email Builder – Create beautiful emails with our drag and drop editor that’s easy to use and customize without any coding experience. You can quickly create engaging email campaigns in minutes.

2. Advanced Personalization – HubSpot Marketing Free allows you to personalize your emails based on user’s interests, location, and even past purchases. This helps you deliver content that’s more relevant to each individual and increase open rates.

3. Automated Workflows – Automate repetitive tasks with ease to save time! Streamline your process with predefined or custom automation workflows to help you respond faster and stay one step ahead of customer needs.

4. Robust Contact Database – Marketers can easily import contacts from existing databases or add them manually into HubSpot Marketing Free’s contact database for segmentation, reporting and analytics purposes. The software also supports integration with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and Zoho CRM for a seamless experience across different channels of communication.

5. Lead Capture & Management – With built-in lead capture forms, marketers can easily collect information from leads such as name, email address and other contact details without having to build a landing page from scratch! Additionally, HubSpot Marketing Free provides advanced lead management tools so marketers can better track their leads down the sales funnel for improved engagement and conversions.

6. Analytics & Reporting – Understand how your campaigns are performing with detailed analytics reports updated in real time! Monitor performance metrics such as open rate, click through rate (CTR), unsubscribe rate (U/R) etc., to make better informed decisions on future campaigns or product offerings in order to increase ROI of marketing activities overall!

7. A/B Testing – Easily test different versions of emails or webpages against each other in order to identify which one resonates better with customers by comparing metrics like CTR, conversion rates etc., allowing you fine-tune strategies over time while optimizing resources spent towards marketing efforts!

8 Integrations – Integrate external services seamlessly into HubSpot Marketing Free such as social media networks like Twitter or Facebook for cross-platform promotion as well as payment gateways like Stripe or Paypal for simplified invoicing processes! Utilizing third-party integrations will help increase efficiency across all parts of your business operations!

9 Social Media Monitoring – Keep tabs on conversations happening about your brand or products on social media by integrating those networks into HubSpot’s platform directly in order to respond promptly and accurately whenever necessary while also tracking metrics like reach or followers count over time! Closing out any mention will also help improve customer service ratings significantly as well!

10 Customer Support – Best of all? You get access to world class customer support within minutes after signing up so any questions you may have regarding usage or troubleshooting will be addressed swiftly ensuring maximum productivity along the way!

All these features make HubSpot Marketing Free an attractive option for businesses looking for powerful features without having break their budget open! With its intuitive interface and robust set of features backed by world class customer support team there’s no doubt why this software has become the go-to choice among new businesses launching their products today!

Pros and Cons

HubSpot Marketing Free has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its wide range of features and ease of use. It has been touted as a great way for companies to get their marketing content out into the world quickly and easily, with less hassle than other methods. While this can certainly be true, there are also some pros and cons to consider before taking advantage of Hubspot Marketing Free.


1. Low Cost – One of the biggest advantages to HubSpot Marketing Free is that it is completely free, making it an attractive option for businesses on a tight budget or those just getting started. This means that businesses won’t have to invest in costly marketing software upfront, allowing them to direct their resources elsewhere.

2. Easy Setup – Setting up HubSpot Marketing Free is quick and easy. All you need to do is sign up for an account and follow the few simple steps provided in order to get your campaigns up and running. It is also user-friendly enough that even those who are new to digital marketing can easily create campaigns without having any prior experience.

3. Wide Range of Features – Despite the fact that it is free, HubSpot Marketing Free still offers a wide variety of features ranging from basic email automation tools to more advanced analytics tracking capabilities. This makes it a great choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution without breaking the bank.


1. Limited Customization Options – While HubSpot offers many features, customization options are limited compared to other more advanced paid solutions like Salesforce Pardot or Marketo Engage. This means that businesses may not be able to customize their campaigns quite as much as they would like or take full advantage of certain advanced features available with other platforms such as dynamic content personalization or multi-channel integration capabilities.

2. Limited Support – Since HubSpot Marketing Free is free, customer support options are limited compared to paid versions which offer assistance via phone, chat, email or even dedicated account managers depending on the package chosen.. This can be a bit discouraging if you’re just starting out or having technical issues while trying to set up your campaigns but luckily there are plenty of online resources available where users can find answers should they need help troubleshooting any issues they may encounter while using HubSpot Marketing Free services .

3. Data Privacy Concerns – Another potential issue with using a free version of Hubspot Marketing Free is that data privacy isn’t guaranteed since user data could potentially be shared with third parties without consent due to disclaimers present in the terms & conditions document when signing up for an account . Businesses should ensure they understand how their data will be managed before committing so they don’t risk compromising sensitive customer information or violating laws like GDPR while using the platform’s services .

What are Alternatives to Clickfunnels?💡

There are a few alternatives to Clickfunnels that offer similar features. Some of these include:

1. LeadPages


LeadPages is a popular alternative to Clickfunnels. It offers many of the same features, such as landing pages, lead capture, and email integrations. However, LeadPages does not offer an affiliate program like Clickfunnels does.


LeadPages is a powerful online tool that helps marketers, entrepreneurs and small businesses increase their online presence and convert leads into paying customers. It is one of the most popular lead generation platforms on the market today. As an all-in-one platform, LeadPages provides users with the tools they need to create stunning web pages and drive conversions. Here are some of its key features:

1. Easy Drag & Drop Builder: LeadPages makes it easy for users to create beautiful landing pages without any coding or design experience. Its drag & drop editor makes creating your perfect page a breeze. You can choose from hundreds of templates or start from scratch with a blank page. You can also use it to create popups for opt-ins, sales pages, thank you pages, welcome mats and more.

2. Ready-Made Templates: With LeadPages, users have access to over 200 fully customizable templates that cover a wide range of industries and objectives. These ready-made templates allow users to quickly get up and running with their campaigns without having to spend time building their own designs from scratch.

3. A/B Testing: With LeadPages’ A/B testing feature, users can experiment with different versions of the same page to see which version performs best with their audience by measuring aspects such as clickthrough rate (CTR), conversion rate (CR) and bounce rate (BR). This allows them to optimize their landing pages for maximum conversions without sacrificing design quality or usability.

4. Integrated Email Marketing Platforms: LeadPages integrates seamlessly with a variety of email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and GetResponse so that you can easily capture leads directly from your landing pages and send automated emails at scale.

5. Responsive Design: LeadPages lets you create mobile responsive webpages so that your content looks perfect on both desktop and mobile devices ensuring optimal viewing experiences across all devices sizes no matter what device your visitors come from – desktops, tablets or smartphones – your content will look great on all of them!

6. Digital Asset Library: With LeadPages’ digital asset library you can store images, videos, audio files and other digital assets in one place allowing you to easily reuse them in multiple campaigns while still keeping them organized in one central place within the platform itself!

7. Advanced Analytics & Tracking Integrations: Leadpages comes packed with advanced analytics reports which provide valuable insights into user engagement rates across multiple channels including social media networks like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! Also integrate Google Analytics tracking code into your campaign for further insight & analysis into user behaviour trends on your website!

8 . Automation Tools : Lead Pages offers several automation tools which help streamline workflows so that marketers can focus on more important tasks like analyzing results & optimizing campaigns rather than manually managing every aspect of each task ! For example , create automatic follow up emails based off user actions taken on the landing page , or send automated notifications when certain goals are achieved !

Pros and Cons

Pros of LeadPages

1. Easy-to-use platform: LeadPages is a versatile, user-friendly platform designed to help businesses build and maintain their online presence. It has a simple drag-and-drop feature that makes customizing pages easy, with no coding necessary.

2. Comprehensive design options: With LeadPages, users can create custom landing pages and website designs. It offers over 100 pre-built templates and allows users to customize them with text, images, and videos. Additionally, they can quickly create forms, opt-in boxes, calls to action (CTAs), and more.

3. Responsive design: All LeadPages designs are optimized for mobile devices so visitors can view them on any device. This ensures that regardless of the device used to access the page, it will display properly and look great!

4. SEO integration: LeadPages allows users to easily integrate SEO features into their webpages such as meta tags, optimized titles and descriptions for search engines, etc., allowing for improved visibility in search engine rankings.

5. Connectivity options: LeadPages integrates with other third party services like Zapier and Mailchimp so business owners can sync up data from multiple sources and track results from campaigns across multiple channels or platforms at once.

6 . Customizable analytics: LeadPages provides comprehensive statistics and reporting tools that allow users to track key metrics such as total visits, unique visitors, conversion rates, click-through rates (CTR), etc., giving business owners the ability to analyze how their campaigns are performing in real-time.

7 . A/B testing: Leadpages also allows users to create separate versions of a webpage or form in order to test out different variations before committing them permanently on the website or form itself.. This helps ensure that only the best version is kept live after testing is complete!

Cons of LeadPages

1. Costly subscription fees: While LeadPage’s plans offer an array of features that make it an attractive choice for businesses who need an effective way to manage their online presence or gain insights from marketing campaigns; its pricing plans can be quite expensive for small businesses just starting out or those running on a limited budget.

2 . Limited customization : While LeadPage’s drag-and-drop feature makes building pages easy enough; it does lack some more advanced customization options available in other content management systems like WordPress CMS which may be better suited for more experienced web designers who want greater control over their design process.

3 . Lack of support : Due to its subscription based model; customer service from LeadPage’s team can be quite limited as compared to other platforms such as WordPress where there are tons of helpful forums for troubleshooting issues or finding answers about various topics related to website building or hosting questions.

4 . Difficult integration : Although LeadPage offers integration with third party services like Zapier and Mailchimp; some complex integrations may require additional expertise beyond what is offered by their support team which could prove too costly for some small businesses looking for an all in one solution from the start..

2. Aweber

AWeber Pricing

Aweber is a popular email marketing service that also offers some of the features offered by Clickfunnels, such as landing pages and lead capture. Aweber does not have as many integrations as Clickfunnels, but it is a good option for those who want to focus on email marketing.


Aweber is a powerful and user-friendly email marketing platform that is currently used by more than 120,000 organizations in over 150 countries. Here are some of its most notable features:

1. User-Friendly Interface: Aweber makes it easy for any user to set up and manage email campaigns with just a few clicks. It provides an intuitive dashboard, where users can quickly create automated campaigns, segment their contacts, conduct A/B testing, and view detailed analytics.

2. Automation Options: With Aweber’s automation options, you can easily build complex email sequences that are triggered by certain actions taken by the recipient – such as opening an email or clicking a link inside a message. You can also create triggers based on custom criteria (e.g., those who live in certain zip codes).

3. Drag & Drop Editor: Aweber provides an easy-to-use drag & drop editor that enables users to create visually appealing emails within minutes. The editor also comes with pre-designed templates that help speed up the process even further.

4. Detailed Analytics: Aweber offers comprehensive reporting features that allow users to track the performance of each individual campaign and monitor how many people opened or clicked through emails sent via their lists. The platform also provides valuable insights into unsubscribe rates and bounce backs so users can make informed decisions about their future campaigns.

5. Email Deliverability: One of the most important aspects of any email campaign is making sure your messages reach the intended recipients without being blocked or flagged as spam mail – something Aweber takes seriously with its top-notch delivery system and anti-spam measures (including DKIM authentication).

6. Integrations: You can integrate your existing tools (like CRM software) with your Aweber account to ensure all data is consolidated into one place for easy access and analysis when it comes time to evaluate results from past campaigns or launch new ones down the road. In addition, there are dozens of integrations available through Zapier to extend the capabilities of your account even further than before!

7. Customer Support: Last but not least, if you ever have any questions while using Aweber’s services, you can rest assured knowing they offer 24/7 customer support via phone or chat so you always have access to assistance if needed!

Pros and Cons

Aweber is an email marketing and automation platform designed to help online businesses efficiently communicate with their customers and build relationships. With Aweber, businesses can send newsletters, promotional emails, automated follow-up sequences, and more.

Pros Of Aweber

1. Professional Templates: Aweber makes it easy to create professional-looking emails quickly with a library of pre-made templates. These templates are customizable so you can easily add in your own branding elements such as logos, fonts, colors and images.

2. Automation Features: Aweber allows you to set up automated email campaigns based on certain triggers or conditions such as customer behavior or signup information. This helps make sure that you’re sending the right message at the right time to the right people without needing to be involved manually each time.

3. Analytics & Tracking: Aweber provides detailed analytics so you can track how your emails are performing in terms of open rate, click rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate etc. This helps you understand how effective your campaigns are and identify areas for improvement.

4. Mobile Friendly: All of Aweber’s email designs are optimized for mobile devices so they look great on any device no matter what size screen or resolution it has.

5. Integrations & Add-ons: Aweber integrates with various third-party services such as WordPress, Salesforce, Zapier etc., allowing for even more automation capabilities and customization options for users who need them. Furthermore there is also a range of add-ons from partners that offer additional capabilities like social media integration or live chat support integration etc., making it easy to create comprehensive marketing campaigns from one platform without having to switch back and forth between different systems.

Cons Of Aweber

1. Limited Customization Options: While most of the features offered by Aweber seem straightforward and relatively easy to use some users might find themselves limited in terms of how much they can customize their email designs as there aren’t many options available beyond using pre-made templates.

2. Manual Migration Process: If you’re switching over from another service provider like MailChimp then migrating over all your existing content is not an automatic process – instead it needs to be done manually which could take up quite some time if you have large amounts of data within your current system.

3. Pricing Model: One area where Aweber falls short compared to its competitors is its pricing model which charges per subscriber rather than per campaign – which some users might find too expensive depending on their needs since each individual contact counts towards this figure regardless of if they engage with your emails or not..

4 . Missing Features: While Aweber is generally well-rounded when it comes to features there are still some missing pieces like SMS marketing or split testing which would be handy for those who need these capabilities but unfortunately have to look elsewhere for now..

5 . Customer Support: Another area where potential users should be aware is the customer support – while most queries get answered relatively quickly during regular business hours there’s no phone support available outside these times which could be inconvenient particularly if something urgent arises.

3. SamCart


SamCart is a good option for those who want to create checkout pages. It offers many of the same features as Clickfunnels, such as order tracking and payment processing. However, SamCart does not offer an affiliate program as Clickfunnels does.


Samcart is an e-commerce platform that provides merchants with the tools to run and manage their online stores more efficiently. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to improve user experience, customer engagement, and sales conversion. Here are some of the key features that Samcart has to offer:

1. Customizable Checkout Pages: Samcart enables merchants to create custom checkout pages with a drag and drop editor, allowing them to add logos, design elements, and content to create an optimized checkout experience for customers. Merchants can also set up different payment options such as PayPal or Stripe, as well as discounts for special customers or products.

2. Automated Upsells and Cross-sells: With Samcart’s automated upsells and cross-sells feature, merchants can offer additional products or services during the checkout process in order to increase conversion rates. This feature allows merchants to tailor their offerings based on customer behavior and preferences so they can maximize sales opportunities.

3. One-Click Upgrades: Samcart allows merchants to offer one-click upgrades for customers who wish to purchase more than one product at once. This helps merchants increase their average order value by offering customers the option of buying multiple items in one transaction.

4. Built-In A/B Testing Capability: A/B testing is an important tool for any e-commerce merchant looking to optimize their performance on various online platforms including webpages, emails, campaigns, etc., and Samcart offers built-in A/B testing functionality that enables merchants to quickly test out new ideas without having to code them into their websites manually.
Merchants can use this feature to compare different versions of their website or emails in order to determine which ones are most effective at driving conversions from visitors or subscribers respectively.

5. Integrations with Popular E-Commerce Platforms: Samcart seamlessly integrates with popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, etc., making it easy for merchants who are already using these services but want access to more advanced features like upselling or split testing without having to switch providers entirely.
Members of these popular ecommerce platforms can also benefit from Samcart’s additional features such as highly optimized checkout pages and one click upgrades without worrying about compatibility issues between the different systems being used on their ecommerce storefronts .

6. Easy Digital Product Creation & Delivery: Merchants selling digital products such as software applications or online courses can use Samcart’s built-in product creation toolkit which simplifies the process of creating digital downloads that are ready for immediate delivery after purchase is completed successfully – eliminating time consuming manual processes associated with product setup before delivering it electronically . Additionally , members get access to secure file storage so they don’t have worry about losing any important files pertaining t o their business operations due unforeseen data loss scenarios .

7. Powerful Analytics & Insight Tools : Through its powerful analytics & insight tools , Samcart helps merchants understand how users interact with their websites more closely . These insight tools provide valuable insights into which products generate the most revenue , what marketing campaigns drive the highest ROI , how customers behave throughout the shopping journey , which payment methods convert best , etc . This information can help businesses tweak certain aspects of their website design & product offerings so they remain competitive in today’s ever evolving market landscape .
8. 24/7 Live Chat Support : For those moments when a merchant needs help navigating through setting up a new page or figuring out why something isn’t working correctly , Samcart offers 24/7 live chat support so businesses get assistance right away instead of waiting around while trying troubleshoot problems themselves .

With these comprehensive set of features available through its platform , Samcart makes it easier than ever before for merchants who are running an online store but don’t have time figure out complex technical details associated with keeping track orders , payments & other aspects related running successful business operation within limited periods time .

Pros and Cons

Pros of Samcart

1. Easy to Use: Samcart is geared towards beginning entrepreneurs and small business owners, so it’s easy to set up and use without prior technical or coding experience. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly create their own custom checkout pages, product pages, order forms, and more. Plus, there are built-in analytics that provide insight into user behavior which can be used to optimize sales funnels.

2. Comprehensive Feature Set: Samcart offers a comprehensive feature set with everything users need for running an online store. They have all the necessary tools for managing products, customers, payments, taxes/shipping fees, promotions/coupons, and more. They also offer integrations with popular payment processors like Stripe and PayPal as well as other ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

3. Affordability: Samcart is very affordable compared to other ecommerce solutions on the market today. Plans start at just $19/month which makes it accessible even for those on a tight budget. Plus, they offer a 14-day free trial so you can try out their platform before making any long-term commitments or purchases.

4. Support & Training Resources: In addition to providing responsive customer support when needed, Samcart also provides plenty of resources in the form of help articles, video tutorials, webinars and live Q&A sessions to help users get up to speed quickly.

Cons of Samcart

1. Limited Design Options: While Samcart offers some basic design options for checkout pages and product pages (such as color schemes and fonts), these are fairly limited compared to other leading platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce which both offer a wide range of customizable design templates that can be used to create a truly unique look and feel for your online store front .

2. Not Suitable For Large Catalogs: Although suitable for selling digital products or services with low inventory needs (such as memberships and consultations),Samcart does not offer enough features or scalability for larger product catalogs or large inventory needs (such as retail stores). Additionally , their pricing plans do not increase with volume of sales , so businesses who generate significant sales will end up paying more than other ecommerce solutions that scale with volume .

3 . No Mobile App : Another drawback is the lack of mobile apps available on both Android and iOS platforms . Although most ecommerce sites are now accessed mostly through mobile devices , Samcart only offers website access via desktop or laptop computers – this could be limiting if you’re targeting mobile consumers exclusively .

4 . Limited Reporting & Analytics Features : As mentioned previously , SamCart does offer analytics within its platform but these are fairly limited when compared to other providers such as Shopify which provide comprehensive reporting capabilities including real time performance data that can be used by store owners improve their business operations .

Ontraport vs ClickFunnels: Membership Sites🙋‍♀️

Have you ever considered creating a passive income stream? If you answered yes, you will need a membership website.

Without the need for any third-party integrations, Ontraport allows you to design and administer a membership site. Ontraport has membership site templates to assist you in creating one.

And your requirements will govern how the templates are customized. Simply construct your membership pages using the page builder. Your membership subscribers get access to a login page that includes a password reset feature.

Not only can you customize membership levels, but you can also customize access to each membership page. This is dependent on the contact information you have in Ontraport’s CRM.

Additionally, you may drip-feed information to your membership subscribers.

Ontraport Membership Sites - Ontraport vs ClickFunnels

However, the biggest feature of Ontraport’s membership site is its automated administration. Forget about the rush of member onboarding and the daunting admin chores. Management is automated smoothly.

Additionally, Ontraport includes the PilotPress WordPress plugin, which allows you to turn your current WordPress site into a membership site. This will assist you with managing your Ontraport members and automation, as well as the membership material on your WordPress site.

Additionally, ClickFunnels allows you to develop membership-based funnels. Additionally, similar to Ontraport, you may build a membership area.

Your audience will be steered through your membership funnel until they complete a transaction. They may then log in to get their membership advantages.

Additionally, you have the option of drip-feeding and scheduling content, much as you do with Ontraport.

Ontraport is the winner. They provide more robust membership site administration tools than ClickFunnels. Very comparable to the maintenance of Infusionsoft membership sites.

Ontraport vs ClickFunnels: Pricing💰

Let’s take a look at Ontraport and ClickFunnels’ pricing structures. However, the price models for these platforms are distinct.

Ontraport offers four price tiers and charges on a month-to-month basis. Across all four price tiers, you get personalized onboarding and support.

Ontraport’s marketing features are fairly extensive, ranging over four different programs. As a result, I’d encourage you to review their price page before making a decision.

Ontraport Pricing

On the other hand, ClickFunnels offers two distinct price tiers. The Starter package for ClickFunnels is $97 per month. You may create up to twenty sales funnels, one hundred landing pages, and three domains.

The issue with this method is that it is limited to sales funnel creation. You are unable to create follow-up sales funnels or conduct email marketing.

Additionally, email marketing is required for the development of effective sales funnels. As a result, you’ll need to either utilize a third-party email service or upgrade to ClickFunnels’ Platinum account.

$97 a month is already a hefty price tag for new firms considering using the platform. Platinum, ClickFunnels’ most expensive package, costs $297 per month. It enables the creation of an endless number of sales funnels and landing pages.

ClickFunnels Pricing

This package allows you to add up to nine domains. As a result, this method is equally appropriate for marketing firms.

Finally, this approach includes email marketing. However, to be candid, you do not need to subscribe to the platinum plan to do email marketing.

Ontraport is the winner. This fully-featured market automation application provides excellent value for money. ClickFunnels is too pricey if you want a high-quality internet sales platform.

Additionally, they do not provide an email marketing option.

Ontraport vs ClickFunnels: eCommerce😎

To be honest, their eCommerce skill astounded me. I was aware they had a powerful CRM platform, but I verified it.

If there is one thing they’ve simplified, it’s the process of creating shoppable email series. I enjoy how easily you can include your product listings into processes and turn them into mini-stores.

In this manner, you can easily sell either digital or physical things. Additionally, you may establish payment forms for your items such as payment plans or subscriptions.

Only one shortcoming is the absence of a payment gateway. However, you may secure transactions by connecting your orders to a payment gateway of your choosing (Stripe or Paypal).

If you’re seeking no-hassle upsells, Ontraport has you covered. Additionally, one may build customized promo codes for consumers and send them by email or SMS.

You may register as a Partner if you operate affiliate programs. You can manage your affiliates more effectively this way since they can log in and access their links and promotional content.

Their eCommerce platform is a strong competitor to Drip and ActiveCampaign eCommerce. Additionally, they interface directly with popular eCommerce third-party platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, among others.

However, they have not yet reached the eCommerce prowess of Klaviyo. Now, let’s have a look at ClickFunnels.

To begin, you may use ClickFunnels to construct a shopping cart and a storefront. You can construct almost any form of the checkout page. To be fair, Ontraport also does this.

Additionally, they assist you in developing highly-converting sophisticated sales funnels equipped with a shopping cart option. It can be connected directly with Shopify if your Shopify business sells products (digital or physical).

Unfortunately, they lack promo code marketing, which is a disappointment. However, similar to Ontraport, you may construct a secure payment gateway of your choice, including PayPal, 2checkout, or Stripe.

Ontraport supports abandoned cart and payment card reject customer follow-ups, while ClickFunnels does not.

ClickFunnels is the winner. They possess the magic of converting ice-cold traffic into devoted consumers. Their sales channels are largely responsible for their meteoric rise to fame.

No other platform bears the same level of responsibility for your customer’s purchase as ClickFunnels does.

Ontraport vs ClickFunnels: Customer Support🤨

Ontraport offers customer service by phone, email, and live chat. Their customer care staff has a satisfaction percentage of 97 percent.

Their customer service team is based in a single location, which may result in a delayed response depending on your time zone.

Their Facebook network is very responsive and engaged. This is where you may communicate with and ask questions of other Ontraport users. They provide a free education portal to paying subscribers.

Additionally, we cannot overlook their knowledge library, which includes articles and video lessons.

Ontraport Customer Support

Ontraport offers training for certified Ontraport consultants. These authorized consultants may assist other users inefficiently using Ontraport.

Customer support is adequate for ClickFunnels. You may contact their customer care staff using CF’s website’s Intercom chat assistance. You will get a response within a few hours at the most. There is no immediate assistance available.

They do, however, provide priority help to purchasers of the Platinum package. They provide a robust knowledge base and assistance tools if you get stuck.

ClickFunnels Support

Additionally, since they have a large partner network, you’ll be able to discover a plethora of tutorials online demonstrating how to use ClickFunnels to expand your company.

The good news is that ClickFunnels’ Facebook group/community is highly active. It also features a large number of seasoned sales funnel builders and company owners.

Additionally, you may submit your questions in the group and get a plethora of useful replies.

However, in recent history, ClickFunnels’ Facebook group has been recorded banning users who protest and excessively regulating the whole experience. That’s disappointing, isn’t it?

Ontraport is the winner. They provide a variety of help options and are responsive. They are not on a par with Aweber in terms of customer assistance, but they do score well.

Why do I like Ontraport Over ClickFunnels?🙌

  • It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as well as big corporations wishing to automate their sales processes.
  • Excellent client service. You have a variety of help alternatives available to you. Live chat, phone, email, a robust knowledge base, and an active Facebook group are all available.
  • They feature a robust and versatile email editor that is built on blocks. You may quickly and simply use pre-built blocks in your emails to build hyper-targeted campaigns.
  • You may communicate with your audience by SMS and postcards, therefore expanding your communication channels. You may easily contact both online and offline audiences. Additionally, you may customize the messages you send to your consumers.
  • They provide a robust list segmentation tool that enables the creation of hyper-targeted emails. You’re an expert at handling difficult tag circumstances. As a consequence, depending on their activity on your site, you may effortlessly move consumers along your sales funnel.
  • They provide a flexible and robust visual workflow builder. Along with building flows, you obtain real-time statistics on the status of your contracts inside the flow.
  • They provide a comprehensive toolbox for email marketing automation. You may construct both basic and complex email marketing routines. Additionally, you have ready-to-use workflow templates that make your life simpler.

Ontraport vs ClickFunnels: Reporting💡

If you’re searching for comprehensive analytics, I assure you Ontraport is the way to go.

It gives you basic campaign statistics like bounce rate, message openings, click-through rates, and opt-outs. They then become immersive. Performance Mode reporting is enabled.

This is a mechanism that enables you to monitor the performance of your campaigns in real-time. It displays real-time consumer engagement with your emails, website, forms, and landing pages, as well as heat maps for each campaign.

My only criticism is that you must have a Pro account to get ROI and UTM filter statistics. Additionally, ClickFunnels has not been forgotten. They provide standard reporting metrics as well as sophisticated analytics.

They provide information on who has opened, clicked, or made a purchase. And even the amount of money they spent. It provides a clear picture of your return on investment.

This is a dead heat. They both give thorough information on the success of your email campaigns and sales pages.

Ontraport vs ClickFunnels: Forms & Landing Pages😀

Ontraport has a native landing page builder. It is a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to employ blocks and components such as photographs, text, countdown clocks, and GIFs to create an eye-catching website. Numerous page templates are provided to get you started.

You may modify these page templates to meet your requirements. Additionally, one may custom code the HTML and CSS for the page’s blocks.

Additionally, since Ontraport is a CRM first and foremost, you may utilize it to customize the way a landing page is presented to your clients.

Additionally, Ontraport’s landing page builder modifications are designed to assist marketers in increasing lead and conversion rates. This is accomplished by the use of more robust personalizations.

For example, by using customized promo codes or by addressing the contact by their first and last names in the email text. This kind of hyper-personalization is uncommon in today’s marketing techniques.

Ontraport Landing Pages - Ontraport vs ClickFunnels

You may design forms from scratch or utilize pre-made templates. Pop-up and exit intent forms are created in the same way that landing pages are. And you have complete control over how and when they display on a page.

These are all features that ClickFunnels does not have. With its drag-and-drop builder, ClickFunnels focuses more on creating sales funnel pages. Thus, let us discuss sales funnels.

They use a drag-and-drop page designer that makes it very easy to create sales funnels from scratch in less than ten minutes. They provide a large selection of pre-built sales funnel layouts.

From lead generation to sales websites for items or services, and membership sites. However, what puts ClickFunnels on the map are their pre-built features and widgets.

If you’re looking to customize a sales page, here is the place to go. They include widgets such as SMS Signup, Countdown Timers, Pricing Tables, Facebook Comments, and Progress Bars.

They provide you with all the materials necessary to increase the amount of money in your pocket. The sales page builder offered by ClickFunnels is unparalleled in the industry.

ClickFunnels refers to forms as input components. Please do not shoot me; I was also perplexed. I believe that is because they are mostly meant to acquire data about your funnel visitors.

As such, you’ll include them into your website or sales funnel as an element (input element). You do not have pre-built templates, but you may add whatever fields you want to your form for data collecting.

My recommendation is that if you want amazing pop-up or exit intent forms, a third-party application such as Paperform would suffice.

This is a dead heat. Ontraport is a robust and customizable landing page builder. However, when it comes to creating sales pages and funnels, ClickFunnels is a complete force to be reckoned with.

Pros & Cons Of Ontraport🤨

Ontraport is a comprehensive marketing and sales automation tool that helps businesses of all sizes to increase productivity and grow their customer base. It offers a wide range of features, including email marketing, CRM, lead capture and scoring, automated marketing, and more.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using Ontraport:


1. Comprehensive feature set: Ontraport offers a wide range of features, including email marketing, CRM, lead capture and scoring, automated marketing, and more. This makes it an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes.

2. Ease of use: Ontraport is easy to use, even for beginners. This makes it a great tool for businesses that want to get started with marketing automation but don’t have the time or expertise to learn how to use other tools.

3. Excellent customer support: Ontraport has excellent customer support, which is available 24/7. If you ever have any problems with the tool, you can count on getting help from the team at Ontraport.

4. Robust reporting: Ontraport provides robust reporting features that let you track your marketing performance in detail. This makes it easy to identify areas where you need to make changes or improvements in order to achieve your desired results.

5. Integrations with other tools: Ontraport integrates with a number of other tools, including Salesforce, WordPress, Shopify, and more. This lets you use the tools that you’re already familiar with along with Ontraport to get the most out of your marketing efforts.


1. Price: Ontraport is not the cheapest marketing automation tool on the market. However, it offers a lot of features and benefits that justify its price tag.

2. Limited trial period: The trial period for Ontraport is only 14 days long, which may not be long enough for businesses to fully test out all of the features offered by the tool.

Pros & Cons Of ClickFunnels🤷‍♀️


1. One of the biggest pros of ClickFunnels is that it is extremely easy to use. Even if you are new to online marketing, you will be able to create a funnel and start collecting leads in no time.

2. Another pro of ClickFunnels is that it comes with a wide variety of templates that you can use for your business. This makes it easier for you to create a high-converting funnel without having to design it from scratch.

3. Another major pro of ClickFunnels is that it integrates with a wide variety of third-party tools, which makes it easier for you to collect data and analyze your results.

4. Lastly, ClickFunnels is very affordable compared to other tools in the market, making it a great value for your money.


1. One of the biggest cons of ClickFunnels is that its features are quite limited compared to other tools in the market. If you are looking for a tool that offers more features, then you may want to look elsewhere.

2. Another con of ClickFunnels is that its customer support is not as good as other tools in the market. This can be a major issue if you encounter any problems while using the tool.

Customer Reviews & Social Media Of Ontraport🤔

Ontraport is a popular marketing automation platform that many businesses use to manage their digital marketing campaigns.

However, like any other software tool, Ontraport has its pros and cons, which can be hard to determine without trying it out for yourself.

This is where customer reviews can be really helpful. By reading the experiences of others who have used the tool, you can get a better sense of whether or not it’s a good fit for your business.

Here are some of the top customer reviews of Ontraport:

1. “Ontraport is a great all-in-one marketing automation tool that can do just about everything.”
2. “The support from Ontraport is amazing – they are always quick to help and resolve any issue I have.”
3. “Overall, I’ve been really happy with Ontraport and would definitely recommend it to others.”

Customer Review

Customer Review

Customer Review Of ClickFunnels👉


Customer reviews of ClickFunnels are overwhelmingly positive.

Customers love the ease of use, the ability to create pages without coding, and the wide range of templates and integrations available.

Many customers have found great success in using ClickFunnels to create their online businesses, and report that it has helped them save time and money.

One customer said, “ClickFunnels is the best thing since sliced bread. It has made my online business so much easier to create and manage.”

Another customer said, “I have tried many different landing page builders, but ClickFunnels is by far the best. It is easy to use and has a wealth of features that are perfect for any business.”

FAQs on Ontraport vs ClickFunnels:

👉What business types is Ontraport suitable for?

Ontraport is an excellent match for customer service representatives, bloggers, coaches, and a range of other sorts of businesses. You may always read some of their customer testimonials to get further insight into Ontraport's service.

🙌How much does Ontraport cost?

They are reasonably priced at $297 a month, include no setup costs, and provide two hours of complimentary onboarding calls. You get full access to the platform's capabilities, which include the ability to store and send up to 25,000 contacts and 100,000 emails. While some competitors may offer cheaper starting costs, Ontraport will almost certainly cost you five to ten times as much for the same number of connections and features. They're scalable, which means they'll expand with your business, eliminating the need to switch systems later.

🙋‍♀️Is Ontraport suitable for eCommerce businesses?

Ontraport's exceptional eCommerce features include automated credit card payment collection, upsells, cross-sells, cart abandonment, and credit card expiry notification automation. Custom objects are available only in enterprise systems such as SalesForce, Marketo, and Eloqua. Custom objects may be used to link various databases together. unique to your business.

🤷‍♀️Is Ontraport easy to understand?

It may take weeks or months to get completely familiar with all of Ontraport's functions. While their platform does have a high learning curve, any marketing automation software does as well. While the influence Ontraport may have on a business's development almost likely merits the high learning curve, I feel Ontraport should simplify the program in numerous areas.

😮Does ClickFunnels offer email list building?

You may use ClickFunnels to create a marketing campaign that offers your site's visitors a free time management training kit. This enables you to develop a huge email list from which you may generate some exceptional leads for your corporation.

😎Can I host and create and host courses with ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a marketing funnel tool that anybody, including online tuition, may use. You should consider utilizing ClickFunnels as a marketing tool if you offer online courses. A Membership Area inside the system enables online educators to simply create their courses. The process of creating the members' area is straightforward and should take no more than a few minutes.

👉How is the overall performance of ClickFunnels?

Their overall performance is variable, ranging from acceptable to exceptional. From time to time, ClickFunnels may suffer outages or other difficulties. There is nothing you can do except wait, even if it is not a common occurrence. You might lose a significant amount of money if you spend a lot of money on advertising or sending traffic to your funnels and a ClickFunnels problem causes your pages to be unavailable for even a few hours. Additionally, it's difficult to determine if your sites are running correctly unless you monitor them often or wait for dissatisfied customers to complain. Apart from uptime, I'm encountering a few difficulties while duplicating pages through the HTML publishing tool.

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Conclusion: Ontraport vs ClickFunnels 2023

As you can see in this Ontraport vs ClickFunnels article, most of the areas have been won by Ontraport, the clear winner of this comparison is Ontraport.

However, ClickFunnels is also not very far behind but as of now, it can’t compete with Ontraport.

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